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Victoria Beckham: International Idol

Victoria Beckham: International Idol

Victoria Beckham walks into LAX to catch an international flight on Tuesday (February 2) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old singer and fashion designer returned on the air as a guest judge on American Idol.

The episode took place in Denver, Colorado and was one of the last audition episodes before the actual competition begins.

Speaking about Vicky, judge Randy Jackson expressed his approval of the guest judge.

“I actually like her,” Randy told USA Today.

10+ pictures inside of Victoria Beckham catching her flight…

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  • nie

    oh, girl. she hates being called vicky…didnt you ever read her “posh spice in my pocket” book?

  • Oceane

    She needs to use matting wipes for her face. Hair looks good though

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    She Looking Good :D

  • emele

    I never used to like her, but after watching her on Idol i completely changed my mind. She is such a kind person. I thought she would have been stuck up but she definately isn’t! I’m a big posh fan now.

  • Hans

    Absolutely gorgeous! She always seems to be shy what makes her so sweet :)

  • Ana

    She is such an ugly person! I dont like her because she is so arrogant! She wants to look so sweet like Audrey Hepburn, but she isnt! She fights so hard to look glamourous, but she is no Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn! She cannot sing, she looks not good and she has no job, oh I forgot, her job is to be the wife of a football-player named David Beckham and to go shopping, thats it! Polish your plastic nails and go on shoppin and make plastic-surgury, thats all you can do you plasticbarbie! She wants to look like a beautiful lady, but she isnt it, cause you style and natural beauty or not, and she definitly hasnt it! Go away you talantless frog!!!

  • ++Logan++

    I agree with Ana

  • Ana

    @Logan: Its the true! She is so hole in her head! Who is she? A Nobody, only became famous when she married David Beckham!
    The best thing she can do is to go shopping! She is with or without makeup so ugly, wonder her mirror dont broke when she looks in!
    Beauty & Style you cannot buy with money, you have it or not, and she has only the name Beckham and the money that open her many doors! She is so stupid!

  • hmm

    @Ana: She actually made Beckham a celebritiy – before her he was only a regular football player while she was the big star – and also – she does have her clothing lines (meanin – she does have a job, besides from being a mother)

  • OB

    I love her…

  • Ana

    When you cannot sing , you make clothing lines so on! Typical, for someone, who cannot do one thing successful! She want it so hard to be seen as a tough businesslady, but she isnt it! She is stupid, and yes, her husband is become more popular with his marriage to Spice Girl Adams, but nothing is special about them! She cannot sing, so for me, she is not a “big star”! Everyone can look with lots of money good, thats no art! She invest so much time and money in her beauty and style, but she only becomes more uglier!

  • anonymous

    @hmm: totally agree! she was so much more well known. I had no idea who he was until they got married. She is a very hardworker, she works a heck of alot more than most footballers wives, plus she seems to be an excellent mother, her kids are such well mannered gentlemen. She has done a fantastic job raising them, most people don’t give her enough credit.

  • anonymous

    @Ana: ok so you let me know when you become half as successful as her if it’s so easy to get by with having no talent….my guess is never.

  • mariecherie

    He is as dull as her. It’s like they need some salt in their bodies, they are insipid!!!

  • N
  • lbb

    It seems they should stop appearing and promoting themselves as a couple/family.

    David should play out th what is left of his football career with some dignity as he was playing in front of tens of thousands of people since he was a teenager. His football, his club, games and competions should be for him just like the other footballers wherever he plays.

    It is her celebrity obsessed fans who seem to need David more than ever … matter what he does or where he is.
    She can do whatever she wants on her own but she KNOWS she cannot make it on her own. She made it as part of the Sp;ice Girls and since then it is David and his football that has carried her, This branding is all about money and fame.

  • Ana

    @anonymous: For what is she successful please??? For her talent to sing, her fashion style or for what??? Oh yes, I know, for her Size O, thats it!!! So many people become successful without talent, thats the true talent!!!! Make of nothing a lot! If I married a famous star I throw a lots of money for clothes and makeup, make fashion, starve myself to death to get my ass in the Victoria Beckham clothings and everbody loves me!!! Uhh, thats a real talent, for sure!!!

