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Rachel Bilson is Freak Chic

Rachel Bilson is Freak Chic

Rachel Bilson and her former O.C. co-star Samaire Armstrong watch their gal pal get a tattoo at Freak Chic on Melrose Avenue on Monday afternoon (October 19) in West Hollywood.

Good to see Rachel and Samaire are still friends after so long!

Funny tweet of the day from @amandawel: “I took a picture of Rachel Bilson inside the store and a paparazzi dude gave me 20 dollars. Woo!”

Rachel is wearing Paige Premium Denim “Skyline Skinnies” in Gypsy.

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rachel bilson freak chic samaire armstrong 02
rachel bilson freak chic samaire armstrong 03
rachel bilson freak chic samaire armstrong 04
rachel bilson freak chic samaire armstrong 05

Credit: Deano/Marc; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • lakers fan in boston

    once again another daily post of rachel
    im really wondering if u can go a day without posting about her jared
    i will say she looks damn cute in the 2nd pic

  • nikkki

    omgg summer and anna are friends! haha i love seeing samaire and rachel together!!

  • m.jose

    love her style, and if u dont like her dont pooost :)

  • jessica

    thanks for not mentioning the name hayden when you post crap :D

  • Leia

    Hayden hayden hayden! Hahaha! It’s good to see Rachel with Samaire! They must be Mischa with them!

    I love Rachel! Jared please continue posting about Rachel!

  • Josh

    Man, this girl so sucks.

  • @1

    In the first pick she looks horrendous, and the other girls in the picks are much better looking but they are not dating HC so it is a Rachel post.

    None of the critics of NYILU noticed her in the film. She has absolutely no future, she should get pregnant. Wedding 2010, baby 9 months after.

    Why doesn’t she go where Hayden is and be with him, she is not doing anything else, even for a couple of days, they are so in love, why so much apart.

  • sotrue

    I love her! Keep the posts coming, Jared. Thanks!

  • @8

    There are worthier ppl in HW, what is there to love?

  • ?

    I heard that she will go to an event tomorrow on Lucky Magazine and day 22 she will go to another event, for it she’s in LA, to appear for the photographers, is the only thing that she can do. Is strange, I noted that she goes every week for some studio and she don’t have work, I wonder what she will do in these places? Hayden has been going to a reunion one time this year and he is working now, strange, I wonder what she does in these places? Work is not!

  • lexy

    $20 for her pics?? LMAO!! Wonder how much this chick would have gotten for a pic of someone famous.
    Why is it none of you “fans” went to see NYILY? It didn’t even crack the top 10.
    Lakers fan you’ll stop seeing pics of RB doing nothing when she goes off to convince HC to get her a job on his latest film or when her checks no longer arrive at JJ.

  • @10

    what she does in these places? Sex! LOL

  • jessica

    @5 – good try but not worked :D

  • vickee

    Where’s seth cohen? Does rachel still talk to him or will Hayden get jealous?


    NiCE S0LDiER B00TS!!

  • liz

    Hayden has to dump this girl and concentrate in her career, I know that if he wants, he can have a good career, Keanu Reevers is a horrible actor but he has a good career and he don’t have wife or kids, I think hayden could do the same, but the only problem is rachel, I think she tells him what he can and what he can’t do, if anyone noted, since he began dating Rachel, he don’t make any movie where he has a “girlfriend”, in Vanishing, I bet that erin will not appear much.

  • shadowy

    @ Rachel Bilson is Freak Chic?!
    More apt to say that she’s a DUMB FREAK JINX!!!

  • huh?


    What do you mean “Hayden has been going to a reunion one time this year”?? What reunion?

  • me

    I wonder what she looks like without that heavy eye liner, must be yak bc she is always wearing a very heavy eye liner.

  • eb

    PLEASE STOP POSTING Rachel Bilson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BORING

  • @12

    Duh?! She badly needs to make & leak a SEX tape just to let everyone believing even tad a bit that she getting some…

  • mandy

    I guess few of the OC cast did well after it ended, seems like Rachel & Co have started a little out-of-work club of their own. BTW JJ, was that random last comment added to make it look like Rachel doesn’t tip off the paps. Didn’t the pap bring his own camera to the show?

  • lisa

    Jared loves to post about Rachel lol

  • http://VERYSEXY sharyllee

    why tooo many pictures of Rachel Bilson. I see nothing in her..

  • screwed

    @7 – None of the critics of NYILU noticed her in the film. She has absolutely no future

    She ‘s Non-Entity Zlister : through & through, now & then & forever & ever AMEN!

  • emmaa

    Omg omg! Samaire!! I’m glad they have kept in touch. The only that makes this post worthwhile though, is Samaire. Enough Jared!

