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Hugh Jackman Loves American Theatre

Hugh Jackman Loves American Theatre

Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra Lee Furness arrive at the American Theatre Wing’s 2009 Spring Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street on Monday (June 1) in New York City.

The 40-year-old actor was the honorary chair for the event, and entertainment was provided by Kristin Chenoweth, Barbara Cook, and Audra McDonald.

Hugh and Daniel Craig are set to star in Keith Huff‘s play A Steady Rain on Broadway slated for this fall. Earlier this month it was also announced that Hugh and his Fountain costar Rachel Weisz will be teaming up again for the 19th-century drama Unbound Captives, along with Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson.

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Photos: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty, Joseph Marzullo/WENN
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  • sam

    Yikes…did not know he was married to his grandma

  • sam


    did not know he IS married to his grandma.

    how old is his lady?

  • m

    man his wife looks A LOT older then him!!he probably loves her…
    cuz i don’t see why would he date someone who looks like his grandma like sam said…

  • to Sam

    f.u.c. k. off!

  • to Sam

    and take M with you!

  • phil

    # 4

    wow….you have nasty language. Don’t you have a bigger vocabulary?

    Go back and get a better education. Those words are so overrated it has no effect anymore.

    Idiot !

  • snoopy

    was anyone there at the gala? please tell me about the performances.

  • callie

    She’s almost 50! Looks more like she is in her late 50′s.

  • snoopy

    she does not like old enough to be his mom, imo. Older, yeah, but looks like his mom? come on.
    I personally think that if he weren’t famous, and you met them on the street like a regular couple, none of you would think that.

  • to phil

    there are no other words need for idiots like sam and m LOL

  • shi

    they are really perfect as always!

  • marina

    being blond makes her skin look older, plus I do not see her getting bunches of plastic surgery out of insecuritynot using cuckets of make up.
    She seems, unlike others who plump their lips and get facelifts, a very secure person, she knows what she has, but is not getting herself buthchered because of it. He probably likes that and loves her.

  • ra

    snoopy – you are so right. I think it’s the same harpies who show up here every time there are photos of the Jackmans to feign surprise that Hugh’s wife is older then him. The grandma and mother comments are B.O.R.I.N.G. I’ve seen photos of Hugh’s mother and believe me, Deb looks nothing like her.

  • ???

    One lucky girl. She is much older than he is tho don’t know by how many years. They seem to have a very good relationship, I mean love each other very much.

  • sheila

    # 10….lol….you are poster # 4 again!

    are u a teen or perhaps an uneducated young person?

    yOU are the only idiot. People here have the right to comment whatever.

    If you don’t like it……just ignore it. No need to talk like a idiot.

  • snoopy

    btw justjared – Hugh Jackman also performed at the gala, with Kristin Chenoweth

  • drew

    Deborra was born in 1960. She is 4 years older…although- she does look older than 49. She looks about 57. Enlarge the photo.

  • snoopy

    I’ve seen pics of his mom as well and I agree. And the whole “mom abandonment” psychological analysis nonsense people post here. She always kept in touch with her kids, and he and his mom seem to have a good relationship nowadays.

  • Janie

    Is that his grandmother?

  • Wow

    According to IMDB, his wife was born in 1955 and he was born in 1968. The age difference explains the difference in their each appearance. Good for him and her.

  • Zeinah

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA , once i saw the picture i thought it was his mom but when i read it, it turned out to be his wife. She’s one lucky lady

  • chloe

    While she may be older and not as attractive as some PYT in hollywood …SHE STILL HAS HIM !!!!! so she probably doesn’t give a rats a$$ what anyone says :) They look happy so thats all that matters. Besides, it’s his loyalty to his famiy that makes him even more attractive !

  • lane

    interesting…….14 age difference if the info is correct

    according to Wikipedia…she was born in 1955.

    wonder which is correct??

  • Burgess

    @drew: She was born in 1955 he in 1968 but it doesn’t matter to them. They’re happy, get over it.

  • Burgess

    Jared, Hugh sang 2 songs, one with Kristen Chenoweth one on his own. Audra did not perform due to a cold.

  • joey

    # 24…

    If you have any smarts…you would have looked it up. In two areas….Wikipedia and IMDB…her birth dates are different.

    I’m sure people could care less how old anyone is…so, you don’t have to be a jerk or b i t ch to say something idiotic like “get over it”. Limited vocabulary heh?

    If you don’t like the comments on how much older she looks…too bad.

    Won’t be long before they break up. That’s usually reality in Hollywood.

  • happy hugh

    He always looks genuinely happy because he’s with his soul mate. Sorry to disappoint you folks, but he’s not insecure and shallow like you wannabes who like to bash celebs and he does not let his peepee or ego decide whom he dates-he lets his heart decide.

  • Sashalize

    Well said “happy hugh”

  • sade

    Come on people his wife is 47 years old. He is 40 years old. His wife is the same age as Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and younger than Madonna.

