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Madonna Tour Stage Collapses, One Dead

Madonna Tour Stage Collapses, One Dead

The stage for Madonna‘s Stick & Sweet concert tour at the Stade Velodrome stadium Marseille, France collapsed today (July 16). At least one person is dead and six are injured after the stage fell apart on top of several workers. The six injured were taken to local hospitals.

The 50-year-old Queen of Pop was supposed to perform on Sunday (July 19) but BBC is reporting the concert has been canceled.

“I am devastated to have just received this tragic news,” Madonna said in a statement through her spokesperson Liz Rosenberg. “My prayers go out to those who were injured and their families along with my deepest sympathy to all those affected by this heartbreaking news.”

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  • JEnnifer

    I hope it is Madonna.
    I hate her.
    No one is gonna miss her.

  • Guy

    I hope it was Madonna.

  • Granit

    If Madonna was dead we would know by now… it would be all over the news

  • Adam

    It wasn’t Madonna, it was somebody who actually did work.

  • cinnorr

    Wow! Hey Guy and Jennifer, I can’t believe you said that!!! I am sure if your mothers’ heard you talk like that it would be quite disappointing that their children can talk like that!! Btw, lots of ppl will miss her, she is a person too ya know. Shame on you BOTH!!!!!

  • 108asteri

    #1 and #2. are you crazy? What kind of people wish for the death of another person?
    I really feel sorry for you.

  • Tata

    That’s horrible. It’s always been one of my weird fear when I’m at one of those big shows… I hope they get better soon.

  • Irish Girl

    That’s unfortunate. That would be an unpleasant way to go.


    Hope that they cancelled the show.. it would be fun to have it fall on Madonna though… if she went through with it.. to teach her a lesson
    if someone dies on the set and several are injured you would think
    that she would send condolences to the families ..DOUBT IT..

  • Celeb Girlz

    Sure there are people who say they’d die to go to a Madonna concert – but they don’t reeeaalllyyy mean it.

  • JGP

    Madonna has issued the following statement: “I am devastated to have just received this tragic news. My prayers go out to those who were injured and their families along with my deepest sympathy to all those affected by this heartbreaking news.”

  • it wasn’t


  • Raquel

    1 and 2# i cant wait for karma do get to you, if i was you i would watch my step tomorrow going to work, you just might get hit by a bus, anyone who wishes death to another human being for such trivial thing as no t liking them deserves the same thing!!!

    How distasteful!!!

    Anyway this news is sad, it happens.

  • Paulie

    The posters wishing death on Madonna are absolute VILE. Your comments say more about you than they do about Madonna. I’d pray for your souls (even though I’m not religious), but it appears none of you have one.

  • twpumpkin

    Madonna has to be loving the free attention. She is such a media whore. Are you sure it wasnt her big ego that fell on the stage?

  • sooo

    #1 & #2
    yaa your just saying that
    hate on her while shes alive just like mj
    then when she dies your sad

  • sooo

    #1 & #2
    yaa your just saying that
    hate on her while shes alive just like mj
    then when she dies your sad

  • daniel

    LOL it would have been awesome if it was madonna the dead one haha shes a biatch

  • karenina

    i hate madonna, she is so old and she acts like a teenager rocking her “super cool”body

  • E

    Prayers for the family. Judge Madonna all you want but she is putting people to work and apparently her fans buy her product.

  • Chrisnyc1213

    I have two things to say to you shit-bag haters wishing that Madonna ws the one killed in this accident:

    1) learn to read, because last I heard, dead people can’t issue statements

    2) please dive into a pool of broken glass and rubbing alcohol.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think it was that guy holding her leg that died
    hey had 2 smell her sweaty vag
    rip dude, it’s sad u had 2 go out at an old hag’s concert

  • boo whore jennifer


    you are a cunt

  • annie

    God has a certain way of sending His message.

  • twpumpkin

    #22 LMAO

  • Siriana

    Pathetic losers wishing death on a person who has 4 children. Karma will find it’s way of getting back at you. The day she dies you will all be standing in line buying her records and saying what a brilliant artist she was and how you’ve loved her all your lives, same with MJ. Everyone was calling him a freak, a pedophile, and now he’s a saint and an incredibly music genius. Yet when he was alive, you didn’t appreciate him.

    Madonna did issue a statement prior to her Italian show and also dedicated her show to them along with giving a heartfelt speech. She cried throughout two of her songs and said some really nice things about the two Charlies who died.

    Unfortunately, with construction, these kinds of things happen all the time. Several bands and artists have had it happen to their stages and shows. During concerts and soccer games stands have collapsed, it’s nothing new. Of course everyone has to use this as an excuse to bash Madonna instead of saying prayers for the victims. Madonna has given thousands of people jobs this whole summer, and if you don’t like, don’t go into her posts and don’t go to her shows, so hate her all you want, at least she is doing something while you all type away furiously in front of your computers.

  • manette

    I feel sad for the victims and their families. Madonna should retire. She has no class and represents all kinds of evil in today’s world.

  • poor kate

    I cant believe that there are actually Monsters in this world who wish someone dead that they don’t even know. A person that they only saw on television, the big screen, magazines or heard on the radio. How in earth is it possible to be such a horrible person to wish her dead!?

    Im not fond of her work, and i don’t like the person we see in public.

    But i never, ever would wish her dead! I wish her all the happiness in this world, no reason to be cruel.

    My thoughts are with those who suffer the lost of a love one and the people who are injured.

  • Slice

    Ya, Mad Donna, remember that stagehand you grabbed by the throat? Remember when you demanded that the show go on after that one poor girl had that horrible accident during staging? “devastated”- WHAT AN ACT! Let’s hope the families of the dead and maimed sue your wrinkled old ass, you fiend.

  • emmaa

    Such random horrible news. I hate this kinda stuff

  • camilld

    There is actually a second victim who died of his wounds last night and still one injured who is between life and dead.


  • *James*



  • Me

    #19 You are very idiot. What is the problem with the age of Madonna? And respect Madonna, she is the queen of pop.

  • bedtimeboy



  • bedtimeboy


    I hope is YOU!!!!

  • bedtimeboy


    Envious much!?

  • Scruffy puffy


  • Dorothy

    My son is one of the Americans working on the stage sert up and sound crew (he’s been with the crew for Madonna for over 5 years now)
    I can’t find any information on who the American is that was killed, or on those that were injured.
    If someone finds the names, please let me know!!!

  • Dorothy

    Where are names of injured, and dead?
    My son works on that crew.

  • Person

    HOW? how can people be so evil as to hope maddona or anyother human dead? those comments are out of line, i canno belive this site allows these hatefull comments. a person died and 6 were injured, show some compassion. its not rifght to hate someone that you havent met and to hate someone who has yet to do anything to you. il stop moaning now, but this hate is just not right.

  • Suppress your appetite

    @twpumpkin: :DD !!!