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Ed Westwick & Jessica Szohr: Piranha 3-D!

Ed Westwick & Jessica Szohr: Piranha 3-D!

Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr are spotted together enjoying the day off from filming Piranha 3-D and walk around the grounds of the hotel in Lake Havasu, Arizona on Sunday (May 17).

Piranha 3-D is an upcoming 3-D horror film that is a remake of the 1978 film Piranha. The film stars Elisabeth Shue, Adam Scott, Jerry O’Connell, and Jessica Szohr.

Alexandre Aja (These Hills Have Eyes) is directing the film, which is scheduled to be released on March 19, 2010.

10+ pictures inside of Ed Westwick & Jessica Szohr Piranha: 3-D!

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ed westwick jessica szohr piranha 3 d 01
ed westwick jessica szohr piranha 3 d 02
ed westwick jessica szohr piranha 3 d 03
ed westwick jessica szohr piranha 3 d 04
ed westwick jessica szohr piranha 3 d 05
ed westwick jessica szohr piranha 3 d 06

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  • alicia

    I love Ed, but shirtless he isn’t working for me. Jessica and Ed make a cute couple though.

  • Zoz

    he. needs to start working out he looks terrible

  • Coolspotters

    Agreed alicia and Zoz. Ed usually looks great, but that’s mostly due to the style of clothes they make him wear on Gossip Girl.

  • marcheline

    ed is looking super tan…idk if I like it yet. I’m sorry but because Jessica plays Vanessa, I cant think of her as her own person. All I see is that bitch from Brooklyn, and therefore I don’t want her with chuck!

  • Bubbaness

    He is SO gross!

  • annie

    The perfect case of how to look good with clothes on.
    But when he takes them off. i get kinda turned off.
    Looking at Ed makes me wanna work out..

  • jules

    Such a lovely couple! he def needs to work out!!

  • Anne

    Ed needs to work out, he looks gross. They both do.

  • Kate

    didn’t know Jessica smoked, and Ed is disgusting, too hairy.

  • Babydoll♥

    Jessica looks like Amy Winehouse in those far-away pics.Has she lost weight or something?Theres something different about her.

    Oh, and Ed needs to get rid of that beer belly and that chest hair.He looks like he belongs in some hick filled place like Alabama or Tennesse.


    “It’s not true that I had nothing on. I had the radio on.”

  • EMMA
  • Ugh!

    This guy is gonna be a real fat pig in a few years.

  • janee


    your inability to see past a fictional character indicates a lack of maturity and no sense of reality. get over it. That’s not chuck, that’s ed. My god.

  • brina

    jessica is pretty and ed is not fat he looks normal he could tone up a bit but it’s not a big deal

  • manny

    Who in the world are these people. I always see people on this blog who I never heard of.

  • lori

    I LOVE ED!

    who gives a crap if he’s fat

    he looks hot with the suit on .

    not everyone can be male gay boy of the year chace crawford

  • LALY

    They look good togheter and he’s HOTT

  • Jess

    Shallow much?! And Ed looks better in these pics then the last ones. But no matter what; you people are in for a rude awakening if you think Ed is fat and looks gross. I actually think he looks better then most average people.

  • kristom

    I luv Ed just the way he is.. and I think he is super hot… great body will be gone when you get old, but the charm and personality that Ed has will stay forever…
    ED WESTWICK roxxxxx….. <3

  • k

    Piranha 3. I wonder how many academy award nominations this will receive?

  • Missy

    You guys are crazy, Ed looks hot as hell!! He may not have a 6 pack or anything but who cares! He looks great!!!

  • LolaSvelt

    ^Well it’s actually a remake. It’s called Piranha 3-D. And I strongly believe that it’s destined for Oscar success. :P

    I’m also quite surprised that Jessica smokes for some reason. Oh well. Another beautiful girl whose looks will be ruined in 10 years time.

  • Ingrid

    You spelt Szohr wrong and you people really are shallow. Ed proves that you don’t have to have a boring six pack to be SEXY.

