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Miranda Kerr: 2009 HUG Award Gala

Miranda Kerr: 2009 HUG Award Gala

Miranda Kerr poses for the 2009 HUG Award Gala fundraiser honoring Victoria Secret at the Pierre Hotel on Wednesday (November 4) in New York City.

The 26-year-old supermodel was there as the Intimate Apparel Square Club (IASC) awarded Victoria’s Secret as the 2009 HUG Award recipient. Founded in 1955, the IASC is a New York-based nonprofit group of lingerie industry professionals dedicated to raising funds for charities; its continuing mission is uniting professionals in intimate apparel and related industries as a charitable organization to “Help Those Who Cannot Help Themselves.”

Miranda will join the other Victoria Secret angels for a live fashion show in New York City on November 19.

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Photos: Marc Stamas/WENN
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  • jane

    Why was she at the MTV Music Awards with Jared Followell if she’s will Orlando? Is that not a bit weird?

  • YES!

    She looks amazing!
    Cute dress, and her skin is just perfect and glowing.
    So gorgeous!
    My favorite VS angel./

  • @1

    Are you still going on about that??
    The guys from KOL are friends with BOTH orlando AND Miranda . If it doesn’t bother Orlando, why does it bother you? Don’t you have any male friends?
    she went to this gala honoring VS’ charity work. Why do you feel the need to bring up old, stupid, false rumors?
    Is it that you can’t stand how popular she is getting?

  • wow

    So beautiful!

  • allspice30

    Gosh I love that dress on her! She’s beautiful!

  • Me

    Very pretty, I love the color of her hair and the dress.

  • lmm123

    Granted her skin looks lovely, but I don’t find her a natural beauty. In fact something about her face is off and not attractive. She’s not ugly by any means but model stunning i don’t see it.

  • @7

    Well, I guess that others disagree with you, because she sure is a successful model.
    I think that she is gorgeous, but to each his own.

  • sara

    LOVE HER!!!

  • newton

    I’m just seen Thandie Newton’s In Style magazine shots… Wow, a natural beauty who always looks effortlessly gorgeous. Miranda whatsherface doesn’t even come close.

  • @10

    meh, I never cared for Thandie’s sharp features. I loke Miranda much better.

  • @10

    like, not loke
    I need more coffee

  • chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Please- someone let her know that I can’t help myself either!

  • N

    Amanda Kerr looks very tacky here, per usual.

  • @14

    I think that she looks fantastic.
    IMO, her hair, dress, make up and skin are all perfect, so why would you say that.
    Or are you just saying that she looks tacky because you don’t like her?

  • @10

    Natural beauty???
    Thandie has been photoshopped to death, and she still doesn’t look as naturally beautiful as Miranda does in these untouched photos.
    I like Thandie, but to use those pics from In Style as an example of “natural beauty” is laughable.

  • ambz

    @@10: Thandie has “sharp features”… OK. I love my coffee too so at least we agree on something! :)

  • @N

    Yeah, that dress is even worse than the one she wore to the Louis Vuitton gala.

    Hot pink animal print ruched satin with a stuffed bodice. Come on, Miranda, that’s a hooker’s dress. Fire your stylist, or hire one if you created this look yourself.

  • reban

    she has lost her figure:(

    I like the color scheme, but the dress itself is distracting…
    Her hair and make-up are lovely!

  • hmmm

    I’m not a fan of the dress, but she looks so beautiful that I’m willing to forgive her.
    And her legs are AMAZING!
    And her dress looks far better on her that the other lady in the pictures with her own fashion disaster.

  • Tiffany

    She is SOOOOOOO weird. I mean, she have that ÜBER skinny body, and a HUGE fat face.
    It’s kind of disproportionate.

  • Haley Butter

    Wow, she looks great as usual. Is she married yet?

  • @21

    Oh, come on. Can’t you come up with a more original insult? You delphidiots just keep re-hashing the same old boring ones. At least try to be a bit more creative.
    She looks gorgeous, Orlando loves her and she is becoming more and more popular and you gals just can’t stand it, can you.

  • Just Wondering

    Does she happen to own a different pair of shoes? She has worn those same shoes to practically every event she’s been photographed at for the last several months.

