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Orlando Bloom & Amber Tamblyn: Dinner Date

Orlando Bloom & Amber Tamblyn: Dinner Date

Orlando Bloom and his costar Amber Tamblyn shoot a dinner scene for their new movie Main Street on Monday (April 20) in Durham, NC.

The on-screen couple was also seen shooting scenes with Colin Firth and Patricia Clarkson.

Amber, 25, plays the lead in the film, which centers on a diverse group of residents of a small, economically moribund American city facing the consequences of change.Orly, 32, plays a small-town cop.

15+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Amber Tamblyn‘s dinner date…

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orlando bloom amber tamblyn dinner date 01
orlando bloom amber tamblyn dinner date 02
orlando bloom amber tamblyn dinner date 03
orlando bloom amber tamblyn dinner date 04
orlando bloom amber tamblyn dinner date 05
orlando bloom amber tamblyn dinner date 06
orlando bloom amber tamblyn dinner date 07
orlando bloom amber tamblyn dinner date 08
orlando bloom amber tamblyn dinner date 09
orlando bloom amber tamblyn dinner date 10
orlando bloom amber tamblyn dinner date 11
orlando bloom amber tamblyn dinner date 12
orlando bloom amber tamblyn dinner date 13
orlando bloom amber tamblyn dinner date 14
orlando bloom amber tamblyn dinner date 15
orlando bloom amber tamblyn dinner date 16
orlando bloom amber tamblyn dinner date 17

Credit: Matty B; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, GSI Media
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  • Cooh

    I love you orly,you’re such a nice guy and cute

  • chels

    omg for a moment i said: “he broke up with the cabbage patch” oh but no! =(

  • wow!

    He looks really good in those Levis!
    Such a hottie. ;)
    And Amber is adorable.
    It looks like the cast really gets along well.

  • @ 2

    No not yet….however you have to admit….that the dinner date looks an awful lot like most of Orlando and Miranda’s.

    Been preparing for the role for about two years now. What’s with the strange look on his face though? It’s the same evil look he gives paps when he’s on a date with Miranda. Gee I wonder why.

    Can’t seem to get out of character can he.

  • twifanatic Amanda

    and all cops have mustaches.

  • Ingrid

    He’ such a one-dimensional actor.

  • @4…LOL

    …….I knew the Delphi loonies would try to twist a scene from a MOVIE into some conspiracy theory……and of course they can tell exactly what Orlando is thinking and feeling from a photo… about delusional!!!

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    Go Orly you look great .

  • lu

    Ingrid: You are right abot him him being one dimensional but he is really trying to improve himself, you can’t say he isn’t

  • Lookin’ sharp!

    My God he should wear jeans that FIT and don’t hang down around his knees more often!! Lookin’ pretty sharp there guy! And yeah, I love Amber Tamblyn too. She’s such a cutie!

  • saudia

    cool .. didn’t know she was in this .. looking forward to the movie .. orli is hott

  • Silverqueen

    The jeans are his costume for the film, dummy. Notice in 2 of the pictures he and Patricia Clarkson are being awed by being in the presence of Colln Firth. Now there is a star.

  • looking great…

    …in those baby blue jeans – same color as his girlfriend’s eyes! If they haven’t already – bet he rushed back to the hotel after today’s shooting to celebrate her bd! What a beautiful couple!

  • @12

    Uhmmmm, who said that they weren’t?
    Must be awful to go through life filled with such nastiness.

  • wow

    What a handsome man.

  • @ 14

    “Must be awful to go through life filled with such nastiness.”

    Yes but “looking great…” post # 13 – seems to do it so well, and so often….

  • Ashley Griffith

    I think that orlando is the hottie in u.k. and i think i would faint if i met him he is really hot i want to kiss you orly.

  • Marieme

    There are just certain actors that kill a movie for me. Not that they’re untalented or underserving by any means; it’s just a personal thing. I find them so uninteresting that they suck the movie dry. Amber is one and Casey Affleck is another. I also don’t think Naomi Watts is all that gifted when it comes to range. She’s usually portrays misery or outrage quite well, but that’s about it. JMO.

  • ninchy

    I’m sorry, I don’t wanna be negative, but actors are in the public eye so everyone is entitled to their own opinion…and I think he has absolutely no range …and is one of the ugliest actors out there…

  • Well matched

    Amber reminds me of your typical “girl next door” type She’s not gorgeous, but she has this sweet sort of innocent quality about her -. and I think she’s cute. She and Orlando Bloom should make a pretty well-matched on-screen couple.

  • Ugliest actor?

    Ugly? I can think of a few actors who might fit that description, but not Orlando Bloom, at least not in my opinion. I can appreciate that you don’t think much of his acting talent – but I certainly can’t agree with you that he’s “one of the ugliest actors out there.”

  • ugly?

