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Adam Lambert: On Set Pics From 'For Your Entertainment'!

Adam Lambert: On Set Pics From 'For Your Entertainment'!

Adam Lambert, wearing a jet-black trenchcoat, shoots his video for “For Your Entertainment” in downtown L.A. on Sunday (November 15).

The 27-year-old Idol alum gave us a sneak preview of what to expect in his video and what the extras will be wearing – lots of black and some outlandish outfits!

Adam‘s forthcoming album, For Your Entertainment, is now available for pre-order on iTunes. The Deluxe pre-order includes the 14-track album with bonus track “Time For Miracles” plus two bonus tracks, “Master Plan” and “Down The Rabbit Hole.”

Deluxe pre-orders also will get a digital booklet and behind-the-scenes videos from Adam!

Adam‘s record drops next Monday (November 23)!

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Credit: Andrew Shawaf; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Mr. Bean

    @Tagrid: “Now let’s all support Kris too – cuz we KNOW Adam would like it.”
    I’m not a Kradam. I respect and admire Kris as a humble person and his kind character just like Adam but I’m NOT a fan of his music. So, all you Kradam go do what you want.
    But as @Alison said, “it’s time for Kris to stand on his own.” I don’t support Kradamism because it benefits ONLY Kris, not Adam. Because it’s on;y Adam’s fans embracing it. I’ve yet to see a Kris fan embracing Adam or is a Kradam.
    Let them stand on their own merits. Let not anyone be accused of riding one’s coattails. Kris will never have credibility of his own merits if Kradam is backing him up. It’s for the good of both to stand on their own. So please, stop asking other Adam fans to support Kris. But you go ahead. To each his own.

  • Mat

    Jane u r a MORON!

  • Angel

    ADAM is simply drop dead gorgeous! I’m excited about Music Again and videos again. Really looking forward to his music videos. Just like MJ who is a terrific dancer, ADAM when he moves, is mind boggling. The videos would definitely be earth shaking.

  • Ilia

    It is rare for me to get excited about an artist these days (except for the very few exceptions of course), but Adam has me on the edge. I love the fact that his talent transcends the gender and sexuality ruts set in by societies in general.

  • jodie

    i suspect the haters actually help album sales…every time they diss adam or his album sales, fans will just buy another 10 copies to prove them wrong. we love the underdog, the individualist. for every kid who grew up popular and accepted into every clique, theres another 10 who have had sand kicked into their faces at the playground. so maybe not winning AI is a good thing.

  • Caspar

    What a tool. So far, this vid is looking like something that would have been edgy and original 25 years ago.
    Also, there’s a reason he’s always covered in layers of camouflage.

  • tired and sick of adam lambert

    am soooooooo over this poser – so over his fame whoring and desperate grabs at attention… he is nothing new, nothing original, and is making the whole idol franchise look bad, and desperate in their attempt to buy him some credibility as a singer. it is disturbing how quiet the press has been on the failure of lambert’s first two singles flopping. anything else, for any other contestant they feed to the media to try to make them look bad, but there is a conspiracy of silence around lambert that is disturbing. he is setting himself, rca, american idol and some delusional fans up to be the biggest failure ever to come off idol, bigger than blake lewis. mark my words, we aew sick of adam lambert, we are sick of this emphasis on flash and trash and not the music, and cannot wait until his failure is so evident there will be lies, spins or denial preposterous enough for anyone to post.

  • lambert go away

    some of you fans are really pathetic… you’re either very young, or you’re bored housewives who don’t get out much, and have no idea what has been going on in pop culture for the last 30 years, or you’re just lonely, desperate women who find all this lusting and fantasizing over a gay man makes you cool, or hip… it makes you look silly, and stupid. lambert is the biggest self centered, arroganr prima donna to have nothing like a viable track record of hits or accomplishments in the music industry to back him up… he has snowed every single one of you delusional people, and things he’s too slick and smart for the average music listener not to peep his game. he’s a hustler, and has bought into his hype so much that it turns me and a whole lotta people off him… if he was so hot, so talented, why the hard sell and ad nauseam shoving of him down our throats… he may like to suck penis, but most of america doesn’t not, and it will be for our entertainment to see this guy fall flat on his ass, and take rca, 19e, and idol with him. wanna be fake gag/britney/pink punk azz poser boi.

  • kahit ano

    ur tire and sick of adam y kip on looking at him and what he is doing!!!!ur just jealous…to the left haters.

  • XYZ

    Here comes the SERIAL HATER, posting their hateful blogs one after another under different names. LOL! There’s only one underlying reason: BITTEREST ENVY!!! There’s not even LOGIC in what they’re spewing. Get some counseling, bittertards, or you’ll drown in MISERY because of undeniable BITTEREST ENVY which is devouring you, body and soul. It will all reflect in your mirrors if not already, you ENVIOUS DEMONS!!!

