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Jennifer Aniston: Back on The Bounty

Jennifer Aniston: Back on The Bounty

Jennifer Aniston is back on the set of The Bounty in Harlem, New York on Monday (Aug. 3).

The 40-year-old former Friends star has recently been seen with The Hangover‘s Bradley Cooper, but his rep is now refuting that they met up for dinner in Washington D.C.. “It didn’t happen, they were not there together. Bradley was there on a stop-over from his USO tour,” said his rep to People.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Bradley denying his latest date with Jen?

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston back on The Bounty

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jennifer aniston back the bounty 02
jennifer aniston back the bounty 03
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  • ok

    See she does read the blogs.. Funny NO NIPS THIS TIME.. lol

  • ok

    oh MAN I was first.. my first time being first…

  • loyal

    Bradley Cooper’s star is rising. He does not need the drama and commotion this woman would bring into his life. Smart guy. All her freaky fans would blame him for everything.

  • heonlydivorcedjen

    Bradley Cooper’s camp came out today denying the DC hookup. Gerard Butler was on UK morning show and denied any romance with Mugly.
    Oops, Huvane you struck out again! Better march out the pokies again.

  • poor jen hens

    she and her manly face need to go away forever

  • Debrah

    Just as Angelina and Brad Pitt denied their adulterous relationship at the MMS set. You never know who to believe, but the press sometimes hits the jackpot.

  • ivanka

    she looks stunning, nice body

  • http://justjared always the truth

    she looks like she needs to get a life and a man that actually wants her. and is not quick to run away from her. just saying.

  • spicylily, thailand

    Any guys who are linking to Jennifer Aniston then their lives will be HECTIC…………
    I don’t know why some people and medai in USA are still make a big deal about this 40 y/o – can not act ROM -Com star.
    Outside the USA, she is just another name among all those names..

  • cutie

    what a cute worthless movie star

  • cutie

    @cutie: please get your own name and stop copying others.

  • carolt

    Bradley Cooper is a tool. Besides, after Jennifer Esposito, he can’t afford any bad press….

  • Jay Leno

    My daughter is beautiful!

  • cutie

    huh.never saw this name b4…….so shut up, this is my name and my email, go away and change your name

  • Kim

    Do you think there will ever be a day that she changes that same old hair?

  • eli

    she is such a LOSER
    she cannot lie herself into this one no matter how many times she calls the tabloids!!!!!!

  • cutie

    god i hate people on here so god damnd rude.sick fcuks

  • cutie

    and anyway whos name was first.well mine of couse evry thread is a new one honey…..lmsao

  • Reese

    I just dont understand why she has to have a man in her life right now. She has dated and dated a couple guys seriously. I would rather see her take a breather and just be happy being with herself.

    She is beautiful, a great business woman and a terrific catch – except for the Brad baggage that brings so much pressure on all relationships.

  • Jen’s fan

    Jennifer looks amazing. She hs this great pairof legs that not even girls in their 20′s got. I love you Jen. Keep up it up.

  • Wendy

    I hear she has her man back and it is Brad Pitt. They hook up often and still love each other. For the children sake they are keeping it very private and hush hush. Brad and Angie have been done romatically for about a year now.

  • oh please


    Debrah you talk like you were there.. So please, please provide the proof of the affair you talk so knowingly about.. I mean you must have some proof.. Jen/Courtney/Brad/Angie all said no cheating.. but since you must have been there..

    Please show the proof.. If you are going to quote internet rumors.. DON’T Bother.. BUT if you have tangible proof. show it NOW

    if not STFU.. YOU don’t know anything.. And take you tired as* back to the other thread..

    It is easy to talk but if you don’t have proof shut your face..

    I don’t know if Jen and Bradley are together or not. ONLY they know the truth..



  • Susan

    I am lovin’ me some of her Bodyguard. He has a hunky Vin Dieselness to him. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!!

  • K.G.

    I feel like these hate comments are always from the same Brangelina fan.

  • Jill

    @cutie: I see the haters are lazy tonight. Using nicknames of posters who don’t engage in the drama.

  • Jill

    @K.G.: Yes, the same lazy ass fan who apparently ran out of nicknames.

