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Jude Law is a Frappuccino Father

Jude Law is a Frappuccino Father


A buff-looking Jude Law and his youngest son Rudy, 6, slurp on Starbucks Frappuccino drinks as they walk through London on Monday (June 29). How cute!

The 36-year-old British actor has been channeling his inner Hamlet for the stage production of Hamlet at Wyndham’s Theater in London. Hamlet, which is a three-hour show, is playing through Aug. 22 at Wyndham’s Theater.

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jude law starbucks frappucino 01
jude law starbucks frappucino 02
jude law starbucks frappucino 03
jude law starbucks frappucino 04
jude law starbucks frappucino 05
jude law starbucks frappucino 06
jude law starbucks frappucino 07
jude law starbucks frappucino 08
jude law starbucks frappucino 09

Credit: Almasi; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • lauren


  • erlyn

    is it just me, or is his son’s face blurred out?

  • blah

    Wow, looking good………

  • laura

    wow are we finally blurring celebrity kid’s faces out?

  • Mousse

    His kid’s face is usually blurried.
    I wished it became a law for all the celeb’s kids!

  • naomi

    Why i can’t see his kids face? this always happens just to his kids, anyone knows why?

  • sheryl

    Jude, you know I love you…love the bod…love, love love….but the vest is just wrong like that. It belongs over a shirt. *blows kisses*

  • brush yo teefs!

    @naomi: because jude law is the celebrity not his kid whose life nobody should be privy too.

  • Venuschick

    His kids’ faces are always blurred out because he is fiercely protective of them and has sued for their pictures being published before

  • http://SEXY!! sharyllee

    Yummy!! very sexy…

  • eloisa

    he is gorgeous. And a great father who protect their children from exposure to which is subjected to be an actor. It is admirable in these days when many “celebrities” use their kids for publicity.

  • rien

    The way he moves, my dear, my dear! It looks like has music in his blood! Jeez, why is it suddenly so hot here….?!

  • sheryl

    Yeah, Rien, and nice guns, too! I’ve never daydreamed of being a Frappuccino, but my imagination is running wild right now.

  • Iggles

    What the hell happened?? He used to be hot. He looks terrible now…

  • Sara

    I swear to God ✿ If I ever had the chance to see Jude dressing up that way in person I’d probably have to call for help or I’d faint! I mean, literally! Time to call Dr Watson? lol (:

    Love You, Jude ♥

  • rien

    @Sheryl, yeah, I don’t like cold coffee, either. If I drink coffee, than it has to be like Jude, hot! And definitely, nice guns!

  • elle

    Thanks Jared :)!!!!

  • Anonymous

    He looks a cross between Woody Allen and my father after a hard night at the local boozer!

  • cee

    Hope he isn’t giving a 6 year old a coffee based drink

  • ISA

    WOW gorgeous Jude !
    You are giving my day to such a good start!
    I will get my own Frappuccino now.

    Thank you so much Jared!

  • natalie

    so hot!
    I know Jude don’t want his kids face in magazine, gossip column and tabloid. Good for Jude and his kids.

  • Pole


    I totally agree.

    Thanks for the pictures Jared! The man is just so amazingly hot it’s almost unbelievable :-D And Rudy is a cutie. It must be nice for them to have a day off together.

  • vinnyblue

    He is still handsome (+yes, hot) with that mess style.
    walking alone with his kid…hhm…

  • ISA

    @naomi: Because he doesn`t want his kids on the public eye, which is understandable.
    As a good father, he want his kids to have a normal life, with privacy-

  • nikki

    Jude just walking down the street with his son and (wait for it)…Remaining sexy while doing so.

    Love you Jude

  • Pole


    Ha, ha I was waiting for it :cheers:

  • kim

    Sexy Dad this way !

