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Sandra Oh - Emmy Awards 2009

Sandra Oh - Emmy Awards 2009

Sandra Oh looks like the winning golden statuette herself at the 2009 Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre on Sunday (September 20) in Los Angeles.

The 38-year-old actress Grey’s Anatomy actress wore a gold Marchesa dress and cllutch, Jimmy Choo “clue” platform shoes, yellow gold teardrop diamond earrings by Tacori and David Yurman ring.

The Emmy Awards will be hosted by Neil Patrick Harris and airs TONIGHT (September 20) @ 8PM ET/PT on CBS.

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  • viv

    gorgeous, this looks so sexy, classy and rich.

  • Yike!

    Wow, that face. She might just be one of the fugliest women on evening Television. Ok body but that face that face that face! It’s scary. Rumer Willis but like 10 times worst.

  • Susie

    I hope she doesn’t trip on that dress! It looks dangerous to me.

  • Yike!

    And that picture of her smiling: WHOA! Yikes. Ouch. Fug. Sorry. Just fug. Nothing can save such a face. Just like Rumer Willis. NOTHING. Face too long, too flat, too thick and eyes too far up to her forehead, fug mouth. Poor thing. Plastic surgery can’t fix this. Rumer Willis has the same problem. It is an entire face thing. Fug. Period. Maxim was right when they voted her most unattractive woman in show biz.

  • pop86

    This is the best I ever seen her on the red-carpet. She looks amazing.
    The best dress of the night.

  • alex

    love the dress.

  • LuckyL

    Best dressed list for sure!

  • pop86

    @Yike!: You are either blind or stupid( and maybe racist, but I give you the beneift of the doubt). Sandra looks great. To try to compare her to Rumer Willis is so off the mark.

  • http://yikethezzoo Yike!

    To pop86 –
    You really actually seriously think she is good looking? I am asking you again? Seriously!? And why can’t someone say a person of another race is unattractive and not be a racist? If a non-white person says Kathy Griffin is ugly, are they a racist or is it not just plain true? Sandrah Oh is downright ugly. No ifs and buts about it. Look at that face and google her and you will see the amount of people who agree with me. She is ugly. End of story. And yes, she and Rumer WIllis have the same problem: the shape of their face is problematic so nothing can save the face. Let’s be honest. Seriously.The dress is nice, I’ll give her that.

  • Jo

    Absolutely stunning! I really hope she wins tonight! :)

  • Jessica

    I usually think she’s pretty unattractive, but she looks really good in that dress.

  • Kera W.

    Eww. She kinda looks like the guy in the movie “Mask” with Cher.

  • weloveep

    I think Sandra Oh is gorgeous.

  • Denny

    She looks gorgeous.

  • michelle43


  • laura

    She looks amazing! LOVE the dress!

  • Lena

    My favorite tonight! Sandra looks stunning!

  • michelle43

    She is one of the prettiest actresses out there! I love the dress, love the hair, love the face, love the personality, love everything about her! I can’t wait to see her in Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday! Get out there and be yourself, DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS!!!

  • Ashlee

    Guys stfu. Sandra Oh looked amazing tonight so how about you go and stop bashing people. Sandra, you looked gorgeous.

  • melissa

    She looks gorgeous!

  • gabs

    why do people have to be so mean (yike!) everyones attracted to different people but to come on here and be so horrible, well its just not needed. Mind you, your probably a fat middle aged man who’s only satisfaction in life , is to made yourself feel better by putting other down

  • Dr potato head

    Oh stop it all of you. Are you from her PR team? Either that or #16-19 are the same people. I have never been on any thread where the concensus is Sandra Oh is attractive. She is painfully ugly and is known for her unattractiveness. And when she cries or laughs, it’s worst. She and Sarah Jessica Parker are horsefaces. Sandra Oh is ugly. Like they couldn’t find a better looking woman to play that role? Puuhleeze. All the attractive women in Hollywood and this ugly chick gets a starring role on a series? Puuuhleeze. Her dress has to be nice to make up for the swollen long face and the mouth full of apples jaw.