  • bigger

    maybe Samaire can share her cutting techniques with Rachel

  • @27

    I wish the producers cut out Rachel Bilson from NYILU and put some girl from the street who never acted before, the result might have been better, bc no one even knows that she is in the movie. Her presence is so weak and inconsequential that not one critic mentioned her, it is her biggest/respectable movie so far and no one even noticed her.

  • Michelle

    UM… seeing as the girl who took the pic inside the store gave the photo to the pap, they’re getting $100 for the photo, whilst she only gets $20. BAD CALL.

  • trish

    Well, at least he got the freak part right.

  • Disappointed

    Only 30 posts in 16 hours. I think people are getting bored with her.

    Hey Jared, find candids of Hayden in Detroit and see how many hits you get!

  • @28

    Her fiance got himself a few mentions, mostly not in a good way tho!

  • OMG

    Hair like Medusa’s snakes. She needs a tidy up.

  • ruiner

    wow, I guess the people who post comments on this site are a bunch of illiterate morons. And bashing her about her career going nowhere, yet you have no idea that she has some things lined up. Oh, and she’s talented and beautiful. Take a look at your g/f or wives — they’re nowhere near her level.

  • @34

    What does she have lined up? She is the last actress in HW to get any work. She gets what no one wants. She should get married and have children, I am sure that is what Hayden wants to.

  • @34

    she is talented and beautiful! So fun LOL
    she has some things lined up? Other joke, I love it, continue! LOL

  • *_*

    i love you SAMAIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ?

    It’s so funny, I thought it was just the haters who spoke ill of her, but I was looking at other sites and… the french site pure people always spoke well of Rachel, and if you look at recent posts, they say she needs to work LOL Perez Hilton also called her a hag these days, Lainey also speaks ill of her when she put something on it. is so funny!

  • natt

    Rachel and samaire? that’s awesome!

  • update

    Just saw NYILU, Bilson was the worst in it, not convincing, not pretty, not remarkable. Her acting was simply talking and moving, no acting what so ever. Her timing was off and voice and size were all wrong. HC needs to give up method acting, it is not working for him and start showing emotion, he is like a marionette on strings. Portman, Ifran, Shia, Bloom, really everyone was considerably better than RB and HC. I loved the short Natalie directed, she did a very skillful job and it was the only short full of color, light and life. NYILU is worth seeing on a big screen but the first short with RB and HC, which was supposed to attract young audiences and did not, could be missed.

  • @34

    Hahahahaha! LOL, you’re funny!

  • Anonymous

    @update: That wasn’t method acting, he is just not a good actor, he’s not terrible, just not all that good. Rachel was simply cast as herself, a nonentity. Guess it was easier than having her play a more complex character as she doen’t have the scope to pull it off.
    @ruiner: She’s not beautiful, she’s pretty or perhaps cute, but not beautiful and I do wish those people who keep going on about her so-called talent would produce evidence of it b/c I haven’t seen anything to enthuse me in the way that other, more credible, actresses do!

  • antwacky

    @40 & 42
    Don’t you all think BilPuke should try Reality TV… I’d love to watch her get another “burglary” (and for “real” this time!). Or most likely to say that she should just give up that (serious) acting is not for her no matter how hard she tried. She already had her time in that axed teen show and that was it and had to face reality to get a real job outside HW since aside from having no discernible talent, she don’t even have that outstanding looks to get her by in this shallow HW business.

  • @43

    How can Rachel have a TV show? She needs other ppl in it, even if HC agreed to do it, who would watch him, I think he does not do anything and does not say much either. It would last a week for his 5 fans on IMDB and even they would drop out. Besides, Rachel has her reality show on JJ who documents her every move eating, shopping and walking with her fiancee every 30 days.

    I am sorry to say but she is a real waste. He can tag along making C movies, which eventually will dry up, but she has no chance at a career. That is why she always says she like Mrs. Beckam bc she has children, dresses well and does not work, but Mrs. Beckam is much better looking than Rachel and had a great career and can afford her and her husband can afford that lifestyle. Rachel can not afford and Hermes bag or other clothes Mrs. Beckam wears.

  • the hell?

    just wondering why rb is on here all the time
    WHILE hc is working yet when you look him up on here nothing about him unless rb is with him.

    the hell is that about?

    she is a fvcktard

  • Anonymous

    @antwacky: I don’t think her personality is interesting enough to carry an audience, and what would be the theme, the reality? Her life? Watching someone shop, do lunch with friends, shop, take the dog out, shop and shop just really doesn’t sound riveting. Her few fans would watch it to see her and the clothes she wears but even that wouldn’t last long before they got bored. # 44 is right, that’s what JJ is for.

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