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Britney Spears Hits 'Little Mermaid' With Boys

Britney Spears Hits 'Little Mermaid' With Boys

Britney Spears takes her two sons – Sean, who turns 4 next month and Jayden, who turns 3 next month – to see the Broadway musical The Little Mermaid in New York City on Sunday afternoon (August 23).

Joining in on the family excursion was Brit‘s dad, Jamie Spears (not pictured).

Two hours ago, Brit tweeted, “I’m giving the first hint where I will be hiding in NY with the tickets [to my concert] in an hour. – Brit

An hour ago, Brit added, “I’m going to be hiding somewhere in Manhattan….HAHAHA!!! – Brit

From the expression on Brit‘s face, it seems like she doesn’t want to be found!

DO YOU THINK Britney really tweets her own messages?

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britney spears the little mermaid 01
britney spears the little mermaid 02
britney spears the little mermaid 03
britney spears the little mermaid 04
britney spears the little mermaid 05
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  • rosie

    why is she always holding Jayden and not Sean?

  • http://www. janaina

    beuautiful baby

  • Britfan98

    Coz Jayden is younger and more needy than Sean..
    Sean is more independant ;)

  • lakers fan in boston

    im surprised that she’s even allowed to tweet with all these restrictions she has
    or that she even had 1

  • http://Justjared style1

    she looks a mess but I still love you britney Spears

  • justLikeapill

    yes OF COURSE she writes her own tweets/facebook updates. Just like she wrotes her own songs, does her own hair, styles herself and has a fully functioning fashion aware brain.



  • OOps,

    Ugh, her boys are not cute anymore and Jaden looks mentally retarded.

  • Mike

    BOW She’s so Beautiful and natural! I Love her

  • Lily

    I Love her and omg! her legs are amazing

  • george

    someone’s a bit jealous.

  • t

    i think she’s at least aware what’s being tweeted

  • Sam


    I’ve been asking that for months. AND STOP SAYING IT’S BECAUSE SEAN IS OLDER – he will always be older! Last year when Sean was almost 3, Jayden’s age now, she STILL carried Jayden. I saw pictures of Kevin with his boys and he is carrying both at different times, holding hands with both at different times – THAT’S the righ two treat your children.

  • Wa3d

    three words:

    1. Beautiful
    2. natural

  • Sam

    should say “THAT’S the right way to treat your children” :)

  • rpatzfan

    she looks cute and her boys too

  • Jessica

    I think Sean looks more like Kevin and Jayden looks more like britney.

  • mike

    The only celebrities that look genuinely happy that the paparazzi are hounding them are bai ling and that desperate phoebe price.

  • lymn

    Happy birthday,Preston!
    Happy birthday,Jayden!
    Britney carries Preston just as often as she carries Jayden.
    The boys are cute. Brit is beautiful.
    Some inferior jealous people just can’t stand her success.

  • bella

    @Jessica: I agree.

  • natasha

    Maybe her expression is because of paparazzi’s… And, why she wouldn’t write her own tweets? By the pictures seems like she does carry Jayden more often.

  • Atlanta2Dallas

    Them boys are cute, especially with their hair cut, i dont know what yall are talking about

  • Karime Poynter

    I LOVE HER… Beautiful

  • naomi

    I love the kids shoe’s! specially sean’s

  • itstrueagain

    She colors her children’s hair and botches the job horribly, then they suddenly get a buzz cut to hide the mistakes. She DOES always carry the younger one and both children swear like sailors. A wonderful mother and human being.

  • meg_han

    @itstrueagain: Here she is having a nice night out with her children and you still find something negative to say about her! Enough with the low blows about her being an unfit mother! How would you like someone criticizing your mother’s parenting skills? We could start by criticizing her poor decision to give birth to YOU!

  • lYLA


  • random

    britney you look, great, stay happy and focus on the future, you’re not alone anymore, i have faith in your progress. we all love you…

  • Sandeana

    Beautiful children, loving mother. So what if her hair is messy before she goes on tour? It will be styled for the show. The boys looks more grown up with crew cuts. If Britney was trying to lighten the older boy’s hair, it was kind of a mistake. But it will grow out. Remember, Britney was/is the victim of some psychological problems, but she seems to be doing great! She is a huge talent. Good for her!

  • CHOK

    I do not think she tweets the majority of them. And Britney, what’s with the games? Just give the tickets to some random on the street.

  • me

    why would any one want to find her

  • SpaceRat

    Hey, Britney’s from Kentwood, I am from Franklinton. These two Louisiana towns have been rivals for many years. Franklinton’s football team kicks Kentwood’s butt. Also , World famous tenor Donald George is from Franklinton – he can sing circles around Britney!
    Hey, it’s a friendly rivalry. We love Britney, too.

  • emmaa

    I don’t believe she tweets her own messages. Some perhaps, but not all of them. Like the recent ones to Ellen didn’t seem like they were from her…

  • angel

    Maybe the reason she doesn’t like her pictures taken by the papparazzi is that she knows everytime they do she gets all these hateful comments about her and her children.

  • lola

    While I’m glad she’s in great shape and healthy, I think that outfit is a bit too revealing and better suited for running errands or bumming around then it is for taking your children to a Broadway show.

  • Truth

    Why should she smile on demand for you fools? She’s a human being not a puppet!!

  • jhen

    Wow, so sorry, you are sick

  • Grace

    OOps, If you hate Britney leave the kids alone they haven’t done anything to you. May be Britney has done something because she is old enough to hurt anyone

  • Johnny Tish

    I am glad to see Spears dressed so nicely for the occasion. What trailer trash!

  • owen

    oops and justlikeapill shut up you idiots , britney spears is amazing , explain exactly how she looks a mess the hair yeh but everything else looks great , Love U Britney !!!!!!

  • mikeysgirl

    I think that this is what is wrong with alot of people, we do need to worry about what is wrong with our own family. I myself feel more blessed than she will ever be because I have my kids, my family, and my love without all of the media attention. What do you think that all of this is going to look like to her sons when they get old enough to realize everything. Media will try to turn them against her and she, as rich and famous as she is, will probably never get the quality, childhood time with her kids that all mothers are deserved. So me, myself, find my life moure bountiful and always will. But i wish her all the best and her kids and herself are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Mr. spears

    Im just happy cuz she lost all that weight! Yes she has great legs!!

  • tim

    She has the worst legs in the world.short, chunky and stumpy. she is
    built like a linebacker. and her hair color is fake and nasty.
    ugly skank.

  • 23

    The youngest kid clearly has down syndrome and FAS. those kids
    are not cute. and that is Britney’s fugly genes.

  • neo

    It was Brit who dyed her kids hair, their hair is the same color as hers.
    her hair color is not naturally that color and neither is Seans.

  • nancy from encore

    omg stfu u jelos haters widh u had her look and money she is really skinny and very pritty.

  • ??????????

    Sean looks like Kevin and Jayden lools like Britney.She always carries the younger one,too weird

  • %@#

    Sean looks like Kevin and Jayden looks like Britney.She always carries the younger one,too weird

  • Sam


    No, she doesn’t. The proof is all over the net.

  • Johnny Tish

    Flip-flops and short shorts to a Broadway play? No manners or respect for others. Reflects on her upbringing. The trash of America!

  • suppress your appetite

    -I love her-