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Chris Pine & Piper Perabo: Brownie Buddies

Chris Pine & Piper Perabo: Brownie Buddies

It looks like Chris Pine may be moving onto a new woman after Olivia Munn called it quits on their relationship late last month.

Chris, 29, and his former Carriers co-star Piper Perabo were spotted out together for almost two hours together at L.A.’s Napa Valley Grille, where the two shared a brownie and enjoyed drinks together.

An eyewitness told E!‘s Marc Malkin, “They were sitting at a four-seater table on the outdoor patio, but chose to sit right next to each other as opposed to across from each other.”

DO YOU THINK Chris and Piper make a good couple — YAY or NAY?

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  • ginny


  • stephi

    yees, absolutelly!!

  • Armond

    wow this guy is manwh0re

  • E

    I have no idea who she is but they would make a very good looking couple.
    He is 29 ? He looks so much younger!

  • jack

    and she’s like 33

  • shaar

    No one’s buying that O.Munn is the one who broke it off. And finally, a girl who makes sense, definitely YAY!

  • john


  • christyjolie

    yes! she is hot!

  • AlaskaJoey

    LOL! Can’t a dude enjoy a brownie with a friend? She looks so different from her “Coyote Ugly” days, I can’t decide if it’s just regular aging or if she had some work done. At least she seems like a better choice than Ceiling Eyes or Olivia- someone with her own career, who’s not a famewhore.

  • Caught

    wait.. i thought she was gay?

  • meh

    Yeah sure, it was Olivia that “broke it off”. Codename for: Got dumped.

  • Esme

    Anyone is better than SkankLivia.

  • ok…

    You neglected to mention that they were looking over a “script or document” which would explain the seating. Don’t even think this is a story at all. Translation: Slow news day.

  • Geo

    I may not like Olivia, but I definitely think she dropped him. He seems like he is kind of a weirdo. He doesn’t seem to be into very attractive women thought.

  • jamie

    who cares?

  • Elle

    I love her! She is adorable and isn’t Skankliva, thank goodness. I loved Piper and Chris in “Carriers”, plus she seems normal.

  • dutch

    no, they don’t make a good couple because she has a girlfriend. she and her girlfriend make a good couple though.

  • Caught

    people people people… Olivia Munn is a great person… Chris Pine is just in over his head after all the Star Trek attention. Let them do whatever they want, no need to drag past relationships into this.

  • Esme

    Whatever “caught”, Olivia is a loser and he made sure that everyone knew it by going out with that Natalie girl the day after their last ‘date’ to remind everyone that Olivia isn’t his girlfriend and never was. Way to go Chris!!! Don’t let famewhores take advantage of you anymore.

  • Sam99

    That’s a hardcore downgrade

  • MIA

    Are you kidding? Downgrade? She’s gorgeous. Chris would be lucky to have her. She is radiant.

  • nic

    this i likey !

  • cindy

    Most definitely YES! Good luck Chris & Piper.

  • shaar


    agree fully!

  • ++Logan++

    Piper looks really gorgeous in that photo.

  • Ryan

    More bearding.

  • Ms X

    C’mon JJ must everything be a “couple”?? She seems nice. God, anyone is better than famewhore Munn!

  • she shall remain nameless

    Finally an upgrade from that Olivia chick!!! She was annoying…

  • Sil

    @Ms X:

    And I still believe that this Olivia thing was nothing than an annoying agreement.
    Piper is awesome. Would love to see them in another movie together

  • Mac

    I’d say an upgrade. Piper is pretty.


    yes, she is gorgeous. He’s handsome too.

  • Love Jolie, Hate her fans

    Love Napa! Was proposed to there… one of a couple.
    Mmmm… brownies and drinks… never heard of that one.
    Chris Pine’s mine beyotch!
    I kidd. They make a cute couple.
    But I think he needs to go for some1 more beautiful, like Megan Fox (shallow maybe, but who cares, it’s hollywood…. how do u think the jolie-pitts got more famous? Evrybody wants2 f*** ‘em now.)


    MY HUBBY!!!

  • Jo


    Yes, LOL. JJ left out “”It looked like they were peering over a script or document together.” I guess that kinda takes the romance out of it!

  • RD

    Only one word to this: Yay

  • Stacie

    I’m happy for Chris. He’s still so beautiful. I actually like Piper , so I’m happy for them both , if this is true of course.

  • Happy

    Definitely a YAY!! They make a cute couple.



  • san

    CP was with another girl, I think JJ remember that and prefers OM. Piper is ok at least the paps weren’t there, neither Eonline that’s linked with OM’s job(Comcast), was it coincidence? Probably CP realized this and yeah “it’s over” finally.

  • Sadia

    “but chose to sit right next to each other as opposed to across from each other.”

    OH NO, STOP THE PRESSES. I guess this means whenever my guy friends and I sit next to each other, we must be dating too, right? Because clearly you can’t just be platonic buddies out for a random get-together. They were co-stars, is it too much to think that maybe they were just catching up?

    If they are going out, yay for them, but if not, stop trying to make news where there is none.

  • BR

    He’s so fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………

  • bluerose

    Yes, absolutely!

  • Sil

    Would love to see a pic of him after this Munngate desaster.
    He always looked so pissed when she was with him.

    Dearest Christopher, do me a favour and stop hiding somewhere.
    I’m in a need for a walking post :)
    Thankx Sil ;)

  • Sam99


    I don’t think she’s unattractive, there’s just nothing remarkable about her. She’s incredibly plain. And every movie I’ve ever seen her in she’s been absolutely awful.

  • Chloe

    They’re both gorgeous. Big YAY!

  • nicole

    i’ve been waiting for this. :)

  • Oreo

    I love Piper Perabo she is the most gorgeous person I’ve ever laid my eyes on and think she deserves someone great, so yeah i say they’d be a good couple

  • Vimmel

    Uhh, Piper’s a lesbian (or maybe bisexual) tho. She’s been wifing with her manager Tina Thor for like 10 years.