  • Adam Supporter

    It never fails to amuse me when people bring the fact that Adam is gay into an argument as a legitimate excuse as to why Americans shouldn’t listen to him. It just goes to show that America was not ready for someone like Adam to win AI.

    If you have actually watched or read any of the interviews done with him, you would see he is a humble and gracious man with a good heart. Not the self obsessed poser that you make him out to be.

    I look forward to the video and to seeing more of Adam and his music. Let him break the mould, let him be himself and proud of it, he is being more true to himself then 90% of musicians today.

    Perhaps you should listen to him sing, then come back and pass judgement.

  • christine (WeHo)

    His hair rocks! Nice.
    Like it on him.

  • staciegirlie

    Oh, my, since my hiatus from making rude comments to you haters, you’ve begun to run rampant.

    Adam is very popular because of his AMAZING VOICE, not his songwriting even though I’ve heard his preidol songs and they’re amazing. Still, he’s not known for that. People want to hear his voice on his album. Speaking of his Album, I’ve heard the snippets. Most songs are good. (That’s saying a lot since I usually never like ALL the songs on ANYONE’S album). I heard Whataya Want From Me, the full song, and it’s awesome. It’s the kind of song that I love to love–guitars, drum kit, great vocals, great lyrics.

    @tired and sick….You don’t even know how to properly name yourself after a cliche without botching it up so why should listen to you? It’s sick and tired or do you think YOU’RE being original by changing up the words. NOT.

    @Lambert go away—You’re the one who is pathetic if you can try to make Adam lose his fans simply by you belittling him and us. Why don’t you…never mind. I shouldn’t be telling people even if trolls to stand in front of trains. But anyway, you’re the loser, not us. You are only a follower. The type of person who will only like something or someone because someone else does. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have written your comment. We Adam fans can see talent when we see it. We don’t need losers like yourself telling us whether something is good or not. I, know I speak for myself when I say I have a mine of my own and am very capable of forming my own opinions, likes and dislike without the assistance of your 50 or less IQ’d self.

  • Cat

    Adam looks smokin’ and I’m excited to see how the 1930′s ballroom, fetish wear, and pimp cane work together. It’s fantasy. It’s entertainment. Can’t handle it? Your loss.

  • staciegirlie

    Excuse the typos and ommissions in my text. Fingers faster than thoughts plus trying to keep the pet cat off the keyboard while typing.

  • pollywood

    To the haters:
    Take a look at all of the music videos out there today and listen to the words (many censored on the radio) of the top hits. Both the music and the videos are filled with sexy stuff, but many of you haters like those because the performers are straight or bisexual women (Lady Gaga). Adam just happens to be gay. It’s like red hair (his natural color), or being left handed, or being gorgeous (he is). It just happens. It’s not a choice. Get over it!

  • lisa

    Does he do his makeup as soon as he gets up or just before going out of the door?

  • Johanna

    The Album is called: For Your Entertainment LOL, what did people expect? Entertainment is supposed to FUN and that’s what Adam is doing, performing, bewildering and amazing!

    If some people don’t like Adam just go and watch the other guy and don’t waste your time stalking Adam to post hateful comments get a life!

  • lilyx

    “And may he never stop flying that kick ass freak flag. Rock on!!” – Skylar YES!! Jozey: America’s Freak is a great title that I LOVE but Adam is also ‘America’s sweetheart’ — the man is one of the sweetest most talented people around right now. Can’t wait for the video, the AMA’s and Adam’s album dropping on NOV 23rd!!

    WooHoo GOoo ADAM <3

  • Frodo

    HOT. TRANNY. MESS. That is all. I hope all you rabid middle aged female fans get your fill, because this tool won’t be around for very much longer. He’s basically jumped the shark before he even got started. For that, I give the creepy tranny a hearty HA HA.

  • virginia

    Jane and Jozey are nuckleheads!!! They don’t know talent if it was in front of their faces.

    Adam is one heck of a TALENT. Yes, he’s so different than Kris Allen but he’s is own man and does his own thing, using his talent. As for Kris, he’s okay but ordinary. Don’t care for him either way and am not eager to buy his album. But I do wish him good fortune.

    GO ADAM!!!

  • sammy


    it’s funny to see all the people claim that Adam’s career is over before it begins. Will you break your neck backtracking if he becomes a huge star? probably so because everyone wants to back a winner.

    He looks amazing. Love the hair, love love love the coat and the pimp cane is fierce.

  • KDL

    He’s so sweet offstage and so bad.a..s…s onstage.

    I love that. Love his gold pimp cane haha!

  • KDL

    Middle aged? Huh? W….T….F lmao?

