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Angelina Jolie Gets Sweet & Salty

Angelina Jolie Gets Sweet & Salty

Back to work!

Angelina Jolie continues to look fierce in a gray wig while filming her new flick, Salt on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Saturday (May 23).

The day’s shoot included some NYPD squad cars, so looks like we’ll see some great car chase scenes!

The 33-year-old California-born actress had a brief time away from the set, as she went with partner, Brad Pitt, to the 2009 Cannes Film Festival to premiere his film, Inglourious Basterds.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie getting sweet and salty…

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angelina jolie sweet salty 01
angelina jolie sweet salty 02
angelina jolie sweet salty 03
angelina jolie sweet salty 04
angelina jolie sweet salty 05
angelina jolie sweet salty 06
angelina jolie sweet salty 07
angelina jolie sweet salty 08
angelina jolie sweet salty 09
angelina jolie sweet salty 10
angelina jolie sweet salty 11
angelina jolie sweet salty 12

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  • lucia

    Shes beautiful!

  • Orchid

    Am I first? Probably not!

  • Kad

    Here we go with the hundreds of comments on her.


  • releka

    Luv Angie!!

  • Luise

    i really think angelina and colin should do another movie together
    they were so cute! or even her and will smith. omg imagine angie and johnny depp! AMAZING. JMO

  • jen the aging porn star

    She’s a real superwoman unlike someone who reported get exhausted in doing nothing.

  • Cooh

    I just don’t like her,a homewrecker,that’s what she’ll always be for me
    all that people can say about her is that she’s beautiful,what else is new?she’s not funny,she’s not that smart,she’s just beautiful,it’s that what her value is?

  • snowy

    yayy! love her.

  • Orchid

    If this goes to Cannes, Angie will walk the RC for the 4th time in a row in Cannes!

  • Sue

    what a trooper..a real pro. Love her.

  • jen the aging porn star

    Yes, it would be such a blast pairing Angie with Johnny Depp in a movie.

  • to COOH

    she helps make the world a better place, she makes great movies and she makes beautiful babies. how about you? what do you get to offer?

  • her

    I like that smirk on photo number 2 and love that smile on photo number 4. Thanks Jared.

  • she’s really not pretty at all :|
    veiny arms, man legs, scabby lips.

  • bdj

    Thanks for the pixs. Angelina Jolie is a true professional. She is able to combine her UN work, support her partner, raise her children and continue to work on her movie “Salt”. AJ ignores the noise around her and concentrate on what is important in life. Meanwhile, a whiny neurotic ex sitcom star cannot handle her daily walkabouts on her lame rom com and has to shut down production. AJ is an inspiring woman with a large international fan base. She will be alright. Do you Angelina Jolie and leave these whiny bitter hens in the dust.

  • jen the aging porn star

    Cooh @ 05/24/2009 at 9:32 am

    Is there any prove on that ? aside from those source written by the tab. , nada !.
    Give it up !! it’s almost 5 yrs. beside how many relations or lovers did Maniston had in all this year.

  • Fiasco


    Shut up about Jennifer Aniston already. Let the people enjoy the thread without YOU bringing up Aniston for no reason. Jeez…

  • OB


    Get over yourself. Is that all you can say, she’s a ‘homewrecker’? That has been proven incorrect time and time again. The woman is scary smart and extremely well read and versed in many subjects.

    You trolls make me laugh. Still spouting the same c r a p.

  • cupcake

    i love Angelina. she is a versatile and an award winning actress. she is very smart and such a great philanthropist. she is a good and responsible mother and a loving partner to Brad. she doesn’t make rude remarks about others even if they keep on putting her down. she is just down to earth. what’s not to love?

  • jen the aging porn star

    … @ 05/24/2009 at 9:36 am

    what are you doing here ? go support her flop movie , the movie is tanking as fast as a torpedoe. hahahaha………..

  • OB

    bdj wasn’t the first to bring up BJ, don’t see YOU telling them to shut up.

    Fcuk off, idiot.

  • down to earth.. HA. i dont think so pal. shes a total freak.

  • down to earth.. HA. i dont think so pal. shes a total freak.

  • jen the aging porn star

    Shut up yourself ! look who brought that dog name first .

  • OB

    The only freak here is you. Get over yourself.

  • bdj

    Hmmm no where did I mentioned Baby Jane by her real name. I think that honor goes to you. Fiasco on your dumb bunny part.

