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Rihanna: I'm On A Boat! ...with Matt Kemp

Rihanna: I'm On A Boat! ...with Matt Kemp

Rihanna and her new boyfriend, L.A. Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp, embrace on a boat in Mexico on Wednesday (January 6).

The 21-year-old “Hard” singer showed off her bikini body in a sexy swimsuit.

Matt, 25, kept close to RiRi as they sunbathed together on the boat.

The couple has been spotted out and about in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, hitting up a nightclub Monday night and spending time together in a hideaway.

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rihanna matt kemp shirtless bikini mexico boat 01
rihanna matt kemp shirtless bikini mexico boat 02
rihanna matt kemp shirtless bikini mexico boat 03
rihanna matt kemp shirtless bikini mexico boat 04
rihanna matt kemp shirtless bikini mexico boat 05

Credit: G Tres; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • julie

    i hope it works out, she deserves to be happy, cute couple.

  • yucky

    ugly ho.

  • maison martin margiela

    Nice pics. Ditto, hope it works out. Good luck.

  • black beauty

    i like them together

  • April

    They are so cute i hope they last and i hope Matt treats her right!

  • Ok

    So we now get photo-ops of this couple all day?

  • Shakera

    She looks really good.. They look great together!

  • say no

    ugh look at herpes girl cant stand this talentless girl!

  • bajan

    BLESSINGS 2 U GIRL. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • say no

    she looks stupid anything to get some attention.. how long she been dating this nobody 2 weeks she already looking like a love sick teenager girl plz lol


    Awe… I want to go to Cabo!!!!

  • sunshinerd

    loves it.. cute couple !

  • jj

    his hot. actually they both are hot. about time she starts dating older man.

  • roronutz

    good for her
    but im tired of her ass honestly hopefully 2010 we see less of her.

  • sunshinerd

    @say no

    why dont you say no to clicking on anything rihanna related… it might save your life and frustrations!

  • jj

    Listen trolls jealously and hatred is a terrible thing.

  • truly

    she is not very cute but neither is he.

  • uh oh

    @jj: Nothing to be jealous of here. This is clearly a pr romance. I feel sorry for the girl. she’s being played.

  • jj fans

    Finally she found a bikini that fits her.
    Now she just needs a new wig!



  • ann

    cute couple…

  • NYA

    Get it Riri have some fun, every celeb is out and about with their love ones why not you. You deserve it. Live your life girl start the New year off feeling good about yourself. Let those hateful people eat rocks. This is what i don’t get , Little Miley out with her man and not many of these people have a problem with it, Hayden out with her old Boxer dude and no problem there, katy perry just up and got engage to the guy no problem ther either, humm i wonder why ?. But let Riri do it and people start calling her an attention whore. Go on girl keep living your life, look at how many people droping dead suddenly. Get it while you can and f….k these hateful people in the world.



  • geez

    Like Eddie Murphy, this dude likes tranvestites.

  • hotlanta

    I might believe this if we didn’t see daily pics of them.

  • King

    @NYA: She just hooked up with this guy and already we’re seeing them every day. Who is alerting the paps because it’s not like they’re the J/Ps. You don’t see Rihanna splashed on the cover of the glossies each week, so who is buying the photos? And don’t try blogs, because paps don’t make their $$$ from blogs. Her label must be paying the for press and tipping off the press, just like they spread rumors about her when she was first starting out.

  • just say no

    Rihanna should definitely date older men but not a guy who dates a different female celeb every month. She’ll probably end up with herpes if she doesn’t have it already.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..`why isn’t rhianna one of the top celebs?!!? her threads on here are epic.

  • vids

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: Because she’s not a top celeb. Her mgmt pays this blog to post about her.

  • NYA

    Let me answer that for you. This girl just got beat up by her very famous x BF. It was all over the news, the paps have been hunting her like they did Britney spears. She starts they new year off with a new man and that would be definitely a hot topic especially after that very public break up. Now if i were a pap I would follow her around to see who she dates next, which is going to be a very hot topic and very gossip and news worthy.And you know what I would bet my last 2 quaters that any news person would pay to get these photos.Her poeple dont have to pay any one to follow them anyone with brain know that these Celebs is what keep the gossip sites and us bloggers talking and entertain.

  • Venom

    Damn she looks good.
    My man there is getting it in.
    Poor Breezy probably wants to kill himself right now:)

  • Allie

    @NYA: The difference between Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Rihanna is that they’re a little more subdued with their relationships. Even the guy’s agent said Rihanna and Matt have only hung out a few times, so to everyone looking in, this seems a bit much. And it doesn’t help that we get a play by play of everything happening when it’s happening – unlike Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry who TRY TO HIDE their comings and goings and keep things personal. And Rihanna is always talking about how private she is, but Chris Brown must have knocked the privacy out because now she just lets it all hang out. Yeah, she’s young and rich, but there are other rich, young Hollywood celebrities who manage to keep things a little more subdued.