    I find her strange for a model. Her outfits are always so….off. Its rare that I think she looks well put together. I feel like she just throws on whatever like she’s late or something and doesn’t have time to make the right decision of what to wear. I guess the saying is true, you can take the girl out of the sticks, but you can’t take the sticks out of the girl. I agree……she needs a stylist, bad.

  • Anne Wintour

    @Just Wondering:

    The fact is that she works so much….6 days a week, sometims even 7/7, 15 hours a day and constantly jet legged….such a shame….so maybe she is often late…

  • @24

    I agree!!
    Everyone knows that you can’t be considered ‘fashionable’ unless you spend ‘ob-SCENE’ amouts of money on SHOES!!!!!!!
    Who does she think she is?? Showing up for a charity event in shoes that she has worn more than once??
    OH EM GEE!!!
    What kind of example is she setting for our young girls!!!
    Oh the HORROR!!!!!

  • @26…..belinda

    Lol……jealous much???……you can post as many nasty things about Miranda as you like, BUT she will still be stunningly beautiful with a killer body, the ninth highest paid model in the world and Orlando Bloom will still be her boyfriend……AND you will still be just a jealous hater!!!

  • ahah


    You forgot to say she has his heart in her hands in your shipper monologue!!

  • @27

    I guess that you missed the sarcasm in that post, hmmmm???

  • Tiffany


    OH MY GOD, I’m not insultin her, you idiot, I’m just saying my opinion, it’s that a CRIME now?
    I don’t care about her and Orlando Bloom, and I’m not jealous, honestly, I think that I’m prettier than her, I’m just not that skinny. AND I THANK GOD FOR THAT. A least I have a woman body!

    Now, get over yourself, and stop saying that everybody that dont find her gorgeous is jealous or an idiot.

  • @tiffany

    English is obviously your second language, so maybe you didn’t realize that calling someone “SOOOOOOO weird”, or saying that they have a “HUGE fat face” or that they are “disproportionate”, is indeed “insultin her”, whether it is your opinion, or not..
    Or if English IS your first language, then I agree with the other poster…you ARE an idiot.

  • Tiffany

    I’m German, and I’m sorry if you consider that offencive, that was not my intention, I just wanted express my opinion.

    And I just replyed to 23 because she/he brought out Orlando Bloom and Popularity, which I tought was complitely unnecessarie.

    I’m sorry about the english mistakes.

  • @tiffany

    Opinions are great.
    The fact that your English is so good is also great.
    But you also must realize that insults will be answered in kind.
    For example, you could have said that you don’t find her attractive, or that you think that other models are prettier. Those are opinions. Saying that she looks weird, or that she has a huge fat face, is insulting. I don’t know if I am explaining this well enough, but do you see the difference?
    That poster’s Orlando reference was most likely just a knee-jerk response to your comments. They probably thought that you were just one of the usual “haters” that are only here to insult the girl because she IS dating Orlando.

  • anywho

    Oh, come on guys, why are people still picking on MK? Seriously shes not gonna go anywhere or stop dating OB just becuase some people are angry at her. She is going to keep working and this event is just apart of her job. I just don’t get why people are STILL trying to put her down for no real reason. Shes not doing anything bad, she just showed up to some charity event and people are complaining about it like shes done something bad to someone.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i love me some miranda!!!
    she’s so beautiful
    i really hate stuff with anything that resembles animal patterns, but she looks sexy in that dress
    damn orlanda, what a luck bastard!

  • Where is Orlando?

    Let’s see the last time they were photographed together was? Gee I can’t remember now.

    He has not turned up filming anywhere or promoting any of his films recently like Main Street or Sympathy? Any news on if those two will be released.

    Or maybe he needed a longer vacation than I thought, from spending so much time with her. Following her around like he did can get old fast.

