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Rachel Bilson is Chic in Chanel

Rachel Bilson is Chic in Chanel

Rachel Bilson is looking lovely at the DIC/InStyle Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show Preview on Thursday (January 14) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress and stylista paired a Chanel dress with Stuart Weitzman shoes for the event.

Rachel started her stint on How I Met Your Mother this past week on the show’s 100th episode – and while it was revealed that she’s not the mother, we’re closer than ever before to knowing who the girl for Ted is!

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson at the Diamond Fashion Show Preview…

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rachel bilson diamond fashion show preview 02
rachel bilson diamond fashion show preview 03
rachel bilson diamond fashion show preview 04
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rachel bilson diamond fashion show preview 07
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rachel bilson diamond fashion show preview 09
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Photos: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN, Frazer Harrison/Getty
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  • jake

    she looks like an ugly elf thing

  • alison

    i watched that show for the first time on that episode i liked it, it was nice to see rachel acting on tv again. she looks good like the dress but not sure about the hair she should do more with it

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..`biish is fug. she’s like a bugly (butt ugly) mila kunis. mila’s good looking. bilson looks like a pug (dog).

  • bee

    wtf jared

  • Joleen

    She has nice coloring. I live brunettes anyway. Like the girl on this cartoon.

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  • Sophia

    Rachel’s really pretty. Great fashion sense, wish she would hurry up and get married. Wonder what kind of wedding dress she’ll wear?

  • Not again

    The seashell look around the top is ugly the color is good but, the outfit looks like she is ready for a day at the beach not a fashion event. And here we go again with no ring. God does this woman understand that this is not an accessory item it’s a damn promise ring. Guess she is too stupid to know the difference.

  • @8

    It’s called an engagement ring and she is wearing it. Check the picture with her left hand on her waist.

  • sterling

    Midge(t) looks like a Mexican Tortilla Maker From Tijuana.

  • ron

    Does she know that she has no career and her legs are the most unattractive short stumps.

  • brightside

    @alison: I don’t think what she does can be classed as acting. I wish I knew what her problem is, because she does have the ability to look like a pretty girl but that dress is too short, too fussy and such an ugly color. Her hair is a mess and she has ugly legs with those misshapen knock knees. The color does nothing for her, it makes her look dull and washed out. Instyle awards, I don’t think so, no style awards maybe.

  • tennille

    Jeeez one of the Shortest-Chicken-Legs Ive ever seen – her knees looks so Crinkled & Rough too.

  • Ahari

    Her problem is she’s brain damaged. It’s true, she says so herself. She’s really an imbecilic little troll, no acting talent, no intelligence to speak of, no true fashion sense. We’ve all seen her steal other designer’s work and try to pass it off as her own and get caught red handed doing so, she apparently isn’t even smart enough to know stealing other people’s work is really wrong. She’s admitted she copies what people like the Olsen’s and Sienna Miller *gasp, if she only knew, lol* follow fashion wise. She’s nothing. Nothing at all. Just a desperate, pathetic pap-tipping, attention seeking little fame wh*re that has nothing. Nothing but an incredibly handsome and sexy “fiance.” A “fiance” she isn’t interested in spending more than a week or two at a time with several times a year.

  • tennille

    And she was just at the said event “only” becoz she got some writing job there that she begged off from her showbiz family… and “nothing” much else of course!

  • jana

    these comments are just plan rude! does anyone have manners anymore

  • Jax

    Jana, when a person tries to pass themselves off as a celebrity and an actress, when she calls the paparazzi every single time she even goes to the mailbox, she’s putting herself out there. She ceases to be a private citizen, at least when she’s on the street and at public events. Therefore, she’s fair game. You think it’s rude to call her out for what she does? You’re naive, extremely so. This person, Rachel Bilson, lives by every single comment made, every single photo taken. She’ll wither and die without it. Personally, I’d like my life with a lot less Bilson, but that isn’t happening. Don’t fool yourself, she isn’t crying in her m*th coz anyone calls her out, she’s having multiple orgasms because of it.

  • no manners

    @ 14 Jealous much, are we, that she has the handsome fiance? You sound so bitter, she’s just an actress, and is a pretty girl.

    @ 16 jana She seems to get alot of rude comments since she has been with Hayden Christensen, why I do not know. After being together almost 3 years, they must be happy, or they would not be together. I like her dress and shoes, they are different.

  • zzz

    you guys are either dreaming or jealous!

  • Kandance

    Okay I’m not a Rachel Bilson fan but it’s not her fault that she has “short, stumpy legs” so yeah she may be a little annoying but commenting on her height is really unfair.