    I’m 22 and I know thousands of other people my age who love Adam – because of his voice and personality. His personality is AMAZING. Where do YOU hang out lmaaaaaaaao?

    Why do you think the other Idols said “Adam” when asked who they leaned on, went to for advice or a hug? Why do you think Kris said, “Adam is hand on heart one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. I love him to death.” Why do you think ex bigot Michael Sarver said he’d learnt the most from Adam and that he looks up to him? He said he will never judge a book by it’s cover again. “Adam is such an amazing guy and the person I look up to. His outlook on life and his character is inspiring.”

    Why do you think everyone who meets him always describe him as “what a sweetheart!” “polite, warm, friendly, easy to talk to, bubbly” – none of these people met each to discuss what to call him lol. These were their first impressions just from talking to him. Why do you think Kris Allen’s parents said Adam was one of the most beautiful people they’ve ever met. He has the most genuine, hearty laugh and such a big heart”

  • Mandycandy

    I enjoy watching haters be all “ooohhh, his singles flopped, he’s gay, he’s a tranny, he’s ugly, he jumped the shark, he sucks”. It’s fun to me. Because in a few months, when Music Again and Soaked are all over the airwaves, you’re gonna be all “downfall of Amerika” and stuff.

    Fact is, the guy has a four octave range. He can sing his face off. He’s also spearheaded an effort with Donorschoose to donate over $200,000 to school classrooms in every state in the US. He’s articulate in interviews, gentle, funny, smart as hell and he knows who he is and what he’s doing. Adam trolled American Idol and came in second. He wore a bondage glove on Good Morning America and grinned while doing it.

    The people who can’t deal with the likes of Adam Lambert are the same people who don’t understand art and think Teh Gayz should stay in the closet. I think he’s a genius, and I think he’s gonna be around for a long time.

  • Laura

    Middle aged? Huh? W….T….F lmao?

    I’m 22 and I know thousands of other people my age who love Adam – because of his voice and personality. He can his every f…r…e…a…k…i…n…g note on the guitar and his personality is AMAZING. Where do YOU hang out lmaaaaaaaao?

    Why do you think the other Idols said “Adam” when asked who they leaned on, went to for advice or a hug? Why do you think Kris said, “Adam is hand on heart one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. I love him to death.”

    Why do you think ex bigot Michael Sarver said he’d learnt the most from Adam and that he looks up to him? He said he will never judge a book by it’s cover again. “Adam is such an amazing guy and the person I look up to the most. His outlook on life and his character is so inspiring. I’m a changed man because of him, no exaggeration.”

    Why do you think everyone who meets him always describe him as “what a sweetheart!” “polite, warm, friendly, easy to talk to, bubbly” – none of these people met each to discuss what to call him lol. These were their first impressions just from talking to him. Why do you think Kris Allen’s parents said Adam was one of the most beautiful people they’ve ever met. He has the most genuine, hearty laugh and such a big heart. He always wants the best for everyone around him”. Why do you think everyone who’s met Adam echoes the same words, “kind, well spoken, smart, funny, good humored, polite, selfless, charming, sweet.”

    Why do you think legends like Slash, Queen (May aside, Roger said again Queen would love to sing w Adam), Burton, Paul McCartney’s band, Weezer…the list goes ON…all respect and love Adam? Once you have YOUR idols praising you, then I MIGHT take you seriously rofl.

    I don’t know why Kris fans keep brining Kris into Adam posts lmao. They’re NOT IN COMPETITION you muppets. They’re not even in the same musical genre! Sorry to burst your little bubbles but the music industry doesn’t give a chicken whether or not you won a glorified karaoke show. Both guys are doing what they want now, leave the bitterness out.

    The amount of musically stunted, biased, bigoted and braindead people on here is hilarious. Get a life LOL.

  • Laura edit.


  • Mandycandy


    Four for you, Laura. You go, Laura. ;)

  • StarLight

    @Jozey: hmmm, not a good role model? firstly I don’t think American Idol is about finding a role model, secondly Adam has done immense work for charities while very busy on tour, none of the others did, hmmm…. maybe you should listen to Micheal Sarvers interview during the tour, he had a predjudice take on Adam,much like you and at the end of the tour Micheal said the human being he most admired and reverred was Adam , for showing him what humanity and compassion and unselfishness is. Adam helped Kris pick Heartlessand told him if he did it with the acoustic guitar he would kill it, which he did, he selflessly helped all the others all the time with his knowledge of the industry. While you may not like this creative production, even though you judge it before you haveany idea of what it is like , that just sums you up quite nicely, way to go and what to teach the kids, another cycle of predjudice judemental idiots, great going mom. Rock on Adam, great spirits often have to wade through the violent opposition of weak and dull minds.

