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Miley Cyrus: VH1 Decked Out Diva

Miley Cyrus: VH1 Decked Out Diva

Miley Cyrus keeps it classy in a Dsquared2 gown on the red carpet at 2009 VH1 Divas held at NY’s Brooklyn Academy of Music on Thursday (September 17).

The 16-year-old singing sensation finished off her look with YSL pumps.

While performing her hit song “Party in the USA,” Miley wore a custom corset dress made by Simone Harouche, Chanel gloves and Isabel Marant shoes.

During the show, Miley also performed Sheryl Crow‘s “If It Makes You Happy” with Sheryl.

Miley Cyrus – “Party In The USA” from VH1 Divas

25+ pictures inside of VH1 Diva Miley Cyrus

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Photos: Chris Polk/Jason Kempin/Getty
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  • Hannah

    Not really liking this look. What is that on her back in one of the photos?

  • reneelucky7

    She looks great in this dress. Some people are already being haters about her looking too sexy- but hell, I have seen teens walking around looking like some prosit-tots

  • f

    dont get how she’s a diva

    she’s still a disney brat.

    im embarrassed for all the women singers who got snubbed for this loser.

    whitney, diana, stevie miley??

    you got to be joking!

  • diane n.

    not really feelin’ the outfits, but whatever.
    haha, i can see it now, “OoO, Miley just said hell!”

  • LuckyL

    Fishnets. Short-dress. Over-aged mess.

  • LuckyL

    I wonder if Miss Jesus said “heck” instead of “hell” in Sheryl’s song.

  • suzette

    she sucks and needs to disappear ASAP

  • Bubbey

    Two words. White Trash.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, I’m still wondering where Beyonce is, but I’m sure they were frightened to death she would steal the show.

  • Cy

    Ewwww. She think she can sing. Nothing but Disney talentless kids.

  • g!na

    omg! i’m embarrassed for her! she cannot not sing if her life depended on it! Did you hear her duet with Sheryl Crow? she was awful!

  • Katie

    it never fails to shock me that she is 16 years old. When Hilary Duff performed on stage she would wear tight pants and a racer back but miley cyrus feels the need to dress and dance like a hooker. I just dont get it. And that dress? wtf? Her parents disgust me. The fact that they are the only people on planet earth who cant see that their daughter is heading down the same path as Linday Freakin Lohan just proves that they are too caught up in the fame and money she brings in for them. Its ridiculous. I wish this girl knew how many people have ZERO respect for her or anything she does.

    And her voice. Awful. Its like shes trying to hard to sing in the leagues of the other performers(jordin sparks, kelly clarkson etc), but instead she sounds raspy and out of breath.

    Im sorry but it is very hard to like Miley Cyrus. She just comes across as a cheap, classless overly confident spoiled brat.

  • omg

    i watched the video. jesus christ. what happened you sounded more bad than before. man i wouldve booed like cray if i heard that voice.

  • prophet666

    whatever anyone says i enjoyed this

  • LuckyL

    #12 Katie
    Don’t worry, she’ll wear her voice out. She sings incorrectly. You see poor Britney now. You should hear the voice she had as a child (available on YouTube).

    Anyway, as Avril is being posted about below this, she dominated the scene from about 15-21. Thank God Mi-Ho-ley’s time will be coming to a close soon enough, however Disney’s propaganda machine has grown much stronger, so maybe a little a long than Avril’s span.

  • LuckyL


  • val

    I dun really like the nets. It’s kinda UGLY.
    Dun get me wrong, I love miley

  • lalala

    My ears! Why does she sound like a 50 year old lounge singer that smokes 6 packs a day.

  • ah

    Uh that dress is very inappropriate for a girl her age! Maybe if she was um let’s see..a bit OLDER. Sheesh, She needs to take it DOWN a notch and stop trying to act so old. I’m a fan but don’t push it Miley.

  • Jas14

    I love how her and her family act like they have morals. Why do her parents think it’s okay for their 16 year old daughter to dress like this??!! And if you people don’t think it’s weird for a 16 year old to be wearing a dress like that, hello, reality check puh lease!

  • haley

    @g!na: OMG! MILEY WAS AWFUL! SHE CAN’T SING! SHE STUNK LIKE CRAP WHEN SHE SANG WITH SHERYL CROW! kelly clarkson & melissa etheridge rocked!

  • Jlene

    Can someone PLEASE tell me why she’s a diva. Hell No! she aint no diva, she sings these kiddies 2 minute rock n roll songs with that irratating voice that makes you cringe with your hairs standing that you gotta turn the station real quick. Who ever is making these choices for diva’s need to regroup cause they misses the important ones (Whitney & Maraiah& Celine Dion) just to mention a few, by no ways is this girl a diva. Go back to Disney! Oh better yet, how much money did her parents pay for her to be on there to get her out of Disney??

