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Gerard Butler Hits Whitney Studio Party

Gerard Butler Hits Whitney Studio Party

Gerard Butler suits up for the 2009 Whitney Studio Party at The Whitney Museum of American Art on Monday (October 19) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 39-year-old Scottish actor dropped by It’s On With Alexa Chung. He admitted he got starstruck by Robert DeNiro and Dame Shirley Bassey, who sang the theme song to the James Bond film Goldfinger (1964).

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler @ the 2009 Whitney Studio Party

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Photos: Jemal Countess/Getty, Flynetonline
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366 Responses to “Gerard Butler Hits Whitney Studio Party”

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  1. 126
    tallntan Says:

    When someone asks me a ridiculous & inappropriate question I always make up something outrageous just to wind them up. I think this is what Gerry does…..and taking phone numbers never to be used is the same thing. I’ll bet he only really goes for women who don’t give him the time of day. The “hunt” is the main motivator for most men & easy ones don’t usually get a 2nd act. This is especially true of emotionally unavailable/immature men. That being said…I still think he’s the hottest man on the planet and a great actor too. He’s just a big kid.

  2. 127
    Nemo Says:


    ok, point taken. i guess he met his match with tara palmer tomkinson. my journalist friend admits she was flattered by his attention (like i said, she used to find him hot) but she just continuned doing her job and didn’t like the way he treated her afterwards. like she didn’t fall into his arms so he had to be a jerk to her. she never mentioned any of this in her article (she says it’s irrevelant) but he made her feel like crap.

  3. 128
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @gemini: No need to shout. We hear you.

  4. 129
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    #124 a hippo stampede is imminent @ 10/20/2009 at 12:52 pm
    Gimme a fvcking break. Not all of us here fit your description. Besides that lard a$$, scoot over, your size 18 is taking up half my chair. he he

  5. 130
    amen Says:

    A full topcoat is what a grownup wears in a cold climate like winters in Great Britain or Scotland or East Coast in winter. Gotta say that not everyone could wear a double-breasted topcoat. He pulls it off and merely looks his age – not like some wanker in droopy pants and a parka. Don’t like the hat – ewwww. Alan looks like OctoMom mouth

  6. 131
    @114 Says:

    `You wish he wasn’t GAY.. He doesn’t have a gf, but he has a bf. You are right about one thing though. HE does work for him.

  7. 132
    Downlowinfo Says:

    @WTF: Gerry is dating a curvy plain staffer? If no one knows, how do you know. Actually, this wouldn’t surprise me in the least…….but I think you’re full of it! So how do you know?

  8. 133
    @131 Says:

    She doesn’t know. On another note, what girl would stay in the background while her bf is flirtng up everything with a skirt. If true (doubt it) she must be an idiot to put up with being left in the background.

  9. 134
    Mademoiselle Berthaud Says:

    In my opinion, the botox has completely ruined his looks. This once hot man’s fizzog now reminds me of Garry Glitter’s … *gag* ….and I can no longer masturrbate to him.

    Consequently, this has ruined my Sunday evening ‘alone’ time sessions, and has pretty much obliterated my libido; my nightmares are haunted by both GB, Garry Glitter, and myself engaging in sick sheet I don’t even want to recall right now – just know that I’m deeply traumatized.

    Luckily, my best friend, who is a hypnotist, life coach, faith healer, and part time circus magician, has programmed a mental block in my head so that I can continue my day to day activities and not feel the urge to kill myself after a flashback.

    Granted, GB has ruined my life for the time being, but I don’t believe in suing for compensation so I’m stuck about what to do. I need advice from current and/or former fans. Are there any other hot, up-and-coming actors I can beanflick over instead?.

    S. Berthaud

  10. 135
    a hippo stampede is imminent Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Only you reacted to my original post, which means you took it personally and really are a dump truck… thank you for confirming it to the entire board. ;)

    These phangurl mindfu**s are becoming way too easy…
    No effort required.

  11. 136
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @a hippo stampede is imminent: I was joking nitwit.
    As for being a dumbfvck..What are you doing on a thread for someone you loathe clear in on the sixth page? Nothing else to do with your time? I guess that makes you a loser and a dumbfvck!

  12. 137
    andrea Says:

    Hey, will he be the next james bond?

  13. 138
    Stinkylouise Says:

    Well TMZ has gotten hold of the threesome admission. It will probably be featured on tonight’s show. Complete with the Butler theme song.LOL!

  14. 139
    a hippo stampede is imminent Says:

    You can’t back-peddle now. You pressed the post button at’s on record for everyone to see how offended you were.. You tried the nervous diversion tactic which in the real world is an admission. How embarrassing for you.

    Wait, let us preserve this gem for future posterity: @ Oh no! poster #124 is on to me. What do I do? :

    Let’s preserve your last effort too for the hell of it ;@Oh my GAWWD! HOW CAN #135 STILL SEE MY FAT ****? ARE THERE CAMERAS IN MY ROOM?? I MUST LASH OUT!!:

    Quick…if you change your moniker now, maybe nobody will realize its you.