  • michelle43

    Dr. potato head: YOU ARE A JERK! And no, I am a 15 year old girl who loves Sandra Oh and Grey’s Anatomy. I am not from her PR team and #16-19 are different people. We have a twitter thing going saying that “Sandra Oh needs some comment love here.” I’m sure the other people on this page saw that and decided to take action. Stop putting Sandra Oh down. I’m sure you have your opinion that she is unattractive, and that’s fine, but you don’t have to go into a long paragraph about it. I am of the other opinion that she is drop-dead gorgeous and I am going to leave it at that.

  • Ofelia

    Sandra looks beautiful. I love her.

    @Yike! Were you not loved as a child? Why all the negativity? Nobody cares if she’s fugly or looks like Megan Fox. The fact that she’s nominated for an Emmy means she is respected and has something significant to offer the world. You on the other hand go to internet blogs, post petty, hateful comments about her in order to get attention. Get a life, you poor soul.

  • TeejH

    Wow, she looks really good!

  • Dr potato head

    So michelle 43: my point exactly. this is a twitter movement to help support sandra but it is not postings from genuine people who actually think she is attractive. you are posting to help support her. but in reality, you know people think she is unattractive. you know this for a fact. you have heard all the blog discussions about her fug face. someone mentioned rumer willis. same thing. it is a known fact in hollywood that rumer is fugly. that’s ok. some actresses are attractive and sandrah oh and rumer willis are fug. why are we pretending?

  • Dr potato head

    maybe if she takes those apples out of her swollen rumer willis jaw but until then, sandra: stop smiling. it makes your fug mug worst.

  • zephra

    When I look at Sandra Oh, i don’t see ugly. She’s absolutely beautiful. She’s not your typical blond-haired, blue-eyed, big-breasted starlet and that is so refreshing! I find her very elegant and graceful. And the way she delivers her lines on Grey’s is just amazing, she’s excellent! even when the storyline isn’t that good…
    DON’T BE HATEFUL, you don’t have to look at pictures of people you despise. What’s the point?

  • Some of you are so shallow!

    Have you heard of talent? Have you watched Gray’s Anatomy? If you watched the first season or so, you would get it. She was hilarious and made me want to watch the show. She’s a wonderful actress and somehow her personality overtakes her outward appearance that some of you view as “ugly.”… you don’t view her as Asian even, but a very funny and intelligent person with depth and ability. I wonder what the I.Q. is of those people that view the world as “beautiful” and “ugly” and nothing in between.

  • rehabnonono

    Oh dear, Yike! hates her so much he had three goes at it and couldn’t get anyone to agree. What’s going on there …. “loooo – ser”. Not racist…well he’d have to admit maybe a little racist … seeing as she’s one of the most attractive women on TV.

  • Ofelia

    @ Dr potato head You can keep saying she’s fugly til you’re blue in the face but not everyone will agree with you. And as someone mentioned, you have the option not to look at her photos or switch the channel when she’s on. Why don’t you try that sometime? It just might make you look less pathetic and needy than you do now.

  • Elisa

    the best dress of the night so far

  • peter

    Love her dress! She looks very classy and beautiful.

  • http://tessnplya TessN

    Get your facts straight. Maxim chose the 5 unsexiest women alive and Sarah Jessica Parker was #1 not Sandra. Sandra was like #4 and Madonna was on there too. Sandra is not the most beautiful woman in the world but that is not her role. She is playing a doctor not a vixen. She is a serious actress. Let Megan Fox be the sex toy. Sandra means business. I know I read endless blogs calling her ugly, but why does a woman have to be a vixen to get ahead? So she is not attractive, so what? Why does she have to be? It is the way she is. Not everyone can be attractive dummy.
    Here is the list you were referring to and I happen to like Sarah Jessica and think she is attractive in her own way:

  • Jill

    Absolutely love the dress! Drop-dead gorgeous!

  • http://iloeihop ihop pancake special

    Sophia Loren: gorgeous. Megan Fox: gorgeous. This thing above: the spawn of a potato and a pancake stuffed with teeth.

  • Yongl

    Hey, understand the simple idea of:- Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. (And apparently some don’t.) Even if you don’t think she’s beautiful, gorgeous, and breath-taking (which I think she is, along with many many many many many others), please never ever take it to such a level whereby you start being crude, as if it’s that’s what you’re living for:- Putting someone down in such a disrespectful manner.