  • Erin

    I love jennifer aniston…and angelina. the press exaggerates any disagreement between the two imo….

  • Tim

    She dresses too young her age. She needs to look a bit more classy – like Cate Blanchett or Kate Winslet – those are classy women. :)

    Also why if people say anything against JA – they are instantly AJ fans?? That is a bit childish.

  • amy

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  • salma

    She has beautiful legs.

  • Liv

    She looks good in casual wear. I like how her outfits aren’t as contrived as some other stars.

  • heonlymarriedjen

    @always the truth:

    always the truth @ 08/03/2009 at 8:43 pm she looks like she needs to get a life and a man that actually wants her. and is not quick to run away from her. just saying.
    It looks like you might need to get a life. Did you make as much money as she did last year? She “looks” like she’s not hurting for attention from the opposite sex. Go back to the Pitt at McDonalds thread and exalt your idol. Maybe next time AJ will get a big Mac. I heard Brad’s not going be giving her one.

  • jp4ever

    Dream on Wendy, dream on. You’re hearing things again. You must be delusional. See a psychiatrist and take some meds.

  • heonlydivorcedjen

    I have to admit she does look much better yhan Angelina.

  • Sally

    @K.G.: I feel the same, K.G. (#25). Sadly. Too much hate…

  • S.C.

    Jen is very beautiful and lovely.
    I believe she is not dating anybody and is very happy being with herself. That’s why she looks amazing.
    She is a wise and successful bussiness woman. I like her alot.

  • heonlydivorcedjen

    @heonlymarriedjen: Actually she is obviously hurting for attention. That’s why she wore her pokies. It doesn’t help that her PR have put her once again into an embarrassing situation in being publicly denied again either.
    Both BCooper and GButler in the same day. That has got to be a record for her.

  • tiger

    nothing new… always walking in the set with fake smile… is there other news to this ugly face (wo)man?

  • chin can’t acct

    she has nice legs. she has a great body. she looks young. she is pretty…blah blah blah blah blah.

    give me a fcuking break. this hag’s face is old, wrinkly and ugly. You want to see how beautiful your old hag looks I dare you to click this link. she is so beautiful she scares the sh!t out of me.

  • Ilia

    I only have love for this woman. I know there is the Angelina camp that hates Jennifer I like them both. However I am quite partial to Jennifer, she has a certain sweetness that the other woman simply doesn’t possess.

    I am not going to deny the fact that Mrs. Jolie is a hot f___, but Jen is in addition to that has much more valuable qualities.

    Oh man, I should get a life, instead of posting this bullshit.

  • heonlydivorcedjen

    @heonlydivorcedjen: find your own username dumb*ss.
    I think it is hilarious that there is a Jenhen who has been using other’s usernames. Shows your lack of imagination or your cowardice. Which is it little hen?

  • mslewis

    Jared, Bradley is not denying his “latest date with Jen.” He is saying there WAS NO DATE!! There’s a big difference!!!

    It’s obvious Bradley and Gerald are trying to distance themselves from this woman so they won’t become the subject of silly gossip in the ragmags. They are serious about their careers (especially Bradley) and don’t need any of this Jennifer drama!! Bradley Cooper is the star of one of the biggest hits of the summer. He doesn’t need to be anybody’s faux boyfriend. And Gerald Butler is a real player and he doesn’t want to be seen as Jennifer’s boyfriend. He prefers younger, prettier women and he can have all he wants!!

  • heonlydivorcedjen

    Maybe Angie could get some pokies since hers are pointing south from breastfeeding the pitt crew..

  • chin can’t acct

    Here is the link just in case you trolls couldn’t open it. I dare you to open it.

  • chin can’t acct

    Here is the link just in case you trolls couldn’t open it. I dare you to open it.

  • heonlymarriedjen

    Angelina is the most powerful celebrity in the world according to Forbes.

  • heonlydivorcedjen

    @heonlydivorcedjen: huh.never saw this name b4…….so shut up, this is my name and my email, go away and change your name

  • heonlymarriedjen

    I wonder which celebrity boy will be hired for a date this week to try and overshadow Brad’s movie premier?

  • heonlydivorcedjen