    She may not photograph young, but, I have met her in person and she is very attractive. Being that she is only 7 years older, which is much less than Demi and Ashton, Halle and her Model boyfriend, Ashely Judd and her husband… I dont think seven years is all that much.

  • rimma


  • rimma


  • His wifes age…..

    She is 8 years older than Hugh, she is 48……I’ve said it before and
    I’ll say it again, Hugh was on “the view” in 2003 and said she is 8 years’
    older than him, it’s on youtube go and watch it, I think he knows the
    correct age of his wife!!!!

  • snoopy

    @His wifes ageā€¦..:
    And I’ve told you before that he didn’t say that on the view, and provided you with a link to the video.
    If I’m wrong I’ll be happy for you to correct me. Here’s the link again.
    Tell me the exact time he said it.

  • howoldisshe

    HJ was born in 1968 and his wife in 1955. My limited math tells me the difference is 13 years (plus minus a few months). She actually looks 53 to me. A good looking 53 year old.

  • ME

    Let me start by saying I couldn’t care less how old either of them are. They seem happy and whatever they have works for them. Good on both of them for not caring what others think and living their lives for themselves.
    That said though, they are absolutely 13 years apart. He was born October 1968 and she in December 1955. If the age difference doesn’t matter to them, are you all so obessed with it? Just something to bitch about because you can’t find anything else wrong with them? And while Deborra Lee may look older than him, because she is, she certainly does not look old enough to be his mother. In case you haven’t noticed, Hugh doesn’t exactly look young himself either. He has a nice mature look.

  • lady

    They have been together for over 10 years – true love is not some superficial nonsense – it is real regardless of how you look – having said that I think she looks fine for her age and besides Europeans and others and less hung up on looks like us Americans – we need to get over this nonsense…

  • sade

    Australians are not European.

  • Ann

    Deborah and Hugh have been together since the 90′s when he was a fairly unknown Australian actor. So there was no way they could know they would be in the Hollywood spotlight one day and people from all over the world would be criticising the age difference and her looks. So could we just get over ourselves here and focus on the fact that he is a great actor who has worked hard to get where he is now (with the support of Deb?) and that his relationship with his wife is actually none of our business? I normally don’t post here but this never ending discussion is getting a bit boring, so let’s talk about something else for a change!

  • boring?

    Hugh looks awkward and his smile shows. He looked more relaxed at the premiere of x-man by himself.

  • memnoch

    What does it matter if she is 13 years older that him. If it was reversed and he was 13 years older than her, no one would say one word except those stupid guys who say “Yeah, man, go for it” and other such things. Leave them alone – they’re in love, happy, faithfull and she hasn’t botched her face. If I was her age and had Hugh around I’d be pretty happy too!

  • Eva

    Well, she’s 13 years older then he. Big deal. My ex husband was 10 years older then me and it did not seem to bother anyone…Stop the double standards. She is looking FAB for a 54 year old, has two great kids, is married to a fantastic guy and seems happy. Yep, I’m jealous! (Oh, I forgot the money; I bet she’s not clipping cupons..;-) )

  • aaron

    @sam: I completely agree with you and M. YIKES is right! He’s with “grandma.” … gross! :(

  • Jane

    OMG! They look absolutely RIDICULOUS together. She is sooo old!

  • observer

    This should be entitled “HUGH LOVES OLD, BLOND ARYAN WOMEN”

  • to jane

    oh please!!! they are together. hugh has the wife he wants and they have two children. he is not going anywhere. he is staying with her. get used to it.

  • ra

    I’m sure Hugh Jackman doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what a bunch of nasty, anonymous posters on the internet think about his choice of a wife. Hugh often says his wife and their children are more important than anything else in his life.

  • Dee

    I always think she looks much older than 54ish….I know many women in their 50′s – including me – and we don’t look quite that worn out.
    The age differance between them is sooo obvious. I am still amazed that he married in his late 20′s to someone that was almost 40….
    what gives?? I mean LOOK AT HIM!!! drop dead drool worthy …all I know is THAT I AM HER AGE AND SHE HAS HIM……dang….

  • jg


    she has him and you don’t because she probably doesn’t spend her time putting down other women…

  • Nicole

    I do think there is some psychological issue (like his own mother leaving the family) that drives Hugh to be attracted to a woman as old as Deb. *** We all know why Deb, or any woman for that matter, would want Hugh! :) ***

    Anyway, I understand why a man would be attracted to a woman that is 4 or 5 years older… but THIRTEEN YEARS OLDER???? Come on! That is just not normal. :(

  • so?

    I have three nephews who married older women and they were raised in homes by their mothers and fathers. One’s wife is 13 yrs older, one’s is 7 yrs older and one’s is 6 yrs older. All are happy marriages of more than 10 years. Certainly no “psychological issues” involved, they just happened to fall in love with older women.