    I’d love and appreciate it more if you could start being a little bit more critical of your own behaviors instead.

    She indeed nails every single performance. Marvelous actress. She shines with her personality. She radiates a certain kind of charm that grows on people. And, believe it or not, take it or leave it, she’s gorgeous.

  • Ana Lexie

    @Yike!: dude i agree that she’s ugly but i dont think she’s rumer willis ugly.. i dont think sandra’s THAT ugly at all, no offense to rumer.. sandra.. just isnt prettym but isnt disgustingly ugly either

  • Ana Lexie

    @Dr potato head: again, yeah, she’s ugly, but lol you’re like going to the extreme to make fun of her OD

  • lolly

    calling her ugly? lol like you guys are pretty enough to be on TV. i know Oh is talented, but she started getting roles because they thought she’s pretty. i know a lot of asians think she’s ugly, but again alot of asians are ugly themselves. yea, it takes one to know one. most of my white friends think she’s hot

  • saRAH

    She’s beautiful!

  • Realme2008

    I’m so tired of people bashing her looks. She is an extremely talented actress, and that’s how she gets her roles. Based on her talent, and not because of her looks. Unlike say someone like Megan Fox. It just makes you guys seem so idiotic when all you do if focus on the superficial. She has worked to get where she is at in Hollywood, and that’s what matters.That’s what deserves respect.

  • STFU

    @Dr potato head: were you abused during childhood? assuming that you had a childhood. are you some sad clown who’s repeatedly made fun of in school? do you not get invited to birthday parties? why are you so hateful? yes, sandra is unattractive and she isn’t comparable to angelina jolie or megan fox appearance wise, but she was nominated for an emmy for her talent. yes, believe it or not you ignorant ass, that’s what people get nominated for at the emmy. it is not a beauty pageant. not that you would win either. because if you were a somebody with respect and success, you wouldn’t be writing such hateful pathetic comments on internet blogs. let’s move on shall we?

  • Katygirl

    If you are a woman & writing that female actresses at the Emmy’s are “ugly” than you have a SERIOUS self-hatred problem. People are on tv for being brilliantly talented, and typically, exceptionally beautiful.
    Sandra Oh is a breakthrough as a ubre successful Korean actress. How anyone can write that she’s anything less than stunning is shocking to me. You must be teenagers, right? Filled w insecurity and self-hatred. You have so much to learn. And if you’re an adult and writing these things, than I am sorry your life is so miserable that it lifts you up to rake strangers through the coals. Why can’t you just comment on the dresses and act human for God’s sake!? It’s because this is the net, and no one can see your face or even your real name. Act like they can, and get some class.

  • tiffany
  • tiffany

    Wow, she looks really good!

  • tiffany
  • http://nyluvcee NY Luv

    A face only a mother can love. Why is it ok to call Jennifer Aniston and Rumer Willis and Ashlee Simpson ugly but not an Asian actress? Ugly has nothing to do with race. Sandra is ugly. If she was any race, she’d be ugly with that face. End of story. Beauty is in the eye of what beholder? A blind beholder? If she is not ugly then what’s ugly? I am perplexed. She’s ugly. It’s ok if she is talented and all but all of you are trying to pass her off as some beauty and that is just a blatant lie. Let’s accept it: some people are attractive and some are not. The way of the world. There are 100 times prettier girls selling tokens in NY subways. Sandra is not cute. At all… all!

  • http://gmail.webmail Voice Of Reason

    Scientists have actually come up with a ratio for what constitutes a beautiful face and having a “two dimensional” face like hers makes it hard for many people to off the bat find her attractive. It’s a proportion problem. Her face is not ugly, it’s just not proportioned. It is long. And then the eyes are far in proportion to the nose and the mouth in proportion to the chin, etc. I think even babies respond to proportioned faces better. Anyway, here is another pic of her. Again, it’s a proportion problem if you look at her face closely. She can’t help it. You are born that way. Jay Leno has the problem too but his is due to illness.

  • elaine june

    oh wow!

    she’s so pretty.