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Kate Beckinsale: Sexiest Woman Alive

Kate Beckinsale: Sexiest Woman Alive

Kate Beckinsale, named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire Magazine, takes the day off to treat herself to a spa and a day of shopping on Tuesday (October 6) in Beverly Hills.

The 36-year-old actress told Esquire that, “this whole notion of being named Sexiest Woman Alive is going to earn me quite a beating. You can’t have that title with four brothers. I’ll get wedgies. Headlocks. Noogies.”

“If you’re any kind of a human,” Kate said, “you know the title is utterly ludicrous. But I like the idea of it, too. I do. I’m feeling that I must earn this. I need to go out and become much better at pole dancing or something.”

10+ pictures inside of Kate Beckinsale as the Sexiest Woman Alive…

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  • lisali

    Wow.. sexiest woman alive… funny how they throw that title around these days.

  • nikomilinko
  • villedeville

    Kate surely is a very good looking woman, but the sexiest woman in the world? I’ve seen a lot of models and actresses who looks better than she does. For the sexiest woman in the world the voters should have gone to Rio de Janeiro beaches first. Kate would just be a face in the crowd there.

    Personally, I would have voted for Eva Green

  • ignizgt

    damn you Len Wiseman…!

  • Whoever

    She is a regular pretty looking female… she is not even sexy… pretty and sexy are different

  • Sara

    She is sexiest woman because while being completely gorgeous, she is laid back and likeable. Her comments about the award are funny and approachable. She is a total package!!!

  • jeff

    lol what’s sexyy about her? I understand Charlize or Halle but not her. She is a plain Jane. Completely agree about Rio beaches, go there and see for yourself!

  • voe

    She is undeniably beautiful. And I agree with her that the idea is ludicrous. Only in America there are endless lists of sexiest women in the world. Yah, the list composers have seen all the women of this world. I doubt they even see all women in their own city. Ludicrous indeed. Kudos to KB for being so aware.

  • ummahyk

    she has nice hair and legs,sexiness is more about the attitude.

  • Lori

    sexiest woman alive? LMAO
    her agent knew someone at Esquire.

    Sexy & an attitude, an aura. She is like warm milk.

  • mia

    i think that esquire should change their award name to “sexiest woman of ____” for whatever year it is, because the title doesn’t make sense. are halle berry and jessica biel no longer sexy? no…or maybe the world will implode from the collection of so-called sexiness.

    i’m just glad that megan fox wasn’t listed for something as once.

    i think kate beckinsale is cool and pretty talented. she’s done big blockbuster films but her smaller films really showcase her talent. also, i think it’s great that they picked someone who’s a mother as well.

    i gotta say that her hair ALWAYS looks shiny and full. she needs to be a spokesmodel for l’oreal or something.

  • what

    Beautiful women are not necessarily sexy and sexy women are not necessarily beautiful.
    Kate is beautiful, but I do not find her “sexy” at all.

  • Anakin

    She’s beautiful and sexy but I wouldn’t call her the sexiest woman alive, and she’s not wearing her wedding ring anymore, trouble in paradise again?

  • mike

    Milf springs to mind given she is 36 years old, but sexiest woman alive is a fair description and I agree with Mia it’s great that Megan Fox didn’t get listed. Did you see the video? All you doubters check it out before you make your minds up. here it is… enjoy boys!

  • reba

    sorry but I disagree, I’ve seen much prettier

  • andjz

    She is much sexier and hotter then jolie – and looks way younger then most her age

  • yeah but

    if the posters on this site had a vote they would vote some mediocre chick as the sexiest woman just to make themselves feel better

  • riri

    While I agree she got better with age, she was never even PRETTY.
    British women for some reason are less attractive, so perhaps if you compare her with Victoria or other british gals, she is better.
    Her body did get so much better, but her face is just palin for Hollywood.

  • Can I Say


  • s

    Overrated, she has buck teeth and a horse face.

  • go sox

    I’m pretty tired of hearing that Brazil is the only country with beautiful women. Are you people for real????? EVERY COUNTRY in the world has beautiful women, and Brazil does not have the only ones. This honor was given to Kate from a U.S. publication. No need for them to trudge the beaches in Rio to find beautiful women. There are plenty others in the world. I’m sure Brazil has magazines that pick the sexiest women in their country.

  • Dave

    Wow she’s gorgeous!

  • Rose

    I have to agree with this one, Kate Beckinsale has, in my opinion, always been the most beautiful, sexiest women in Hollywood, and everywhere else. She is just natural, talented, and drop dead gorgeous.And she’s funny. Any girl would want to look like her.

  • Jules

    The title couldn’t have gone to a more deserving winner, she is sexy, natural, classy, funny and a great mother and wife!

  • clay

    @yeah but: Not to put anyone down, but if they had used Catherine Zeta Jones there would not have been any question of sexy and beauty and she would also be British if that is the criteria. Anyway, not to be mean, enjoy it Kate! I would be flattered with the title too. Lets enjoy in her fun.

  • clay

    @go sox: I hear that a lot as well. I have seen some ugly women from Brazil in the U.S. Actually, most of the Brazilian women I have seen here are average with only about one I have seen in about 100 hundred I would describe as good looking. To be truthful, you are correct, every country does have both beautiful and not so beautiful people. With the ones with average looks out numbering most of population.

  • Kristen

    I LOVE KATE BECKINSALE!! she is soo beautiful

  • mzjt

    She’s girl-next-door sexy, yet sophisticated lady. I love her look…natural, laid-back, casual-sexy. She doesn’t need to do pole dancing to ‘earn’ the title as she puts it. Beauty/sexiness is not trashy pole dancing.

  • Candice

    I just wanna say, Kate EARNED this title. Okay. She’s not blonde, big boobed and fake like how everyone else tends to think ‘sexy’ is and I’m SICK of that image, ya know. She’s not slutty Megan Fox, she’s classy Kate. Also regarding someone’s comment of her having a ‘horse face and buck teeth’…you need new glasses. Seriously. She’s a natural beauty. End of and I’m glad she received the title :D

  • lakers fan in boston

    wouldnt say she’s the sexiest woman but she is insanely hot
    not liking her look in these pics, ive seen her better from her

  • daveskaren

    Very nice…….bestsexymodel