  • dfdf

    these pics symbolize everything that is wrong with america and the world.

  • pout

    trashy trash! she has no elegance or grace whatsoever! and she’s 16???? we can be sexy and u know graceful. it’s all about how u wear a dress and your attitude! she doesn’t have all these things. she just wanna look older, dress lightly and be considerd as sexy! NO MILEY YOU’RE NOT SEXY, YOU’RE NOT A DIVA! BEYONCE HAVE A FEW THINGS TO TEACH U… TAKE DOWN NOTES LIL GIRL! YOU’RE 16 AND SILLY

  • True to this

    She needs more control of her body. She’s so damn awkward, its laughable. She needs basic dance lessons as a start. Whoever is her voice coach isn’t doing a good job, its another thing she needs more control of.

    I have this weird love for Miley, yet I understand why people hate her, lol. I think its her personality that makes me like her.

  • trish

    I love how people say she is too young to be wearing stuff like that. In my opinion no matter what your age if you are dressing like a slut, then you are dressing like a slut.

    I think Miley can sing very good (maybe not live but recorded yes). But she think shes has to be controversial and “sexy” to sell.

  • chichi

    EUGH. How can she be on VH1 Divas when she sounds like a cat coughing up a hairball. EUGH. I feel so embarassed for her.

  • Bella

    I’m still not understanding why there wasn’t a single “diva” at the Diva concert….its a sad state of affairs

  • Sarah

    I don’t understand why Miley was included in this show. She screamed with Sheryl Crow & made a song I liked one that I ended up muting. I think her “Party in the U.S.A.” (is that the name?) is kind of catchy but she was really out of her league with this group. This is a show that I thought highlighted artists with vocal range, with the exception of Miley that’s what it had.

  • Jessica

    I don’t mind the dress, I like it. But as for the performance outfit it’s a tad tacky. But whatever floats here boat.

  • marta

    agree w/previous posts, the disney brat lacks real talent.

    whenever i see pictures of her, i still remember her pouting over radiohead refusing to meet w/her at the grammys. and radiohead hit the nail on the head when they called her: entitled.

  • Sisi

    She looks like a camel

  • Tia

    Miley you were awesome last night Love you girl and remember forget the haters you rock.

    Much Love God bless.

  • zanessa4life
  • Megan

    dang, what happened to her voice? Was she sick or something? Definitely did not sound good!

  • Lucy86

    Her voice is terrible up there

  • asdfdfadf

    she sucked when performing with sheryl crow, and she looks like a hooker in fishnets..

  • Jane

    She is such a troll… She looks like she fell of the ugly tree and hit ever branch on her way down…

  • johanna

    she is out on her tour and is singing like every evening no wonder why her voice is tired……..

  • zk

    Inappropriately dressed as usual…………wayyyy too slutty for a 16 yr old!!!

    Her parents are HORRIBLE… different from Dina Lohan, it’s all about whoring out your kid for the almighty dollar!

    ……..if you need more proof – seriously, what GOOD parent lets their 15 yr old date a 20 yr old???!?!!!

  • jo

    I thought she sounded great with Sheryl Crow!

  • Amanda

    Her dress looked like she had toilet paper hanging out the back of it.

  • I need to pass this test

    Cyrus ruined the show.

  • Chloe

    Why is a 16-year-old wearing YSL pumps??? Arggggh.

  • Jen

    she is 16, she shouldnt try so hard to be sexy. I guess she doesn’t have parents.


    She is all grown up and people need to accept that…most 16-year-olds are having babies while Miley Cyrus is entertaining the world with passion. She is a Diva for many reasons and she did a wonderful job. Her talent is immense…don’t know of many 16-years- olds that can dazzle the stage like Miley.

    Her outfits were gorgeous!!

  • Kimberly

    I don’t see how on earth she ever got a singing contract or even sold any music. I don’t care how many teeny boppers like her or not, this girl cannot sing to save her life. I would rather listen to my cat squalling than her wailing. The only reason she has fans is b/c the teen boppers are easily impressed and don’t know real talent when they hear and see it.

  • like wow

    Will Miley’s Twitter followers reach 2 million in number on Saturday, Sunday or Monday?

  • mickey

    It’s an insult to other ladies that Miley was there. She can’t sing. She has terrible pitch. She sounds like a kid who is pretending badly to be a real singer. I can’t wait for her fans to grow up so her 15 minutes can be over.

  • flashmob

    You haters here are probably all tortured by your culture’s prohibitions against admitting desire for this red hot sex symbol that belies your culture’s values. Hence, your psychosis.