  • Se

    wow! you people need to get realistic he is almost 22, not 16 so when you grow up you will probably see that chest hair is so sexy and we do not want everyone to look like everyone else.
    You are so shallow it makes me want to puke :/
    I think they both look really good.

  • Dan

    Ed looks great. Average guys can be hot.. I think his stomach is pretty yum. Gross is definitely a stretch.


    They are both gorgeous. Ed looks even better now that he has a nice tan. and She is beautiful. They are such a cute couple.

  • cecile

    lori => why do you have to critize Chace to highlight Ed ? Chace is HOT, Ed is not sorry that’s the reality…

  • lara

    I’m not 16, but I find him gross and out of shape. She is average, but surely better than him.

  • Heather

    He’s got the boy of a man in his 20′s. pretty much what most guys look like. There’s nothing gross about it. and what is it about chest hair that gets people so annoyed. i think it’s pretty hot looking.

  • Simone

    I love Ed.
    It makes me laugh how people are so critical on this site because I can’t imagine everyone on this site is super toned and goes to the gym all the time.

  • vivian

    I totally love him with clothes on..
    yay go GOSSIP GIRL!!! CHUCK and BLAIR all the way!!!!

  • ?

    her name is spelled SZOHR

    Just jared!

  • Helena

    Haha, if only the Efron fangirls realised that this is what real men looked like.

    Don’t get me wrong, Zaccy boy is a hottie, but he’s devoid of a decent personality, which is quite the contrary for Ed, who oozes charisma.

  • EMMA
  • Emilie

    He looks like a real man. He’s hot.

  • s.d.

    Ed is ripped to the nines! Look at those six-pack abs of his peeking through. Him and Leonardo Dicrapio must belong to the same gym, for they possess two of the most enviable physiques in Hollywood!

  • hey

    wow that second picture of him his FAT SHOWS LMAAO can you say rollie pollie?

  • hey


    lmao all 20 yr olds look fat? sorry hun most 20 year olds do not have a body like him. i know my friends do not. my friends are FIT

  • jessica

    GAHHH, why does she need to smoke? Actually both of them do. They are beautiful people, but smoking is such a disgusting habit. You’d think that since they’ve grown up in a day and age where they know all the effects smoking can do to you they wouldn’t, but I guess people are just stupid and do things to be cool.

  • Dan

    Jessica, ever think they smoke because they want to? They’re already celebs being posted on JustJared, I don’t think they need to worry about ‘being cool’ at this point.

  • Bess

    I am glad real men don’t look like him. At 20 years old people are toned and fit. And where did she buy that thing? Girl is so not classy.

  • claire

    Ed looks even BETTER now that he would if he had a six-pack. It’s not like he’s fat and unhealthy. He’s quite athletic, which you would all know if you knew anything about him. I think he’s sexy.

  • hey


    hes fat as fat can be. makes me want to get sick looking at his rolls. wheres the nutritionist when you need them

  • olivia

    he toned up a bit since the last time he was shirtless

  • anna

    @hey: Wait, seriously? I mean, he doesn’t have the best body, but he’s certainly nowhere near fat. I doubt he’s even overweight. He’s simply not fit.

  • hihi


  • Management+Maniston = failure

    She makes a very nice “beard” for him.

  • Tee

    he looks damn good. better than the pics in miami he def shaped up since then. but some of yall have this fantasy of this ultra buff man. when, in reality, we live in america where most guys are overweight pigs. so ed looks hotttt. and the hair..i dont mind it at all on him. its actually sexy. i just wish he would ditch szohr, she is so gross. that hair is so ratty and she just grosses me out.

  • jessica

    @dan, i dont really care for the reasoning, even if she does just like to smoke. i was just saying i think its a waste that a beautiful girl would smoke.

  • H

    What`s wrong with some people? Ed looks great with or without shirt! He`s deffinatelly don`t need to work out, he already got a very well shaped body! Plus, men without chest hair are gross and too feminine! Grow up and stop talking bullshit! Ed is so masculine and yummy, it`s not even funny! Ed we love you! <3