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Hilary Duff: It's Harder For Teen Stars Now

Hilary Duff: It's Harder For Teen Stars Now

Hilary Duff says today’s teen stars like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez have it harder than she did.

When asked by E!’s Daily 10 if she felt bad for the amount of paparazzi that teen stars have to deal with, the Duffster said, “Hmmm… no, because I have to deal with it everyday too. I mean I think that they’re talented, you know, and it probably is a little harder for them now, you know, because there is so much paparazzi and it wasn’t like that so much a few years ago.”

Hil also went on to say she’s slowly gearing up for a new album: “I don’t really have a date or a deadline. I’m starting to work with a few producers, and writing and just figuring out a new… what new sound or what’s inspiring me… I don’t have deadlines. Or I don’t have anyone telling me what to do anymore.”

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  • http://jjjj miley

    she’s really sweet and talented. she’s not star struck all confident and stuff, she’s actually really down to earth and i love that about her. i have watched all her movies and she has been a role model for me since then. so duffster really rocks! :)

  • DreamA

    I love her <3 she’s beautiful and good.

  • Lucas

    She’s amazing.

  • Andrea

    Come back to music, Hilary! We love you.

  • Andrea

    Come back to music, Hilary! We love you.

  • Josh


    Oh and I agree with her, love this girl

  • bill

    she is good at answering questions, she is definitely going places

  • Tina

    she’s amazing love her to pieces but why is she answering questions like that maybe she needs to take a communication/speech class

  • jen

    she’s so sweet…love her!

  • mick

    LadyS shut the FUCK UP

  • mike

    she’s awesome people tune in to Ghost Whispers tonight! She will be the guest star

  • lilly

    shes awesome

  • Andrea

    Ghost Whisperer tonight!

  • nikki

    please shut up hilary.
    try to say a full sentence without “like” and “you know.”

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    amazingly ugly.

  • TV

    Lol The Lizzie McGuire Movie showed on Disney Channel today and it reminded me how much better Hilary was than today’s Disney gals, although Selena Gomez does come close to Hilary. I can tell Hilary knows the Disney Channel went downhill in quality starting from the day she left.

  • mr. d

    I like Hilary and wouldn’t mind getting in her Duff! She looks like a bespectacled hottie in those glasses. They give her a scholary aspect. Who cares if she didn’t answer the question in a complete sentence, her responses were typical valley girlspeak.

  • mike

    wow she was amazing on Ghost Whispers did anyone see?

  • kara

    She gave Ghost Whispers a huge ratings boost! They will surely want this multi-talented star back for more. Did anyone else notice how her skin just GLOWS? Such a true beauty. I smell an Emmy for this performance for sure.

  • Caroline

    She’s right, paps are so insane these days!

    LadySL: omg like, SHUT UP

  • Karen

    Good for her about the no deadlines, nobody telling her what to do thing!

  • Hilary Sucks

    Hilary can go f*ck herself. She’s actually very snotty. My friends and I bumped into her in LA a few weeks ago and all I said was “hi Hilary” and she just rolled her eyes and walked right past us. I used to have a lot of respect for her, but after that incident where she showed her true colors, I can’t stand her.

  • steve

    you really rock, Hil. YOU KNOW. you rock so much at the Ghost W. today. WE LOVE YOU

  • mike

    she did an amazing job today during the show I was like wow very impressed!

  • wingnut

    Miley is the greatest and most successful teen star ever, although Hilary is good in her own right. Those of you who complain about all the ‘you knows’ and “likes’ in her sentences need to pull your heads out of your assholes. People actually talk differently than most of us write. Don’t you wish you were as good at what you do as Hilary is at what she does? Some of you are losers.

  • Vitor Porto

    She’s amazing. OMG, finaly! Come back to music Hil your fans suport you always.

  • mike

    Newsflash wing nut if it wasn’t for Hilary Duff’s success on the Disney channel there wouldn’t be a Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus the star. Hilary was the original she’s the one that crossed over and ventured out into music, acting, endorsement deals, fashion ,etc. Sure Miley may be more successful now because she’s overrated Hilary is been there done that already she’s moved on to more serious work

  • gerard Vandenberg

    It occurs to ya:
    well, uncertain for sure!!

  • mick

    sh was good shes getting there

  • Celebs of the world

    Hilary may have had it easy in her days because they weren´t so many requierments needed to be a teenage celebrity…
    I´m not saying she was an easy one, because I ADORE Hilary duff, but I think as she thinks Selena, Miley, Demi e.c.t. do have it more difficult.

  • Kendal

    She’s right, though.
    Things HAVE changed…
    Remember Lizzie McGuire show?
    Hahahaha :)

  • mileyrocks786

    I love Hilary :P..She’s so awesome, I’ve loved her from Lizzie McGuire and I’ve watched all her movies(or almost all) and I got almost all her albums..She has been an amazing role model to me..I’m glad she’s still down to earth and hasn’t let fame get to her head…Ily Hilary =P

  • wh`xps

    wow didn’t she just contradict herself? she said she doesn’t feel bad for them then she says its harder. LOL.

  • Ben

    Hilary Duff is a stiff and unnatural performer onstage, a Disney Channel widget, mass marketed to a television tween audience, that already existed and is now fading. She will be opening strawberry festivals with Jessica Simpson in a matter of months. She can’t act, she can’t sing, and she certainly can’t write.

    Disney has drained her dry, and because of this, she will be lucky to be doing MOW’s on lifetime, and opening for Jessica Simpson in Branson.

    The truth hurts, and people can’t handle the truth.

  • Dailley

    Weird, I only saw the word “like” used once in her entire response, and it wasn’t formulated in the way that Valley Girls use it. Such as “like omg did you like see that like chick wearing white after like, labor dayyy?” It was in the formation of “We have this style, with colors like blue, yellow and red”. THAT sorta “like”. And to be honest, who really gives a shit on how she answers questions? Oh, and BTW, Lady S, could you like, oh I don’t know, like, shut the like fuck up? Kay, like thanks biattchhh”. Like, god damn.

  • MMA

    Her face looks so bitchy when she smiles and tries to be nice.

  • hil89d

    that is soo nice….well cant singan act…then why the hell is she still gettin movie roles…????!!… and omg wat the hell is a perfect smile…!!!!!!!! an i wouldnt believe wat the reporters say unless i hear it from her???…

  • hil89d

    OMG does she actually hav 2 get straight A in language an speech…hello she is not runnin 4 president…soo get ova it…every one sucks at some thing we r all not perfect….. an if u think u r u need 2 think again…!!!!!!!

  • bethany

    she is awesome and amazing and talented and beautiful and she’s not messed up ! Hilary rocks ! :)

  • suzie

    i absolutely love hilary duff…did back in the day of lizzie mcguire and still do (: