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Adam Sandler Hits Montana Cafe

Adam Sandler Hits Montana Cafe

Adam Sandler and his wife Jackie take their adorable daughters — Sadie, 3, and Sunny, 1 — to breakfast at Montana Cafe on Sunday morning (January 3) in Brentwood, Calif.

The California fare from the eatery takes inspiration from all over the world.

Looks like Sadie just came back from ballet class with her tutu! Adam wore his support for the New York Jets on his t-shirt.

20+ pictures inside of Adam Sandler eating breakfast at Montana Cafe…

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adam sandler montana cafe 01
adam sandler montana cafe 02
adam sandler montana cafe 03
adam sandler montana cafe 04
adam sandler montana cafe 05
adam sandler montana cafe 06
adam sandler montana cafe 07
adam sandler montana cafe 08
adam sandler montana cafe 09
adam sandler montana cafe 10
adam sandler montana cafe 11
adam sandler montana cafe 12
adam sandler montana cafe 13
adam sandler montana cafe 14
adam sandler montana cafe 15
adam sandler montana cafe 16
adam sandler montana cafe 17
adam sandler montana cafe 18
adam sandler montana cafe 19
adam sandler montana cafe 20

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  • bebe

    There is nothing wrong with a GIRL LOOKING like her father, ugly or PREETY

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    sadie – sad`ie. babe, you’re right. nothing wrong with a chick looking like her daddy. even if he’s an ugly male.. but, what does that make her?!? ahahahaha.. `fug`ie.

  • G

    I WILL NOT hear any more dumb ass, cruel comments about ugly babies and ugly girls.

    no, they don’t look like Gerber babies. No, they’re not gonna grow up to be the next Cindy Crawford.

    But girls don’t need to be told they’re ugly even when they’re babies. I’ve seen some damn ugly BOY babies and they don’t have to grow up with self-esteem and image issues.

    All girls are pretty and smart.

  • heather

    I have to agree they are both ugly, BUT that being said…they could not choose their looks ANDDDDDDDDDDD I was a much uglier baby, MUCH MUCH uglier and I would consider myself a very pretty 20 year old girl now.

    Ugly babies can always grow to be beautiful women.

  • hoganbcmj

    “All girls are pretty and smart”? Are you serious with this? Whatever happened to honesty? I agree that calling babies ugly is out of line, but it can be just as dangerous to fill children’s heads with bull. You can find ways of boosting their self esteem without lying to them.

  • janelle

    I think they are cute. It’s not cool to pick on innocent children

  • Popeye

    I really believe the idiots that are calling these little kids ugly must be big assed ugly themselves!

    Cool it dumwits

  • sakara

    they look so much like him

  • Yup

    Cute girls :)

  • Yup


    Exactly, I was also very ugly as a baby, and as a child I was okay looking *lol* But now I’m very beautiful.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Yup: ahahahahahaha.. sureeeeeeee! ahahahahahahahahahaha..

  • Sheri

    I think Sadie has the greatest expressions and looks very playful.

  • http://justjared deke

    I have never seen children with such expressive faces. Adam seems like a great dad. The girls do need their hair brushed.

  • g!na

    Sadie has really blossomed! she has really gotten cuter and look at those expressions- smiling , laughing, and being happy!

  • haley

    not fair, Sadie has really grown into a cutie. Look at her girly attire. :)

  • Annabelle

    Sadie looks like she has an awesome time. Doesn’t look shy, just very happy.

  • frances

    shut up trolls, Sadie is adorable! she has curly hair and adorable lips & is a happy girl.

  • gabe

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: the only person that needs to be abused and tormented is you dumb-ass you are probably the ugliest person alive. i cant believe they still allow you on this website bastard. go die in a hole then let your soul rot in hell.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @gabe: ..`o.m.g, like.. that’s like the nicest (and funniest) thing anyone has said to me in 2010.. like, thank you soooo much. like, seriously. ahahahhahahahahahhhahahha….. like! ahahahhahahahahaha..

  • Honestly..

    Oh lawdie.

  • alexa

    i feel really bad saying this, but they’re both kinda unfortunate looking. too bad they didn’t get their mamas looks.

  • barb

    Sadie is a real cutie with a sunny happy personality and maybe her sister sunny will end up like this one day at least for her sake I hope so because right now she looks like a special needs baby.

  • avia

    I find it really sad that people call other people ugly. As I’ve been told: IT’S WHAT’S ON THE INSIDE THAT COUNTS.

    And I’m not saying it because I’m ugly or whatever. Come on they are children, get over it.

  • Lara

    Come on guys, please be nice!

