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Bethenny Frankel: Gwyneth Paltrow is Unwatchable

Bethenny Frankel: Gwyneth Paltrow is Unwatchable

Gwyneth Paltrow keeps cool in a pair of denim cut-offs (with pockets showing!) on Tuesday, August 11, in The Hamptons, NY.

The 36-year-old actress has been posting videos of herself cooking on her website but Bethenny Frankel finds it pretty unappetizing.

“The idea of Gwyneth being the next Julia Child is unthinkable and probably unwatchable,” says the 38-year-old Real Housewives of NY star. “I once watched her show [Spain…on the Road Again] with chef Mario Batali. It was like watching delicious paint dry.”

Adds Bethenny, “I’m just not feeling her as the next Rachael Ray, who’s fun and goofy and a wing-it kind of girl. Wasn’t Gwyneth macrobiotic, then vegan, then into juice fasting? You need to be willing to dive in and taste it all and not always be on some cleansing fad diet… Who can afford holistic doctors, meals at Babbo, cupping sessions and healers? If I buy my food at Costco and get my hair done for 30 bucks, what’s the average viewer able to afford?”

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97 Responses to “Bethenny Frankel: Gwyneth Paltrow is Unwatchable”

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  1. 76
    Superboy Says:

    Who is Bethenny Frankel anyway? GOOP is about sharing things with people. Simple as that. What can I say, GOOP is honest and sincere at least.

  2. 77
    Wicked Says:

    @Superboy: She’s a celebrity chef who also appears on The Real Housewives of New York. I think they’re about evenly matched on the sincere and honest factor. GOOP is simply a marketing ploy to sell overpriced gym memberships and celebrity cookbooks.

  3. 78
    nicole Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with a macrobiotic diet. I had respect for Gwyneth when she wasn’t involved in the slaughter and torture of animals. She’s into whatever is convenient for her at the moment. She shouldn’t endorse EVERY current lifestyle because she loses credibility.

  4. 79
    pootietang Says:

    there is no way Bethenny spends only $30 on her haircut.

  5. 80
    westindya Says:

    Um, Bethenny, do you ever wonder why it is you don’t keep quiet when you have nothing nice to say? You are a grown woman. Grow up and mind your own business. Seriously.

  6. 81
    Short fuse Says:

    Bethenny Frankel = Rhoda Morganstern…

  7. 82
    Short fuse Says:

    Gwyneth Paltrow = D.yke Jan Brady

  8. 83
    andrea Says:

    Looking forward to GP’s comeback!!!!

    I love and admire GP, and I did love Bethenny on Housewives and defended her in “my world” against Kelly. But after this snide remark she isn’t my fav. Jill Zarin is forever my fav.

    Not the most flattering photo of Bethenny, but perfect for the snooty comment she made about GP.

    Bethenny did try to retract her snide remark about GP but that doesn’t seem to be getting a whole lotta of media attention, HUH?

  9. 84
    So True Says:

    Neither looks good here. From the back, GP looks like a man.

    What is there to retract? Everything she said is true and GP has made snider remarks herself.

    lol@Rhoda and Jan comparisons. So True.

  10. 85
    good gref Says:

    Gwyneth ROCKS and Beth is is just using her to get some press. People that hate hate Ms. Paltrow are simply jealous of her excellence!

  11. 86
    Charli Says:

    @just sayin’:
    and yet I find her to be someone that can’t really talk. she’s not attractive in the least herself and her nasty tone is very unappealing. she needs to just shut up and do her thing and not play ‘lets be the nasty beeyotch and talk smack about other folks”

  12. 87
    Lizz Says:

    I don’t find Bethenny’s comments nasty…at least not compared to some of the stuff Gwyneth’s said in her interviews Bethenny’s being critical, yes, but she has made some valid points, especially in light of the current U.S. economy. If Paltrow can talk smack and make ignorant generalizations about Americans, then I don’t see why Frankel, who actually works as a chef, can’t offer her viewpoint on Gwyneth’s tv show and hosting skills. Agree with the person who said she’s honest to a fault, but I don’t think she’s deliberately malicious. Saucy, yes, but she does seem to be the type of person that if you bring it to her attention, she’ll apologize if she realizes she’s hurt your feelings.
    Btw, I’ve seen photos of her with Gwyneth’s brother, Jake, at events, so I doubt she has a dislike of Gwyneth.

  13. 88
    Mea Says:

    I never cared for BF before, but she’s my new hero! GP is dullsville, and her GOOP is smug, boring, and contrived. The fact that she does these absurd juice fasts and was macrobiotic in the past only proves that she knows nothing about either food or health. She needs to STFU.

  14. 89
    emmy jay Says:

    It is free press for both of them. Probably made an agreement during an event in the Hamptons this summer.

    Now if Bethany could just start weighing in on Yawn and Khate, we’d all be really entertained.

    These folks do take our minds off of the important things in life, now don’t they?

  15. 90
    b Says:

    Who in the world is Bethenny Frankel anyway? If you think Gwyneth is “unwatchable”, then don’t WATCH her. Well, don’t even talk about her. You’re using her fame to get people attention! That’s really cheap.

    At least, make yourself presentable before making this kind of comment!!! You look fugly, Bethenny Frankel. FUGLY!

  16. 91
    Special K Says:

    I find neither of these two ladies attractive. If Frankel is FUG so is Paltrow who usually looks like a man in drag. Paltrow is in better shape though but she’s also taller and spends three hours a day working out. She should be fit but she’s proof a good body doesn’t always come with a pretty face. I suspect Frankel is older than her stated age of 38 and more likely 45.
    I do agree with Frankel, Paltrow is no Julia Childs or Rachel Ray. I can’t picture her hosting any show right now. She’s very dull and lacks the requisite charisma.
    This is probably the most press both have received in weeks so I give them both props in that respect. Well-played, ladies!

  17. 92
    stephanie Says:

    I completely agree. The last thing i want is some rich overprivilage person telling me how to eat. I’m a mother who works and goes to school and I certainly cant afford to be on a cleanser, work out for two hours everyday, and pay ridiculouse amounts of money to have someone shove a tube up my butt and clean me out. Gwen is dillusional, mediocore actress who needs to shut it. And she looks as attractive as a piece of boiled chicken

  18. 93
    Dors Says:

    i think gwyneth is gorgeous and classy, though that outfit doesnt really represent how she dresses. shes not claiming to be this or that, she s just sharing some good recipes on her website – which is great – whats wrong with that?

  19. 94
    Vartan Says:

    This woman is rather plain without makeup and not classy — that’s why she makes ignorant generalizations about entire countries. Aside from Iron Man, she does not appear to be receiving many acting offers so she has to do something else to stay in the spotlight. Her cooking skills I’m not so sure of but I do agree, she was pretty dull in that chicken video. Abby Elliot of SNL does a wicked good spoof of Paltrow’s Goop. That girl should have her own show.

  20. 95
    suppress your appetite Says:

    I love her

  21. 96
    killakaty Says:

    Bethenny is right

  22. 97
    Goosey Says:

    Wow, the two have so much in common – they both have square jaws.

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