  • demi

    i think some random person must have brainwashed everyone into believing shes even slightly good looking. i could walk into the street right now and pick out the first 5 people i see, all would be prettier then her!

  • EMMA

    shut up about Jen Anniston her name is not mentioned here so leave her out of this.


  • Fiasco


    For we all know it could have been bdj mentiong her to get attention on another name. I just want to enjoy reading Angelina’s thread without the pyschos mentioning the hag every other post.

  • Fiasco


    You don’t need to mention her name. We all know who you’re talking about. I find it rather odd that you took your time to mention her in such a descriptive way. We all know she’s a hag who got dumped by Pee Boy. Get over it.

  • Besane

    In that Cannes red carpet video around 47min mark, Brad Pitt breaks from the photo line, walk alone about 10 meters on the red carpet amid screams to look for Angelina. The French announcer said “il cherche son épouse” then the British translator said “Ah he went to collect his WIFE”. So in love, so gallant, Brad.

  • bdj

    Besides, the facts speak for themselves. AJ is an inspiring woman. She is not a wimpy stuck in the past little girl and has seen unimagined suffering through her travels and UN work. AJ is a mom with a red hot career. AJ is a sexy partner to the equal sexy BP. It is all good.

  • Jodie

    Can’t get enough of these two… I love when they use the term “Partner”.. It to me says so much more the Husband or Wife.. To me it says.. Team, Unit, Together, YOU/ME. We are 50/50..

    PT if you are lurking or if someone else has it. could you please post the link to your Tab reports. My computer died and I don’t have my link anymore.. PLEASE..Thanks.

    It has be a wonderful week for the fans.. and the haters well as I like to say.. SUCK IT

  • *

    … @ 05/24/2009 at 9:36 am she’s really not pretty at all
    veiny arms, man legs, scabby lips.

    Brad loves those veiny arms. She is a hard working mother and actress. And she’s got sexy legs even without working out. And she’s got the lips everyone will pay to have. What does Aniston has to offer? She can’t act. She has a killer chin and wear fake contact lens. She’s got man arms and flat chest. She got peed by. And she is such a drama queen.

  • cannescannes

    wow, she looks so old…she might need a facelift soon like Madonna’s.

  • bdj

    Whine, whine, whine. Every where you look Lard face is compared to the incomparable Jolie. AJ makes filler face look like a basket case that cannot handle day to day affairs. Oops my bad!!!!

  • lurker

    Angie is really amazing. How can you not love her.

  • jamie

    Angelina and Johnny Depp?????
    How could they resist each other?
    Impossible, poor Brad.

  • lurker

    to OB. Who cares. Time for you to leave this thread.

  • demi

    the cannes thing was SUCH a publicity stunt! you could see in their eyes it just isnt there anymore. theyre just putting on an act these days to get rid of rumours of them splitting- actors can do that you see guys *shock* ;O their break up is imminent.

  • jen the aging porn star

    … @ 05/24/2009 at 9:43 am

    Freak is the aging 40 y.o. sitcom hag who still act and dress like a teen.
    Freak is the middle age 40 y.o. sitcom hag who refuse to accept aging.Frankly, no woman at middle age who would cried over a single strand of gray hair. because we accept it.
    Freak is the middle age 40 y.o. sitcom hag !!!

  • lurker

    Sorry the message was for to cooh not to OB.

  • http://love45 arlene

    Ella es horrible y sus labios tambien como pueden decir que ella es hermosa

  • just wanted to share that

    i’ve seen her in person and i can’t believe how more beautiful she is, considering the fact that she was wearing less make up but she just glows. maybe because she was smilling to everyone who smiles and waves back to her. i’m not really a fan of her but i think she is a really nice person.

  • joe

    Keep hoping demi, but Brad still won’t ever love you.

  • ash

    FYI jen’s body cannot even be compared to angelinas. amazing. brad made a big mistake leaving her! ugly moustache dick.

  • arlene @ 05/24/2009 at 9:57 am

    Bueno, creo que usted es más feo.

  • joe

    @just wanted to share that: Thank you for that. A lot of people say the same thing, that she is more beautiful in person.

  • jen the aging porn star

    demi @ 05/24/2009 at 9:55 am

    their break up is imminent. yawn, yawn,snore, snore………….. was this new prediction?????? this “breakup” prediction never stop since 2005. but all I know is Maniston had been in and out of relation with at least 6 guys in all this year. Did you ever predicted that ? and did you ever predicted Mr.Mayer would dump her that fast for the second time ?

  • joe

    i like veins