  • get it , get it. Chris eat your heart out, fool.

  • Erica

    They make a very cute couple~

  • Raven

    @NYA: Wrong, she did get beat up but that story is old. Pick up a newspaper or magazine, you don’t see her constantly covered there. She is not a media draw. There’d be some initial interest if she was dating someone but not enough to warrant the daily coverage she’s been getting for 9 months. Otherwise, we’d see her in the papers and mags every week. This site is one of the few blogs on the Net that covers her every move and many blogs don’t even pay for photos..they take them from other sites. So, where is the money that goes to the photographers who keep snapping her pics even though the print pubs aren’t buying them? It must be coming from DJ trying to keep her in the news and relevant. That’s how the paparazzi always find her and why they take her pic even when the interest is not there.

  • Stevie Wonder

    Dionne Warwick found herself a young stud!

  • Khristi

    For crying out loud-if you guys are going to constantly try and internet bully someone, why not come up with something that is not so elementary like tear down people’s looks. Jeez, grow up for the love of all that is holy. This guy is really adorable and it’s nice to see someone happy. Just because there are pictures of two people on a boat in the middle of the water doesn’t mean it’s a PR stunt. It’s not their fault that media outlets pay the paps top dollar to get shots of folks in their most private of moments. If the only thing that you are going to do is complain, do yourselves a favor and don’t even bother with the site. It’s just for your entertainment purposes afterall. Why so serious?

  • NYA

    @Allie: subdue
    my ass, miley had naked pictures on the net, paris a sex tape and the list goes on, just the other day lady gaga was on the balcony showing her pad, did she call the paps too or is it only DJ that call the paps for this girl.Please!!!.just admit it nothing this girl ever does is going to be right for some of you.I have no proof that his agent really said that and even if he did so what. Stop trying to censor the girl , just say you would like her to disappear. But you know what she’s not going to leave on any of you all terms thank god, he’s the only on that will decide her fate.

  • MIKE

    @Raven: Tell the media that story is old, poor Chris can’t even move on with out it being mention and with all the celebrity DV beatings going recently it’s still fresh in some people minds.What blogs have you been reading , check out bossip , sandra rose , necole bitche, ybf, toyaz world, mediatakeout. that’s just a few, she is always on their blogs each day it nothing news worthy and they always have something on her or Chris. Is DJ paying them to publsh her to. You should be working for the secret service, cause your conspiracy theories are so good.Fist she worshipo the devil , now her label is paying the paps, what’s next?.

  • tal

    stuning!! love them bothe!! =)

  • Becca

    Rihanna looks AMAZING!!!!

  • Truth Is…

    @MIKE: They probably pay them too. You think it’s expensive to pay a blog ? It’s a hell of a lot cheaper and easier than trying to get a magazine or newspaper to excessively post about one celebrity. They won’t do it cause their readers actually buy their stuff and wouldn’t pay to see her over and over. If she were popular, you’d see her on more magazine covers. Look at the number of comments she gets. They’re nowhere near the level of Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston’s, yet she’s the most posted about celebrity on this website. It wasn’t a coincidence that she mentioned JJ at the Glamour Awards. There’s a kickback system in place.

  • So D sad

    The point is this is not her fan site so no one has to kiss her a** or like her. The reason I’m commenting is that fact that I am sick of Chris having to be in everyones mouth when he has nothing to do with her sh*t.

    Are you bashing Charlie’s old knife welding DV a**? Do you bring up Penns abuse of Madonna every ten minutes. Or Mary’s haymaker to her husband’s face? Eff that crap. Get over it, they have. They are not joined at the hip and both hav moved on.

    Yeah Chris is somewhere eating something out but I doubt it’s his heart.

  • megan

    looks like she is happy!! glad she has moved on. he is really cute…actually anything other than chris brown is an improvement.

  • notsleepinonthis1

    Why does he look like it’s a chore to be hugging her up? This picture has him with his nose turned up. Also, why get a guy who look similar to the ex you are trying to get over? Constant Alcohol consumption, potty mouth interviews, public sexing it up in the hot tub and all the a$$ pinching does not give a good look. All just so out of character, she threw shades at Brittany earlier so expect a real Brittany moment soon. PR fail on this one, girl need some serious help and nobody is listening.

  • jdkw

    @Khristi: People are giving their opinions. No one is bullying her. If they were running up to her on the street and stopping her from moving while shouting in her face, you might have a point. But we are not required to like the celebrities on here and only post favorable comments. That’s why they have fan sites.

    I think if they stopped with the 24/7 posts, people might like this girl a bit more. It’s overkill and taking coverage away from more talented artists.

  • H.

    Still an overexposed ho…

  • yoda

    How long have they been “dating”?
    Two weeks?
    And he was with some other chick last month?

  • cheetah

    What’s up with the Rooster on her head?

  • anonymous

    he clearly LOVES the media publcity he’s gettin from this, since is so obivously lookin right at the paps