  • anonymous

    @Ana: She has a great family, beautiful children, is able to pursue her dreams. if she wanted she could retire and not do anything at all, god knows they have enough money. Seriously she has to be doing something right to be so successful, i think she is a very talented business woman. I highly doubt she does this all for the money because they have more than enough already, she does this for herself and to achieve all her goals in life. Show a little bit of peace, love and understanding, and not hate on people. people who hate on each other make the world and worse place to live in.

  • Ana

    @anonymous: She has a family ok, and maybe she is a good mum to her boys and a good wife to her husband, but in my eyes she has no talent, sorry! During her Spice Girls times she was the only one who cannot sing and when she get married, she becomes another person, so arrogant! She thinks of herself she looks so good and that makes her so unsympatic! I hate nobody, but I dont like her, and thats a different, but your right, hate is no good!

  • mariecherie

    @anonymous: This woman will never achieve her goals because shes never ok with what she has. Why? Because she’s not pretty, not classy, not tall… I don’t know if you see what I mean. She’s way too superficial and you call her a business woman?? Does she know anything about economy? The only thing she knows is to draw clothes and I think her brand dVb wasnt very succesful

  • anonymous

    i have a feeling that she isn’t as confident as most people would think, she probably has heaps of insecurities. i think it would be fascinating to know her in real life, i bet she is completely different to how most people peceive her as being. I do get where u are coming from though.

  • sed

    Football fans range from 0 – 99 while Spice fans are of a certain specific age grouip.
    Football is a popuar sport.
    I as a football fan/Man United had heard of the Spice Girls AS A GROUP but to name and identify Victoria, I could not when they started going out. David had already distinguished himself as a footballer. That was how she met him.

  • mariecherie

    She’s a bad classist person. Just because you see her spending time with her kids doesnt mean shes so kind. I dont feel sorry for her just because shes got insecurities she has pissed off many people

  • Pry

    @Ana: Because she is a fashion designer. She have to invest in her style. And she is very sucessful. Her brand is becoming very important, many celebrities wear her line (Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Nettels, Katherine Jenkins ,Drew Barrymore,Courteney Cox , Yvonne Keating , Blake lively, Heidi Klum, etc) and she received great reviews. Her clothes got a unique style.

  • Shurly

    I’d like to know who takes care of the kids when one ot them is in Italy and the other is seeing taking a plane alone… I’m just sayin’…

  • Ana

    Pry: A fashion designer? Are you kidding??? Many people wear clothing of nameable fashion designers like Armani, Gucci, not because they like it always, but that shows others, that you have a lot of money! Everybody can tell himself he is a fashion designer and with a famous name and lots of money in the back it opens you the doors to the fashion world!!! That means nothing! She gives only her name and thats it! She is a joke, not more or less! Without her name, her Highheels and her makeup she is a nobody and everybody knows it!

  • lonestar

    After seeing her on Idol twice, I thought I would see positive comments here. I don’t “know” her as personally as the rest of you appear to but I thought she seemed sincere and kind. I’m sure she has the same issues and insecurities as the rest of us both good and bad. She has beautiful children that always look pretty happy to me. I like her.

  • luna


    She designs the clothes herself – at least partly. You say she is a ‘joke’ and a ‘nobody’, and yet people have been very interested in her since 1997, when the Spice Girls first came out. She was FAR more known then David Beckham when they first got together – he was just a promising young footballer.

    You say she has no talent, but thats something she’s said herself, that she was never the best singer, or dancer, or the prettiest – she’s got where she is from hard work. Here I was thinking hard work was something to be admired.

    I’m not a big fan but dont get why some people seem to hate on her so much – when you watch her in interviews she’s funny and much more down to earth that you’d, and its clear she is incredibly insecure. She seems ok to me.

  • anonymous

    @luna: I agree 100%

  • pine

    The interest in her as an individual started mainly when she began dating David Beckham She acknowledges that herself because of the increased media attention, over and above the other Girls, she started getting after the relationship became public.
    She did not get that attention while she was dating the boyfriend she had at the time she met David . And it is still because of her marriage to David while the interest lingers..

    If she wants to measure the interest in her as a person and what she has achieved because of “hard work” then this continuous promotion of their marriage/family life needs to stop. it has become boring and it is openly promoted by her.

