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Rihanna is a West Village Woman

Rihanna is a West Village Woman

Rihanna grabs a late lunch at one of her favorite eateries, Italian restaurant Da Silvano, in the West Village neighborhood of New York City on Thursday afternoon (July 16).

The 21-year-old Bajan beauty wore a sexy sheer top over a striped bikini and Current/Elliott jeans in Bluebird wash.

Looks like Rihanna is bringing back the crazy hair! She shaved the sides but kept the top of her hair long.

Yes, that Rated-R album cover was fake!

10+ pictures inside of West Village woman Rihanna

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  • João

    I don’t believe OMG

  • Jasmin

    new pics after almost 2 weeks *yeah*
    good to see she´s alright!! i love youu sweetheart!!!

  • alex

    rihanna u are lame swagga jacked cassie hair lol everyone one doing now y?

  • kitty


  • Kaique alles Brazil

    It’s Nice ! I Love her. Her hair is very nice.

  • ashleigh



    if u wanna talk about who started the whole urban chick doing shaved head thing check out j*davey or kelis…cassie DID NOT start it.

  • yungrich


    then cassie made it popular. next thing rihanna will shave her head bald like amber rose. not buying this, the chick is lame. me personally im tired of the woody woodpecker look & the all black ok ok i get it good girl gone bad like 2 yrs ago whats next?

  • kitty

    haters gonna come in full force.

  • SMG

    I loves it!!! It looks hawt!!! She’s finneeee

  • RiRi_Fan

    It’s nice… haters be gone. None of you prob look half as good.

  • jjj

    If people gonna say Rih jacked Cassie, then I say Cassie jacked Raven Simone lol… Raven had that haircut first (long hair with one side shaved)…some years back.

    It’s not even the same… Rih shaved both sides and left the middle…
    …and looks better on Rih Rih.

  • Brittny

    EWWWWWWWWWW. Sorry Rih, cant rock w/ ya on this one. (& I normally luv your looks)

  • kitty

    @jjj you right.

  • Hello

    jjj you go to everydamn site, stanning yo ass off. I give it to you but damn

  • just sayin’

    She looks like a dude in a wig.

  • uh oh

    Rihanna needs to get a new stylist.
    The see-through shirt bra thing is so silly.

  • Forever Kenny

    She didn’t swagger jack that no talent hoe Cassie.
    Rih pulling it off better and it’s obviously in a rough stage! You Rock Rih XOX

  • jjj

    This chick is not good looking.
    She’s way too skinny.
    Straight up and down.
    No curves.

  • christine

    RIHANNA IS HOT! I have always thought she was beautiful and classy and I will never forget the music video she did with that pianist. Chris Brown totally blew it! He never loved her. You dont hit somene you love and then go on You Tube and make light of it with your gay lover rapper boyfriend who looks just like Rihanna. Men don’t need to even hit to be abusive. I had a boyfriend that never hit me, but he disrespected me and was real aggressive with me. He didn’t have to hit me. The way he treated me was enough. I will never forgive him. My father NEVER hit my mother or me, even when we pissed the hell out of him. Not for any reason! Only men with NO BALLS would do that! I don’t care if you’re gay or straight… if you are a man….. NEVER disrespect a woman!

  • honey

    Cassie didn’t start that trend.

  • EWWW


  • EWWW


  • freebird

    Cassie and Rihanna are both no talent hoes.
    At least Cassie is pretty.
    Neither can sing.

  • jjj

    lol @ #18… using my alias. SMH, try again hater.

  • asdf

    Sorry, but this bitch is looking fug.
    I see she’s back to her daily photo-op cause no one talk about her music anymore.

  • rap it up

    It’s true, she’s swagger jackin’ Cassie. That’s her thing. FIrst it was Prince, then the late Michael Jackson, then Adam Lambert.
    This girl has no style. That’s why she has to copy everyone else’s.

  • yoda

    She looks like a rooster:

    She should go back to longer hair. Some women look good with short hair, but Rihanna does look like a man.

  • Ice

    I see the hair transplant did not take. Rihanna had to shave most of it off cause she’s damaged her hair from all those extensions and weaves. Well, at least they gave her bangs to cover her fivehead but it still doesn’t look good.

  • Whoever

    This is a FAIL! She better not take those glasses off…. She probably look like a baby squirrel. Nice try for “originality”. I usually love all of her looks….

  • Pepsi

    Wow! I didn’t think her hair situation could get any worse.
    I was wrong.

  • jen

    What is the big deal with this chick anyway? Whatever. She looks pretty silly with her see through shirt.

  • leslie arnelle

    LOVE her hair…LOVE the nails too!

  • do ur research!!


    Hey my YBF sistah!!!!! lmao

  • Terminator

    Looks like the West Village but that’s not a woman.
    Transvestite maybe.

  • CHristine

    omfg i actually met her at da silvano today.. my friend and i were out for lunch after going to the new hollister store and omg omg

    here’s a vid if you wanna watch ;) best day of my life!!!

  • May

    @jjj: shes copying alice dellal, obviously. Most of you may not know who she is but Rihanna sure does.

  • NK

    @Ice: No because she has very very nappy hair. She cant use extensions or heat damage as an excuse. Girl just doesnt have good genes when it comes to hair, like most african americans. This coming from an african american girl, not racist!

  • do your research…really!!!

    How about all of ya’ll are wrong!! It did’t start with Alice Dellal, Rihanna or Cassie’s asses!!! That started as a tribal thing among woman In Africa and among Amozonian woman so please get educated bcus it has nothing to do with FASHION, dumb ass pointless socialites, or talentless “performers” eventhough I actually like Rihanna!!

  • do your research…really!!!

    @do your research…really!!!:


    And it did’t start with Kelis or J’ whoever either!!

  • Autumn M

    I think she’s hawt, but I don’t like the bikini top showing or those tacky earrings. Sorry Ri Ri, but you look like an ostrich in this get up. Not working for me. Better luck next time honey.

  • JMac

    I wonder where she’s been holed up the last week? Must have killed her to miss the daily paps stroll. She’s making up for lost time but hanging at Da Silvano’s. That’s where you go when you want to be photographed.

  • tiger

    If Rihanna were a guy, she would be kind of hot, but as a woman, no she’s not real hot. There’s really not much she can do about the hair. She’s going bald and wasn’t having much success growing it out. Now at least she’s embracing her baldness. Maybe a little Rogaine for Women would help.

  • Brandy

    NK, STFU and stop hating yourself. African-American hair is beautiful in every texture and type!

  • Infant Life Jacket

    That is a sexy women

  • wasup
  • Bad Kitty

    She’s fierce. Ya gotta love the attitude!

  • becca

    rihanna is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    love her style and her look.

  • etro

    Her front looks a little better cause they pushed most of her hair forward. She looks less bald than before, but still not a good look.

  • YUCK

    She is so UGLY.

  • loco

    ITA, she needs a better hairstyle but I’m not sure what she could do with it since she doesn’t have much hair left. Does Rihanna have a stylist or does she pick out these fugly clothes on her own?