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Cam Gigandet is TOAST

Cam Gigandet is TOAST

Cam Gigandet enjoys some quality family time with his daughter Everleigh and girlfriend Dominique while having breakfast at Toast Bakery and Cafe in Los Angeles on Saturday morning (November 11).

How precious is this picture of Everleigh tugging at Cam‘s bottom lip?!

Last weekend, Cam‘s sister Kelsie married Jason Schneidman (they’re both hairstylists at Chris McMillan‘s salon, where they met). Jason‘s sister Jamie performed the ceremony. Chris was Jason‘s best man and Cam was man of honor.

FYI: Cam‘s jeans are RRL and the jacket is Neil Barret. And the temporary tattoos are for his new movie, Burlesque.

10+ pictures inside of Cam Gigandet looking pretty toasty…

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cam gigandet toast 01
cam gigandet toast 02
cam gigandet toast 03
cam gigandet toast 04
cam gigandet toast 05
cam gigandet toast 06
cam gigandet toast 07
cam gigandet toast 08
cam gigandet toast 09
cam gigandet toast 10
cam gigandet toast 11
cam gigandet toast 12

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  • Judi

    the baby is so cute.

  • adrianna

    hot/sexy dad, cute mom and cute baby = beautiful family

  • gina c.

    aaw, that baby is stinkin cute! it looks like she wants to pull off his lip! lol. too funny & cute!

  • blahblahblah

    the fifth photo is so cutee <3

  • BBoy

    Wish he was my daddy.

  • ali

    i am in love with him photo 5 is my fav look at it it’s the cutest thing i’ve ever saw on this site lol! what a happy baby

  • kody

    That baby is so cute.
    It’s important to always keep one hand on the baby when in those sling things……..
    They are not 100% safe.

  • Jen

    I think he has the cutest daughter in Hollywood. She’s absolutely adorable!

  • Daniella

    These pictures are precious!

  • NmaeIt

    ha. You know you are cool when you can pull off the aviator sunglasses, leather jacket and a baby in a sling look. This should be a Gap add or something.

  • alexa

    That baby is DARLING! Seriously, cutest thing ever.
    He is definitely a F.I.L.F

  • hils

    the baby looks just like her mom. he is so random to wear the sling. so odd.

  • jessica

    his girlfriend is nothing special. so blahhhh. he can do much better. kind of sad he is a dad and taken. such a bummer.

  • dundies

    LOL at him having to look all manly and tough. the baby sling though is adorable

  • angel

    beautiful family love them

    cam gigandet is so damn sexy and everleigh is so CUTE dominique is a lovely woman.

  • Emily

    that is such a cute cute cute baby!!!!! and he is soooo hot!!!!! its nice thats hes such a great father

  • Marie

    Awwww my heart just melted !

  • ksjdh

    Omg, so adorable. That baby is so cute and he’s a damn hot daddy!

  • angel


    very sexy pic of cam from the upcoming movie the experiment is out online, check it out

  • Laura


  • kim

    checking out the pictures
    notice the new INK WORK cam has on his left arm, cant wait to get a good view of those.

  • mmmmmmm

    @Emily: whoah, let’s get one thing straight, holding your baby does not make you a “great father”. anyone can hold a baby, that doesn’t really mean anything. i mean, i don’t doubt that he is one, but just because he’s holding her doesn’t really mean anything. i am curious though, as to why HE is always holding her in pictures…and why don’t they carry around a diaper bag? maybe dominique has stuff in her purse. just wondering. i could be missing something, but i thought it was pretty standard to bring baby items when you take your baby out like that. anyhoo…

  • pretty young girl

    Aww so cute!

  • Liv

    The pictures with the baby are adorable. You usually don’t see dads wearing the sling. His baby is gorgeous.

  • Kristina

    cam – hot, his wife – attractive, baby – adorable and cute! lovely family!

  • redneck

    very cute family. CAM LOOKS great. I think is he a great father and she looks like daddy’s girl.

  • ck_always

    @mmmmmmm: Analytical much? I’m sure they have baby items in Dominique’s purse as you said, if not, they may be parked relatively nearby. It’s just a small sit-down for breakfast, it’s not like they’re going to be away from the car for hours. Emily may have been looking at more than Everleigh just being held. Relax, just enjoy the adorable pictures.

