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Adam Lambert & Drake LaBry: Pink Pair

Adam Lambert & Drake LaBry: Pink Pair

Adam Lambert and boyfriend Drake LaBry leave the Staples Centre together after attending the Pink concert in Los Angeles on Friday night (September 18).

The 27-year-old American Idol runner-up and his interior designer boyfriend were in good spirits as the left Pink‘s latest stop on her Funhouse Tour.

Earlier this week, Adam took to his Twitter and wrote, “Idols Live tour has officially ended. Thanks to my fellow idols and all the fans for making this summer such an adventure.”

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Credit: David Tonnessen; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Lily

    Have a good break Adam, love you

  • wow

    Hi boys! :)

  • TXDramaQueen

    Awww…glad they got to see each other and enjoy an event together. Much love for both of them. So cute!

  • LuckyL

    Adam is so cute and hot.

  • let me help you

    @Jennifer: Yes, GOD HATES HOMOPHOBES!

  • Amanda

    OMG how are they so cute?? I love Adam w Drake, and look how freaking happy he is!!!! <3

  • Lola

    It’s good to see him home with his boy! We love you Adam!!!!!!

  • Nick

    Looking good !

  • Angel

    Jennifer, go hop back in your trashcan with all the other green grouches.
    What the world needs is more love, not more hate. So Jen, honey, we love you too. Adam adds lots of love to this world. We need him.

  • schufly

    Love them. They look so happy. So glad Adam is home after that grueling tour. Now time to make music!!!

  • jeri holloway

    I thought the flamboyants were more attracted to the manly men.

  • jorge

    wow adam looks super happy & ultra hot.
    the boyfriend can work it too but not digging his hair so much.

    where in the world is kris?

  • dundies

    jared I’m disappointed you didn’t post my comment

  • jhi

    God loves Adam above all!

  • qiana jones

    @let me help you: You know what i cant stand people who make comments like that. God loves everyone, because we’re his children he made everyone, good and bad. Thats what the problem is with this world, people hate,but what the world needs right now is love. Adam was probably born gay he cant help that. And why is the world wound God hate, if you read the bible it says “Love not hate.” I dont know what YOUR bible says but that is what mine, and everybody else’s says. So do everyone a favor and shut the hell up. All you’re doing is causing people to dislike you.

  • Jodi

    adam looks hawt…drake’s not a bad-looking boy, but if he wanted to, i’m sure adam can do way better, but then love is a mysterious thing… here’s hoping they stay strong and happy for a good while!

  • mia

    @Jennifer: Jeny dear, God hates hate! God created everything, and loves everything, he gave you a mind and I’m sure is saddend at so many of his children take so long to evolve to enlightenment. Sending you love.
    Adam is one of God most beautiful creations and must love him that he gifted him with the voice of an angel and the heart of compassion. Adam would smile at you and honestly wish you well.

  • dundies

    @ #6 did god tell you to post that comment

  • dundies

    re: mia if there’s one thing “God” hates, it is sin. end of discussion

  • let me help you

    @dundies: Yes. Homophobes will burn in Hell.

  • sara

    It’s great to see Adam back in LA and having fun! P!nk is amazing.

    I see the bf still wears fugly clothes and lives in tank tops, but whatever, Adam looks happy.

  • Amber



  • Strut

    According to FMQB, the radio release date for Adam Lambert’s debut single from his upcoming album is 10/12.

    The single hasn’t been officially announced yet, but there is a lot of speculation around a song called “Strut”, Adam co-wrote with Idol judge, Kara DioGuardi. A reporter at Rolling Stone has heard it and described the song as “a Depeche Mode-meets-Queen self-empowerment anthem that highlights Lambert’s range.”

  • be happy

    Beautiful people. Glad they have each other.

  • mia

    @dundies: and you are no authority on what God likes and dislikes, you are an arrogant know it all and that is a sin, if you wish to label that kind of thing on humanity which is not God, God is love ( I said god hates hate as that is a quote directly from Adam when you commented on the Westboro fanatics , and I liked the message ) look beyond the wording. LIght and Love to you.

  • Susan

    boyfriend’s not bad, but Adam is EWWWW lol

  • Jess


    He ain’t fond of bigoted idiots like you either…..

