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Jessica Simpson: Why Would I Stop Searching?

Jessica Simpson: Why Would I Stop Searching?
  • Jessica Simpson‘s dog Daisy is still MIA
  • Miley shakes what Mama Tish gave her
  • Jessica Alba works it at Fashion Week
  • Oprah talks about MJ‘s skin condition
  • Same-sex dancers on SYTYCD got two thumbs up
  • Celeb yearbook photos – love Seacrest‘s!
  • Expect Hayden Panettiere and Tracy Morgan to present Emmys
  • Who can do blue like Matt Damon?
  • It’s Beckham versus the bunker
  • The Spice Girls do dinner out – where’s Posh?
  • Just days after Beyonce‘s fragrance deal was announced, Abercrombie & Fitch has filed a lawsuit against the singer over the trademark “fierce.” Apparently in September 2008, Beyonce applied to trademark the name “Sasha Fierce” for a fragrance and other products – and that isn’t sitting well with Abercrombie, which has sold the trademarked fragrance Fierce since 2003.
  • Jenna Elfman chatted up Emmys host Neil Patrick Harris while at the Pepsi Max/CBS Premiere Party at MyHouse last night in Los Angeles.
  • Jay-Z scored his 11th No. 1 on Billboard’s album chart, selling 476,000 copies of The Blueprint 3, and has become the solo artist with the most No. 1 albums, surpassing Elvis.
  • The Hills star Stephanie Pratt and Project Runway‘s Kenley Collins have landed an unexpected gig as fashion commentators for the 61st Emmy Awards. On Sunday, September 2oth from 7-8 PM ET, Steph and Kenley will host a live chat on where they will interact with fans to get down and dirty on who has the best and worst looks on the red carpet this year.
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  • shae

    daisy = dogfood….shes gone is this bimbo really that stupid! a coyote takes the dog and she thinks she had a chance to escape…


    2009 not a good year for jessica. her country career flops (oh shocker), she gets ridiculed for her weight gain, tony dumps her(he finally wakes up)..and daisy becomes a meal…i hope you have a better year in 2010 jessica “LOL”

  • Rhonda

    I’m so sorry for Jessica. I had a beautiful pair of Keeshonds, Beau Bear and Barbie, the coyotes got Barbie and she is much bigger than little Daisy. I did find her fluffy tail down by the river, it was so painful, I can’t tell you, I’m crying as I write this and it was 4 year ago. daisy is just a little girl with no fluffy tail, Jess knows shes gone, she just has to have a little time. For some us our pets are our babies. Beau Bear died a few years later and my friends bought me a little 3 month old german shepherd and I’m totally nuts about him. Let Jess do what she needs to do and then bring a different kind of pup and she’ll fall in love all over again. That’s my two-cents worth.

  • TERR

    Small dog owners should know that they have to protect their pup. Why was her dog in any position to be snatched by a coyote? And another thing, if i saw a coyote get my dog i would have put up a fight for’em.. Instead she let it get away with her dog and is now making everyone sick with her story. KEEP YOUR IRRESPONSIBLE CRAP TO UR SELF JESS, NO ONE WANTS TO HEART ABOUT DOGS BEING EAT’N INFRONT OF THEIR OWNER BY COYOTES!!!

  • victoria #1

    I feel sorry for the sweet doggy. What a horrible death! No animal deserves that, and it dosen’t matter who owns it.

    But, Jessica talking about it in that way is soooooo, Jessica, and ridiculously stupid and immature. Reminds me of the television
    character Kelly Bundy played by Christina Applegate on Married with
    Children. Can’t quite grasp reality and what is going on around her.
    Can’t carry an intelligent conversation with anyone, and use’s inappropriate words at the wrong time, or dosen’t understand or grasp
    what is being said to her. Romo said he ” could not take it anymore.”

    Has she been hit in the head lately? Even her father’s face has turned
    red upon hearing some of his daughter’s conversations.

  • Crispytreats

    I feel sorry for her and all here whohave lost pets.It is like losing a member of your family because it is.

    For Jessica S.and others who lost pets to bobcats,mnt.lions,cootes,snake bite,etc, it is part of living in the wild. We are building where wild animals roam.We have to coexist.

    Sooooo,I’ve read you carry sp. noise horns,spray S,in YOU are hiking,etc. Never leave pets.
    Listen to the authorities if they say there are many sightings the signs.take precautions. Don’t go at night,early morning when nocturnal animals are out.

    JS does look rather childish posting reward signs ,and stuff.
    Her dog died before she knew any pain.Wildanimals kill quickly.

    Halle Berry had two toy dogs snatched away a few years ago.Didshe post reward signs ?No.

  • reneelucky7

    Jessica is so stupid- if a wolf took your small tiny dog- 9 chances out of 10- IT WILL NOT BE ALIVE. I think that she is milking the situation to make people feel sorry for her- but she should of been watching her pet better. And I agree with the person above me when they said that she is acting childish. That is her trade mark- with the stupid pouty lips and head cocked to the side.

    I have a pitbull that is trained to attack on command. I cannot just let my dog rome free. It’s common sense- if you want your animals to live long and healthy lives- YOU HAVE TO BE RESPONSIBLE. Otherwise you have no business owning any animal.

  • Trace Pace

    Jessica killed the dog and is blaming the coyote.

  • latoya

    Where’s the link on the gay dancers item?

  • Jimmy Choo

    Jessica’s dog is coyote poop now.

  • reneelucky7


  • tragic

    first time i’ve ever felt sorry for her. poor daisy. i would be devastated.

  • tan

    love u miley !

  • lakers fan in boston

    ahahahahahahahaha @ jessica simpson!!!
    that coyote is the truth
    in the year book celebs thing, caca actually didnt look that bad
    i think she did something 2 f him self up

  • Coyote Ugly

    That furry lil’ bastard tasted gooooooood! And it felt as good comin’ out, as it did goin’ down!

  • LuckyL

    Good, I don’t care for Jay-Z, but finally people can STFU about Elvis.

  • Casey

    Can that coyote come back and take Jessica.

  • ****

    I saw Jessica Simpsons dog yesterday! Well, actually just the head and one of the hind legs.

  • bekky

    I am sad about Jessica’s dog but she should be more responsible for keeping eye on her dog. She is dumb blonde.

  • dbs

    Unbelievable that some people’s comments are so heartless! The media prints all of the news about celebs. Jessica didn’t print any of this so give her a break.

  • sparklefirefly

    While in LOWE’S on Saturday, I saw this lady with THE MOST beautiful pair of light brown ankle boots with a gold buckle, and she said they were called ROHA, by Jessica Simpson.
    SO STICK TO THE SHOES, JESSICA!!!!! And BTW, Since Jessica wants a baby, and Ken is ALWAYS AVAILABLE. I’m just saying. He’s always “straightening” her hair, so maybe she can straighten……..You’d have to admit that’ll be one GORGEOUS BABY!
    TONY WHO????

  • interneta pieslēgums

    @tan: lol

  • suppress your appetite

    @Trace Pace: :))

  • Nicki

    ok for you jackasses….have some frkn sympathy…she lost her dog and anyone who has a pet can understand how that would feel!! That poor dog…yes i agree she should have been more responsible…hell if I saw that happen to my dog I would have fought for my dogs life and not watch it….but I highly doubt she is acting this way for publicity. Just leave her alone