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Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel - 2009 MET Costume Gala

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel - 2009 MET Costume Gala

Justin Timberlake and girlfriend Jessica Biel (in Versace Atelier) walk the red carpet at the “Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion” Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on Monday (May 4).

The 28-year-old singer will join Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs and Anna Wintour in hosting the annual gala.

Other celebs spotted at the event include: Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum and Victoria Beckham.

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Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images, INFdaily
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  • Katie

    I think she is beautiful.

  • Pgirl

    Hehe Justin looks cute! <3

  • uhmmm

    Step away from the self tanner, Jessica.

  • celebrityobsessed.

    Jessica looks nice.

  • Annie

    Justin looks handsom as usual, I heard Jessica wasn’t a very nice person, Justin seems so cool, I know she’s hot and all but come on..

  • brooklyn

    When are they going to get married already?

  • Sarah

    Hate his glasses. Don’t like her make up and her body is too musculated, girls who do to much exercise and have zero fat left on their body look bad specially in dresses.

  • jessica!

    Jessica, listen up!! Stop plumping your lips. It looks hideous!! You would look SO much better natural.

  • Gabriela

    wow, they look great!
    Love her dress, is gorgeous.

  • emma.

    She looks GORGEOUS!
    And he’s so cute, love them both!

  • She’s a mess

    that fucking dress looks like a tango dancer or a costume. the make up and self tanner is sickening
    and she looks like awkward with man shoulders. honestly she has no ability to rock a fashion style. Justin needs to lose his, “look im such a intellectual” glasses he has on. he looks like shit.



  • Thomas

    pic #2 look! there’s a man in a dress…hilarious
    Even madonna and SJP look more feminine xD

  • chels

    eeeeeeeeew tan much?

  • ALEX

    she is not feminine at all…

  • Girl

    They look good. What’s up with all the make-up, though? She’s normally very pretty, she doesn’t need to put that much make-up on, it makes her face look kinda weird. Or maybe its just a bad tan.

    Either way, they look cute. Nice dress and I like his glasses.

  • jeff

    why is she so blotchy?
    he looks ridiculous.
    Just find one style that works Justin…and quit trying so hard.

  • bonzo

    Her color is nasty.

  • ack

    Man in a dress!!! EW. Even skinny bitch Vic Beckham looks better!!! I agree she has NO ability to wear something right and classy.

  • ellie’

    I think shes a beautiful woman…

  • http://justjared ugly

    What is this z-list with no style sense at all doing there ?I am so angry with Justin for being responsible of me having to see her face every freaking day on the internet .

  • You/Me

    OMG! Jessica seriously needs to fire whoever does her hair for big events like this. Every single time she shows up at a huge event her hair is….embarrassing. This is downright ugly and makes her look completely unattractive. I don’t care much for her but I admit she can get it going on when she wants to but this time her hair is a bomb.
    And I expected more from Justin. Really, he looks like he is wearing a pair of glasses to look “cool” not becaue he needs them so he actually looks …geez, I don’t know, just dumb.

  • Veronica

    Damn, she looks way too orange. Can’t stand her anyway, but this is just painful to look at. Tone down the self-tanner, Jessie.

  • bella

    She is so pretty. I think they make such a cute couple.

  • http://justjared fug

    Dear god she is ugly and why can’t she find an hairdresser and a stylist ?

  • beccasaurus

    they look great – and justin looks like a modern day buddy holly.

  • Saudia

    I LOVE the dress .. but hate JT’s glasses and Biel looks so orange

  • Sara

    OMG who dresses this girl! Not attractive, not attractive at all! Stay off the self tanner. Does she never wear heels? Everytime I’ve seen her in them she looks like a kid walking around in her moms heels for the first time! God, why are you even there…oh yeah, it’s because of Justin, if not for him then you wouldn’t even be invited!

  • isabel

    Jessica Biel needs a better stylist!!! She looks horrid… She a pretty girl, but come on!! Why is this girl always dressing bad??

  • pop86

    Wow, this year gala is just awful. The dresses are blah!!!! last year gala was so much better.

