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Inside Brad & Angelina's Meeting with Lawyer

Inside Brad & Angelina's Meeting with Lawyer

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie did meet with a lawyer last month, but it wasn’t to work out details on a split.

The couple spent time with a law firm in L.A. in December, a source tells Life & Style, “where they worked out terms of a legal document similar to a prenup.”

Brad and Angie signed the document in January, which means the couple will share money, assets and custody of the kids (who would all live with Angelina in the event of their parents’ breakup).

The source says that there was no talk of a split at the meeting.

For more on the Brangelina meeting, pick up this week’s issue of Life & Style!

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  • This Means MARRIAGE

    Love that they are sorting out the gerneralities of their perfect union.

  • http://.. nil

    everything is normal.

  • KimoraLeeVanderbilt

    This is something they needed to do since they arent legally married. This way, the kids are protected. It makessense. Too bad certain jerks needed to use it as an excuse to start irresponsible rumors. I hope who ever leaked the news, probably from that lawfirm, some dumb legal assistant or a receptionist or a file clerk, got paid for their leak. Because they should also be fired.

  • Atalanta

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  • brangelina1


  • pretty young girl


  • ana

    hopefully this thing about the split is all B.S like JJ said :) !

  • brangelina1

    I’m sure they are soulmates, I believe very much in love and everything they do.

  • Janelle

    And cue the haters…

  • brangelina1

    who speaks ill of them come stick your finger in the first hole low

  • lun u

    dis doesnt make sence, it only means dey r brkin up. angelina is a sl^t. she slept with a horse nd her brother.

  • Shurly

    I’m in love with this couple ! They’re right to be careful about their money and their kids. It’s important !!

  • supernova

    The truth is always in the middle…..

  • love them

    We the fans knew that!

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    I donĀ“t believe… When Angelina or Brad say – IT IS OVER… Then I will believe

  • You in the end

    Oh dear! So News of the world was right about everything but the split. I don’t wish them any harm but something is fishy here.

  • Fallen Angel

    Angelina looks so much more beautiful with dark hair. It’s amazing, since she actually is a real blonde…. Anyway, all this is B.S. I mean, WHO THE HELL CARES!

  • none of our business

    this is a couple who met with their lawyer to work out terms of a legal document i.e. prenup. what ever, the reality is that at the end of the day it is not any of our business.

  • Me

    Little by little they admit the story is true.

  • amy


    It IS over this time. I wonder how many crazy suicides will follow? Hahahaha

  • amy

    Yup, that’s why they are breaking this gently and soflty. Too many freaks and lunatics might junp off a bridge. Hihihihihi

  • bdj

    Hmm Lies and shit. Enough said.

  • april

    why do we know all this? do they really tell the media everything about their private lifes ?

  • bdj

    Lies and Sh*it know about as much as these fake insiders on this board.

  • p

    I love how you guys will now accept this part of the news as truth but the rest of the report is obviously false. damage control, anyone?

  • brangelina1

    love story
    the union of power, love,, passion, danger, adventure, punctuality, leisure, family, work , counting children, charity, and everything else I have them tattooed on my heart

  • Vickie

    Just another gossip rag putting their spin on it. Doesn’t prove anything. Just supposed quotes from more unnamed sources. Life and Style makes crap up all the time. No such thing as journalism anymore. Just copy and paste reportring.

  • Dee G.

    That’s good. For the kids sake.

  • luvd80s2

    This is old news, when she was pregnant with shiloh and brad officially adopted maddox and zahara she told either Vanity Fair or Vogue that they had a prenup type of document that would give both of them 50/50 custody of the children in case they seperated, well I wish them the best and Im pretty sure they will be good parent’s to their kids together or seperated.

  • and the skank is back!

    i would love if intouch, star will give their own take too because this gonna be funny. i have to take them all seriously because life & sheez got the exclusives just jj himself and perez. anyone one else has jp’s exclusives?…lol

  • http://hotmailaustralia laila

    Love this couple, so happy all is good with them.