  • Ahari

    @18, jealous of a greasy faced, ratty haired talentless hack? Not so much. Not at all as a matter of fact. And to your comment to Jana, they’ve spent less than a year total together in the last three years, you can’t have a “relationship” when you only spend a few days together every couple of months. At that rate, they don’t even really know each other. This girl manages to have photographic evidence every time one or the other of them goes to the airport to go back and forth. Count it up. This is a sham, a PR stunt, because this “former OC actress” doesn’t have anything else. All she’s got is Hayden and a TV series that’s been gone for years.

  • t

    OMG! LOVE HER! :)

  • Chica

    If she wasn’t apparently such an ugly human being, such a publicity hound and all and rumored to be a really nasty, hateful and spoiled b*tch, you’d almost have to feel sorry for her and her desperation to be famous and all that. Especially since she really doesn’t have anything to offer.

  • zzz

    #21 – you sure seem to know a lot about her, seeing you apparently aren’t a fan.
    #11 – “short stumpy legs”? her legs are tiny, i don’t see how they could be mistaken for “stumpy”? anyway, the length of your legs is something you have no control over. if you don’t like it, don’t look!

  • Prettigurlz

    Oh wow y do ppl always think celebs have to b perfect damn have some sense once in a while. She looks pretti w/her legs like that get the fucc over it

  • @18

    A 3 year relationship doesn’t mean crap now days I’m sure Tiger Woods wife can write a book on how a long term relationship can end hard with a man who is over private all the time. The best this woman can do is offer a few weeks a year to spend with him when neither works much it’s called playing for the press.

    As for the outfit the color is wrong on her and her legs looks horrible plus it looks like it is made out of sack cloth what is she Pocahontas.

  • whodie

    Same old hairstyle…all over her face!! But really, she does not have much of a choice…she has to cover that homely bone structure. But then no matter what the hair is doing… she is SIMULTANEOUSLY homely, useless & vacuous!

  • zzz

    @26 the dress was probably given to her on loan, as most dresses tend to be given to celebs for events.
    chanel has always been very hit or miss, i think.

  • whodie

    She’s so “ordinary”, like she could be my neighbor or a woman who works at a mall, heck the girl where I buy my coffee each morning is better looking, there is nothing spectacular about her. People who go on and on using words like “gorgeous, stunning, beautiful”, ect. need to buy a dictionary or eyeglasses (or they themselves are below average and this is the looks they strive for in their dreams).

  • no manners

    @ 21 You are entitled to your opinion, but they have been in and out of airports before numerous times, the last time when they flew from LA to Toronto before Christmas in December 2009, without being photographed. They are the only ones who know what their relationship is like, no one sees behind closed doors. We do not know them. It seems like a typical long distance relationship, they can work very well, I know for a fact that they can. But you are right, sometimes they are papped at the airport, the last pics of them in Toronto they looked quite happy. but sad when she was leaving. They are adults, let them worry about their relationship themselves,

  • Ahari

    @24 the only reason I know anything about her at all is because of Hayden. Before she got cast in Jumper and instantaneously dumped Adam and hooked up with Hayden, I knew nothing about her except that she was in the OC. Which I never watched. I like Hayden, I think he has a lot of talent. Talent he apparently doesn’t care to cultivate now that he’s taken up with this no talent excuse for an actress.

  • brightside

    Really no-one would mind Rachel if she stopped pretending to be something she isn’t. Actresses act, it’s a job requirement – Rachel has never acted, she does a very good job of being herself but that’s not hard. She has no range and no dramatic flair, no talent. Her style is never innovative, it’s characteristized by the innovation of others. Her fashion advice in Instyle is damned by faint praise because she has no talent for writing and no talent for fashion. I would respect her more if I knew she had bona fide qualifications in acting and fashion because it would show that she has a deep and abiding interest in both and is willing to study and learn about her chosen ‘careers’. She is a fake. Like Heidi Montag, a person famous for being nothing special. I don’t like her fiance either, he can’t act. They are probably nice people, but they should go be nice people somewhere away from the acting world. Farming in Canada is just a suggestion.

  • Ahari

    @32, exactly. I wouldn’t mind her at all, I could even ignore her, if she’d quit putting herself out there as something she isn’t and doesn’t have any ability to be. And she isn’t interested in being with her “fiance” or she’d spend more time with him. But by the same token, he’s no better, because he doesn’t expend any energy to be with her more often either. Hence the “fake” vibe.

  • sidony

    As Ive posted before, Douchel dont have some freaking business to go back in here. She got nothing to promote but her useless self. No movie, no (regular) tv show, no promo (even a hoax one) line or any upcoming… all just nothing. She should just pack-up again & go back where she came from and raise some piglets that she claims to adore. Pigs & herself could really make a nice pair – like looking at each other’s “reflections”… no doubt about it LOL!

