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Adam Sandler & Family Visit Magicopolis

Adam Sandler & Family Visit Magicopolis

Adam Sandler, wife Jackie and his adorable daughters have a fun day at at Santa Monica’s fun magic show Magicopolis on Sunday (November 8).

Sunny, who turned 1 last week, got a ride from mom Jackie in the stroller while Adam carried Sadie, 3. So cute!!

Variety reported that Adam will be playing both twins Jack and Jill in a 2011 comedy of the same name, set to film early next year.

In the meantime, he’ll be on the big screen in the high school reunion film Grown Ups and voicing a character in The Zookeeper.

FYI: Sadie and Sunny‘s swag is being carried in a Serena and Lily Prague Gypsy Tote. Adam is using his Maclaren stroller!

20+ pictures inside of the Sandler family’s day at Magicopolis…

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adam sandler magicopolis 01
adam sandler magicopolis 02
adam sandler magicopolis 03
adam sandler magicopolis 04
adam sandler magicopolis 05
adam sandler magicopolis 06
adam sandler magicopolis 07
adam sandler magicopolis 08
adam sandler magicopolis 09
adam sandler magicopolis 10
adam sandler magicopolis 11
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  • Two

    Could people please refrain from making awful remarks about Sandler’s daughter?

  • Tazina

    Here come the haters…..lovely family btw

  • anonymous

    I love them…they seem so normal.

  • mimi

    I’m sorry to say this but Sadie is the ugliest celebrity baby.

  • **JAMIE**

    Sadie will be gorgeous when shes older. Both her parents are attractive and she will grow into her looks.

  • Dee

    Please, no close ups on Sadie!

  • Tealeaf

    I like Sadie and her unconventional looks

  • chloe

    It looks like that kid fell off the ugly tree and hit all the branches on her way down…

  • Telly

    Both parents are attractive????? LOL!!! You’re crazy. Both her parents are unattractive, very, VERY unattractive.

  • giz

    His daughter looks like AMY WINEHOUSE!

  • Nina

    I think Sadie must look like her Jewish grandfather
    that’s a compliment…come on!

  • Jimmie

    sorry to dissapoint..this child will never be a good looking
    adult. Tori Spelling2.

    and she’ll have the snottiest attitude as most
    celeb children. They are selfish, spoiled & rub the fact
    that theit daddyu is rich & famous in your face.
    I hate them.

  • Anna

    That little girl is so cute and she looks really happy. Lovely family.

  • Kelly Love

    So Adam will be playing a girl and a guy? strange. Cute family.

  • Jimmie


    this girl looks happy? On what planet? She’s already a snob!

  • kid


  • coco

    Sadie looks just like her dad. Sunny will probably look like dad too.

  • rocknmovies

    Poor thing, she is the ugliest celeb tot.

  • Jordan

    i love sadie, honor warner is fug NOT sadie

  • LuckyL

    I think Sandler is aware that Sadie is going to have a tough celebrity life. He treats her very lovingly.

  • shangrila

    Sadie will be exactly as gorgeous as Amy Winehouse :DD :DD :DD

  • kadev

    WOW, that’s a very jewish looking child, :(

  • Chanel

    Sadie is a cute little girl.

  • hieveryone

    i love sadie but she always looks unhappy with these two
    for parents…..what is going on with them to make sadie
    so unhappy in all of her pics.. we want to see her happy….
    as for ugs…you all are ugly too. ….1% of population is decent looking….
    1/2% percent for men… ugh…please do not make eye contact !!!!

  • Heather

    Those clunky legs of Katie’s look freakish. I just know Suri has those clunky legs too.

  • Jessie

    She is no uglier than Nahla Halle’s kid. At least this one doesn’t have evil eyes and looks like she’s possessed.

  • Whoever

    Awww… Jared remove these rude comments! She is a cute kid and she look so much like her dad

  • Elisa


    hahahahahaha u are really fanny!!!

  • peter

    She is ugly, so what? with money, photoshop and being jew she can be a super model if she wants.

  • Elisa

    she is jew, she is rich so she can be a supermodel if she wants,photoshop will be her best friend.

  • Rachael


    You’re sweet, but there no way this little girl will be ever gorgeous. She look like her father and he’s not a good looking man. Poor little girl should have gotten her mother’s looks and not her fathers.

  • hieveryone

    all kids are possessed with funtimes until they realize what they are going to have to do for the next 50-80 years!!!!
    i pity girls…they all are crazed from the shock of the knowledge
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  • http://justjared deke

    Wow! Looks like both mom and daughter need to cut and brush their hair.

  • anitaquintero

    i love

  • lozzie1921

    @giz: i agree, definitely amy winehouse. mayb if she had nicer hair she would look a little nicer.

  • Jessie

    Peter/Elisa is the same Arab who posts negative comments about Jews on all the sites. Same broken English, same tired old comments. And we all know Arabs are nothing to look at!!!

  • callmewhatever

    I think she is already growing into her looks. This time last year not so much. Kadev, yes she’s a very jewish looking child cause she IS JEWISH and thats a good thing.

  • Rebecca

    btw, those are not Crocs that Adam is wearing….they are UGG Australia.

    Thank you.

  • yoyo

    Both of the kids are fugly. Sandler please don’t reproduce any further!

  • justsaying

    Did anyone notice that they have SUNNY & SHADY???????

  • Two

    Why did you HAVE to say that, #4?

    You’re a moron, #26.

  • Adora

    when I read these comments I thought how mean of them, but after seeing the photos, she does have the look daddy’s rich and famous in her face and it is not same as looking at an innocent looking young child!! she looks spoiled!!

  • Whatsmyname

    He’s wearing slippers!!!
    Maybe Sadie is unhappy because
    wherever she goes the other parents
    have the decency and courtesy to
    others that have to look at them to
    dress in a suitable manner for
    the public.
    Her parents are dressed like bums.
    So doesn’t that reflect on how they
    probably treat their children when
    no one else is around.
    There is a famous movie where
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    think that I mistreat you at home.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shhhesshhh get a grip
    you two.

  • Maria

    Oh man Sandler’s oldest daughter is FUGLY! Too bad she didn’t get the mother’s beauty. Maybe the other child did but i can’t see the face.

  • Ugos

    To ‘maria ‘posting-
    Your momma is ugly
    your father was a goat.

  • Svendsen

    Watch the trailer for The Zookeeper at

  • sonia

    try watching instead trailer for grownups it has all my fav actors
    from 1-5 adam being 1 of course..hi adam..hi davie…hi y all of yahs…
    please dont write back i m ugo for saying this..shhhhessshhhhh
    everybody writing hate here…go back to 3rd grade with u hate.

  • Jen

    grownup up people bashing a little girl, what has the world come to?

  • chase me


  • g!na

    Sadie has grown into her looks! she’s a cutie :)