  • @36

    Why would he already be out promoting movies that aren’t lined up for imminent release? That’s not how things are done…especially for indies.
    Within the last few months, he has been sighted at a meeting in NY with Mark Ruffalo, and in Dublin with some “business types”. He was also photographed going into a meeting in LA. He was also just photographed yesterday (?) at the Dublin airport. Guess that you missed that one.
    And what “vacation”?? Isn’t two movies in one year enough for you? That’s more that 98% of all actors out there, or is he held to a different (double) standard?
    And I see that you are trying to imply that since they haven’t been PHOTOGRAPHED together, they must have broken up. But I bet that when they are papped again, you will claim that it’s a set up, and/or he is just her “handbag”. Isn’t that the term that you delphites use? Yeah, I thought so.

  • Where is Orlando?

    not a delphite or whatever you seem to think sweety.

    and the vacation I was referring to, was from not trying to be seen with her everywhere she was. not a vacation from his filming.

    If he wants to keep working that’s fine. whatever he wants. as long as he is not doing it just to keep all the girls on OLove or any other board including this one happy.

    whatever he wants to do is fine. if he wants to stay with her, great, if not, that’s great to.

    It’s his choice, not yours or mine. But his, you shippers seem to forget that.

    I have not heard about any meetings he was spotted going to. Got any links to go with your claims?

  • Where is Orlando?

    “He was also just photographed yesterday (?) at the Dublin airport. Guess that you missed that one.”

    I sure did. got the link sweety?

  • May
  • twitpic

    The Dublin pic. came originally from Twitter not on an LJ. Here is the original link:

  • @38

    It’s his choice, not yours or mine. But his, you haters seem to forget that.

    It goes both ways, “sweety”. BTW, It’s traditionially spelled ‘sweetie’.

    And I don’t think that anyone, shipper or hater is really stupid enough to believe that he makes dicisions based upon what he thinks his fans want. That’s just stupid.

  • @42

    There are actually a few people who DO think that Orlando and more especially Miranda take their decisions depending on what fans want. If that isn’t enough to roll on the ground in laughter, they also believe that the site they read -daily- to know what to do with their lives is a God forsaken one with a population of 5 who won’t stop insulting them.
    One would think that if they care that much about fans’ opinions they’d try to please a loyal majority, but no! LMAO

  • Stone

    I wonder how many hours she spent practicing that pose. Wasted days and wasted nights. . .

  • WTF


    And always the same poses…ahah!!

  • mia

    Tiffany, you are sooooo right. Mirandas head is two sizes bigger than her body. And yes, her face, because of the shape of her cheeks looks fat. It is not attractive to everyone, and not stunningly beautiful. Some people think it is just cute, or childish. Or even ugly. But shippers are so sensitive and they can not accept any opinion that is not blind adoration. They will find mistakes in your English (but most of them are not able to use ANY other language than English), they will call you stupid and they will be insulted. Point is that we are all free to have our own opinion. And most of us are not jealous on Miranda because of Bloom. BTW, this is the ultimate and strongest conclusion shippers use, when they lost all other arguments.

  • @mia

    “Point is that we are all free to have our own opinion”
    Then why can’t you accept that a lot of people DO find her “stunningly beautiful”????
    Double standard again??

  • Bottom Line

    Basically it seems that if you don’t find her stunningly beautiful you are just jealous because she is dating – “what’s his name” again?

    If you do find her stunning beautiful you sound like you are kissing ass hoping that you will get to invited to babysit for them someday.

    They already have two children, their puppies.

    Do I have that correct. Just wanted to clarify what the groups are here.

    Both groups sound a bit over the edge.

  • Sigh

    @mia. When haters run out of arguments, they suddenly ‘disappear’ in the most convenient moment and come back in the next Orlando or Miranda thread. You should know what I mean, as that’s what you did when you saw you reached a dead end in Orlando’s Ambassador thread. Not that you’re the only one.

    This whole discussion about Miranda’s looks is silly. Those who think she’s stunning shouldn’t say everyone who doesn’t is jealous, and those who think she’s ugly don’t sound very smart with their ass kissing and blind adoration song.

  • @46…..Mia

    Of course everyone has their own opinion on who they consider attractive, BUT you haters lose all credibility by saying Miranda is ugly.

    She has a wildly successful career based on her looks and body, so it’s obvious Victoria’s Secret, David Jones, XOXO and the modeling world think she’s beautiful or they wouldn’t employ her.

    So again by saying she’s ugly which is clearly not true just shows that you’re are jealous, envious and haters.