    The guy chosen to play Legolas, a character described by Tolkein as “fair of face beyond the measure of men” is ugly???
    The guy chosen to play Paris of Troy who was so admired by the gods that they fought over his favor is ugly?
    Sure, you don’t want to be negative.

  • crapshackle

    Amber is a good actress. Good luck to her!

  • crapshackle

    Amber is a good actress. Good luck to her!

  • @21&22

    His looks have suffered over the years. Time, life, stress, personal health choices or lifestyle choices, too much jet setting or air travel, the industry in which he works, as well as his own inner self (or true nature) seeping through may all be partly to blame. The Legolas you refer to, #22, can still be seen here, in photos taken from a time *before* Bloom became Hollywoodized and turned celebrity:





    That person is barely recognizable here:



    I’m sorry if my opinions offend anyone. From my point of view, Bloom has lost his looks and his appeal. I do hope he works on improving his acting because *that* will carry him through long after his celebrity star fades and tabloids don’t bother to feature him anymore. In fact, it may well be that when his celebrity status and tabloid coverage end that his acting will improve.

    Something is different in his face, his eyes…it’s hard to pinpoint, but it’s almost as if his very soul has changed, gotten lost somewhere, or as though he’s gone through some kind of metamorphosis, with the resulting inner changes manifesting themselves on his face. The Orlando Bloom of today is a totally different Orlando Bloom from years ago. The actor and person who played Legolas doesn’t exist anymore, in my opinion.

    Some people are perhaps more vulnerable to Hollywood and its temptations than others, just as some people are seduced by bright lights and celebrity more than others. I think Orlando has what he wants and has gone after the things he values and believes in, and if he’s happy in his life and with his choices, then that’s what’s ultimately important. But I absolutely do NOT see the same reasonably good looking man in fairly recent pictures that I see in ones taken before his career really took off. It’s interesting to see the path that his life has written upon his face…

  • @21&22

    #25 here. Too bad the links aren’t working. The pix are on Getty. They speak for themselves.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    a guy with a MOUSTACHE or WHISKER:

    - loves to talk about himself.
    - he thinks there is just one important person on this globe: HIMSELF.
    - he isn’t really interested in social problems.
    - he can’t deal with difficulties.
    - money is everything to him.
    - “status” you can buy.
    - cars & houses are his love.


  • @25

    He’s ten years older than when he played Legolas. Of COURSE he has changed. He has matured beautifully in my opinion. His features are losing that baby sofness, that he has carried for so long, which brings out his amazing bone structure.
    You are projecting. Your beliefs have changed the way you percieve him, not the man himself. He still devotes a large amount of time to charity. He is still known for his work ethic and professionalism. He is honing his abilities by working in smaller productions, instead of going for the money. All of the things that have always seemed important to him, still are.
    He goes to a nightclub once in a while. He often goes to dinner with friends. He smokes. He drinks. But he is nowhere near the partier that he could be if he had truly fallen into the trap of Hollywood that seems to beckon to most young stars.
    He is still beautful, in my eyes.
    Oh, and PS:
    Hi Carmen.

  • @25

    What a load of nonsense, of course Orlando looks slightly different, it’s called getting older…duh!

    He was 22 filming the first lord of the rings but looked like a teenager and now he looks like he should, a 32 year old MAN!

    As for his personality, it’s only natural and normal that he would mature and grow up just like everybody else does.

    Unless you know him personally there is no way to tell in what way he has changed or not changed, besides it’s his life and nobody else can tell him how to live it!!!

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    Oh well the Delphi loons are here what is new? They have no life

  • http://justjared a fan

    If the Delphi loons don’t care for Orlando anymore why do they
    talk about him 24/7 search for every piece of informacion about him see every picture ever taken of him are on every thread that just jared has about him and talk about his pivate life non stop?
    This is not normal than don’t get offended if people call you loons .

  • @31

    It’s the same way with Miranda…..
    They “hate her”, they are “sick of her”, they are “tired of looking at her”, and my fav, they are “tired of having her forced down their throats”.
    Yet they are the first to post on her threads, instead of ignoring them. Will continue to post on them, spouting the same bulls**t over and over (raising her hit count). And bring her name up in threads where she isn’t even mentioned.
    They have no lives of their own, so they chose to hate people who seem happy.
    Yes, they are….wit for it…

  • @29

    “What a load of nonsense..”
    That’s our Carmen, for ya.

  • Sighs4l

    The short hair and pornstache will never be my favorite look on him and those Dad pants with NO chance of boxer peekage…meh.

    But the shirt and what it covers are droolworthy and that smile still rocks.

    And best of all, HE’S WORKING!

  • @33…

    I don’t know who “Carmen” is but it’s not me……..I’m just responding to the inane comment from 25!!!

