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Vanessa Hudgens is a Diesel Darling

Vanessa Hudgens is a Diesel Darling

Vanessa Hudgens stops by the Melrose Diesel in Los Angeles on Friday (January 29).

The 22-year-old actress paired slouchy ankle boots with skinny jeans for a chic trip out shopping.

It was announced earlier this week that Vanessa‘s boyfriend and former HSM co-star, Zac Efron, has two projects in the works.

Fire will star Zac as a college student inducted into the CIA to see if ordinary citizens can be agents, according to THR. Z and his manager will serve as executive producers on the film.

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Photos: LRR/Famepictures
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  • vfan

    I love Vanessa!
    I absoloutely adore this outfit, so stylish! :)

  • SEXY

    That little girl has to realise she’ll never be Angelina Jolie lol. She’s kinda pretty (actually she just has beautiful hair that she hopefully won’t dye blonde) but that’s it. No f.u.c.kin’ talent at all.

  • sara12

    looks amazing

  • heather

    loooove her sweater

  • marriage-mindedsingles

    She is so pretty

  • ella

    squeee love her!

  • V

    So beautiful <3

  • ClĂ©mentine

    She’s so beautiful !!!!
    I love her outfit, so comfy.

    And I’m really excited for Zac. These 2 movies will be a big step for his career :D

  • curiosity

    Beautiful!!! love the outfit and everything else :)

  • jess

    she’s so gorgeous!
    I missed her!

  • Malia

    Gorgeous as usual. Love that sweater. Looking forward to seeing “Beastly” this summer and “Sucker Punch” next year.

  • Carol

    She looks so gorgeous…as always!!!
    Her hair is stunning…!!

  • Rickii

    love love her

  • Lisa

    Love her jeans with the zipper!! Who makes them????

  • peggy


    You just get dumber all the time since it seems Zach Snyder and Daniel Barz and a number of other director/producers don’t agree with you.

  • Jess!


  • birdie

    Me thinks your a bit jealous. She’s not claiming to be anyone but herself. She’s a young performer just starting out and so far she’s had very good reviews and believe me no one would hire her if she didn’t have talent. She has auditioned for the roles she has received and
    was chosen. I really look forward to the up and coming films that both
    Vanessa and Zac have coming out in the next couple of years.

  • toty

    I love nessa soooo much..she looks awesome as usual,but actually
    she’s still 21….And I wonder why should anyone hate her annoy him/herself & annoy us by writing a silly things about her??
    By the way I’m very happy for zac…GO ZANESSA

  • cute


  • camila

    she is 21 yearl old

  • Janeth

    I don’t think she is ugly but I don’t think she gorgeous either her acting isn’t all that! But I LOVE her style… People can say a lot about her but you gotta give it to her she has pretty good style!!!!

  • Kristy

    @SEXY: Sweetie, I think you’re confusing her with Megan Fox. According to top critics, she has talent. Enough to get her cast in a movie like Suckerpunch. She blew the director away. So excuse me if I’m wrong but top movie critics > a pathetic hater

  • SEXY

    @peggy: SHUT YOUR ASS UP. You’re too stupid for me. @birdie: Just because they are chosen and star in films doesn’t mean they are talented….How many actors can boast about being talented….Directors and all companies choose these actors for their looks! Only that. Are you gonna tell me Megan Fox is a super great actress too? GIMME A BREAK

  • Mac

    Gorgeous! Made a comment in the other site but I always love reading posts about her so I might as well make another comment here too. lol.

  • SEXY

    @Kristy: Honey, everyone is entitled to have an opinion and I have never been “blown away” by her acting at the moment so f.uck off. And I’m not even a hater…..Not my fault if she’s not talented you stupid 11 yr old fanatics

  • SEXY

    @birdie: And btw…If I was jealous, I wouldn’t have said she was pretty.

  • Jess!

    JJ, she is 21 years old

  • eyda

    so overrated…no talent nothing special on her and she looks the same every time I see her here….spend that money for Haiti not for more stupid same looking cloths!!!

  • Jess!

    Jealous Much?

  • eyda

    OMG all of you…if someone doesnt like her that means to you he/she is jealous?! why are you all so obsessed with her??

  • mykamicks

    OMG! I wont get tired repeating these: Beautiful & Exotic face, Hot Body, Young Fashion Icon, Full of Talent, Lots of Movies coming out soon, Producers, Directors, Movie Outfits, Endorsements are into her to get for a project. I WONDER WHY THOSE PEOPLE ARE VERY MUCH INTERESTED AND KEEP ON OFFERING HER? Havent you realize that people? I got only one answer in mind because of her PROFESSIONALISM, ACTING TALENT & COMMERCIAL PERSONALITY she is demandable to have those LUCRATIVE income now. So sad for others, at her age she is so lucky that her name Vanessa Hudgens is one of the RICHEST Young Hollywood now. Oh before I forgot, having a GORGEOUS Boyfriend too! What else I could ask for being a fan of her.