  • brightside

    Apart from a few fans, if they quit acting, no one would miss them. I doubt whether Rachel would get any calls asking her to return to the acting fold because there are so many actresses out there who are more talented, more able, and, if looks are needed, more visually appealing.
    Another beef – knees: Few women have sexy knees, knees are many things, functional, utilitarian, hinges for the legs etc, but they are just not sexy or erotic. Legs work best visually from the knee down, unless you’re lucky enough to be tall, slender, with good, even skin color and with legs up to your armpits. No short woman with knobbly knees is ever going to look good in a thigh exposing baby doll dress. It just doesn’t work.

  • Leslie

    I like Rachel as an actress. She just always makes me smile. I love her fashion and I’m always getting ideas from the pictures I see. I’ve never heard that she was rude to anyone and she is not infamous for any bad behavior.

    No one knows if Rachel calls anyone to follow her around for photos and she isn’t in the tabloids much compared to others who are in them for all the wrong reasons. She is because she does have a career, people do like her and she has a nice guy in her life. There is absolutely no reason to believe that Hayden and Rachel are anything but really good people.

  • Marieme

    OMFG. This is so obnoxious, isn’t it? JJ’s little inside joke.

  • Jax

    Yeah, Leslie, coz everyone knows this no talent little twit gets more pap attention than Brad and Angie coz she warrants it. Coz she’s so much more important in the grand scheme of things than the Brange. But of course. Whatever. If she didn’t call them to follow her around, she wouldn’t even be here on JJ.

  • sidony

    Douchel got a career! In what… how… where… duh?!
    The only “career” she has/had is making the gossip papers and posing for cheesy has-been photo-opps – Amen!

  • emmaa

    Ikr? What the hell is people’s problem? She is wearing freakin exquisite Chanel and people are still raging that she has no fashion sense. The dress is amazing.

  • Venom


  • natalia


  • brightside

    @emmaa: Yes it’s Chanel, but the color is drab, the apron makes her look like an over-the-top domestic servant and it’s too short. It looks like something I’d expect to find in a child’s dress up bin, or on a victorian baby doll. Just because it’s Chanel doesn’t mean it’s exquisite. She should have worn something with a little more color, a little more length and a lot more elegance. And done something with her hair, pinned it up maybe, even in Chanel she still looks like she’s been dragged through a hedge backwards. And she gives fashion advice? Please! It’s terrible.

  • brightside

    If you really want to see how it should be done, go take a look at the Natalie Portman post ( and for a good cause too! ). Rachel just keeps on getting it wrong on so many levels.

  • Leslie

    Jax why even compare her to anyone else and I don’t think she gets more attention than Brad or Angie. She doesn’t. You already don’t like her so it wouln’t matter what she did, you’d still dislike her.

    She seems like a sweet person to me and I don’t see anything to the contrary.

    Sidony, she may not have the career that is good enough for you and others which sounds kind of snobbish, to tell the truth, but she is working just like you or anyone else trying do well in their career.

  • brightside

    @Leslie: Lol, that made me laugh. The working bit. Do you really think she gets out of the bed at 4 in the morning, 5 days a week, for 42 hours a day so she can pay the bills and put food on the table. Don’t make me laugh….she doesn’t know what work is! She inacts around part-time in front of a camera, offers bad fashion advice, and attends a few fashion related, industry related events. Now that isn’t classed as working! Real work would probably kill her!

  • brightside

    42 hours a week, oops, not day.

  • periwinkle

    Interview/Question: There’s 500,000 feared dead & about 3 Million need help in “Haiti”, and most of the HW celebs these days are doing their fair share of any support that they can do. Tell us how can you be of help or can you at least address something about the latest catastrophe?

    BratChel: Well (giggles)… ummm (giggles)… you see (giggles)… hmmm (giggles)… what’s the question again ?!

    LMAO !!!

  • Leslie

    Rachel designed the bracelet she is wearing for charity and it was given to all the guests at this event. Proceeds from the sale of the bracelet will go to help African nations whose natural resource is diamonds. It’s part of the Everlon Diamond Knot Collection. She talked about it on ET tonight. Of course this charity was planned before the earthquake in Haiti.

    I’m sure Rachel will be giving like everyone else. Like all of you.

  • brightside

    Wow, thank you for that, I’m underwhelmed, really underwhelmed! It’s so good to know that, while the real celebrities are donating time and money to charitable causes the world over, sub-lebrity Rachel designs a bracelet to show us how much she cares!