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Jennifer Garner: Stripe Central

Jennifer Garner: Stripe Central

Striped chick Jennifer Garner drops off her 3-year-old daughter, Violet Affleck, at school on Thursday morning (July 2) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Yesterday, the 37-year-old actress was seen taking her youngest daughter, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, to visit Violet at school. Afterward, the trio were seen running errands together.

Jennifer sadly did not make the Top 15 Top-Earning Actresses. Better luck next year?

25+ pictures inside of striped chick Jennifer Garner

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jennifer garner striped shirt 01
jennifer garner striped shirt 02
jennifer garner striped shirt 03
jennifer garner striped shirt 04
jennifer garner striped shirt 05
jennifer garner striped shirt 06
jennifer garner striped shirt 07
jennifer garner striped shirt 08
jennifer garner striped shirt 09
jennifer garner striped shirt 10
jennifer garner striped shirt 11
jennifer garner striped shirt 12
jennifer garner striped shirt 13
jennifer garner striped shirt 14
jennifer garner striped shirt 15
jennifer garner striped shirt 16
jennifer garner striped shirt 17
jennifer garner striped shirt 18
jennifer garner striped shirt 19
jennifer garner striped shirt 20
jennifer garner striped shirt 21
jennifer garner striped shirt 22
jennifer garner striped shirt 23
jennifer garner striped shirt 24
jennifer garner striped shirt 25

Photos: Michael Wright/WENN
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  • mslewis

    Please tell me why you think this sloppy woman and her child would be interesting to anybody? We don’t need to see her drop off her child everyday!! BORING!!!

  • emma


    i like it

  • sigh

    Them physic heads so damn wrong. Sideways stripes do make you look fat. Hellooo mint humbug person.

  • sophie

    i love her. even if she hasn’t made anything good since alias lol. violet is so adorable though.

  • nicolleee

    one again being photographer everyday…I feel sorry for them. But Violet is so adorable! And Jen looks good. She really seems like a wonderful & happy mom.

  • Jenny

    I love this family but why is she still in diapers. My son is the same age and all the children in his nursery are in big boy/girl pants. For those who come back and say they’re pull ups – they are pretty much the same thing! I was told that pull ups set your child back in potty training.

  • NativeNYker

    Poor Jen. she looks awful.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Noticias de famosos

    It is a very pretty girl and looks like a lot to your mother.

  • rebekah

    wow , violet IS jennifer with blond hair, they look so alike i can barely see any ben in her

  • julie

    She made enough money that she never has to work again. So now taking a break, she is happy and enjoying life. Has 2 beautiful girls and a handsome faithful hubby. Bet there are lots of women out there that would like to say the same.

  • MEL

    enough, they suck.

  • jasmine

    LOL Violet is always smiling, even when she has no reason to. What a little darling!

  • jasmine

    Did u guys forget about ghosts of girlfriends past? That was something she did recently and a lot of ppl enjoyed that film..

  • Carrie

    She’s perfect! SO PERFECT! Her kids are perfect! Her husband is perfect! She’s the best actress EVER in the history of acting in my opinion. I don’t care if she didn’t make the top 100 list b/c everyone in america knows this girl is PERFECT. Her marriage is PERFECT and Ben DROOOLLLS over how he got such a PERFECT wife every single day!!! I don’t care if she can’t act or people say that she’s overpaid, b/c she’s PERFECT! No one else is as PERFECT AS HER! Plus she’s a really good Christian and super conservative just like all us small town folks – she and Sarah Palin are what America needs more! Perfection!

  • leslie arnelle

    Now that’s an adorable girl…happy for Jennifer.

  • Kay

    The best Jennifer Ben ever dated and of course the only one he would consider to marry.

  • mmm

    She is in diapers, not pull-ups. I thought pre-school wouldn’t allow non potty trained kids? Ours doesn’t and my daughter is just 3.

  • Carrie

    i love how she dresses too and doesn’t do her hair. Just like me every morning! PERFECT human being just like me. Ben and her glare into each others’ eyes every night and he thanks his stars when mesmerized by how PERFECT his wife is. I know he’s never home but that’s okay b/c when he IS home they have a fairy tale romance! She’s just like me – average walmart mom from a small town. Ben’s the PERFECT husband too. There’s not one bad thing about him. PERFECT nothing wrong with either of them!