  • drew

    hope that they’re funny because not cut al all

  • drew

    @avia: ugly people often say tis to feel and cope better

  • MMA

    You’re real mean if your racking your brain to say something evil about this beautiful family!


    i have to say that these are BY FAR the cutest pictures i have ever seen of sadie!!! she looks adorable. i was starting to worry about my girl!!! i had such high hopes for the new baby….sunny is a weird name for such a dark haired and dark featured little baby…you’d think they’d pick it for a blond sunshiney baby, know what i mean?

  • Iman

    I think Sadie will grow up looking like the old (really beautiful) Amy Winehouse before she turned the wrong way. She is already cute and i’m sure she will be beautiful. So stop being mean people!!

  • Izzy

    I can’t even believe some of you people. The just a shame.

    Sadie and Sunny are adorable little girls and YES they do look like their father, but that isn’t a bad thing. Adam is adorable in his own right too, Ha Ha. He’s a great guy and looks like a good father.

    You can already tell these girls have shining personalities as well. Full of life and fun. Plus, unlike someone like Suri Cruise, these little girls are more down to earth much like Jen and Ben Affleck’s daughters. I think in a place like HollyWEIRD this is great for them to lead normal lives somewhat from what their parents do. These children never chose to be in the spot light. They are just normal happy girls which is great to see.

    It amazes me how stupid some of you sound, I honestly haven’t heard comments like these since I was in grade school being hollered between children and I would imagine most of you are adults which doesn’t say much for your maturity. Grow up. Who gave you the right to sit back and say what is beautiful and what is not. Yes, there is an opinion, but then there is just damn right ignorance. Opinions are much like a**holes, everyone has one and most of the time they stink.

    Leave these children be. They look happy and healthy and that is all that matters. Honestly too, they will probably make out better then most of us since they are into a famous family, so jealousy much? They didn’t ask for their photos to be taken and they certainly don’t need your moronic comments either.

    People sit and give Perez Hilton sh*t for his comments, but how are some of these any better? Next time you degrade Perez think of your own damn selves, only difference is he’s getting paid for being a jack a**, what are YOU getting out of it?

  • Stone

    I swallow his regular fellow act if he’d take a day to go down to skid row and hand out all his money one hundred dollar bill at a time.

  • Elmo

    My favorite people in the world.
    Love you forever.

  • Stinksite

    Violaters; distributing and promoting child abuse.

  • Mary
  • bahaus

    Sadie’s not ugly.. She’s actually cute! It’s her HAIR! I love curls, but those curls drive me nuts, it’s like those parents never comb her hair. They could put a hair bow, or a hair band, or hair clips! She’d be so adorable!

  • Poopie


  • Chef Jacke

    I take it another nanny walked out on him!

  • Grace

    I keep wondering when their mother’s genes are going to come to the fore — that’s not a nasty comment, all kids vacillate between looking like their dad and looking like their mom.

    They both look JUST like him. It’s kind of crazy.

  • bbwloversmatch

    It is so legal to take picturs of minors

  • Go Ask Alice

    Cute, happy, nicely and normally dressed ,smiling toddler girl as she should be and the baby is the same way too.
    Good job and God Blass for the Sandler family.

    To you ugly people here,word of advice,…don’t look in the mirros and you won’t have to see ugly, yourselves.

  • Donkey Kong

    Right, #3 and #23

    Shut up, #25

    Don’t compare kids and you don’t how these babies are like at all, #30

  • firemenfriends

    They are so cute looking

  • MalibuSunrise

    actually, she looks kinda cute in skirt and white stockings. give her a break.

  • MalibuSunrise

    Jewish women very seldom grow up to be your typical beauty, but very often, they turn out to be exotic, cheeky and hot with some witty, overexposed features which normally is their sex appeal.

  • Mo

    I feel bad for his kids. Gosh, Adam has got some pretty awful genes that he gave to his daughters!

  • lakers fan in boston

    soppl need 2 learn that not all babies r cute
    sunny really isnt that cute right now, she resembles her dad 2 much, i honestly thought she was a boy at first
    same was true with sadie, she use 2 be pretty ugly but over the time she’s getting cute
    so im pretty sure the same will go with sunny, kinda fugs and then start 2 turn cute

  • Jess


    If you don’t want to “HEAR” comments different from yours, then don’t read forums!.

    By the way, not all babies are beutiful, some are very ugly, like these ones. They are beyond ugly, personally, they’re the ugliest children I’ve ever seen. That is just a reality, you don’t have to take offense.

  • longchamp

    the stare from the blue hoodie one is something to behold, yowza

  • Poopie

    Saying any child is ugly= child abuse.

  • Julia

    I think they’re cute!