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Rihanna Brings Lakers Luck

Rihanna Brings Lakers Luck

Rihanna attends Game Two of the 2009 NBA Finals at Staples Center on Sunday night (June 7) in Los Angeles.

The 21-year-old Bajan babe wore a stylish pair of Converse heels, a Solid Gold Rags pistol v-neck tee and J Brand “912 wounded knee” jeans in dark vintage. Her neck was even blingin’ with a CC Skye crystal angel wing necklace!

The Los Angeles Lakers beat out the Orlando Magic 101-96 in overtime for 2-0 series lead.

20+ pictures inside of Rihanna bringing the Lakers luck…

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Photos: Stephen Dunn/Getty
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  • Ilia

    i am so over this dumb b*tch. why would any self-respecting woman (or man) let anyone lay their hands on them is beyond my comprehension.

  • diva

    say what u want about Rhianna but the girls’s style is on point! and it’s about time that they actaully have some sneakers with heels that actually look good!

  • polly

    Style on point? OMG…she looks hystarical and riiiii riii diculous.

  • ari

    #7…you must be a stripper…”sneakers with heels that actually look good”….WTH are you looking at? This girl is no fashion forward.She’s Kmart with class. UHG…

  • jjj

    Rihanna is so pretty! Too adorable….it is good to see that she is out having fun.

  • bud

    awful style.





  • Gasol_fan16

    OH SH*T!! Rihanna did not bring the Laker’s luck! She looks like Prince’s younger brother! Please!! The Laker’s won on their own and kicked a$$!! GO LAKER’S!! 2 More wins and the Laker’s make it!! GO LAKER’S!! I think Prince is talented and I love him!! PURPLE RAIN YA’LL!!!

  • misfit

    she’s annoying

  • pot of gold

    It’s true! She is their good luck charm.
    The other team was distracted by her hair.

  • freebird

    Is she really a woman?

  • gg lova

    omfg what is with her hair is she going for a feminne mohawk i think its down right U-G-L-Y like get a new sylist and if you style your self get a stylist !! Btw …she is so irrelivent

  • Gambit

    Why is she having an argument in the last pic with the guy in the red shirt?

  • chewie

    She has pretty skin but she still looks very mature for her age. She has older features and looks in her late 30s. Hard to believe she’s a young woman of 21.

  • Shar

    This girl needs to finish her album and stop with the photo-ops.

  • kamilah

    maybe its just me but i feel like a lot of celebrities (mainly the women) get way too over dressed to go to a sporting event. i would never where what rihanna is wearing to a basketball game. well i would never wear it regardless, but still. whats wrong with wearing some jeans and cute top and leaving the heels and flashy crap at home.

  • m

    I hope this high heel sneaker trend doesn’t catch on.
    It looks ugly.
    Rihanna needs a makeover.

  • Cisco

    # 17 – That is a good point. If Rihanna toned it down a notch or two, she’d probably look cute. It’s like she’s desperate for attention.

  • Forever Kenny

    Look at them hating! Rihanna looks good as always. She has the most candid swagg I seen thus far. Some celebs wear just jeans and a shirt, but she wore something so simple and made it look like a hott outfit! Shes rocking it! Go RiRi! Love you!

  • black beauty

    that’s my girl!!!! i frickin looooove her!!! hi haters!

  • yo

    That dude is wearing heels!

  • lololol

    They need to change this site’s name to Fughanna Daily. lol

  • Magic

    The ho cannot dress. Sorry.

  • airport rihanna


  • Emmie

    those heels are so cute!! JJ where can we buy them? lol

  • Lakersalldayerrday

    I wonder what it feels like to see Shannon Brown (Chris Brown lookalike) playing. X)

  • becca

    Rihanna is soooo beautiful!!!

  • dontcare..

    I don’t even know were to start. Why can’t she hide her a s s away in some studio? Spend all that money you made honey cause the more you photographed with no album in sight the less relevant as an “artist/singer” (woo..thats stretching it) you become. She’s not going to be like Britney when she returns to the music scene, she isn’t going to have as good sales. People are sick of her me included should have just got her music illegally not worth the 99cents it’s sold for!