  • jen garner mom back home

    She is wearing pull ups o.k.. so what who cares.. She decided to take
    time off to have a second child..and be a full time mom!!

    Carrie how dare you compare a hillybilly from Alaska to Jen Garner
    She is not perfect but she is a great mom.. and she does have 2
    movies coming out this year.. This usually happens when you have
    a younger sibling…needing the pull ups…You can wear pull ups
    and be potty trained at the same time…Gwen Stafani’s son sometimes
    wears pull ups too..

  • Paranel

    Oh my God, Is this girl cute or what?

  • Carrie

    Jen and Sarah Palin are exactly alike! Both from the hills of small town states with lots of small town working folks, both mothers and strong conservative woman who stand by their man no matter what. She’s a mix of Palin ,Kate Gosselin (before her hideous divorce stuff came out) and Elizabeth Taylor! PERFECT. All those overrated hollywood actresses like Reese, Kate Winslet, Angelina, Julia Roberts, Penelope, Jen Aniston…whoever they say is better than her are WRONG. She just doesn’t get the opportunities to get the best lead roles b/c of the media. She’s better of an actress than all those oscar winning bafoons. Jen Garner is nothing like those actresses – she’s just like us normal and even though she has multimillions she doesn’t use it. She’s PERFECT and the BEST ACTRESS in hollywood ever!

  • lakers fan in boston

    she finally decided 2 change her pants for once
    she looks really nice in those pics with that green and white shirt, i really wish she would dress up a bit more
    in the everyday jeans pic she looks pretty bad

  • Mary

    Jennifer Garner is a lazy mother, her daughter who will be 4 in a few months is still wearing diapers and carrying a 4 year old into a pre school is crazy. Let her walk!! Jennifer still treats violet like a baby, she wears diapers, gets carried and still has a pacifier, that’s bad parenting.

  • choo

    She has no excuse to look like that. She is adorable, thin and has money to buy whatever clothes she wants. But lately she looks as if shes trying to look like crap.

  • huhu

    Clumsy is back with her baby whoring business.

  • omg

    @Carrie: You need seek help immediately

  • Sara

    In regards to all the negative posts (about a person said to be boring/sloppy/”whoring”/fat/not-talented, etc.)…it just makes me wonder if they all aren’t being written by either JLo or her pathetic fans? Just a thought. If you don’t like the family, or Jen in particular, move on!

  • e

    Thank you J.J for this beautiful pics of Violet.I am somewhat agreed with #23 – Violet is cute like any other kids that age, I like to see her pics,she is tall for 3 1/2 and surprisingly she still in pull up diaper, have pacifier ( I could not believe what I saw !!) her mom still carry her. Umm… may be JG wants to show people how good/ caring mother she is !!
    She is an actress, even though no big name in hollywood, she can play any role she wants, fake and heartless with her exs S.Foley or M.Vartan
    I have nothing to say negative about JG. I like her with M.Vartan and most of the casts in Alias. She left M.Vartan for a famous name in Hollywood. We lost respect on her and hope one day very soon, she pay offs what she have done to 2 nice men or some other men that we have not heard about…

    Thank you J.J for the Violet pics.

  • lulu


  • love kids

    Vi is super cute.

  • eliza

    Violet is an adorable little girl, and Jen looks like any ordinary mom taking care of her family.

  • The truth

    I’m not surprised Jennifer is not in the top 10 list, she is a C-list actress at best. She also looks super manly in these photos. Just saying.

  • Megan

    Cute kids, good mom but sheesh, clean up a little. Jen always looks like a ragamuffin. Ben will stray if she keeps that up. If I had her life, I would be polished and toting those 2 cute girls around. I’d be the poster child for the chic mom.

    I have never seen Violet in a cute dress. She is such a cute child but is always dressed down. She would look darling in a little dainty dress.

  • ay ay ay

    Jen’sfans are sick especially carrie she really needs help! There is nothing good looking about this manly looking woman, It is quite sad how she started pimping her daughter at puplic parks etc. now it’s too late for violate at least maybe ben told her to keep the lil one away from the paps. As far as the best actress what the hell are you smoking! ben married her when she was 5 months pregnant, he wanted to save career what rock do you fans live under! As far as jlo leave her out of it, she is married 5 yrs. do you think jlo cares about this couple i don’t think soooooooo!