    No doubt why others keep on pulling her down… Again, JEALOUSY like BULLET that can KILL a person’s pride.

  • Marella

    I think her jeans are by Anlo! They look just like a pair I bought at Nordstrom. I love them!

  • kami


    when they make snide, nasty comments that absolutely means they are jealous. they don’t like themselves and are comparing themselves to vanessa and coming up short. if you’ve ever had a psychology class you would know that. when people feel bad about themselves they degrade others hoping it will make them feel better. never works though, because they end up feeling worse.

  • BOJI

    Gorgeousness out on a beautiful day. I have to admit that Vanessa really has natural style and does not need a professional to assist her.
    Calling out 11 year olds and swearing to kingdom come is very unbecoming of a so-called mature person is my opinion. You swear when you are at loss for words ie. limited vocabulary/intelligence. This site is afterall meant for tweens and teens. Anyways, We adults come on here when there are no Zac/Vanessa threads on the JJ.
    P.s. They were spotted in Ikea, shopping for rugs and stuff. The couple that shops furnishing together, roosts/nests together, heheh.

  • pop86

    Some one forgot to take his/her meds before posting today.

    Anyhow, Vanessa looks great.

  • potersfield


  • potersfield
  • potersfield

    @potersfield: Sorry, Computer problems. She looks good with her hair covering her face. She will do well as long as they keep pairing her name with Zac’s name and talent.

  • BOJI

    @potersfield: I beg to differ, she can carry herself very well without him. She is her own person and is being recognised as such. However, I do agree that some of the publicity she’s getting is because she is one half of a very respectable and endearing young hollywood couple.

  • Karen


    You know, it’s fine if you don’t like her for whatever reason that might be. But I will never understand this “don’t they know they will never be so’n so?” mentality. Have you ever thought that is what makes your comment ignorant? Did you even give it a thought that all she is trying to be—or needs to be is Vanessa Hudgens? I mean, being VANESSA HUDGENS seems to be working out for her just fine. And IF she ever becomes a great actress in history I’m sure it will be the name Vanessa Hudgens that people will be talking about and remembering and NOT “the girl who was another Angelina Jolie”.

    No, she will NEVER be another Angelina Jolie nor will she be another Catherine Zeta-Jones—because she isn’t. She is Vanessa Hudgens and that is ENOUGH as she doesn’t need to be ANYONE else.

  • Jess

    Vanessa looks wonderful

  • kate


    hold on there, dumbfu/ck, don’t act like you even know what talent means.

  • go sox

    Looking gorgeous, as usual. Vanessa always knows how to work the clothes she wears; the clothes never wear her, SHE wears the clothes.

    I just don’t get all the catty comments. Talent? I don’t know many young actresses in Hollywood who CAN act, sing, and dance. Whether you want to admit it or not, THAT’s what talent is. Just because she hasn’t won an Academy Award, doesn’t mean she can’t at some point in her career. Most great actresses took a long time to get where they are now, and weren’t much to write home about at 21. So don’t give me that crap that she has no talent, and that she’s been cast because of her looks only. Total BS. That only works for plastic Barbie dolls like Megan Fox. Vanessa will always have to work for her roles and prove herself to morons like you here. And she will.

  • marisol

    she look sweet and sexi at the seme time I love it .

  • my2cents


    Be mindful that whatever a person says or write comes from ones heart and is a reflection of oneself. True, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not everyone who expresses their opinions choose to be vexatious.

  • mykamicks

    OMG again! I still like her even those hairs of her covers her Beautiful Face! .. After all her FACE is genuine. No knife undergone yet! Unlike others, they love to flaunt there ” plastic surgeries perfect faces” that went through a scary knife. Thanks to the Doctors! And Bravo for Vanessa, remain your face as luminous as ever!

  • yets

    I love this girl.

  • myopinion


    same way one is obsessed with say, Bill Gates. You follow, study, research, and find out what’s new. It’s a healthy kind of obsession for a normal human being. (And speaking of Bill Gates, he and his wife’s foundation just pledged $10 billion for vaccines for the poor around the world and I say Alleluia to that!) Seriously, it’s been studied that hero worshiping is healthy not just to kids & teens, but adults as well. The subject doesn’t have to be a “hero” per se but as long as it’s a positive experience to one’s spirit, it’s healthy. Similar to your avatar, your alter ego representing yourself. It can be a brother or a sister, a homeless unknown person, Einstein, etc. Personally, I think people like to follow Zanessa because after HSM they unexpectedly created an icon of themselves that some people follow (not necessarily for their acting ability although they are yet to prove that as they continue to work) Falling in love in our youth we all can relate and even the old folks love to reminisce. Many would think it can only happen in the movies and stops there, however, Zanessa continues to be real and thus some people continue to be curious, or perhaps obsessed but in a positive manner.

  • Trina

    That sweater looks so comfy and cozy. And I’m loving how she wears her favorite boots.

  • Trina


    Love your comment. LOL!!!