    Love Jude

    Thanks Jared

  • Sandy

    Thanks Jared, we can akways count on you and this was quick
    service. I will never understand the derogative remarks based on what
    I must consider being too tired (or too looped or ???? ) when a gorgeous unmatchable specimen is seen and they have to be nasty.
    Must be a case of “OK now I feel better I can never hope to look so good or get a guy who looks so good so I’ll knock him down a peg

    But it doesn’t ring true and those people are unmasked. Keep it
    up Jude and keep up the good work in HAMLET. I’ll be there before you know it.. watch that adorable son of yours carefully, he has to be
    one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen. He will be a credit to Dad. Love,

  • bella

    Oh my . . .bad choice of outfit.
    It is like if he had bright white socks and crocs, the outfit would be complete . . .LOL

  • annonymosy

    @natalie: you mean Jude DOESN’T…right retard???

  • annonymosy

    @laura: wow, are we finally RETARDED now????? sweet!!!!

  • annonymosy

    @rien: because your cats probably pissed on you while you weren’t looking you retarded cat lady!!!!!!!!!!

  • annonymosy

    @rien: HAHAHAHAHA good one, It has to be “hot:…..YOU’RE SO FUNNY AND WITTY!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! not.

  • jill

    Jude download complete.

    I love this man.

    Thanks jared

  • dolorescraeg

    jared…hugs to you.
    o.k. so now i’m walking on the streets of london and i encounter this scene…… my jude law practically unclothed walking with his adorable rudy. i come closer to him and fall down in a dead faint…of course being the gentleman he is…he swoops me into his arms and promptly begins cpr. fainting has never been this much fun….
    jude your choice of outfits on your days off slay me. only you would wear a vest over cargo pants…but then you are unique….baby you could wear an orange crate….nothing takes away from your sexiness.

  • dolorescraeg

    what kind of medication are you on?

  • Pole


    Let’s not feed this sort of dialog, sweet Dolores. I’m just going to enjoy these photos once again. They are a delicious sight, aren’t they.

  • mailey

    wth is he wearing lol

  • Choose Jared

    Can you say Hot?
    what a sexy man.

    For those wondering
    In the United Kingdom it is illegal to show minor’s faces hence the blurred out pic of his son. I think we should do the same here. Celebrities kids are NOT celebrities

  • NativeNYker

    I sure would like to make him a cappucino!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Pole

    @Choose Jared:

    I TOTALLY agree. Just because some celebs seems to use their children as props doesn’t mean that all celeb children should be fair game IMO.

  • dolorescraeg

    i think jared is respecting jude’s wishes which saysalot for jared….again i cannot get over the way jude looks. he should have a license to go out int the street looking like that. what about all the elderly with pacemakers and walkers…they’re gone….david .jude hayworth law…. hot is what you are and i so love the way you work that bod…..

  • Jen

    I think its good that the faces of his kids are blurred so that way they can have privacy..

    BTW, Jude is looking so hot, Great body.. besides he is a great actor, love him

  • dolorescraeg

    you know because this man is impossibly good looking and sexy we tend to forget that he is a brilliant actor……the reviews for his performance as hamlet are overwhelmingly positive.

  • irish girl

    Now THERE”S a man. …… wow.

  • purpleworm

    I’m not a card-carrying member of the NRA, but these guns I like. oh yeah.

    I know it’s hot in London right now. Really hot. And they don’t have A/C everywhere like we do. But still, the naked-waistcoat look is unnecessary advertising on his part. My god, if passing women don’t faint from the heat on the street, they’ll faint from HIS heat on the street. Have mercy Jude!

  • eh

    seriously, why can’t this guy ever wear something normal in public?

    jude law is pretty good looking but the way he dresses makes him ugly.

  • jazz

    It is confirmed that Jude’s Hamlet is coming to Broadway. There was an official announcement this morning. The preview will start on Sept. 12 and the official opening is on Oct. 6. It will run for 12 weeks at the

  • Pole

    He seems to have been working out to me – he doesn’t usually look this buff (I certainly don’t mind *lol*). Maybe he just wants to show off a little? I don’t mind that either *lol*

  • mandy_brasil

    Com esse eu casava…