  • **JAMIE**


    And very cute dad too :)

  • kerry

    booorrring. same old ground hog day with this couple. toast and shopping, thats all they do. they are also too young to be parents and i think his gf is yucky.

  • heather

    he would be way hotter if he was a single dad. wifey has him wrapped around her little finger, dont y’all see it. he is always pushing the stroller, carrying the baby and paying the bills. she dont work. but if he was single and carrying that baby, hotty dilf alert. his wife is not pretty. he should be dating a hot star or model.

  • Rose

    She is such a cute baby.

  • Sesky

    there’s just something really sexy about these pics of him with that baby

  • joey

    how much attention does he want by carrying the baby in a sling. yo cam, your woman is ugly. i don’t think any other hot ass actor would date her. i guess thats the way he rolls.

  • diane

    holy guacomole. that baby looks exactly like her mom. i can’t beleive he is married with kid. sux. now lets talk new moon. rob is so hot. rob, wear condoms. we don’t need to se your babies.

  • liona

    the babys toys are on the dirty ground and he has her pacifier in his mouth. this is not a very clean family.

  • Nia

    I love the baby’s name. That’s VERY pretty and different without being weird. He’s hot alright. He must really love his little girl and is just proud to be holding her in the sling instead of mommy.

  • millie

    These are cute pics, but I can’t get past the fact that he smokes, especially when he puts his baby’s pacifier in his own mouth. Disgusting. (Check out the pics from his sister’s wedding.)

  • LACY

    some people on here on very shallow
    looks arent everything
    everyone sees beauty in their own way through their own eyes
    looked at the pic of the close up of everleigh and YES I DO SEE CAM IN HER.
    he doesnt take that much attention,
    and so what they like to be out and about, they dont like sitting a home.
    also cam and dominique arent married YET!!!


  • jess

    can’t you people just let the sexy man live his life with his two lovely ladies
    they are not hurting you in anyway

  • aeg

    I gotta admit, they’re cute – 3 of them.

  • Q


    so you’re kinda rude. she is by no means ugly, she is very pretty. and she also carries the baby and pushes the stroller. obviously you havent looked at all of the pictures of them together. and even if you mostly see him carrying the baby and pushing the stroller, that doesnt mean that she doesnt do anything, HELLO she is a mother. she has so many responsibilities that the public does not see.


  • Paul

    Cute couple shame he likes screwing the nanny on the side allegedly of coarse?.

  • jess

    right on
    agree with you all the way

  • Eva

    That baby is beyond adorable!

  • Mirdeb

    He’s smokin hot!! oh and the baby is cute too….

  • asdfjkl;

    adorable pics!

  • kendra

    i am sure he is having some fun ___________ chicks on the side. i feel bad for him that this is his life happy or not. it must be rough supporting an entire family at a young age. while his cast is having the time of their lives, he is playing house. i know bc i have kids.

  • Not Impressed by JA

    liona @ 11/07/2009 at 6:39 pm the babys toys are on the dirty ground and he has her pacifier in his mouth. this is not a very clean family.

    uuum, don’t you know that the best way to clean a pacifier when in public is for the parents to suck it first before giving it back to the baby ?
    They share the same genes, they pass their antibodies to their kids who becomes immune to certain bacteria since they share the same. Also some parents, most parents taste their child’s meal with the same spoon before giving it to the infant.
    Family members exchange a great deal of antibodies through saliva exchanged through kisses, pacifiers, sharing or tasting meals with the same spoon, forks, ect.

  • Bee

    A. 27 is not a young age to have kids. Especially if you’re the fams type of guy. I believe it’s a good age.

    B. Some fathers actually LOVE spending time with their children and don’t dread it. My bro is 28 and would give up a night at the bar/club to stay in with his son. Not because he has to but because he WANTS to.

    C. He’s obviously with Dominique for his own reasons! Everyone loves someone in their own way. You’re negative opinions don’t matter.

    &D. Caring about what they do in their spare time is ridiculous! Who cares! Let them live their lives!

    I for one find him even more attractive now that he’s a father, loves his gf, and would most likely die for his baby girl. This world needs more MEN like him.

  • @anonymous

    what do you mean he is screwi*ng the nanny? he has side action?
    do tell :-)!!!!