  • Mandycandy


    Middle aged? I’m 18. And with musical influences like Gaga, Muse, Bowie, Queen, Pink, and T. Rex, dude is gonna be huge. Maybe you oughta wait until his album comes out before you predict failure. And maybe you oughta look up the definition of “tranny”. Occasional cross-dressing for parties isn’t really the same thing.

    Adam Lambert is a fierce HBIC, and if you can’t deal, exit stage left and go troll Perez.

  • LOVE. HIM.

    Insane talented, hilarious, smart, articulate and sweet as hell. AND he doesn’t take himself seriously at all EVER. He turns into another person onstage, few people possess that talent. I don’t think a lot of people get that lmao. L O L at all the uptight cavemen and women and sole. Kris Allen fans (love you Kris, but your fans are retarded). You lot are endlessly amusing. Keep spewing Middle America grannies.

  • Knight

    @lambert go away: ohhhhhhh, =_= wow, someones got real issues and hangups here. do you not realize what your words say about you? so sad, you have no idea what you are saying , what you mean or anything else can can be construed as remotely intelligent.

  • saphire.

    just love him :)

  • Knight

    @tired and sick of adam lambert: then why ar eyou here wasting your time writing anovel about someone you can’t stand!! Wow, talk about weird, you go away.

  • starLight

    @Laura: Yay, right on, and Adam doesn’t have to worry, he has so many fans world wide, a few idiot haters don’t make any difference at all.

  • yks

    This guy just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

  • Paulie

    I’m 27 and LOVE him. Frak the haters!

  • Suzyq

    At 64, loving Adam Lambert and his amazing vocal/performance talents, his innate goodness/sweetness and fun personality. Adam just wants to have fun and create new and exciting music. If you don’t like him or his music please go away and be kind to someone else rather than nasty and hating to Adam. Haters: The TIME that you spend spewing your hate of Adam could be more profitably spent loving someone or something else. Please use your time more wisely. His fans love Adam, will always love Adam and fully support beautiful Adam. He WILL be internationally huge, so please go do something more productive with your life.

  • giselle

    F@%K HE’S AWESOME…SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST BORN AWESOME..HE’S ONE OF THEM!!!! and HOTTT! god was feelin generous when he made adam lambert!

  • Stone


  • Donna

    I am sick and tired of people turning positive articles into something of hate because you don’t like the person or his music. Adam Lambert is one of the best vocal singers I have heard in a long time. His MVs or music will not be to everyone liking and that’s ok. It will not stop him from being successful or achieving his dream. Calling him various negative names to please yourselves as middle america is disgusting. Go Adam do you baby!!!

  • Omaha Reader

    Who cares what people say… I’ll support Adam all the way… Love the pics!… hot!…

  • Daisy

    @lambert go away:

    Hmmmmm…I love Adam and his voice. However, your comment about being a HUSTLER just rang a bell. I used to date one, and yea they have similarities (intelligent, handsome, creative, and a knack for assessing situations / people to be able to manipulate it to their gain). Perhaps he is?

  • Cindy

    WOOT! Adam! :D

  • Knative

    You fools are delusional. This joke isn’t ever going to be “big.” An ugly gay guy singing horrible shlocky dance tunes with a freak in a loin cloth in the background gyrating his hips? Yeah, it’s not going to happen for him any time soon. Sorry.

    Anyway, you’ll forget about him when the next season of idol comes along, because good karaoke singers are a dime a dozen.

    Also, might I suggest investing your time in legitimate artists instead? I know thinking about the lyrics at a deeper level is a lot of time investment, but ultimately, the songs are better than * shitty leftovers we’ll let these American Idol singers sing, so we can make a quick buck.*

  • Jenn

    @Jozey: Adam has consistently said he is not your kids baby sitter and expects parents to determine whether their children are old enough. If they watch music videos though, they have probably seen worse already.

  • LOL

    @tired and sick of adam lambert: For those who want Adam to go away and say they are over him – then why in heavens name are you always on his articles commenting??? You are obsessed with being pissed that he is getting attention!!!

  • Lovely Lindsay

    I don’t really like his voice, its kinda too high.

  • Janis

    Adam is definately Hot and Out of the Box!! I love that he is such a creative maverick and find it so funny that some people are freaking out!! People freaked with the Beatles, with Elvis, with Madonna, with Queen, with Bowie and with MJ – it never made them less famous or less talented!!! Adam is a gorgeous, sexy man with a voice that is out of this world!! He is going for the gold as any good rock/pop star has/should!!! That is what being a creative genius is about – and boy does it bring out the nay sayers – LOL!! Adam’s album has sold in the top 10 on Amazon for over 50 days and now rising on Itune. He isn’t just selling his singles, his albums are selling like crazy!!

  • Anne

    I think Adam looks really hot, plus he’s got that amazing voice… makes for an incredible combination. Can’t wait to hear his album and see this video!