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LeAnn Rimes' Pomeranian Pooch

LeAnn Rimes' Pomeranian Pooch

LeAnn Rimes walks her Pomeranian pooch, Virgo, and then gets sushi with a gal pal in Brentwood, Calif. on Wednesday (August 12).

The 26-year-old country singer’s Northern Lights co-star Eddie Cibrian opened up earlier this week about his own imperfections. It was reported that he was cheating on his wife with LeAnn Rimes. Eddie will be a series regular on CSI:Miami, and will play a cop who recently transferred to Miami from Hollywood, California.

Late last month LeAnn shared about the split with her husband, saying that, “it is inevitable that sometimes in a relationship, you will have your heart broken.”

30+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes‘ Pomeranian Pooch…

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leann rimes pomeranian pooch 01
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 02
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 03
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 04
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 05
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 06
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 07
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 08
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 09
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 10
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 11
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 12
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 13
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 14
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 15
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 16
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 17
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 18
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 19
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 20
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 21
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 22
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 23
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 24
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 25
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 26
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 27
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 28
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 29
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 30
leann rimes pomeranian pooch 31

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  • bella

    an in this case it woul be her husbands heart she broke with cheating. What an idiot!

  • Devon

    Cute dog. Her, not so much.

  • http://justjared always the truth

    she is cute.

  • Ann

    She looks very proud of her disgusting behaviour with her married lover. Let’s hope that she will be publically humiliated in the same way in the near future.

  • robin 3

    The separation from Dean is doing her some good.

    Look……Dean is a gay man. Eddie is a serial cheater.

    LeAnn should divorce her husband , dump Eddie and find a red-blooded man.

    Love her talent!

  • robin 3

    to Ann……..

    You say nothing od Eddie’s behavior. It’s a well-known fact that he seduces women on the sets .

    Eddie was cheating on his wife for over 3 years with Scheana Marie Jancan before he got the hots for LeAnn.

  • robin 3

    to Ann……..

    You say nothing of Eddie’s behavior. It’s a well-known fact that he seduces women on the sets .

    Eddie was cheating on his wife for over 3 years with Scheana Marie Jancan before he got the hots for LeAnn.

  • robin 3

    Whatever happened there is no denying that she looks better apart from her husband…he is gay and should have been more honest about it before he married her.

    Maybe Dean lied about his sexual preferences so he could latch on to her fortune.

  • nikomilinko

    she looks older thn 26

  • Deb

    worth repeating:

    The Cibrian dictionary: “I love my family dearly” means:
    I disrespect my wife.
    I have at least 2 affairs and allow pictures to be taken of my mistress in her bikini laying all over me (great for your sons to see).
    I have public make out sessions with my next mistress who notifies the paps of our whereabouts so the Mrs. finds out.
    I lie to my wife and tell her my mistress is stalking me and make her look like a fool when she gets angry.
    I refuse to move out of the family home.
    “I am a great father” means:
    I teach my sons to lie.
    I cause pain and take no responsibility.
    I break up my family for Leann Rimes?????
    I let a has been singer use me for publicity.
    I teach my sons to sell their soul for sex.
    Look in the mirror Mr.Cibrian and tell the world what you see.

    Leann is in for a world of heartbreak with this man wh*re
    Be careful what you wish for you just might get it.
    Brandi is much better off without this a$$

  • NativeNYker

    She isnt nearly as interesting w/out that cute ex of hers on her arm.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Wendy

    That is quite a b***h, and you know i aint talking about the dog!

  • robin 3

    to wendy….

    I think your real name may be Brandi Glanville.

    Look Brandi……it is not LeAnn’s fault your husband is a seducer of anything in a skirt. He has had a multi-year affair with Scheana Maria Jancan while married to you.

    LeAnn might be the last straw but she is only one of many.

  • robin 3

    Anyone else wondering why Eddie strays ?

    Something is seriously wrong in that marriage.

    LeAnn…..don’t fall for Eddie’s charms eventhough he is irresistible he is also a heartbreaker.

  • Deb

    Eddie is what is seriously wrong in that marriage. He is a narcissistic
    serial cheater with a sense of entitlement and more than likely a sex addict in my opinion. I wouldn’t be surprised if his bed post’s are riddled with the notches of all his conquests. He comes across as a complete do*che in his ET interview. I don’t know how the reporter kept a straight face. Every time he opens his mouth he puts both feet in. Good god it must be crowded in there.

  • mailey

    cute outfit with the skinny jeans. i like her blondness.
    so she cheated, im over it. her hubby’s gay neways. good for her to move on to someone else.

