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Nicole Kidman: Rabbit Hole Hottie

Nicole Kidman: Rabbit Hole Hottie

Nicole Kidman shoots a scene from her new film, Rabbit Hole, in Queens, New York on Monday (June 8).

Also pictured below is the 41-year-old Hawaiian-born actress leaving her Manhattan residence on Sunday (June 7).

Rumors continue to fly about a possible pregnancy, after dropping out of her role last night as a presenter at the Broadway Tony Awards at the last minute.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman, the Rabbit Hole hottie…

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nicole kidman rabbit hole hottie 02
nicole kidman rabbit hole hottie 03
nicole kidman rabbit hole hottie 04
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  • kk

    Love her with her red hair back. Now if she would only take some of that collagen out of her lips – it’s distracting and no one likes fish-lips unless you’re into blow up sex-dolls. Ugh! She looks prettier and more unique as her old pre-blond, pre blow-up, pre-botoxed self.

  • kk

    Love her with her red hair back. Now if she would only take some of that collagen out of her lips – it’s distracting and no one likes fish-lips unless you’re into blow up sex-dolls. Ugh! She looks prettier and more unique as her old pre-blond, pre blow-up lips, pre-botoxed self.

  • uh

    she looks good with reddish hair. that blonde color washed her out.

  • Jennifer

    Nicole Kidman is very beautiful.

  • penny

    yeah…I agree…red hair suits her. The blonde color really did wash her out.

    Does anyone know if her natural color is red? I remember red hair when she was much younger….??

  • sweetie

    beautiful :-)

  • well

    the problem with her lip is that without the plumpness of youth, the thin lips will make her look like all the other thin lipped women. like they are eighty years old with paper cuts surrounding them from those years of smoking. not cute.

  • Gasol_fan16

    CUTE!!! I love that her red hair color is back. The blonde washed her out a bit. She looks fresh and natural and very pretty! Youthful too!

  • dame

    she is beautiful and very classy.

  • red is best

    Nicole looks younger and more vibrant with red hair, I hope she keeps
    the colour after the movie.

  • ??

    sooooo beautiful!!

  • nINA

    I thought she was Australian? The post says Hawaiin born?

    Love her red hair and pale skin though, wish I could have those.

  • Cherry Blossom

    She sure is gorgeous, and should always keep her natural red hair.

  • Jack ward

    Well yes #12 she is Australian, but she was born in Hawaii.

  • Godiva

    I’m sorry but her lips look like an anus.

  • Jack ward

    Even at 41 years old Nicole Kidman still looks young. Everything about the way she looks fit the ears, the nose, those beautiful blue eyes, and to top it off with her red hair.

  • lisa

    oh stop with this foolish story of collagene…ENOUGH FOLKS! IT’S ENOUGH!
    Now you MUST respect this wonderful actress. ENOUGH WITH INSULTS! she looks perfect!

  • sUE

    she is Australian, if you saw pictures of her when she was a nobody in Australia to how she looks now you’d think you were looking at two complete different people.
    Natural beauty argh she’s such a fake.

  • lisa

    @ 18

    terrible thing being jelous of a celenbrity..

  • BobBY

    @ 18 get a life, because Nicole is atrociously stunning. She’s the perfection

  • angel

    Her hair is fake! It is called hair extensions people, and it isn’t so much that she is over-injecting her lips, but she should never had the lip implants put in her lips in the first place! She’s “perfection” (if you want to call it that) via modern day medicine & technology.

  • sUE

    Jealous !!!!!! what a joke.
    Jealous of a bit of plastic, yeah right.
    She has no talent, she’s the reason the film Australia flopped and why Australian Film Director Baz Luhrmann will not work with her again.

  • trisha

    Lisa, you are hilarious. How old are you?

  • anonymous


  • idril

    Are you sure it is her really hair??

  • Pen3

    She looks so lovely!

  • lisa

    trisha, you must be retarded. what’s the name of your doctor? I have ti talk with him to helo you adequately

  • Rose

    I love her dress, so feminine! just like her!
    Definetly red hair is perfect on her!