  • Tina


  • Jory

    awwwwwwww this is so cute .. God i love Adam beyond words and Drake is effin Cute and sweet they suit each other perfectly i hope they last and find happiness <3 the cutest couple ever :)

  • Jerilin

    Your eeeewwwww go spew your hate somewhere else. Adam is the sex.

  • dundies

    re: mia I’m no more arrogant than you for quoting the bible. I’ll pray for you

  • Stephanie L


    And Jennifer (#4):
    The only thing God hates is HATE. So stop hating!!

    Honestly, LOOK at how insanely happy those two look!! That kind of happiness could NEVER be a bad thing (of course the exception being if they were hurting someone/something in the process, which they most certainly are not). If someone makes you beam like that and feel all warm and fuzzy inside, then it is right and natural for you to be with them. Love is love. <3

  • afabufba

    love adam! when is his album coming out!??

  • November 24

    Adam Lambert announced his album release date on Twitter!
    It will debut November 24, one week after Kris Allen’s album release.

  • pollywood

    I don’t presume to know what God hates because He/She doesn’t talk to me personally. Jennifer, if you hear God’s voice telling you that he hates Adam, then maybe you need professional help. I do know that I love Adam, and I am happy for him if he has found someone to love.
    By the way, I am a straight woman, and I believe that God loves all of His/Her children and wants us to be good (Adam is good) and happy.

  • MIMI

    Adam is gorgeous! Straight guys should get some tips from gay men, be cleaner, smells better, be more sensitive, look after yourselves more and you would have more women at your feet, honestly guys!
    Adam is beautiful, I know he is gay and not ninterested in women at all, I’ve got gay friends and trust me, the bi-curious thing is just a joke, he likes men only…… you Adam, great voive, great enterteiner, that’s what it matters!…..

  • mia

    @dundies: im sorry that you still don’t get it, blessings!

  • richard

    Adam is gay,…stupid women can still dream of him, but the truth is that he is only interested in men, he can sing is face off and is good looking, so I predict a good career for him, but honestly, if straight women want to get laid, they still have to get some straight guys, cause he is not gonna give a sh*it about any of them, good luck, Adam!

  • Ouch!

    My gosh, the gays have no sense of style whatsoever (coming from a gay guy who has it).


    I love Adam and Drake!!!

  • Stephanie L

    ADAM most definitely has style :P

    Drake? lil more questionable, but he’s super cute so we can overlook his love for unflattering tanktops haha


    @richard I love Adam for his music…’s not about getting “laid”…that’s shallow…

  • kell

    @richard: not everything is about getting laid, (thats the problem with guys, always thinking with that organ) there is another part of the body, the brain, and it would be heaven to talk with someone like Adam,and even though Adam is gay, men and women can still appreicate his beauty and intelligence. Bet you don’t say that when two women are involved.

  • g!na

    P!nk rocks! She’s rockin America on her tour!

  • Keira

    @MIMI: Right on!!

  • richard

    Yep, you are right, not everything it’s about getting laid, but……at the end of the day, you’d like to have a man who can make you feel like a woman,.. I know what you mean, but ,c’mon,….would you marry a gay man? If so, good luck to you. I don’t understand why some women are always having a go at straight men, …tell me, if you know….

  • Keira

    @richard: well Richard it’s you calling women stupid for liking a gay man, of course we know we can’t get sexual satifaction from a gay man, but we can appreciate that Adam is very good looking, sweet, funny and smart and there is no expectation of having to fend off an overzealous guy, I am sorry, I did not mean to put down straight guys , but why do some of you guys get so offended that we can see the good qualities in a gay person? I know I will never have sex with Adam and I don’t even dream about it, I just like the fact that he is a good human being that I could have as a friend. You sound like a pretty open guy ,I like that you wish Adam well so hopefully you can see my point.

  • wtf?

    @richard: What are you talking about ????
    Women are fans only because they hope to have sex with actors and singers ?!?
    Why are you insulting our intelligence?

  • manuel

    Actually, I’m gay and I can tell you that gay men are far more promiscuous than people think,we go to sex clubs, have sex with married men, etc,…we have a good time, man and we don’t worry about relationships as much as straight people do,,…….life is too short man, so….have a good time!

  • rpatzfan

    gay face lol