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Rachel Zoe: Bikini in St. Bart's!

Rachel Zoe: Bikini in St. Bart's!

Rachel Zoe shows off her super thin thin frame in a teeny black bikini on a beach in St. Bart’s on Thursday (January 7).

The 38-year-old celeb stylist has been vacationing since Christmas with her husband/business partner Rodger Berman. Rachel tweeted, “[I'm] laying low in St. Barths. Dinners with friends. Battling bronchitis. Hopefully sun will heal me. :( ”

Rachel‘s protruding rib cage was apparent on the red carpet back in December 2008.

Get well soon, Rachel!

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194 Responses to “Rachel Zoe: Bikini in St. Bart's!”

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  1. 126
    Sassy Says:

    OMG this woman needs help I don’t want to read next article “Rachel Zoe died at age of… by anorexia” eat eat eat

  2. 127
    Geez Says:

    Posting another comment that will do no good. You people are focusing too much on her chest, and using that as the only way of concluding she must have an eating disorder. No, it doesn’t look very appealing at all. Yes, she is flat and you can see her bones. But I could say the same thing about some people who probably weight twice as much as she does. Some women have less meat up there, even when they weigh more than she does. I’ve seen chicks with 36 D’s and who weighed more than she does have some bones poking out in their chest area. If someone is 4 sizes larger than she is and can still have bones popping out up there, then that can’t be used to conclude she isn’t eating anything. Plus, she has her body contorted strangely. The way she is standing does nothing more than make her bones stick out even more. There are pictures where she is standing differently and she has no bones sticking out of her chest in those pictures. If she was standing differently, her bones wouldn’t poke out like they–she’s practically pushing them out. You can’t see the rest of her body and if bones are poking out everywhere else–she’s covered up, More importantly, a good way to tell if a woman is anorexic and is ghastly skinny is to look at her face. Oftentimes, their faces will be really skinny, their cheeks will be sunken in, and their faces will looked jagged. Rachel’s face doesn’t look sunken in at all, from what I can see. She has cheeks. Her face doesn’t look bony.

    What I personally don’t understand is how rude some people can be. If she does in fact have a problem, how is spreading all the hate going to make things any better? People get eating disorders because they have emotional and psychological issues, and being exposed to all the negativity about her skinny appearance is only going to worsen the problem and lower her self esteem. And what if she has a medical condition? What if she is currently battling an illness? Would you people still keep on with all the hateful comments, or would you feel guilty for being so cruel to an ill person?

    And for the record, people who actually have an eating disorder do not suffer from them because they believe they are fashionable. Does an overweight person who has an eating disorder and cannot stop eating compulsively eat becuase they believe being overweight is fashionable? I think not. They over eat because they cannot help themselves, because they are suffering from a psychological illness, just like an anorexic cannot help herself b/c she has a psychological illness as well.

  3. 128
    Emeline Says:

    Anorexia is a very bad disease.

  4. 129
    Memei Says:

    I have never said this before, but someone force this woman to eat. hook her on a tube. sick sick. She has gone too far, he skin is horrible, its just horrible,

  5. 130
    Inaru Says:

    This! is a very sick woman, can’t understand why her family hasn’t had her comitted yet. She is killing herself, she is sick it is clear by her protuding bones and her face.

  6. 131
    somuchyetsolittle Says:

    She is just one diet pill / drug away from Brittany Murphy. Someone intervene and get her help!

  7. 132
    Macchiato Says:

    eeeewwwww this is just wrong !! she is just 38 and looks sooooo old and unhealthy

  8. 133
    Donna Says:

    Okay, women starve themselves to look GOOD in a swimsuit….but if you STILL need to cover yourself up once you’re in it…then something is terribly wrong.

  9. 134
    Jazz Says:

    How very , very unattractive.

  10. 135
    Schnuh330 Says:

    Somebody get that ***** a sandwich, STAT!

  11. 136
    Pix Says:

    Oh wow…she has no idea. Anorexia is an illness and she is obviously a very sick woman. I have no idea why her husband doesn’t stage an intervention.

  12. 137
    Jane Says:

    Someone please give her a doughnut or something… she’s gotta be fed! looks like one of those freaky starving African kids

  13. 138
    ladiu Says:

    @ Geez,
    it’s not jsut the chest. It’s the arms too. And the rest of the body frame.
    That woman is way too thin.
    Whether it’s because of an eating disorder or not, I don’t know. But she MUST gain back some weight, Soon.

  14. 139
    Just Interested Says:

    someone has to feed her!
    she’s too damn skinny it’s disgusting

  15. 140
    British Latin American Says:

    Skinny ***** is one ugly *****.

  16. 141
    lawl Says:

    @: OMG I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU 100%. why on earth wouldn’t the husbands say anything? if roger doesn’t say anything, rachel zoe is automatically gonna be like, okay roger likes the way i look so i have to stay this way!!

  17. 142
    Nicolette Says:

    If she doesn’t get help now she will certainly end up like Karen Carpenter…the body can only take so much abuse and neglect!

  18. 143
    bbwfriends Says:

    Wow, she seems like another britney murph

  19. 144
    Brie Says:

    Clearly Rachel Zoe needs help. I remember hearing that when she was Nicole Richie’s stylist she was the reason behind Nicole Richie’s unhealthy thin frame at the time. So shes been having a problem for years now. It’s too bad she’s going to die from it. Her husband, family and friends need to propery stage an intervention. If they have tried , they haven’t tried enough.

  20. 145
    Maria Says:

    Don`t go the beach pleasse, you look like a zombiee, some corps ore some monster. Pleasse state at home!!!

  21. 146
    jenny Says:

    please eat :(

  22. 147
    LoveLeeR Says:


  23. 148
    Kim Says:

    @wendy: Actually Posh looks the same there are pics of her at the London airport w/ her boys . Her chest looks like Rachel actually worse because of the implants.

  24. 149
    paula Says:

    Wow- I actually love her show, but I never even realized she was this thin…maybe it’s b/c she always covers herself up…but I don’t even understand how she can contunue to claim that she does not have an ED…if she does not receive help, she will die. Her body will eventually shut down. And what is more disgusting is that her husband doesn’t ever seem to be concerned about her weight…how can he look at her body and not become nauseated and concerned for her well-being? These pictures are shocking!! All I can do is pray that she will receive the treatment she needs- she has such a pretty face and you can’t even tell b/c she’s so emaciated looking.

  25. 150
    [forgetMEnot] Says:

    Oh god, this woman is a stylist and influenced celebs to slim down.
    But girls with anorexia are influenced by this and see this as beautiful.
    It’s not.

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