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Adam Lambert is Headed for the Oprah Show

Adam Lambert is Headed for the Oprah Show

A bundled up Adam Lambert and a female friend fly out of Los Angeles’ LAX airport on Tuesday (January 12).

The 27-year-old “For Your Entertainment” singer jumped on a flight to Chicago – Adam will be filming an episode of Oprah today!

Adam tweeted last night about how excited he was to meet Oprah Winfrey. “Happy as a clam,” he wrote.

American Idol, the show that made Adam a star, comes back TONIGHT at 8/7c on FOX! Catch it and see who’ll be this season’s newest superstar!

For a 20-second preview of Adam‘s new “Whataya Want From Me” video, visit! The full vid premieres on Friday.

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  • amy

    hahah that’s cute

  • aw

    I love Adam, he’s a sweetheart.

  • Wales

    that’s his PR, his friends are more beautiful

    omg I hope she doesn’t read JJ and kills me lol

  • Louisiana

    Ever since he lost weight all his clothes look so baggy on him

  • Stu

    Adam actually looks adorable. And I’d kill for that woman’s job. She’s his assistant.

  • Kingston

    ^^^ how did he lose weight? diet or something?

  • Uprising

    @Kingston: He cut out cheese.

  • Caitlin

    He looks cute. I’m excited to see him on Oprah! I know he’s singing two songs. Whataya Want From me and…?

    btw, his music video clips online look hot. Can’t wait to see the whole thing on Friday! :)

  • Mia Baxton

    @Uprising: waaaaaaaaat that’s mad cheese is the best thing ever. respect lmao

  • Sacha FJ, 23

    @Mia Baxton: I know, right? I pretty much live on cheese. That’s dedication lol.

  • D9IQ

    @Uprising: WHAT even cheesecake????

  • Prettigurlz

    I luv himm;)) he’s hott

  • even cheesecake

    @D9IQ: yep :(

  • Jake P.

    Welcome to my city dude

  • so sad


    Giving up cheesecake? What a depressing thought. brb, finding some brie and gouda.

    But he looks hot!

  • Melissa Rondwell

    He should always wear tight jeans because he has the longest legs ever, baggy jeans don’t suit him, unless they’re tailored trousers.

  • Just Jared

    But if you give up something like cheese, especially if you loved it before, you will crave it so, so bad, then you will snack on it 10 times worse afterwards. Unless he’s giving it up for life ? D :

  • phoebe

    Jeez, that’s his assistant, Lane. WE know that why can’t you? His band went right with him so where are they? Considering that rumors are out there about a possible relationship with one of them you’d think you’d wanna catch them on film too.

  • Faye Parsons

    Kids, if you decide to cut out cheese, or other dairy products make sure you take your Calcium substitute tablets.

  • Oprah

    SuBo’s going to be on Oprah the same day as well.

    Adam should cover her song and she should cover his. Complete with sexy dance moves.

  • Tyson

    Chicago The Windy City

  • Jez

    QT Pie!

  • Hannah, London

    when he’s onstage i stare at him in awe kind of, i think he’s so fierce and he pulls you in whether he’s singing something gutwrenching and sad and honest or something ridic wild.

    but when he’s offstage i just want to give him a hug! he looks so warm, it doesn’t help that all the idols said he gave the hugs

  • Hannah, London

    the *best* hugs

  • Lock

    I don’t think Adam’s clothes are warm enough. But he looked so happy. Go Adam!

  • barbls

    He looks adorable. Won’t be watching AI as I already found my one and only idol!!

  • Morrison

    Goats’ cheese and Mozzarella mmmmmmmmmmm

  • magno

    He looks cold. He should be wearing a coat.

  • ransom notes

    Lol, bless he is adorable, but looks freezing.

    I hope he wears his hair pushed back on Oprah, instead of spiky.
    I wonder if Oprah will make him cry or whether it will just be a shoter relaxed interview before he sings.

  • Jory

    God i love him so so much he is so cute and sweet and totally lovable he own my heart period .

    i can’t wait for Oprah i waited so long for this one finally :)

  • FM

    lol @ the cheese comments……..

  • Katie

    Aww… so cute

  • Marie Belle

    I fell in love with him after watching an interview about 2 weeks ago with other people including the Idols talk about him, he is so sweet. Speaking of cheese, this is cheesy but he has a really beautiful soul/heart. XOXO

  • Alexa

    I loathe Idol but I love ya Adam, don’t even connect the guy to Idol. Come visit us in the UK as well.

  • Joe

    @Oprah: LOL I don’t want to see Susan Boyle dancing ‘sexy’ to anything thanks.

  • JKAN

    Good luck on Oprah Lambert that’s huge

  • no talent

    pull that hat right down over your pock marked face

  • Deanna

    What does this poof know about clams?

  • cacey

    uuuuuuH POOR girl “GIRL” is shy WITHOUT her MAKEUP/ GUYLINER

  • Pandora

    He even looks cute in this get up. Cute, boyish face. Love his smile. As to losing weight, I’d never really thought he had to. He is looking very svelte though!

  • yepyep


    Who doesn’t loathe Idol? Adam was a fluke on the show. He was the only reason I tuned into that lame karaoke show….ever.

  • lollllllll

    @no talent: Your username suits you well trollface. LOL at you changing your name to repost the same bigoted crap you do on every Adam post, your ISP is still the same retard

  • SP

    @no talent: isn’t it past your bedtime sweetie pie?

  • KRI

    Deanna, cacey and no talent are ONE person CHECK THEIR IP LMAAAAAO.

    KEEP making homophobic comments. What do you think will happen? Do you actually think it makes you look manly and butch LMAO?! Homophobia is not cool, it’s not clever it’s GAAAAAAAY.

    KEEP spamming “no talent” you think his talent is suddenly going to disappear if you keep saying it? ROFL I’m dying.

    When you have a 5 range voice that can hit every note on the guitar AND have legends from Slash, Spielberg, Tyler, Tim Burton, Queen, Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, Madonna, Rob Marshall, Muse, Cuomo to Linda Perry, respecting you and wanting to work with you, THEN come back and someone may actually take you seriously.

    Seeing as you don’t, you can shut your chavvy gob and f right off little insecure closeted boy. That’s it, run along now.

  • oooooooooooooooooooooo

    bahahaha that person who posted 3 comments under the same isp you sound so f-n sad insecure and lonely grow some braincells and balls while you’re at it, you’re nothing but a twisted modern nazi. bet you go around calling black people monkeys as well you make me f-n siiiiiiiiiick


    I love it when people like the troll above are so drawn to someone they can’t keep away. Beautiful.

  • Sacha

  • jadale

    @Caitlin: the 2nd video clip he looks gorgeous in I’ll admit. The one were he’s wearing a tux, I was like daaaaaaaaamnnn and I’m not even a hardcore fan, white boy is fiiiiine

  • music lover

    I would kiss every inch of Adam, anytime, anyplace. I would make him sing “WWFM” before and after…lol

  • ok but

    @music lover: I doubt he’d let you………………