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Beyonce Knowles is Year Zero Yummy

Beyonce Knowles is Year Zero Yummy

Beyonce Knowles sports a fun Year Zero jacket with silver pockets while leaving the Mandarin Oriental Hotel via the back door in London on Monday afternoon (June 8).

The 27-year-old Sasha Fierce singer will be performing her “I AM…” concert tour two consecutive nights at London’s O2 Area (tonight and tomorrow). Beyonce‘s tour will then take her to New York City’s Madison Square Garden for a performance on June 21.

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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • sweetie

    She’s beautiful! :-)

  • sonia

    she is beautiful, i am so proud of her, go beyonce!

  • bruna

    The Queen!

  • Q

    The queen of what?

  • Saudia

    she looks great!!

  • ade

    Saw her perform in Sheffield last night and she was AMAZING

  • enoughalready

    Her reviews were awesome! I’m lovin this laid back look and the bodygurad is fierce.

    I’m so proud of this hard working woman of talent, she’s just awesome.. Some (Rihanna (top of the list) Brit, Ciara) should take notes, video, camera shots of her while performing and study like no tomorrow.

    Pink also is an awesome entertainer!

    But Beyonce is my first pick..

  • bruna

    Everbody calls her Queen B

  • She’s a fake bish

    She looks like she got some eating issues. I hate that fake bish! next
    she’s telling 24/7 lies. so not hot!

  • She’s a fake bish


    What? Rihanna is way more talented than Beyonce. go to youtube, beyonce just swagger jacks other artists. BOOO!!

  • lisa

    beyonce looks great…definately a natural beauty & talented too cant wait to see her again in concert.

  • natty

    oh i love her balmain jacket its super hot….

  • susan

    rihanna doesnt even know how sing let alone dance terrible live….she more bothered about trying to become a fashion icon and getting naked in photo’s. beyonce = talent & beauty class as well.

  • girlygirl

    WOW! Lookin beautiful and stylish!

  • Lo

    She must have gotten every single Balmain jacket in the collection because this is like the 4th or 5th kind of jacket I saw her in. They suit her though.

  • LULU

    she has such a thick neck

  • LULU

    she has such a thick neck

  • Anita

    She’s so beautiful,I love her!!:)

  • Eyda

    beautiful beautiful beautiful, talented and nice women:) love you queen B

  • loveme

    This woman is the stuff…

    She is dat Chicka!!!

  • Motherlizard

    While Iuse to love Beyonce her fans have made me not like her as much. I purchased all her albums/dvds except for this last one. Her fans hate on other people too much. Her weight is constantly up and down that cannot be healthy. She should stop trying to compete with Rihanna in the looks department. Rihanna is a naturally tall skinny person. Beyonce is a thick girl. I am starting to believe when everyone says Beyonce is fake. Here is my reasons why. They were making numerous coments on another website about her not wearing sneakers,flats etc. and two days later she was in a flat shoes when she was constantly in heels before. She says she loves her curves but yet she is always dieting. It pains me to say this but I no longer like Beyonce and it has a lot to do with the negativity of her fans. They are like rabid dogs. I think a lot of them are psychotic!!!!

  • lalalove

    Balmain again!?!! She’s almost as predictable as Posh these days!

  • CW

    When the queen comes to town. everything shuts down. All I git to say is Rihanna Who? rihanna cant sing nor dance. i have seen her live . it was pathetic. Beyonce is thick and proud of that. she doesnt hide her curves. She is one tour. she has a show every other night, hence the reason she has lost weight. Big deal.

  • je t’aime

    She looks young, fresh and beautiful.

  • lmao

    Rihanna could be this girl’s mother.

  • Hannah

    She looks great. Love her style.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i hate those jackets
    not 1 girl in the world that i think could pull off that ugly thing
    maybe gisele but she still would probably look weird
    lol and she also kinda looks like jay-z in some of the pics weird 0.0

  • Forever Kenny

    Beyonce is too overated! She’s losing her fans, her I AM..Sasha Fierce is almost out of the Billboard Hot 200 and she’s doing anything to sell concert tickets for cheap! She’s a soon to be flop in the next few years! Get a grip, Rihanna was the first to be spotted in any Balmain number, swagger jacker! OH!

  • salma

    I really don’t like the jacket but she looks adorable here.
    Even the ugly frames look cute against her beautiful face.

  • angie

    beyonce looks great & she a hard worker too. i adore her

  • shel


    Shes pretty much the only one on the music scene right now who can sing AMAZINGLY well, dance and just put on a great show! I’ve had to follow her shows as part of my job(journalist) and im converted! She truly is a brilliant performer. Her fans love her and she really does try to give them her best at her concerts. I’m certainly not young and she had me on my feet and in awe. She’s got that star power-that IT factor.

  • shel


    If her fans are crazy doesnt mean she is. That doesnt make sense. Sometimes Beyonce Stans can get protective but I can understand it cos sooooo many people come at her. She a superstar and people seem to always have something negative to say. As for Rihanna comparisons, come on! Who can seriously say rihanna compares to this woman?!!!

    After seeing both women in concert, where their reason for being famous should be demonstrated, these comparisons simply make no sense. Beyonce is absolutely amazing. Her talent speaks for itself.
    Rihanna seems very manufactured. I mean who really cared until umbrella and the hair cut? Listen to the song unfaithful-it was painful. Her voice is nothing compared to Beyonces. The only comparison that can be made, logically, is that they are both beautiful black girls.

  • fatu sankoh

    THE REASION WELOVE BEYONCE IS BEY IS SMART GOOD HEARTED VERY REAL TALENTED BEAUTIFULLY IN AND OUT HARDEST WORKER SHE PUT SMILE ON MY FACE BY LOOKING AT HER Motherlizard sorry to say their norting you can do or say that will make us hate on our bey we beyonce fans knows a good star when we see her and bey is the one bey you are loved by god and we your fans god bless you i cant wait to see your tour and get the ego video

  • fede

    Someone can tell me the brand of beyonce shoes?!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She is quite manly here..

  • suppress your appetite

    She’s sooo sexy!!!!!!!! :)

  • Azealia

    I personally dont think she is thick/fat in any way. Curves are beautiful. But skinny is beautiful too. Everyone is beautiful.
    I have a little bit of a same body as Beyoncé, though I’m not out of my puberty yet, so my curves arent as visible, but my slimmest point is definetly in the middle of my stomach.
    Trust me Ive had issues about this. Being called fat daily, miss judged over my weight, myself not being happy over myself and blah blah blah.
    Please.. Just stop judging her my her weight and looks. Also, celebs are usually not like themselves infront of a camera.. You dont know them in real life.