  • lol

    ^ After 2 marragies that lasted 6 month each this one is a record.for Ms big a*ss no talent.

  • max

    This is Ben’s 1st marriage which hardly lasts in Hollywood. You know what they say, first wife regular wife, 2nd wife hot sexy young wife, 3rd wife Asian.

  • Suzy

    Jennifer Garner will never be in the top 15 hollywood actresses her acting’s mediocre, she has no charisma as an actress. Her movie career is dying a slow death, she’s not a big box office star her next movie is with some guy called ricky and tv actor Rob Lowe, that’s pretty bad. The only thing she has left is to pimp her child for the cameras in front of her school which she does every day, that is her only claim to fame these days. Other actresses are always working on new movies, reese witherspoon, nicole kidman but jennifer garner is always walking around hollywood smiling for the paparazzi with her child attached to her hip, that’s pathetic.

  • sam

    Jen dresses like a pig atleast the kid isnt wearing the blue shoes agin she could dress the kid better too.

  • g!na

    omg! Violet is still not potty trained and she’s 3 and 1/2 yrs old! Shiloh has been potty trained for awhile and just turned 3. Violet’s teeth are so crappy, needs to stay away from the pacifier!

  • courtney

    unfortunately, if you look up on imdb jen garner has 5 movies she wants to star in through her own production company (basically she hires herself to star in lead roles). that is unfortunate b/c it means she can keep putting herself out there in movies even though she can’t carry a movie lead by herself and her acting is not very good. she does much better on tv or as an extra actress in ensemble casts where she can easily take credit for a successful movie although it had nothing to do with her. just like she takes credit for being a ‘celebrity’ even though we all know her celeb status is REALLY b/c she’s Ben Affleck’s wife.

  • yikes!

    Still in diapers? That is a shame. Guess she will be trained by the time she is five (hope so).

  • Bekky

    That is right… I agree with you. Bad parent.

  • sam

    I’d be in diapers too if my daddy was never home, my dad and mom are only together b/c of me oh the stress of it!, my mommy comes and goes when she’s doing a movie so i’m raised by a nanny and the little baby sis is getting all the attention.

  • Baberuth

    Jennifer Garner has had 5 movies she’s starring in for her production company for the last 5 years, not one of these movies are even close to getting the green light. She can’t find anyone willing to throw their money away on one of her vanity projects, every time she approaches a movie studio with her dumb idea of starring in one of her movies they slam the door in her face and tell her to go back to being mrs ben affleck and leave the acting to the box office hit makers like angelina jolie.

  • stefano


  • max

    baberuth, i hope you’re right! i hope hollywood gets it that her movies are stinkers and she should really go back to doing tv. even beyonce beat her last flick opening! that’s probably why she looks the other way when Ben leaves her b/c she knows without him (or the kid who is now bffs with the paps!), who would really be talking about her right? it’s all a marriage of convenience but those never last. i think Ben will be the one to leave in a few years.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    This peasant belong with the hillbillies in the farm. She has a terrible tall body, and homely face with plastic surgeries.

    She does not belong to Hollywood.

  • sushi

    She probably knows that she would not be on anyone’s mind (certainly in hollywood) if she lost Ben so she does whatever it takes – therapy, let him leave more than he stays (who goes to a party the week your wife had a baby? or leaves out of the country 4x to the Congo, or leaves filming movies or goes to his ex-girlfriend Gwyneth’s party with the kid but without the wife, etc.) plus whatever other trysts he does. It’s a marriage of stature for her and she knows the only way she’ll keep him is to look the other way and let him do what he wants. For Ben, he probably stays for the kids. You can’t keep him from wandering though – it’s just a matter of time….just a matter of time.

  • Rachel

    Rachel McAdams, america’s sweetheart, should do a movie with Ben and Matt! Both would fall in love…but I think Ben would actually leave his wife for her. They would make a great couple onscreen! Then Jen can go out with her friend Bradley Cooper from Alias now that his star is rising in Hollywood and she likes to go from one guy to the next one that’s “better”.

  • Bekky

    Do you think Victor Garber is really Violet Affleck’s father? I looked at the pictures of them and they looked lik each other. I dont think she is Ben’s daughter.