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Suri & Isabella Cruise: Sister, Sister!

Suri & Isabella Cruise: Sister, Sister!

Suri Cruise is all smiles as she goes on a shopping spree with her big sister Isabella Cruise and mom Katie Holmes on the Lower East Side neighborhood of New York City on Sunday afternoon (November 22).

The trio got in a little girl bonding time at the Madewell boutique.

Katie has been busy filming her new movie, The Romantics, in Long Island.

FYI: Isabella turns 17 in exactly one month! And Suri is wearing a Holmes & Yang dress, designed by her mom and stylist Jeanne Yang.

15+ pictures inside of sisters Suri and Isabella Cruise with mom Katie Holmes

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  • gipsey

    She’ll be a money machine. Paps adore her.

  • tidbit

    Katie doing what she does best–her major talent in life: SHOPPING.


    where is suri’s jacket?

  • Cooh

    I wonder,do Tom and Nicole keep in touch,I mean,they have 2 children toghether,I wonder,do they even care about the children?We barely see them with their parents,if you cand call them that

  • natasha

    katie has the jacket, isabella has long sleeves and suri wears that? ok.

  • pula

    I dont think people staring at you is comfortable…. By the way, when is she going to start school??

  • daisy

    Katie is Bella’s STEP mother NOT mother. No matter what Nicole is her mother.

  • mary joe

    At least Tom and Katie has the kids sometimes, what about selfish Nicole
    she hardly takes care of her new born, she is too busy to play wth hubby
    we never see her with the kids she is the most selfish, ridicolules creature
    good that Tom divorced her

  • Sasha

    Judging by the fact we see Suri “eveyday” out and about, this child must have a kickass immune system and never catch a cold. If I, an adult, wear something like in this weather in nyc, I’ll be in bed with flu or something. what’s with the rainboots, btw?

  • Weird

    No interaction. Katie and Bella aren’t even speaking to each other or making eye contact.

  • nurd

    I have the same b-day as Bella!

  • pula

    Isabela looks like a man

  • Galey

    You do not get sick by being cold or wet. That is a medical fact. Nicole has said many times her children hate to be in public, don’t want their parents to talk about them or share any info on them. They are teenagers. Almost any famous person will tell up that their children do not want them to discuss them or show pictures. I think both Tom and Nicole try to be sensitive to their wishes.

  • Pandora

    @Sasha #9 — my thoughts, exactly. And as an adult, it is up to her “Mother” to insist she wear a coat. This is beyond bizarre.

  • Marilynnn!

    I barely ever see his two adopted kids with Tom or Katie, it’s like it’s ALLL about Suri :/

  • coco

    Katie is so pretty and looks so tired and mad ever since she married Tiny Tom. Time for a divorce!


    WHAT’S WITH THE PLATFORM BOOTS SURI IS WEARING? WHY DO WE HAVE PICTURES OF THEM ALMOST EVERY SINGLE DAY? How do the paps know where they are going? So many ?s, does anybody have the answers.

  • lola

    Isabella looks like a normal kid…unfortunately walking with her sulking step-mom. Though I’m curious who she spends her time with – Tom or Nicole? You never see her with either of them! Also, coatless-Suri is getting to be ridiculous. It’s NOVEMBER in the NYC!

  • kamila

    Why are Connor and Isabella NEVER with Nicole Kidman???

  • jenna

    You should all mind your own business.
    Pictures do not tell the whole story about this family.

  • fashion

    Isabela should wear heels. Katie give Isabella some kind of advice.

  • tyra

    beautiful family

  • anon

    awwwwww love

  • Morgane

    Finally, ISABELLA!

  • lurking

    God bless the Cruise family!

    The paps should give them privacy!

  • reese

    Gorg in and out and they’re quite happy and so together…..

  • hair

    they need to do something with suri’s hair. always in her face, cut it shorter or pull it back…. or something, keep it kid-messy/neat like Violet Affleck. geez, always seem to be using it as a curtain. it’s annoying. Katie, clip her hair back. ugh

  • Emily

    suri is one of the cutest little kids i have ever seen!!!!! she is going to be really pretty when she grows up!

  • spooky

    Loving these photos.

  • diane

    is suri autistic.

  • Zoe

    Connor and Isabella are never with Nicole Kidman because Nicole Kidman is not a scientologist. She is a “Suppressive Person” according to Scientology so the kids were probably told she was bad for them and asked to “disconnect” from her.

  • just sayin’

    suri doesn’t fit the nyc lifesyle

  • Lust4life

    I don’t get this whole “Nicole doesn’t want her teenage kids to be photographed with her in public – she respects their privacy”. I’ve seen loads of pictures of her out with the baby. If and when she does see them, they must always be indoors. I know she gets followed by the paps everywhere.

  • Mary

    its actually madewell, not madewall

  • missme

    The whole situation with the two older kids puzzles me.

  • Jane Jay

    I didn’t recognize Isabella without the blue hair.

  • dian

    Itis so nice to see Katie takeing her two daughters out shopping beautiful family

  • watwat

    Nicole is is LA has been in LA this week and amazingly her older kids are anywhere but LA. This is not the first time. Whenever, Nicole is in LA, the kids are shipped off elsewhere. It’s not a case of Nicole not wanting to see her kids, but a case of her not being allowed to.
    Bella looks very much like Scientology leader David Miscavige. Do we have actual evidence that the kids were legally adopted?

  • nat

    @Cooh: @lola: They live with Tom, apparently he is a good father. Nicole, in the other hand, not so good of a mother to them. I heard they call her Nicole, not mom.

  • i

    so sweeeeet

  • notbusy

    This is the first time in 3 years that i have seen Katie out alone with Bella without Tom there. I’ve never seen her out and about just with Connor. Funny that Katie looks so angry. She could have went a different route or just stayed home. She goes where the paps are and then pretends to be angry.

  • pup

    @Cooh: Tom’s always with the kids. From piks I’ve seen. But I’ve nvr seen Nicole with them. Tom’s a good parent in my opinion. Nicole….Not so much.

  • trish

    When is she going to throw away those fugly “man” boots away?

  • Liz86000

    Well, Katie looks a lot better these days. Love her hair. She’s always prettier with longer hair.
    But please, make the child wear her coat!

  • notbusy

    #38, I’ve noticed that too when Nicole is in L.A.

  • Jill

    Can somebody make Katie put a jacket or at least a sweater on that kid?

  • mika_says_hi


  • For Kamila and people like her

    How about you stake out Nicole’s houses day and night for several months before implying that she doesn’t look after Isabella and Connor? You DON’T know that Isabella and Conner are “never” with her. You only THINK you know that based on some pictures. And staking out some stranger’s house is pretty much on a parr with assuming you know what’s going on in their lives and criticising them for it. You’re essentially living in a fantasy land.

    By the way, would your outrage really be so great if it was a father that you believed wasn’t spending enough time with his kids? I don’t hear this level of outrage for, say, Jude Law not spending as much time with his kids as Sadie does. The mothers always get so much more criticism.

  • BO

    so cute! love them

  • watwat

    I’ll say it again.
    The older kids live in LA.
    Nicole lives in Nashville.
    When Nicole is in LA the kids are never there as shown several time by photo ops.
    The kids are being kept from her. Disconnection, anyone?
    God knows what lies they are being fed about their mother.