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Jessica Biel is Prada Perfection

Jessica Biel is Prada Perfection

Jessica Biel celebrates famous fashion house Prada at the Prada Book Launch event on Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive on Friday (November 13).

The 27-year-old actress dressed things up with turquoise accessories to celebrate Prada’s new book, which shows off the brand’s garments as well as floor plans of past runway show spaces.

Also pictured at the event are Jessica Alba, the fabulous Rachel Zoe, Camilla Alves and Emma Roberts, who sported pretty lighter locks.

15+ pictures inside of Jessica Biel at the Prada Book Launch event…

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jessica biel prada book launch 01
jessica biel prada book launch 02
jessica biel prada book launch 03
jessica biel prada book launch 04
jessica biel prada book launch 05
jessica biel prada book launch 06
jessica biel prada book launch 07
jessica biel prada book launch 08
jessica biel prada book launch 09
jessica biel prada book launch 10
jessica biel prada book launch 11
jessica biel prada book launch 12
jessica biel prada book launch 13
jessica biel prada book launch 14
jessica biel prada book launch 15
jessica biel prada book launch 16

Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty
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  • ellie’

    Love Jessica not a bad actress either.. Shes gorgeous..

  • hans

    She looks boozed up or something…

  • lisa

    Jessica is ugly

  • nala

    I love that she looks natural here…no makeup, dress isn’t all that…but when you add the word perfection, the two don’t match.

  • LA

    her looks is always boring
    nothing interesting

  • missme

    It looks kind of weird to be in such a fancy dress with no makeup.

  • Vanessa Valentino

    How was that blue powder movie? I heard she was in that.

  • marissa

    she is so damn fug.

    horrible actress too

  • marissa

    @Vanessa Valentino:

    it was awful, critics crushed it and went straight to dvd

  • Vanessa Valentino

    I thought it was good because she showed skin.

  • Eres

    Why does Jessica look all cracked up?

  • marissa

    @Vanessa Valentino:

    i guess not. go on imdb and rotten
    went straight to dvd and critics said it was horrible and a crash rip off
    She is just a bad actress

  • marissa


    she do coke to stay thin

  • whatever

    WOOF…too much plastic surgery!

  • lisa

    she is so damn fug.

    horrible actress too

    Yep I agree

  • Terry

    What’s wrong with her lips? These starlets need to lay off the plastic surgery, lip injections, and botox.

  • cutme

    fat lips looks kike someone punched her

  • mickey

    “Perfection” feels like a TREMENDOUS overstatement. “Prada Plain” feels a little more accurate to me.

  • Lara

    Whoa, she looks horrible here!

  • heli

    she is beautiful even without make up, so simple and class (even little tired)
    at least she doesn’t care to show her like this, i don’t know a lot of people who will do this
    i love her for this!!
    and to people who hate her so much why do u waste your time here, ok i know it’s not a fansite but don’t you have something better to do, your life and taste are so boring that you need to show your hate!!

  • lexy

    @Heli – we could ask you the same thing – don’t YOU have anything better to do than post about how beautiful some woman you don’t know is?? Why do YOU waste YOUR time here gawking at celebs??
    Jessica looks fine. She’s pretty and she’s trying to do her thing on her own. Dating Justin certainly has done nothing for her career except give her more haters so she must love him to put up with that!

  • dee cee

    I guess she washes, conditions and get’s her hair done on months without a r..

  • marissa


    he dont love her and she dont love him.

    they are fooling you and you are falling for it. you are a laughing stock

  • marissa


    STFU and stop caring

    she dont care about you so STFU and the reason she dont care about her appearances as much because she is a Dyk*

  • marissa


    you like her only fan

    No wonder people dont buy her tickets at the movies, because she have one loyal fan. I hope you get some reward

  • lexy

    I’m not her only fan – she’s never been that popular. However the only reason women don’t like her is b/c she’s dating Justin. Big deal! How do you know they don’t love each other?? What exactly is she doing for HIS career that he would stay with her if he DIDN’T love her?? Dating him has done NOTHING for her career – she’s not getting more roles or auditions. All dating him has gotten her is sh1t from a bunch of crazy JT fans! What exactly is this big “scam” they are pulling off and why are either of them bothering?? Since you seem to be in the KNOW about these 2??

  • marissa


    I know alot of things about these two.

    And I know he dont love her and she dont love him. She is with Justin only for PR reasons.

    The girl is a lesbo. You wont accept it because your’re naive

    I feel sorry for you because she is playing with you and lying to her fans. She dont give a F— about her fans, she only need you guys to buy her mvie tickets and that dont seem to be working

    So you coming her ein defending her is a waste. You look dumb. stop wasting your time defending her because She is laughing at all of this. She is fooling all of you

  • jam

    she’s so ugly to me, i don’t get it with some people’s taste!!! i know people have different tastes BUT still she’s so ugly in my opinion DUHH & people calling her gorgeous is funny to me, ’cause i really can’t see where this “gorgeous” come from (no offence to anyone though)

  • marissa


    and Im not a JT fan. Like his music

    Don be mad because I know the truth about them and your in the dark

    Such a shame really because if only you knew the truth about them, and people like you who are so naive believing everything you read in the media, are the reason why they can easily convince you that they are a couple

    and they’re not. It’s all a lie but you cant see that

  • Rhonda

    Is it the lighting or does she look rather homely?

  • lakers fan in boston

    they all looking boring
    camilla just straight up looks horrible
    jessica doesnt look so great without makeup, and ive always found her boring in general
    i think emma looks great, i just dont like what she’s wearing
    but she’s the best looking imo, but im biased, got a crush on her =]

  • marissa


    its not the lighting, thats just how she looks

    fug and homely

  • Molly Magnificent

    She seems to have some plastic surgery on her lips. They look bigger

  • Stone

    The devil wears prada.

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    I guess perfection, too, is in the eyes of the beholder.

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    What’s with the pearls over the shoulder. Was she just being lazy?