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Tony Romo Dumps Jessica Simpson

Tony Romo Dumps Jessica Simpson

Tony Romo pulled the plug on his relationship with Jessica Simpson on Thursday (July 9), the night before her 29th birthday.


“She is heartbroken,” a source tells People. “She loves Tony. But it’s been difficult lately. He’s busy with his career and she’s getting ready to shoot her show (The Price of Beauty). They decided to part ways.”

She was supposed to celebrate her birthday with a Ken and Barbie-themed party. “She canceled her party because of this,” another source tells Us Weekly. “She’s doing OK.”

WHO DO YOU THINK Jessica Simpson should date next???

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  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    this girl has absolutely no talent…her career is running on fumes

  • ladybug

    nick lachey. he’s single again. they should get back together

  • chloe moely

    a Ken & Barbie themed party?
    wth? is she 5?

  • chloe moely

    or 11?

  • phil

    Thank you Tony. I can watch Cowboys football again. She dumped Nick because she thought she could do better. I guess she couldn’t.

  • Jess

    Maybe now my fave couple can get back together =D Nick & Jess 4-ever

  • homer

    She should date nobody! Learn to live on her own and grow up!!!! A Ken and Barbie themed party, how ridiculous.

  • ed

    I’d dump her too if she planned a Barbie & Ken party.

  • YOU/ME

    Ahhh, that sucks, I liked them together.
    Well, maybe she and Nick will get back together.

  • SarahC

    Gawd! This girl’s track record for keeping men is worst than Maniston’s. Go back to Nick Jesssica he recently dumped that goldigging, Filipino bargirl Vanessa.

  • Annie

    Thank god he finally came to his senses. She’s nothing but trash.

  • Kitty

    The Ken and Barbie theme, I hope is a joke.

  • Mercy me…

    Thank U Romo!!! It’s about time! A Ken and Barbie party…Oh my.

  • Amanda

    This girl has absolutely no talent, cant sing, cant act and was only famous because of her reality show with Nick, poor nick who did nothing but put up with her stupidity.
    she is the typical american bimbo and her dad is a disgusting attention whore!

  • Jo

    Dallas, TX thanks U for dumping her!

  • lol

    this whale is annoying but what he did was pretty harsh

  • E

    Ken and Barbie?

  • mslewis

    A 29 year old woman who wants a Ken and Barbie birthday party is someone no man on earth should be with!! That’s just sick!! I can imagine Tony’s friends would laugh him out of the NFL if he were to dress like a Ken doll for his Little Barbie’s birthday!! Stupid! They never belonged together anyway. Jessica is way too dumb!!

  • jenna

    She must really s*u*c*k in bed.
    This woman is clueless about love.

    And………..who cares?

  • Lisa


  • sillyme

    Well, if true, she should have listened to Carrie Underwood. Wasn’t that the reason Carrie said they broke up, because all he cared about was football?

    I feel kind of sad for Jessica, though. She seems to want to be married rather desperately, especially after her sister had her baby. Maybe she should look for an older guy. Or, isn’t Nick Lachey free?

  • hi megan fox

    @phil: you are right my friend!

  • rocky


    How would you know? You been on top of her lately? Jerk!

  • jen


    That is all.

  • rocky

    Thank God! She can now look for someone other than a Dallas Cowboy. Can’t stand Dallas!!

  • adrianna

    ken and barbie party theme at 29 !!! LMAO

  • adrianna

    ken and barbie party theme at 29 !!! LMAO

  • adrianna

    ken and barbie party theme at 29 !!! LMAO

  • giveherabreak

    she was a good christian girl who saved herself for marriage. she probably never thought she would end up a divorcee at 25.
    jessica try to get away from your family who are making you step away from who you really are. get out of hollywood and find your own path.

  • rocky


    Tony is a jerk! Always has been. I don’t know why she hooked onto him. You’re right, she sould have listened to Carrie.


    Lol – she just got SACKED by the QB!!!!

  • rocky


    Could not agree with you more. She needs to go out on her own and away from that father of hers. He’ll probably start hunting around for another loser for her. She needs to BE ON HER OWN!

  • me

    Should not date anyone just yet. For godsake jj she just dunp by this guy. He was no good to do this before her birthday. Maybe she will find someone better for her in the near future.

  • Sarah May

    That sucks. Oh well. It’s for the best of both of them. She can keep searching for a future daddy/ hubby and he can get it on with his football mates.

  • Kira

    While it lasted they were likely very good for each other and, synchronistically, it is time for (both) to move forward with their individual lives and careers. Personally, I hope Jessica and Nick Lachey can reunite and reignite a mature relationship and enter counseling together. Never say never…. Stop bashing sweet Jessica Simpson as she’s wealthier and a better business woman than any of you can hope to be in any lifetime!

  • truthfairy

    This girl’s mental age is smaller than her IQ. A Ken & Barbie themed party at 29, got to be kidding. What 29 yo would want that! It’s sick.

  • rocky


    Why not? Is there a problem with people having fun?

  • autumn M

    Yay, now she can get back with Nick!

  • Nikki @ Home

    I feel kind of bad for her. I mean her sister is married with baby, her carrier is on the downhall, now she has no man. Like her or not her life not looking so good.

  • mslewis

    @sillyme: Well, excuse me but what else is Tony supposed to be thinking about? The man is a football player and thinking about football is what will keep him playing. His ONLY goal in life thus far should be leading his team to the Super Bowl!! That’s what will make him famous for the rest of his life, and bring in the endorsements and the announcer gig after his career is over. Dating Dumb Blond Simpson and Okay Singer Underwood was just a hobby!! Any woman who gets with an athlete should know that. Most of them do. Guess these two didn’t get the memo!!

  • hi megan fox

    Nick Lachey won’t touch her with a ten foot pole… Jessica’s dad is a fudging do*che bag!

  • stella

    The night before her 29th?!?! That IS harsh!!

  • rocky


    Well if that’s ALL he thinks about, he’s one sad human being. Who’s the dumb one if the only thing you know is football. Give me a break!!

  • anthony

    Hope it’s not true, she’s gorgeous and seems really sweet despite people hating on her for no reason

  • truthfairy

    @rocky: Fun is fine, fun is good. Regressing to your childhood isn’t. Bet his team buddies took the rag out of him something chronic when they heard that. No wonder the poor guy bailed, who wouldn’t.

  • KK

    I cant stand her, she is just too dumb for words and thats annoying.
    Her music is pathetic and she has always been overrated.

  • Chicken of the sea

    Numb from the neck up. Guess Tony got fed up with the dumb b****.

  • courtney

    She blimped up and Tony dumped

  • count on it

    Angie and Brad are next !

  • Annie

    Couldnt agree more #47! She is so stupid. Can’t act, can’t sing. And whoever said it, she IS NOT a good business woman. She has agents that take care of that stuff…..that is the only way she can make money. Agents, not her. Dumb as a box of rocks, she needs to grow up and live her own life. Tony was only playing with her box, now he’s done with her foolish and stupid idiotic antics.