  • @35

    I know, I was agreeing with your comment.
    #25 is Carmen
    A notorious fandom nut case that believes that Orlando is/should be celibate whilst he awaits his true love…..her.
    Her posts always stand out in their ‘inanity’.
    She may as well sign her name to ‘em. :)

  • @ 36

    “believes that Orlando is/should be celibate whilst he awaits his true love”

    Just something I would like to add if I may.

    Just as a general rule, not for any one particular person, celebrity or otherwise.

    Anyone who expects the one they wish to spend the rest of their life with to either be a monk or a nun until they meet them, is a very selfish person in my book.

    We don’t really know what is going on between Orlando and Miranda, or Orlando and anyone else for that matter.

    I am not Carmen, but even if I were to believe that there may be a chance someday for me or anyone else, I certainly would not expect them to be celibate until they found me, no matter who they are.

    If this Carmen person is looking for someone who is celibate before they meet her, then the words to describe her get very difficult to say.

    Orlando is just a person, like anyone else.

    Many “celebrities” prefer having someone to share their life with who is not in the spotlight. For the simple fact that, being with that person they are less likely to be stalked by the paps as much.

    Whatever Orlando decides to do with his life, and whomever he chooses to spend it with, is his choice to make.

    I wish him well and I hope that this movie he is filming does get made.

    I just found out that it does not have a distributor yet, and it will be going to the Cannes Film Festival in order to hopefully find a buyer.

    link for the article is below – scroll down to bottom of page to read full article….

    Best Wishes Everyone!

  • @37

    So probably Orlando will also attend the Cannes Festival this May?

    If so, the delphidians must somehow be happy cause Orly and their favorite model will maybe finally have the chance to meet in person LOL

  • Orlandolover

    ORLI you look cute!

  • Sighs4l

    “If so, the delphidians must somehow be happy cause Orly and their favorite model will maybe finally have the chance to meet in person”

    I always liked Christie Brinkley and I’d be happy to have OB meet her in person, in Cannes or elsewhere.

    Of course, CPK might not be so happy….

  • Don’t we all

    Yes indeed, Orlando IS aging – as in ‘growing older.’ Happens to all of us – if we live long enough. Imho he still looks mighty fine for 32. Depends alot on his hairstyle, his clothing and yes, the amount of ‘facial fuzz-ware’ he’s sporting on the day he happens to get himself snapped. To me he looks his most youthful and radiant when he smiles – and I’m referring to that amazing ‘open’ smile that extends right up into his eyes and lights up his entire face. Orlando’s one of those people whose feelings and general state of being show up clearly in his face – and especially in his eyes. When he’s happy and all’s right with his world it shows – and the opposite is true as well.

  • @37

    “I wish him well and I hope that this movie he is filming does get made. ”
    Uhmmmm, it IS getting made. Do you not see the pictures?????
    “I just found out that it does not have a distributor yet, and it will be going to the Cannes Film Festival in order to hopefully find a buyer.”
    This is how it works for every INDIE movie. INDIE means no big studio. Indie movies are always shown at film festivals hoping for a buyer. This isn’t anything unusual.

  • mrs jessica blooom

    he is beautiful & i think he is an amazing actor
    cant wait to see te film !

  • s.d.

    He is a one-dimensional actor at best, and is no Josh Hartnett in the looks department.. Now THERE is a hottie!

  • @44

    “He is a one-dimensional actor at best”
    Legolas, Paris, Joe Bryne, Shy, Balian and Will Turner are all the same character?
    A fearless immortal, an outlaw, a couple of selfless heroes and a completely selfish and childish brat? All played with complete believability = one dimensional? Sure. If you say so.
    “….and is no Josh Hartnett in the looks department.”
    Thank goodness!
    Orlando is actually good looking.

  • I don’t agree

    Really? IMO there have been times recently when Hartnett resembled a homeless derelict. I don’t think he’s a terribly good actor either, at least not in anything I’ve seen him do. Jake Gyllenhaal is better if we’re comparing actors in about the same age group.

  • @46

    Jake is better than Josh, bit I’ll never forgive him for those googly eyed expressions in Brokeback. IMO, he was supposed to act conflicted, not like a fan girl.

  • @ 42

    Lots of movies get made and are never shown. that is the nature of the business sometimes.

    The movie The Fountain was filmed then cancelled because they lost their supporters. It wasn’t until later that it got picked up again.

    Yes Main Street is being filmed, and I would love to see it in the theaters or even straight to DVD.

    But there are films that get filmed and sometimes do not make it.

  • @48

    Getting “made”, and getting distributed are two different things.
    The movie is obviously getting “made”.
    I also hope that it will get distributed.
    Wording makes all the difference.

  • Direct to DVD?

    That’s the problem with a lot of these small-budget ‘indies.’ Some of them simply end up going direct to DVD. That could possibly be the fate of OB’s other ‘independent’ film, “Sympathy for Delicious,” as well. I hope not but one can never be sure since there’s no ‘big studio’ backing.