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Bryce Dallas Howard Joins Twilight's Eclipse

Bryce Dallas Howard Joins Twilight's Eclipse

Bryce Dallas Howard will be replacing Rachelle Lefevre as the villain Victoria in the third installment of the Twilight franchise, Eclipse.

Lefevre played the role in the first two pics, Twilight and in the upcoming New Moon. The studio says the switch is due to scheduling conflicts as Lefevre will start shooting the indie drama Barney’s Version opposite Dustin Hoffman at the same time (both films have the same August 17 start date).

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the casting change???

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  • LolaSvelt

    I think Bryce is a good replacement.

  • Vicki

    If I was Rachlle I’d be choosing the Twilight saga over ANY role.

    She’s going to butcher this role, she cannot act!

  • lizzie

    she’ll do very well :)

  • babe_luv_ya


  • Mary jane

    I like Bryce, but I think Victoria is a very important role and the fans are going to freak out when they watch Eclipse. I prefer Rachelle.



  • NativeNYker

    Isnt that the standard scripted statement when it comes down to the actor wanting more $$$

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • hannah


  • Christin


  • LB

    Yuck, not a fan of Bryce. Plus casting changes suck.


    I think that it would’ve been smarter for Rachelle to stay with the Twilight series instead of doing a movie that no one is going to watch.

  • Jen

    Sorry but the reason why people go to see the twilight films is because of the books. Twilight (the film) was awful and I can’t see New Moon being any better because even though the film’s new director looks like he is really good at what he does, the original twilight cast is horrible and Rachelle is no exception. Bryce however would be a breath of fresh air for the installments of the twilight films because she is really talented and a good actress. So I have to say this change is great.

  • laurie

    Bryce is so pretty

  • laurie

    Bryce is so pretty

  • WhyNow?

    I love Bryce, but Rachelle is already Victoria!

  • elvina hui

    oooh, i love this webpage, sooo much news!! anyway the casting choice is bollocks!! however if i had to choose, then rachelle

    elvina the bitch;)

  • Kaylee p

    I hate when they switch actors in the middle of a series. That’s ridiculous.

  • lULY

    is not happy at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she should’ve stuck around for the whole series!!!!!!!!!!!! SO DISSAPOINTED

  • vanessa

    this sucks, but I guess shes gotta do what shes gotta do….wish she would have stayed to do eclipse. I only wish her luck on her next movie

  • girl5

    WTF? That’s GAY. The third book is when she’s in it the most! Its like her biggest part of the whole Twilight Saga!!
    I’m sooo PISSED OFF Right Now!

  • Penguins1


    I agree with you i am so mad..

  • Penguins1


    I agree with you i am so mad..

  • anna

    Boo! I really like Rachelle. This is a bad idea, why didn’t they sign her on for the whole series? Maybe Summit should pay attention to things like this instead of caring who in the cast is dating.

  • sweetness

    Bryce has a very famous director father…they can milk her association of her being his daughter …This was all behind the scenes firing which at least they tried to cover by saying Rachel had a conflict..
    Common sense would tell anyone that this huge franchise, everyone wants to be associated with especially now that Twilight became a phenomenon would be completey insane for a lesser known actress to leave this franchise who now!

  • Saudia

    oh noo .. Rachelle IS Victoria .. that sucks. Mm it does seem like Summit is a bit shady. This is interesting. That’s too bad that she has “scheduling conflicts” though. Ugh.

  • k

    i agree with Asha.
    this is so stupid! why would they replace her? it’s just not the same when in a saga, they change the actor that plays the character. that’s gay. ugh, i am so mad!!!!

  • groovacious

    Why did they have to switch her? I really liked her as a character and an actress and she always seems so excited to do the movie.

  • Shakirakitten

    YESSSSSSSS! Bryce Dallas is a great actress and one of my favorites.

  • Naysayer

    Dallas Howard has nether the looks, or likeability for the part. It seems Rachelle was fired. If not, then I wish her the best.

  • Alice

    Bryce is too good to be in this crapping shit of a movie

  • Alice

    you dumbfvcks act like the world’s falling apart

  • anthony

    Rachel did great..But I love Bryce so I don’t care!

  • Gia

    It seems like Bryce only got the role b/c Ron Howard is her dad…nepotism at its best. I guess he’s going to direct Breaking Dawn now? I hope this isn’t true. More on this theory here:

  • Who Cares

    I wish she would have been in the first two. I love Bryce.

  • Becka

    I don’t like it. I was really looking foward 2 seeing her in the 3rd movie. I think she would have done a great job. Now the movie won’t be the same :(

  • Taylor

    BOOO! you can’t change a major character like that! come on, just bring in rachelle during her scenes. like preferrably the big fight scene between her and edward?! hello! she isnt even in breaking dawn. how lame!

  • cara

    something’s fishy. just on thursday at comic-con, rachelle said she couldn’t wait to film eclipse.

  • angie

    i like bryce as an actress but WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! i want rachelle to play this role!!!!! its not gonna be the same

  • shortstarrgore

    the planning of this movie series is some of the worst i’ve ever seen. idiots. at least they got a better actress.. i guess?

  • aMANDA

    OK, I feel the need to explain this to a few people because I don’t think they understand the circumstances. So, do not blame Rachelle for being replaced, it’s in no way her fault. It was Summit that decided to replace her, because God forbid she take 10 off (in a 3 month period) to be in another film. And the actress they have chosen, in my opinion, doesn’t seem like she can live up to Rachelle. So to put this all in a nut shell, Rachelle, you’re awesome and Summit, you suck dick.

  • Lexi

    Noooooo! I don’t like it. It screws up everything. :(

  • Hannie

    Summit sucks.
    Rachelle did her best in the Twilight movie and I know she’s really excited about playing Victoria in Eclipse. Besides, she looks wild and beautiful as Victoria does.
    Red hair is not a problem at all. She can get them dyed.
    Oh no :(.

  • adenike


    actualy she did sign on for all if u remember clearly at comic con for twilight bfore twilight came out, bfore it got big she said that she was looking forward 2 eclipse the most bacuse she has a more central role so shut up!!!

  • adenike

    atleast rob-patz (edward) will have more fun kicking her ass as vic since he is pissed about the change 2. kick her ass for both of us rob well all the rachelle fans 2 b and there is a petition on facebook that u can all sign 2 get her bac xoxo rachelle

  • jodypag

    Actually, Rachel Lefevre does have red hair, and did in the first film as well. it is called “Irish Red” But I completely agree its not the red hair described in the book! I am curious to see how Bryce Dallas Howard fairs as a evil character as most of her films has her playing some sort of “damselesque”. However she is rumored to have some wicked acting talent besides “The Village”, The Lady in the Water” and “Terminator: Salvation”.

  • km

    as long as the main few doesn’t change im ok, like rob; bella; ashley; elisabeth; peter, taylor … the only cast i want to change is nikki as rosalie … as she doesn’t fit the role at all…

  • suppress your appetite

    @jEN: :)))

  • mary cullen

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…. whyyyyyyyy????… it’s not possibleeeeeeeeeeeee…. =’(

  • Maria

    Rachelle is a the best victoria. I personaly think that Bryce will NOT do a good job protraing her. She has a very nice face… Meaning she look nice and mean and villian like. Rachelle on the other hand as it hands down I think she plays a GREAT Villian. But we will see how it turns out. Might be good you never know. I just don’t like the fat that they replaced her. :(

  • http://google xiomara

    i dont like the new girl….. why do have to change it?????