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LeAnn Rimes Shares About Her Split

LeAnn Rimes Shares About Her Split

LeAnn Rimes walks through Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday (July 26), soon after the announcement of her split from her husband of seven years, Dean Sheremet. Other pics include Leann leaving her house with a friend in Los Angeles last Thursday (July 23).

The 26-year-old country star opened up about her broken relationship at a performance at the Deer Valley Music Festival in Utah Saturday night. “It is inevitable that sometimes in a relationship, you will have your heart broken,” US Weekly reported her saying.

“Sometimes you don’t do anything, but sometimes you want revenge,” LeAnn continued. “Sometimes you don’t, and that’s when you just leave it in God’s hands and know that He will take care of it,” she said before breaking into her song, ‘God Takes Care of Your Kind.’”

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes sharing about her split…

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  • JGP

    Her husband is gay so did she think he could get off peen so easily.

  • She,he,dean and lee

    Is Dean Sheremet really gay?
    They did marry young and married young is hold to hold together.
    She has been very good,classy of keeping her life personal, being out of scandal, etc.
    UNTIL NOW-LEANN blew it big.Much of what she says isnonsensefor havingan affairwith a mrried mna,andbreaking upahomewith two little kids and an innocent wife.LeAnn should have divorced Dean.Eddie should have separated,divorced his wife.
    She is just a stepping stone tothis unknown actor.Brandi Cibrian was right. they deserve each other.

  • bella

    her statement makes no sense. She cheated.

  • Jon Gosselin is a ho

    wow. my dog took a dump today that is more attractive than her

  • christine

    “Sometimes you don’t do anything, but sometimes you want revenge,” LeAnn continued. “Sometimes you don’t, and that’s when you just leave it in God’s hands and know that He will take care of it,” she said before breaking into her song, ‘God Takes Care of Your Kind.’”

    I’m sorry but HOLDING SOMEONE ACCOUNATBLE and REVENGE can be two different things. REVENGE can have a VINDICTIVE nature to it. DON’T be vindictive! But holding someone accountable is a RIGHT that ANYONE has! If they’re NOT held ACCOUNATBLE then they go on believing that what they did wrong was nothing and that behavior can be repeated and taught. But, OF COURSE, there is a fine line.

    If a man assaulted a woman… and he got away with it, scott free… never arrested… with the law on his side…. then what justice is there?

    Same goes for cheating or anything else.

    I’ll admit, after my ex-boyfriend treated me very badly and we broke up in a horrendous state… i made sure that he was held accountable for it because he had the habit of treating women BADLY. I mean he did this non-stop REPEATEDLY like it was a goal for him and a competitive nature about him… that made him feel superior to women… but in the most COWARDLY way ever. So, I took it upon myself to make sure that he feels what he did to women was not OKAY.

    HAHAHA…. what I did was really funny in the end, but probably TRAGIC to him! Goooood. He’ll get over it. In fact he did get over it, so it wasnt enough anyway. But NEXT time he better remember never ever to do what he did again. Or he’ll be reminded. In fact… I don’t know if he’ll ever want to take out another woman ever again. I don’t think he can after what I did.

    Trust me… y’all would be LAUGHING if you found out what I did. it was harmless.

  • christine

    Besides, I’m not gonna sit there and let anyone treat me that way and get away with it!

  • Katie

    erm she’s just ugly

  • sunseeker

    That is the most stupid remark I have ever heard, she lied and cheated on her husband, gay or not she marrried him. Made him look a fool and did not care about anybody but herself, There are now 2 young children without their father and a humiliated wife. She is a lowlife and scumbag and so is Cibrian. And yes KATIE she is ugly inside and out.

  • Pandora

    Well! She’s as articulate as she is good looking — not very. If she believes in God she should also believe that he’ll “take care” of those who sleep w/ other women’s husbands. What a twit!

  • NIck

    Yikes .. I don’t mean to be judgmental but she looks ugly in that pic

  • letitbe

    I don’t know about this girl. Sounds like she is blaming Dean for leaving her when the pictures from the PAP show clearly her going on a bike ride with boy toy-E. Cibrian!!! Actions speak louder than words girlfriend!
    Dean has more dignity than her!
    So, Jared, is she with Eddie now. That IS the question we all want to know ;)

  • gjc

    God doesn’t take care of people who don’t honor their commitments….and help themselves to someone elses husband and FATHER. I feel so bad for Eddie’s little kids.
    She’s dirt. And he’s gotta be BLIND.