    BTW: I’m not a Jessica fan( she’s too bland) but her stylist should be fired.


    Justin just got a new role – as the Verison wireless guy. Coming soon to an infomercial near you this summer.

  • Aniele

    Fug Fug

  • Ethan

    Love, love love it.
    All of it.

  • pink

    wow! this woman got hit with the ugly stick , there is nothing attractive about beals. Justin looks like a kid all dressed up , fugly! looking lil man lil zac is a teenager and looks more manly! where are all the celebs this yr. so this is the fugly list that got invited ewww , victoria sucks she is like ratty looking eva, always in all these fashion shows , they are kind of annoying,

  • andamentothat

    mork and mindy..

    why cant i find one decently dressed person at this gala? Her hair is bad, skin looks uneven..and Justin, doesnt even look like he tried..

  • anon

    I don’t think they are a good looking couple. Justin is a lithe man and she is muscular and bigger boned. She is pretty but something about her with him bothers me…I feel like she wears the pants in the relationship and bosses him around.

  • mickey

    OMG and ugh. She looks like a man in drag and he looks like the dork that he is. FAIL and FAIL.

    P.S. What is with that tan on Man-Biel? She is an unnatural color–why would she walk out the door like that? The dress just looks like a bad prom dress.

  • Bwahahahaha

    Jessica Biel=Epic fail. JT, you need to ditch this trainwreck.

  • mertz

    i am not a jessica biel hater, so i’m all about the look. the colour is intense and fabulous…first of all who is she wearing? the cut/train seems kinda offbalanced. i’m in the middle with this dres sbecause i like the lines with the different fabric which remindes me of a leger, but really. come on. and she’s too tan…the fake tan has got to go since her natural colour/tan would have been alright and the face make up is definately on the shady side. anne hathaways make up artisit has biels beat tonight, and that’s not saying much.

  • Whisper

    She’s too tan… but what is up with everyone calling her ugly and saying she looks like a man? Sounds like a bunch of jealous teenage girls who are angry that Jessica took their precious Justin away. Well news flash people: you weren’t gonna a shot with him anyway! She’s extremely attractive and 100% real. You’re not on her level, deal with it.

  • geniass

    Why are you orange Jess?

  • Veronica

    She can have Justin as far as I’m concerned. I have no desire to date him, and haven’t for several years. I could care less who the hell he dates anymore. I just think she’s extremely ugly, and have ever since way before she started dating Justin.

  • lisa

    You know what Whisper, I’m not a Justin fan and I don’t find her to be pretty. Everybody has opinion and can say what they want about Jessica. Also what level are you talking about? because she’s so-called star doesn’t mean shit in my opinion,she’s problem not on a lot people’s level either. I bet there’s alot bitches that had Justin and he’s definitely isn’t satin so try again. Another thing 100% real yeah right, I doubt that very much.

  • rose

    only got 2 things to say

    1. JT loose those glasses


    2.Jessica ease up on the fake tanning you look orange not a good look.

  • vmars111

    I find this to be the most eye-pleasing dress for the MET Costume Gala….yet, it’s also pretty boring compared to the others.

  • zoe

    ehh…not really feeling the dress. its meant to look glamorous and extravagent but it really isnt on jessica…it’ll look better on someone like heidi. the tan is horrible and the makeup makes it worst. the dress wouldve been better if it was short…this deisng just looks a bit tacky.

  • Annie

    From the back, I bet it’ll look like Justin Timberlake and some guy. Jessica Biel is just toooooo muscular, not hot at all. She’s a man.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    She looks hideous and distorted from all the Botox and plastic surgery (and tanning).

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Her shoulder’s look thicker and wider than his.
    Too much work don e on her face and her body looks masculine- too tall and wide.

  • ANON

    The dress is amazing, and yes, Heidi would have worn it well, but it is a disaster on jessica, who looks godawful in it. Between the orange mud she’s caked herself with (the giant blotch on her knuckle is the worst) the old-lady hairdo, the overblown lips, the man-body, she is a walking disaster. This girl just can’t get it right, and her date, who could look so sharp looks like a fool with the dorky glasses and suit.