  • lovely couple

    Didn’t Brad mentioned awhile back about this?Something like the kids are getting everything anyway.

  • brangelina1

    Angelina Jolie is beautiful dark-haired their eyes are more beautiful, brad is beautiful even bald. hehehehe.

  • and the skank is back!

    plz. star & all the ragloids come up with your jp exclusives!! i would like them all to claim they spoke directly to the sources…..well maybe a fly on the wall or a fake celeb psychic who has the evil power to see and read the couples mind thru her evilous crystal bowl.

  • gracie

    Now JJ is citing Lie & Shite as a source, what’s next, NE and Star? Anything for hits hum. Brangelina are not splitting, anyone with brain knows that. They are soulmate and they love each other. Trolls and haters should get a life and go find someone else to whine about. God bless the Jolie-Pitts.

  • QQQQ

    When lame Jared isn’t making up exclusives; he’s pimping Lies & Shit.

  • alex


  • to amy

    It IS over this time. I wonder how many crazy suicides will follow? Hahahaha

    oh brother! listen up. what is happening is a normal occurrence for many couples; married and un-married. it’s an update of their financial and guardianship arrangements; not only who gets the kids in the event of a break up but also who gets the kids in the event that both angie and brad die and/or become unable to care for the children. any lawyer will tell you that these should be updated regularly.

  • lovely couple

    I will always like Perez Hilton.The rest of these blogs were all turn coats.All kissed anistons ugly feet.

  • bohemeballerine

    Interesting timing

  • bansa


  • blondee

    For starters, the source of this post is Life & Style, a notorious publication that consistently “reports” misinformation and outright fabrication. Second, this meeting with the attorney is also questionable. Attorney client relationships are confidential and this information could only come from the attorney’s office or the Jolie Pitts. If this “story”‘s origin was the attorney’s office, there is a blatant violation of California law of professional rules of conduct. And I doubt very seriously that the Jolie Pitts would provide this information to, of all publications, Life and Style. Another bogus report.

  • groundcontrol

    Please. This doesn’t even make sense. Who are the lawyers then? You mean to tell me they don’t know this simple fact?
    Part of this sounds like a pre-nup which tells me a wedding may be in the offing. However, all responsible parents with assets and a growing family update their family documents regularly. This is no big deal. But the second part talks about custody in advance which is meaningless since custody decisions cannot be made in advance in any way that is binding on a court – the court having final say over any custody decision. Children are not chattel and their custody does not get bargained for in contracts or agreements. Custody is determined by the courts using the best interest of the child standard.
    I think it’s all BS. No law firm or any of its employees or reps disclosed this information. How irresponsible do you think law firms are? They do not sacrifice their entire firm for this kind of gossip nonsense. It would be a very small world of people involved and therefore easily traced back to its source and the entire firm would risk serious censure by the California bar. Are you sure the source is not Mr. Halperin’s odorous azz?

  • an oldie

    Lies&Steals as the source? Very reliable. Not!

  • to groundcontrol

    however, angelina and brad can make their wishes regarding custody of the children in advance know in their will. what happens then depends upon the state the will is probated in. many times, unless there is some legal reason why custody should not be granted to the guardians chosen by the parents the judges do go along with the wishes of the parents.

  • mmsic

    Once again i smell the rotten eggs of ian the herpes guy.That guy is really evil.He is doing all these rumors because his book didn’t sell.


    Another tabloid that don’t know sh!t about Brad and Angelina personal or professional business.

  • Andrew

    They are not married and if they were separating for sure they would not have shared everything in this way. Sorry haters lol They are probably getting married. Ian Halperin is so stupid and a foul coward.

  • jane

    OMG, they sooooo broke up!!! You’ll see that soon!

  • meepo

    Oh so Life & Style is reporting this? Oh well, that’s a VERY reliable source. Since they never have released any false news about the couple.