  • Ruth

    Cibrian and LeAnn have publically humiliated her husband and his wife, mother of their two small children and now she is trying to justify her behaviour to the general public?

    She is a fool if she imagines that Eddie will remain faithful to her and his wife is quite right – they really deserve each other. They are both ugly and cruel people.

  • She,he,dean and lee

    Ruth 13 and Christine 5,thanks for syaing it straight up.

  • vivien

    Boy, she is really unattractive.

  • Crystal

    She’s whining about her break up?? I think Eddie’s kids have more reason to complain thanks to her’s (and his) stupid selfish actions.

  • jj

    Clueless! EC is a habitual cheater and LR is an idiot. Sounds like a match made in h-ll.

  • blah

    Classic homewrecker. Its one thing to split from your husband. If the marraige is not working out then good for her for making the decision to be happy and leave, but to get involved with a man that is still marrige is nasty. There is no reason to lie, we all know she is banging Eddit Ciberian.

  • b

    LeAnn is AMAZING and NOT ugly. How dare you say such mean and ridiculous things. Why don’t you get your facts straight. You don’t even know if she cheated on him.. and even if she did it’s none of your business and you should’nt be criticizing. Her and her husband are going through a difficult time right now and they deserve privacy and respect.

  • jaye

    Wonder if she ever thought of ‘not sharing’.

  • stella

    This makes no sense. What the hell is she talking about??? She cheated on her husband which is never ok.

  • robin3

    Eddie has cheated on his wife so many times. That’s FACT!

    He’s gorgeous and women fall all over him. LeAnn will be disappointed because he will do it to her too.

    Dean is GAY! So obvious and it sounds like he cheated on LeAnn with another man…..according to LeAnn’s statement.

    LeAnn and Eddie should have waited till the divorce but Brandi knows Eddie sleeps around.

    Brandi may be nothing more than a silicone boob and uninteresting.

  • robin3

    Maybe her GAY husband has been caught sleeping with other men!!

  • zzzz

    If you stick to the FACTS, Eddie and Leanne cheated publicly with their spouses, harming them and the children involved. I don’t think we should speculate on Leanne’s husband’s behavior, since there are no facts to consider. It isn’t right to say he’s a gay cheater.

  • bonzo

    odd quote…makes it sound like she was done wrong. I wonder what really happened.

  • mertz

    i can’t believe she’s ONLY 26. geez. it’s been forever. i thought she’d atleast be 30 by now or something. hahah awishful thinking.

  • Marieme

    LeeAnne just STFU. You are no one’s guru.

  • Marieme

    And who cares if I spelled your name wrong? It should be skankity skank anyway you skank. The man has kids you dumba**! You should just have kept your knees together and said no!

  • dede

    How can Eddie cheat on his model wife with that? LeAnn is so ugly. Her eyebrows are way too dark for her hair, her nose is too wide and she has manish feautures. I guess Eddie sees it as an opportunity to further his d-list career.

  • dede

    He probably hoping to score a reality tv deal with her. He’s probably another fame seeker like Tori’s husband Dean McDermott.

  • dede

    so are they living together?

  • lynda

    She is talking in circles again. She wants revenge? Against who and why? How exactly was she wronged/the injured party in all of this, when she was the one sleeping with another woman’s husband and betraying her husband? She slept with a married man because she was “hurt” and she thinks that this gives her the right to insert herself into someone else’s marriage?

    It didn’t take long for her to start the “woe is me” song and dance already. Does she think that whining about her “pain” will make people forget about the pain that she and EC caused their families? Maybe she thinks whining about her “pain” will make it okay for her to flaunt her relationship with EC.

    Why did she bring God into? As if that will make her actions with a married man okay?

  • lynda

    Maybe this statement is just another swipe at EC’s wife. It definately sounds like she is using the media to send EC’s wife a message.

  • lil

    She’s a w**** who would suck your d*** for $10

  • Fan not judge

    She is looking happier lately. Maybe she was miserable with Dean. Eddie is at fault for his own marriage too. Dont agree with how it was handled the affair. But she did try to be quiet about it. Brandi keeping it in the press. None of them are 100% innocent. I think LeAnn looks great.

  • Fan not judge

    Maybe the revenge is toward Dean. Maybe she isnt the first to cheat. Just the one everyone likes to slam.

  • suppress your appetite