    And to answer your question about why I am here, it is because I enjoy messing with the minds of dumb women online, and am a terrible human being in general.

  15. 140
    ally Says:

    Gals has some pictures up from inside the Whitney party. Looks like he’s at a table with a blonde and old Donatella. OK, who is the blonde?

  16. 141
    #141 Says:

    It’s Shakira.

  17. 142
    Scottish-Hawtness Says:

    @ally: That is his second cousin from Alaska.

  18. 143
    postwatcher Says:

    I believe he is gay because leading men don’t really hide their married/not single status. Fans don’t care if a good looking actor is single or married because it is a fantasy any ay.

    The following leading men have all been a-listers and their married/long term girlfriend status never stopped them them from being adored by female fans.

    Famous Leading Men….
    Clive Owen-Married with kids
    Mel Gibson-married/kids-
    Harrison Ford-Married (when he was younger) has chidlren
    Heath Ledger- relationship/child
    Orlando Bloom- relationships with long term girlfriends
    Leonardo Dicaprio-relationship with long term girlfriends
    George Clooney-relationship with long term girlfriends
    Sean Connery-Married
    Brad Pitt-kids/always had long term girlfriends
    Pierce Brosnan -Married/kids
    John Wayne-Married/kids
    Tobey McGuire-married/kids
    Christian Bale-married/kids
    Matthew McConaughy- gf/ kids
    Hugh Jackman -married/kids
    Michael Douglas-married/ kids
    Marlon Brando-married/kids
    Kirk Douglas-married kids
    Liam Neeson-married/kids
    Steve McQueen-married/kids
    Sidney Poitier-married/kids
    Clark Gable-married/kids
    Russell Crowe-married/kids
    Erroll Flynn-married/kids
    Denzel Washington-married/kids

    Do I need to go on?

    If not gay, then there is something else mentally wrong with Butler.

  19. 144
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @a hippo stampede is imminent: I don’t change monikers, you must have annoyed someone else.
    BTW, thanks for adding hits to Gerry’s threads. Just means we will get to see him more often. Thanks again!

  20. 145
    oy Says:

    #90 is right. He was never humble and never will be. He’s also always been a manwhore. He’s just richer and more famous now, so he’s getting away with it more.

    He wasn’t joking about the threesome. He wasn’t joking that if you asked him about twosomes, he’s reply, “The butler didn’t do it.” Accept it. That’s the kind of person he is and always was. He’s said it all along, but the fangurlz couldn’t take it, so they thought he was being cheeky. He wanted them to think that, but he was being honest when he said if they knew him in real life, they wouldn’t like him.

    He’s not going to edit his answers for teenagers and college students. He wants to impress that crowd and let them know he’s available. Who do you think he has the threesomes with? It isn’t with middle aged soccer moms.

    If you buy tickets to his films and promote him, then you’re supporting his lifestyle. Rationalize all you want, but you are. If you don’t mind that, okay. If you do and you still pay dividends to “Gerry, Inc,” then you deserve to have your money taken.

  21. 146
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @oy: Give it a rest. You have been preaching for two days now and some of us are just not buying it. Promoting his lifestyle…BWAHAHAHAHA!
    Again, what do you want from us? You aren’t going to change my mind because I am not that invested in the whole situation. I work in an ER and hear all sorts of profanity and vile things in front of small children all the time. We even get adults knocking each other’s heads in in front of the same small children. So what if he said something in front of a bunch of adults? They are adults. The funny thing is, they are probably all experimenting with the stuff he was joking about. Didn’t you go to college? Although I didn’t have any threesomes myself, a lot of my friends were very experimental in college. So what. That’s what adults get to do, make a choice as to their behavior.
    Now if you are so offended by what he is doing, just leave. I for one am getting really bored with your preaching. You don’t honestly think you are going to save any souls on here do you?
    BTW, nobody is on here condemning or judging your lifestyle, so maybe you better STFU. Or are you really one of those Flirted-With-But-Never-Called-Girls with an axe to grind?

  22. 147
    wicked Says:

    #43, you need to get out more. Get a life.

    #145, I don’t give a hoot if I’m supporting his lifestyle. I don’t think buying a $6 movie ticket is supporting anyone’s lifestyle. And, even if the stories about his womanizing were true, there are many peeps in Hollywood living a lot worse lives. He’s single, so what if he sc#ews around? Just use protection, GB.

  23. 148
    wicked Says:

    I meant #143, not 43

  24. 149
    postwatcher Says:


    yeah…and what exactly is your point? Can’t handle the truth can you?

    G-A-Y, G-A-Y Gerry got no alibi..he’s homo yeah, he’s homo!

  25. 150
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    G was very eager to answer the threesome question….Alexa didn’t bait him into it.
    One Word —— V I A G R A

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