  • sunseeker

    You can’t tell me that Rimes did not know her husband was gay, it seems everybody else thought they knew. Even people who knew them from school. I wish people would stop making excuses she cheated on her husband gay or not, she should have divorced him first if that how she felt. One report also says that they are still in contact and speak ever day. Makes you think doesn’t it.

  • robin 3

    to sunseeker….

    Maybe LeAnn was naive when she married young at 19. Also maybe Dean and LeAnn had an open marriage.

    Eddie’s wife has known she has a serial cheater for a husband but because a video came out and was viewed publicly the humiliation was too great and she pulled the plug on her marriage.

    BUT I’ll bet Brandi would take Eddie back any time. He’s too gorgeous . Besides if he cheats but keeps it quiet she seems to be okay with it.

    Brandi has known about Eddie’s longtime affair with Schena Marie Jancan.

  • robin 3

    hey sunseeker….

    What if LeAnn’s husband cheated first? Ever consider that scenario!?!

  • robin 3

    Lets hope LeAnn doesn’t fall for Eddie anymore. He’s a gorgeous playboy who will probably never be loyal to any one woman.

    Some men are like that.

    And Dean has probably had outside gay relationships.

    LeAnn has great talent, a fabulous voice and I hope she keeps making beautiful music

    BTW She’s lookin’ great!

  • HockeygurL

    She’s likely talking to Eddie, just remember LeeAnn ,Karma what goes around comes around ! same goes for the douchebag Eddie.

  • robin 3

    LeAnn find yourself a nice red-blooded American male who isn’t married and honors his marriage contract. And that doesn’t mean Eddie!

    Give us some more of your beautiful notes!

  • jameela

    cute dog.ugly ho

  • lydia

    to jameela…..

    Eddie is a serial cheater who has had an affair for the past 3 years with Scheana Marie Jancan. There are pictures of the two of them

    Eddie’s wife has lived with it just fine until it came out publicly. Now her pride is hurt.

    Suppose LeAnn’s hubbie is gay and has slept with other men? Or they might even have an open marriage

  • jj

    Yep, got the smirk going. Hey Leann you did not win anything. Whatever the state of the Cibrian marriage your participation has been and remains pathetic. You have orchestrated this into the public eye so that his wife would leave him. Obvious: knowing which restaurant, standing directly under street light, knowing which hotel you met at, knowing you would be going out for a motorcyle ride and which house you were at, cancelling a concert due to throat problems and being at the Laker’s game… is beyond belief how stupid Mr. Cibrian is and continues to be, since you set this all up. You never know, the CIbrian’s may reconcile and you will be left with nothing, which you so richly deserve. Look up integrity in the dictionary, ya may learn something.

  • brandi

    @robin 3: Dear whoever you are, I never knew Eddie was cheating until I read it on the cover of US weekly with the rest of the world! I trusted and loved my husband and family more then anything. I never knew about the random waitress either. If I had I would have been gone long ago. I have always been focused on raising my two precious boys. I will always love Eddie, he was the love of my life. Now I need to love and respect myself more then I love him. I will NEVER take him back. I hope that sets the record straight for you. Thank you for your concern Brandi

  • Deb

    You go Brandi girl!!!!

  • http://pomeranians MorningStar

    LeAnn Beautiful pom , And your just as beautiful ,,,I’ve always injoyed your music ,,,,,,,,I just want to tell you I just came on this site to look at poms ,,,I lov poms ,,,I want another one so bad ,my 2 are up there in age with heart problems , going to breal my heary to lose them ,,,Oh well thatsa not why I leaving a message ,,,,,I want to apoligize for what these other folks are saying ,Its none of thier freaking beez wax what you do with your life ,,,,,,,,,they are just gossip mongers ,,,,,,You just keep living your life the best way you no how and give God all the glory ,,,,,,,I don’t know whats true or not , And don’t care ,,,,,, Only you know ,,,And only you know whats good for you and of course God ,,,,,And only Jesus is perfect ,,,,,,,All we can do is learn from our mistakes Big and little ones ,,,,,We are only flesh ,,,,,,,,,Those Gossipe mongers think there perfect ,,,,,,NOT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,LeAnn keep making beautiful music

  • gwen

    Yes Leann, keep stepping on the backs of others because “living your life” is all that matters in life.

    Leann hasn’t learned from her “mistakes” and no one is going to pat her on the back because you think people are being mean and unfair to Leann. Did Leann care about how mean and unfair she was being to Brandi, Dean, and the two kids?

    Since you are here writing a post, then by your own logic that makes you a gossip monger, right?

    Making beautiful music is not going to distract people from the pain and stress that Leann has caused 4 innocent people. Please don’t drag God in this because if Leann believed in God, she would act much better towards the victims.

  • suppress your appetite

    She is really pretty