    By the way JJ she didn’t attend Tony’s because Sunday Rose was very sick, and I don’t think is preg. We don’t see any bump there!

  • Poetry23

    she is adorable, she looks like a girl.
    now I hope kidman-haters can stop to blame her.
    they can’t even deny the evidence.

  • Lauren

    Looking great lately!

  • Charles

    Nice to see Nic working again!
    I really hope she can give another brilliant performance in this movie!

  • what are you saying rose!?

    @28, what the hell you’re talking about??!!!
    Sunday sick!? How can you be so vicious to make these abslouting FALSE suppositions about a 11 momths old baby girl?
    She wasn’t attend at Tonys, even as presentator, because in Tonys awards website she wasn’t reported like presentator neither in the audience.
    yesterday she was going on set, that’s it.
    her presence at the Tonys it was just a false news, a mistake badly reported by media.

  • Jenix

    I don’t think she is expecting a baby, only rumors I think, but I would be happy!

    Love her new hair color!

  • Brunos

    I love that blue dress on her! the old Nicole is back! I hope she delievers again a fabulous performance because those haters need to disappear!

  • dogville

    GOD she is a beauty !! & plz stop with Austrailia Floped , the Movie grossed above 212 Million Internationaly & that is quite good for an epic lead by a 41 years old actress .

  • lizzie

    Even old, she’s still very very beautiful. I like her angelic smile.

  • Brunos

    agree lizzie!,
    I think her smile is so beautiful, exactly is my favorite part of her!

  • Claire:)

    Love Kidman, she is such a nice lady! The dress is beyond beautiful!

  • sUE

    Are you sure it’s really Nicole Kidman ??

  • Sheri

    Lizzie … you are making me laugh saying Nicole is “old” at 41?! Wait until you are 41 and you will see how very young that still is :) And I think this is her real hair dyed back to its original red. I’ve seen toddler photos of her before and she had red hair when she was a baby. And … for whatever it’s worth … I think she does look pregnant here. Her chest looks bigger than normal and I do see a little bump. At any rate, I think she looks very natural and beautiful here.

  • adam

    I’ve been saying this for ages. She’s been noticably off the botox for awhile now. The effects were always temporary, and the longer she stays off it, the more obvious it becomes. She is pretty much looking like she used to, in the pre-botox era. Idiots were acting as if she permanently disfigured herself with a bad facelift. She ain’t Cher or Melanie Griffiths, y’know.

    It’s pretty much a disaster for all her critics who relied upon barbed references to “botox” and “frozen forehead” to dismiss her work or try to turn people against her. Even to the most blinkered idiot has to eventually acknowledge that she’s no longer using botox, since the effects wear off. And that she looks like a very attractive, normal fortysomething year old woman (albeit a well preserved fortysomething).

    Now these clowns are actually going to be forced into talking about her acting (and how good it usually is), since her “botox” looks are becoming a non-issue.

  • ladygg

    a woman at 41 is old??!!! what??
    what a sexist view of life

  • sarah

    That’s the best she’s looked in a long time. she looks gorgeous

  • wow

    can’t wait for Rabbit Hole.

    This is going to be 2010′s Doubt. Cast nominations and adapted screenplay nomination.

  • lola

    Gorgeous woman.She looks amazing. I love the combination of that blue/white dress and that red hair.

    She looks incredible I think.

  • qwra!!

    She’s actually looking pretty damm GREAT in those pics. She hasn’t looked that good since the MR! days

  • dam

    Holy God! This woman CAN’T be so beautiful!! Damn!Goddess

  • great

    I’m liking the costume design for her character. Flatters her figure quite a lot

  • jim

    Nicole kidman is a down to earth as a Great talented Actress, Love her style always.
    She is looking Flawless & elegant here.

  • xxxx

    This woman is perfect! She lost years with the red hair!
    I hope she keeps it after shooting the movie