  • Liz

    she is just trying too hard on her outfits and that hairstyle.

  • Blech

    Another wanna-be Laker fan in Hollywood. Pathetic.

  • Realme2008

    She’s beautiful, but sneakers with heels? WTF? Just wear some actual sneakers and call it a day!

  • lovethatstyle

    OMFG! That v-neck is brilliant!!!!!!!! I think its Solid Gold Rags. Check out to check them out!

  • Ants

    She’s not looking so pretty lately. Something’s off with her face and her style is not on point.

  • LaLa

    Luv the GORGEOUS Rihanna!!!!! :)

    !!!!!SOOOOO STYLISH!!!!!

  • TS

    First it was Prince, then Michael J., now Adam Lambert …she copies everyone’s style.

  • Lara

    Ugly shoes…

  • Adri

    I think she’s beautiful. I want to hear new music from her. I’m not sick of her. And she didn’t “let” somebody put their hands on her. It’s just something that happened, she had no way of predicting that. She doesn’t seem to be with him, so that means she isn’t allowing the behavior. She’s young, pretty, and talented. I wish her the best!

  • NativeNYker
  • goons

    LMAO at ” It’s true! She is their good luck charm.
    The other team was distracted by her hair”… that was really funny and so true…

    she and adam lambart kinda look alike..i could swear they are brothers….

  • jasmin

    she´s so lovely… her smile makes my day!! :-)
    *LOVE YOoooU!!*

  • riri fan

    rihanna looks happy there. it´s good to see her having fun :-)
    she is so lovely, no matter what she wears… besides she always makes me like something i usually don´t like, it´s crazy.. :P
    but that´s why i love her so much…
    Keep it up girl!!

  • Miz

    Rihanna is adorable!! Such a beautiful girl and everything she wears looks amazing on her, i think she could wear a “potato sack” :D and it would also look good… :D

    I´d love to be that girl sitting next to her at the game… :-(

  • fresh

    She is not pretty at all let alone beautiful, but her stylist used to do a better job tricking people into thinking she was.
    Everything she’s worn lately looks garish and cheap.
    It’s the only way she can get attention because she certainly doesn’t stand out for her music.

  • Jedi

    Rihanna looks like a 40 yr. old Dionne Warwick.

  • Linda

    At lila, how by the she did not let CB put his hands on her – he just did, so I dont see why you are saying “i am so over this dumb b*tch. why would any self-respecting woman (or man) let anyone lay their hands on them is beyond my comprehension.” He did not need her permission to do what he did, he just did it and I DONT SEE why you are now blaming her for his mistake??? As a self-respecting woman that I am, I wld hope no man would lay his hands on me ever and if I ever got in situation all I can do is defend myself and I will, but dont blame her for his actions. She is still self-respecting is why she is moving on and learning from her experiences – DUH!!! Its easy for you all to talk – cause words are easy to say.

  • riri fan

    @ Jedi: Bullshit!! she looks normal for her age…

  • enoughalready

    Rihanna was not the first to wear them sneakers, that’s why this non relevant chick is relevant, everyone wants to give her credit for someone else.. I dont get it!

    Take away all that make up and and you have Ms. Piggy!

    Someone said something about money, but dont you think it was funny that riri did just about the same as Beyonce, let some tell more and she still cant make a Forbest list, for nothing, not even coming in last. She sold more than Beyonce on singles, on mags, everyone was suppose to be so in love with her, she toured also but still nothing…

    It goes to show, she is really a fake, she walking around basically in free stuff pretending to be relevant. The only time you really saw her with shopping bags is when she was with C

  • triumph

    @riri fan: No, she doesn’t.
    She looks at least 15 years older. No way this girl is really 21. Birth certificate, please…

  • Muse

    Rihanna should grow her hair out a little bit, at least to her chin. Some women can rock the short, short hair, but this style doesn’t do anything for her. It makes her look masculine and thick in the neck: