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Ben Affleck: Violet is Sprinkles Sweet

Ben Affleck: Violet is Sprinkles Sweet

Ben Affleck spends some quality time with two of his favorite girls — his daughter Violet Anne and his mom Christine Ann — on Sunday (September 6) in Boston, Mass.

Ben took Violet for her bi-annual check-up at the dentist followed by a cup of vanilla ice cream with ranibow sprinkles.

Jennifer Garner was on the other side of town taking Violet‘s lil sis Seraphina for a walk.

Ben has been busy in town directing and starring in his new movie The Town.

15+ pictures inside of sprinkles sweet Violet Affleck

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violet affleck sprinkles 01
violet affleck sprinkles 02
violet affleck sprinkles 03
violet affleck sprinkles 04
violet affleck sprinkles 05
violet affleck sprinkles 06
violet affleck sprinkles 07
violet affleck sprinkles 08
violet affleck sprinkles 09
violet affleck sprinkles 10
violet affleck sprinkles 11
violet affleck sprinkles 12
violet affleck sprinkles 13
violet affleck sprinkles 14
violet affleck sprinkles 15

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  • sweetness

    maybe Ben and Jennifer are doing the Gwyneth and Chris Martin thing.

    They made a conscience decision NOT to appear together so paps can’t take pics that people dissect their relationship on whether they are together or not. Ben has learned from his days of being with JLo not to exploit his relationship with the paps because then they will follow them relentlessly.

  • chavala

    haha here we go with the family pics…From the first moment the flirting photos appeared, i knew we´d see ben pics with his family. Second part photos with her wife in few days!!I don´t have to say anything bad about garner, but ben is such a fraud. Take your director career seriously ben, because your actor´s career is over!

  • Ah

    The kid will be 4 in less then 3 mos

  • carly

    to chavala @ 09/07/2009 at 11:20 am

    Reason we see Ben with Violet this weekend is because this is the first weekend they have been in Boston together for a few weeks.

    So much is read into a few pictures.

  • HA HA

    being mean to a 3 year old make you feel important?


    I don’t think anyone is being mean to Violet. They’re just pointing out the obvious and some people are flipping out that they did. lol

  • OW
  • well

    After few weeks ,we will see Ben is in NYC,grapping a childish blonde bimbo who is holding a mini dog

    Violet ,your daddy is not into you mommy any more ,your daddy is into the bombshell or blonde wh***

  • lollipop is special ed

    The only ones here that are special ed are the posters. You are all ridiculous. By the way, Ken Sunshine isn’t ben’s publicist anymore. And the last thing they are going to do is read Just Jared. Ben has said he doesnt read the internet or blogs because of the idiots on them. Or what he said actually was the negativity but he could have said idiots because that’s who comes to Just Jared and obsesses over the Afflecks.
    By the way that is a Thermos sippy cup with handles but what’s more important, you children, is that Chris Affleck’s appearance since she was with her son shortly after Sera’s birth in California. I hope its just that she was caught without makeup but I’m worried its more. but you creeps like Lollipop are too caught up in insisting a sippy cup is a bottle!

  • leah

    These bottle/cup combo look like it converts for the child. I know I had my two boys close together and it can be very tough if you do not have the 1st completely off the bottle before the 2nd is born. (Problems galore with my oldest.) Sometimes they regress when the little one comes along. A sippy type cup almost becomes like a bottle to them. I bet the little one gets weaned early to a real cup and that will fix all problems with Violet.

  • Ah

    Lively has nothing to do with this. He’s directing the movie she’s in. Regardless the reality is he and his wife appear to live separate lives and are barely ever together if at all. While I agree pap pics are only snippets in their lives the point is they’re mostly on opposite sides of the country doing their own thing and Garner is mostly with the kids alone or with Victor Garber.

    But part of that falls on Garner. She’s said it and Affleck has said it she barely trusts him alone with the kids. But look at her, 4 yr old in diapers, still using a bottle and pacifier. Ugh

  • Ben’s Mom?????????????????????

    “Chris Affleck’s appearance since she was with her son shortly after Sera’s birth in California. I hope its just that she was caught without makeup but I’m worried its more.”

    I agree. Seems like is might not be in the best of health. She was photographed just a while ago with Ben and Jen in LA. Her appearance in these pics looks very different.

  • lol

    Jennifer didn’t have her children close together.

    People need to stop insisting that it’s a sippy cup. We get it. It’s a thermalized sippy cup BUT THE KID IS USING A NIPPLE ON IT NOT A LITTLE SPOUT!!!!

  • anja

    the nippled sippy cup belongs to ben. end of story.

  • Ashley

    Violet is so cut

  • googles

    @name calling not nice:

    Okay, I googled it:

    “For many babies,
    beginning to drink from a cup is the start of an exciting stage: learning to feed themselves!
    The Magic Trainer Cup is perfect for beginners, so your baby can feel confident when reaching for a cup.”

    It’s a freaking baby bottle.

  • a realist

    office fan @ 09/07/2009 at 9:44 am #16

    LOL, boy I am glad that I don’t have random freaks commenting “that I must not love my wife or my kids because “they” don’t see enough pics of us together or I’m not smiling enough in them.” I like seeing pics of celebrities, but I would never assume to know what’s going on in their relationships based on pictures that I see on some website. Hey…but whatever makes your miserable lives have meaning. =)
    This great comment bears repeating.

  • Whatever

    It’s obviously a nipple on that thing bottle, sippy cup or whatever you want to call it. It’s a big a** nipple on it. Thus, it is a bottle.

    Anyway his mother looks like she has vitilago. Someone on the other page mentioned it. Her skin is all blotchy and it’s not peeliing from a sunburn

  • Whatever

    her skin looks like t his

  • common sense

    googles @ 09/07/2009 at 11:41 am

    wonderful that you know how to use google. Now, do you have any common sense, or chidlren?

    Sippy cups come in stages, and various sizes. Because that is an example doesn’t mean Violet has the baby one.

    Many, many, many millions of preschoolers have sippy cups.

  • a realist

    That is NOT a nipple. That is the spout of the sippy cup.

  • sue

    vitiligo you bottle obsessed fool.

  • Jane

    That certainly is a sippy cup with the spout up. IT IS NOT A NIPPLE. I have seen many sippy cups.

  • Stevie Wonder

    Everyone understands it’s a damn sippy cup. That’s not the point. The thing has a nipple on it. But if it makes you feel better that Jannifer Garner’s 4 yr old isn’t still on the bottle then by all means say it’s not a nipple when it’s clearly a nipple top. Oh and while you’re at it say Violet isn’t in diapers and doesn’t suck on a pacifer either. Whatever gets you through lol

  • an idea

    To all that comment on Violet needing Special Ed. Here is an idea. How about spend some of your FREE time in a Special Ed. class helping some of the students INSTEAD of spending it here commenting on 5 seconds of Ben Affleck’s life!

    More Vol. a teacher has the less tax payers dollars are being spent and the more time a teacher has to spend with each child.

  • Noticias de famosos

    Ben and daughter Violet are equal, the two and Jennifer make a beautiful family.

  • denise

    Maybe the woman in the pic is not his mother, but is another family member.

    By the way, Ben is carrying a sippy cup with the spout up.

  • Shannon

    It’s a cup with a nipple on it. It’s pretty obvious and clearly seen in these photos. I think most people who are mothers or not know what a bottle with a nipple on it looks like and if you don’t there isn’t much more to say.

  • Shannon

    That’s Ben’s mother

  • Hysterical

    People are honestly trying to say that is not a nipple? Sit down

  • lollipop

    THAT is a sippy cup with its spout up you nipple obsessed fool. You all insisting on it being a nipple are coming across as a bit wacko. Obsessed much? Give it up you are WRONG.

  • Stevie wonder is mad

    @Hysterical: .

    YOU SIT DOWN: That is a sippy cup with its spout up– you nipple obssessed fool. You are wrong so why dont you just give up? Trying to tell is black is white– keep on repeating it won’t make it true.

  • big brother


    You would be correct. Ken Sunshine is an a*shole, btw.

  • kj

    @office fan: Couldn’t have said it better my self :-)




  • kj

    @Ow: That’s just pathetic. Can’t keep the bashing to ben and jen, you got to bring the kid and grandma into it? Loser

  • Ew

    Every time I see either one of them all I can think of is Kevn Smith telling everyone how Affleck called him and said

    “I just f*cked Elektra in the mouth”

    And yeah it’s a nipple

  • garner affleck fan

    everyone just leave them alone!!!!!

  • Hysterical

    LMAO. Stop trying to prove it’s not a nipple. It is and everyone knows it.

  • Cindy Brady

    Garner probably talks to Violet in that fake baby talk voice she loves to use. No surprise the kid has stunted growth.

  • Wow


    That’s a sippy spout you idiot. GET OVER IT ITS NOT A NIPPLE you obessessed FOOL!

  • Get over it

    This is a stanless steel sippy cup. Notice the top of it. Affleck is holding one with a nipple on it.

  • shamrock


    Sweentess, thanks for the laugh this morning. Storytelling on blogs is what this JJ world is all about. lol

    Anyhow, my heart is beating so fast, as it’s so warm and sweet to see Ben with Violet, and Mommy taking a stroll together. I hope his Mom is doing well. Also, my wishes are Ben is on good terms with all in the family currently.

    Good Luck to Ben on this film and I truly believe he is a kind, gentle, loving, soul that is misunderstood so many times in the public eye and media scoop.

    If all of you could go back to your life and work on that, you would be so much more productive. Life is short, the world needs our help. Use this energy and produce something positive, instead of knocking a family you don’t even know.

    Peace and Love to the Affleck clan~

  • Weirdos

    Mommy? Is she yours?

  • Celebwatcher

    They are quite a strange couple. I wonder if they’re doing this on purpose or are secretly separated.

    Nicole Kidman pregnant???Find out at!!! And get a free psychic reading just ask how.


    @Get over it:

    NO YOU GET OVER IT! That’s not the same sippy cup TURKEY! HE one Ben is holding has a SPOUT ON IT!!!!

  • ben the womanizer

    Ew @ 09/07/2009 at 12:17 pm

    Every time I see either one of them all I can think of is Kevn Smith telling everyone how Affleck called him and said

    “I just f*cked Elektra in the mouth”

    And yeah it’s a nipple

    Read more:


  • wow

    this guy is sucha douche hahahahah

  • lollipop

    Obviously you can’t read because I never made a comment about some dumb*ass sippy cup. I simply said its obvious the marriage is DEAD. End of story. Next…By the way, reading is an important comprehension skill, perhaps you should learn it.

  • a spade is a spade


    I love Kevin Smiths candid humor, but that thought just made me vomit in my mouth.

  • a spade is a spade

    Her PR team needs to tell her to lose those glasses. How does someone who has money end up looking like she shops at Walmart?