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Nicole Kidman To Hit 2009 Tony Awards

Nicole Kidman To Hit 2009 Tony Awards

Nicole Kidman is dressed casually as she leaves for work in New York City on Saturday morning (June 6).

The 41-year-old Aussie actress and Anne Hathaway are expected to be at the Tony Awards on Sunday held at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall.

When Tony Awards host Neil Patrick Harris was asked if he’s going to ask them to be on How I Met Your Mother, he joked to E!, “We should be so lucky. I do know that Nicole Kidman was nude for a big part of a Broadway season—that could help boost our ratings!”

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  • victoria

    Nicole is beautiful, I wish she’d let her hair go back to it’s brighter red colour though.

  • huy

    stunning woman. classy, elegant, polite. a TRUE woman and a great actress

  • huy

    stunning woman. classy, elegant, polite. a TRUE woman and a great actress

  • eekomeeter


    are you off your med’s or what?

  • fashion

    I like Nicole’s sunglasses.

  • i love NICOLE


  • Chris

    Looking good :)

  • jenna

    To Htiler:
    What is wrong with you?
    Maybe you should sign yourself back into the mental institution.

  • nicole

    overpaid, undertalented and about as much sex appeal as an ironing board.
    oh the naivety of people and hollywood.

  • human

    @ 10: are you retarded?

    Very nice sunglasses, and a very classy woman…

  • Megan fox rocks

    love her , nicole is classy and beautiful

    and Keith is AWESOME love his new album

  • dido

    wowww it is all about botox, naked bitch

  • Adam

    she has an amazing body,legs to die for ,love her

  • Irish Girl

    Putting her photos after Cameron Diaz is almost unfair to the former. Cameron is almost ten years younger and looks much older than Nicole.
    As always, Nicole looks beautiful. Her skin is amazing.

  • susan

    i love her!!!!!!! she’s a bit too upper class for my taste but she is so beautiful and SUCH a good actress, so classy and cute.

  • jack

    I flagged the first poster. I hope you guys do too.

  • gianne

    she is look beautiful

  • Lynn

    She is lovely and so graceful.

  • Bruce Banner

    Beautiful woman with a warm heart and a real talent.

  • truvy

    I’ve always liked, I just wish she’d stop screwing with her face.

  • to victoria

    i also liked her with red hair, but our opinion doesn’t matter much. apparently, she never liked her red hair. she loves having blonde hair.

  • shark76

    absolutely lovely woman.
    and I think the botox story is over. now people has to respect her. stop with this crap. nicole has been insulted enough..

  • to #1

    what’s with your comment??

  • LuckyL

    I like her sunglasses

  • someone whoknows

    @victoria: @victoria: IT’S NOT HER HAIR it’s extensions she takes in and out every day. blonde or red. very ugly in person and as a person.

  • comment 26 you’re stupid

    get a life L O S E R.
    You can’t even stay near to nicole kidman, you smell terribly, so shut up

  • dabu

    As always, beautiful and classy.

  • dolly

    what a fabulous body shape,an amazing porcelain skin,the perfect Legs ,she looks good in her age,i wish i had her body or looks like her when i become 41,she is really beautiful no matter what people said about her.

  • Megan

    I’ve been saying this for ages. She’s been noticably off the botox for awhile now. The effects were always temporary, and the longer she stays off it, the more obvious it becomes. She is pretty much looking like she used to, in the pre-botox era. Idiots were acting as if she permanently disfigured herself with a bad facelift. She ain’t Cher or Melanie Griffiths, y’know.

    It’s pretty much a disaster for all her critics who relied upon barbed references to “botox” and “frozen forehead” to dismiss her work or try to turn people against her. Even to the most blinkered idiot has to eventually acknowledge that she’s no longer using botox, since the effects wear off. And that she looks like a very attractive, normal fortysomething year old woman (albeit a well preserved fortysomething).

    Now these clowns are actually going to be forced into talking about her acting (and how good it usually is), since her “botox” looks are becoming a non-issue.

  • samy

    i had already forgotten how beautiful she used to be,She looks really great.

  • ello

    I’m glad her hair is back to reddish. I thought the blonde washed her out a bit. But beautiful either way

    I flagged #1 too

  • melody

    Wow,Nicole is gorgeous.

    But i wanna nicole would change another clothes!!!!!I saw this sport clothes in many many times .

  • eliza

    Even dressed down, going to work, she looks fine. Lovely woman.

  • Galey

    I admire Nicole Kidman for her work as an actress and her work on behalf of trying to stop violence against woman. She is beautiful and I think her husband is awesome

  • dogville

    this woman is a LADY !! Love her to death

  • nicolelover

    loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove nicole
    she is most beautiful woman
    I wish she win another oscar because she is best actress for ever
    I love her with blond hair and red hair

  • yamyam

    i love you nicole

  • yamyam

    i love her she’s pretty


    Nicole’s hair is deep RED!!!

    Look at photo before posting.


    Obviously no botox use.

    The truth is ignorant bloggers copy other;s who say Nic uses botox.

    Nothing but copycat bloggers who’ve never seen or used botox.

    If she did she wouldn’t be able to make those awful forehead creases, which she does, and often.

    There are photos where she tried and it it;’s awful and it was years ago. It wear off in 3-4 mths.

  • dianel

    Just Jared I don’t know what NO1 said but it could not be any worse then these idiots that gush over kidman say when they go on the Cruise site and I don’t see you takeing their comment off

  • zzz

    She lives in the same building with Hugh Jackman, on 176 Perry St. Hugh said she lives under his apartment. You can find many pics with Hugh exiting the same building.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Nicole is so beautiful!!

  • Suppress your appetite


  • Suppress your appetite

    I love her