  • Ana

    @luna: She looks to me not down to earth! If she had success with her voice, she would make money with it, but she has no talent in singing, so she look after another way to make money! So many celebs make music, modeling, fashion and create parfum, only to make money, but with the heart they are not in it! She is too plastic, to skinny to me, I dont like her and I am for sure not the only person!
    She once make David a superstar BUT without David now, she is a Nobody!

  • jade

    Guess her face would crumble if she ever smiled?? She looks like she is mad with the world all the time.

  • Nic

    She was sooo sweet yesterday on AI, she showed Mary,Katy and others what class is, not one being a bitch, such a darling. And i LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit, its just perfection! A true Style Icon!

  • N

    please watch the whole video and reply if u like it please … thatnk you =)

  • christine (WeHo & NYC)

    Well, I’m just curious…. when was the last time she did an album?? Can she still sing?
    I think a good idea is 4her 2open a clothing store in WeHo (West Hollywood) then, if she hasnt already. WeHo is a a trendy place (not boring like Brentwood, not too posh like maybe Bev Hills, not too trashy like Hollywood which is diff frm WeHo) and since she’s always fashionable.
    Or open her own makeup line (Sephora, HSN, ShopNBC). Kat Von D (tattoo artist) has her own makeup line… so why not Posh… and yes I know Kat is far diff & no comparison whatsoever.
    As far as WHY she gets all this fame…. the Papz seem to be attracted to Victoria… especially since she purposely stands out in her clothing everytime… that is very hard to miss… especially in CA where ppl r a little more laid back…. tho she could prbly get away w/ it more in NY.

  • Pry

    @Ana: You don’t like , as a person, because she is skinny. Who is superficial here?

  • Pry

    ^ ^ ^^
    you don’t like her***********

  • http://justjared Joanna

    For Victoria Adams is all about money. Her manager will do everything
    to make money. Victoria Adams is bizness. Dont you undestand?
    Moore fotos of her moore sucessful she is. Ugly women she is.

  • mariecherie

    Aparently nawadays a persn that pises off people who never behaved bad on her, the other way round, seems to have convincent reazons diu to insecuritis. Oh yeah, keep on dreaming dats kindness. Poor woman lol

  • d33 c33

    Ana go back to school and learn how to write and spell.. get over your envy of others and remember Posh is a success, she has a nice voice, can dance and design clothes that rich people wear and like and doesn’t have time to read and answer gossip blogs., could care less what you think.

  • twister

    @d33 c33: Im not Ana luzers. Perhaps I cant spel but at leest I can reed

  • twister

    lmAo Im mariecherie

  • lakers fan in boston

    once again
    this boring untalented woman on a plane again 2 go see her husband….
    i think she’s really insecure, she’s probably just checking up on him
    i really cant stand this woman, i hate almost everything about her

  • nursesdate

    Will she have more kids

  • ivanka

    i love her

  • Re: #44

    Re: #44: Hopefully NOT! Have you seen the fugly-looking boys’ she’s already birthed?

  • Right On

    lbb (#16) & lakers fan in boston

    Totally agree with your posts.

  • chaos

    I agree with ANA wholly. Posh Spice is a waste of space. She has her agent call up the paparazzis which is why she is always on the tabloids.

    We all know she cannot sing or dance or smile so she is now trying to build a brand as a fashion designer. The fraud. She admits that she cannot draw or sew or cut cloths but she knows how a dress should stand! Gee, if that is the only criteria to be a fashion designer, we can all become one!!! BTW her so-called fashion line is suspiciously identical to those of the young up and coming designer Roland Mouret who incidentally shares the same agent as Posh Spice. So there you go.

    I just want her to vanish. She is the worst example of this celeb-obsessed vapid world we have now. The worst example of excesses.

    Another thing: Just because she is seen in staged-paparazzi photos holding her kids’ hands does not mean a damn thing, does not mean that she is automatically mother of the year alhtough that is another brand she is trying to build. Everything about the BEckhams is about branding and you people should be smarter than that to fall for all this marketing crap.

    But then, her agent must have trolls patrolling all these tabloid sites. And submitting anonymous praises. Who are they fooling?!

  • Ana

    @d33 c33: Youre a joke too! VB is so untalanted that it hurts! Her success is the money and the name that opens her many doors and thats a fact! Maybe my english is not so good, but you know what I mean! I repeat: Many people came without talent to success, and thats very often, so VB!!!

  • sincerity

    oh please, dont say shes pretty when she looks ugly as hell