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Gwyneth Paltrow Is Fluent In Spanish

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Fluent In Spanish
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  • NativeNYker

    She needs to take a break!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • debra77

    I used to like her, but all of a sudden she has just gotten so full of herself. She has become a know it all. and it is really off putting. She should stick to acting. Her last movie was a bomb.. And her role in Iron Man is a step down. Anyone could play that role. What has happened to this Oscar winner (but it should have gone to Cate B. anyway). Her career decisions are really confusing to me. Maybe she is having some kind of crises of who am I, what do I want to do..

    Right now.. I can’t stand her. And she is looking really pasty.

  • Honey

    Why is Stephanie Pratt even famous?

  • jennipoop anusstain!

    OMG she is looking ugly-er and ugly-er by the day.

  • bella

    Isabel Lucas is a breakout star. So does that mean anyone who has a 5 min appearance in a movie is a breakout star????

  • jaye

    She apparently knows everything about EVERYTHING. The pretentious hag. She’s become stuck on herself ever sinse she won the Oscar.

  • edna

    I knew that about Gwyneth! She’s cool, she speaks Spanish.

  • lola

    Seriously, will this woman ever stop going on and on about how she is fluent in Spanish? She acts as if she is the ONLY native English EVER to be fluent in Spanish. So pretentious. I’m not American but even I think she could have complimented Spain without having to diss America. Stupid twat.

  • retards

    Well, at least she’s fluent in something.

  • Clarita

    She could be Queen Victoria Eugenia, the british wife of King of Spain Alfonso XIII; they had a very interesting life, because she passed hemophilia to two sons, including the heir. The queen was a very beautiful woman and granddaughter to Queen Victoria of Britain, and married this ugly spaniard because he was a king, I imagine, a ladies man who had to go to exile eventually. Many interesting episodes of spanish history could be in the movie. She learned spanish after being a queen and a bomb was thrown to them in Madrid streets after the wedding.

  • Frida

    I really don’t get why everyone hates Gwyneth so much?! If you don’t like what she has to say then don’t listen. By the way, she was merely stating that she likes Spain. People can’t like another country besides America now?

  • Chris

    Paltrow doesn’t know how to give a compliment without putting her foot in her mouth. She must not get out much if she thinks an old building in the States is 17 years old. There is plenty of history and old architecture in the U.S.

  • lakers fan in boston

    kate is going down big time, i totally forgot 2 watch her show on monday
    isabel looks nice from the neck down for me

  • me

    So cool about the HP exihibition!!! I can’t wait to see it! HBP comes out in 12 DAYS!!! :D

  • neer

    Chris @ 07/02/2009 at 4:00 pm #12
    Paltrow doesn’t know how to give a compliment without putting her foot in her mouth. She must not get out much if she thinks an old building in the States is 17 years old. There is plenty of history and old architecture in the U.S.
    I agree with you.
    IMO, she can give some praises to one country (Spain) without necessarily putting your own country (USA) in a negative light especially if what she just said re history or buildings (no. of years) is not exactly accurate.
    I wish she had chosen better words to avoid antagonizing people who live in the U.S. who know their country very well.

  • real facts

    Taos Building
    Taos, New mexico
    built 1000-1450 AD
    1765 oldest building in NYC
    although I am not quite sure why a woman who claims to be intelligent would try to compare countries like spain to the amaericas being that the USA did not get established till hundreds of years after spain did.

    did this fact escape her? Instead of looking at the old buildings that were built 500 years ago in spain why doesn’t she try to look at the things built in new york by the vast imigrants that came from different cultures and countries. that is something spain cannot match.

    As for her description of NYers always having their blackberries on she must be talking about the rich snobs she hangs around with. If she wants to make a generalization of a group of people she should clearly state that it is her freinds she is referring to not Nyers in general.

    its the fourth of July and most nyers are out enjoying themselves with their families and not a blackbery in sight.

    I am pretty sure her mom probably gets embarassed at her comparisons.

    nyers are a diverse group this applies all through out the US
    Here’s a clue for Gwen -most people do not carry a blackberry down south during a barbecue at grandmas

    most people at the beach today enjoying the fourth of july are too busy carying thier kids and beach gear.

    most people in the US pay attention to their families and don’t go party hopping like you do with snobs.

  • j

    so, i am fluent in french because by parents are canadians but i was born in vermont.

  • suppress your appetite

    damn! she is gorgeous!