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Gerard Butler is Bare In Brazil

Gerard Butler is Bare In Brazil

A shirtless Gerard Butler steps out on the balcony of his suite at Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Sunday (February 14).

Yesterday, the 40-year-old Scottish actor was spotted hanging out with 300 costar Rodrigo Santoro.

In March, you’ll be able to hear Gerard‘s voice as an old viking mentor in How to Train Your Dragon. He’ll be playing Stoick the Vast in the animated film about a young viking who becomes friends with a young dragon.

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  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Sorry hmmm… I respectfully disagree.
    My contempt for Nippy comes from her behavior. She and her PR are constantly trying to align her with any man, just talk to Butler and Bradley Cooper who have both rebuffed her machinations through the press.
    My other point of contention is how long is her Pitty (pun intended) party going to go on. I’m sorry but it has been five years and she still manages to bring up Pitt, his partner, or their children in all her interviews. When is SHE going to get over it.
    Maybe I could garner an ounce of respect if she acted like an adult instead of senior in high school at 41. She can’t seem to conduct herself in an adult manner, just a sec while I stick my ass in the air again for the paps (click). Please notice me is just pathetic.
    I can’t garner any respect for this kind of clingy and insecure woman who needs to noticed or recognized by the public. Pity her…maybe, respect… absolutely not.

  • just sayin

    Looks like the guy had fun. I feel sorry for the maids. I bet they chiseled the sheets off the bed. Hope they used gloves… What is it about this man? He is such a doable ho!

  • Casseopeia


    Jen made her bed and it has roaches in it and she doesnt want to lie in it.
    Cam Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Tyra Banks…these women are sometimes single sometimes not, A-listers – but why are they never objects of pity??
    On the other foot you get Jennifer ANiston, Jessica Simpson and Kate Hudson and it’s loser cant keep a man central. That is THEIR DOING. Something THEY have projected and the media has pcked up on it and ran with it.
    Sorry to break it to ya.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @just sayin:
    It is that fresh rolled out of bed look… it’s downright delicious.

  • Chickliterature

    @just sayin:

    Its not like he’s getting any. Trust me – we’d know!
    The guy is like a “cant close the deal” or WONT CLOSE THE DEAL thing.
    I dont get him. No one does. Where’s GFW to end this post on a high note.

  • just sayin

    yep, with sprinkles on top… yummy!

  • just sayin


    Sorry, I find it hard to believe that he didn’t get laid… not buying it. He’s one of those guys that has one or two or three at every port.

  • Persian Doll

    Does anyone know where Gerry is next? NYC (hopefully)?
    Or LA or another vacation spot??

  • Chickliterature

    Im beginning to think that shoulder injury was a hoax and just something to get us talking and maybe forgive barbados. NOT.

  • contempt?

    My contempt for Nippy comes from her behavior

    I honestly don’t understand how anyone can have contempt for an actor – someone they don’t know personally. I keep that strong of an emotion for people I know, or extremely evil people like pedophiles, but not for an actor or actress. Instead, I’ll make fun of them and refuse to spend money on their movies etc. But contempt? I guess I just don’t give them enough of my energy and thoughts. JMO.
    My criticism of Jennifer Aniston is that she just isn’t that good of an actress and hasn’t made any decent movies lately. But the same could be true of Butler. As for her behavior, again Butler seems just as offensive to me. But I don’t have contempt for them. I think that they are a joke. But there are many that like both or one of them because of their looks. They are eye candy only. But not great actitng talents or exceptional role models.

  • Webwatcher
    Gerry gets the new official brazilian jersey for the world cup at the samba parade tonight.

  • hmmm

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    Hello, I think I understand what you are saying. I hope so anyway, I agree that the relationship has passed and sailed long ago. I do hope that Pitt name is not mentioned again.

    I believe BC was all fabricated by the tabloids she has said time before they were friends and I do believe that.

    Aniston well she is who she is. She is more light hearted person. Some people are just that they want to have fun. I am not saying she’s dumb not at all. I am just saying she does have a different style. She knows exactly what she is doing. She seems to get nervous when speaking in front of the camera she seems childlike and fidgety. Some people find it cute and some people find it childish and some people find it annoying. Some people think it is lack of confidence but it is what it is.

    I have always thought she is a very affectionate person. She likes touching other people. Some people define is clingy some people find it affection. I guess it really depends on the person.

    Now think about this you are an Entertainer you work on your body. You take pride keeping it healthy and tone. Hey I’m 41 why not show it off.

    Paps taking picture with their camera I move my ass for a second. That is 60 frames.

    Now the Butler thing really who really know but them too. Maybe they are just friends, maybe FWBs who am I to judge they are grown people, Maybe they’re in relationship. I hope they’re happy no matter what it is.

  • Old Mia

    And people doubted Alan.

    Waaaaay back before I went to work today someone asked who knew who first. Well, GB told it to Variety in Dubai: He was a young actor who went to LA and had appointments. He was still drinking and blew off this guy who wanted to manage him. When he got back to London, he called Alan to apologize for missing the meeting. Alan said, something like “You have something, and I want to manage you.” That’s not the real quote, but close to the meaning. And, the rest is history. LOL.

  • Agree

    @On Behalf of N.S.:: Love Nicole Scherzinger. Gotta admit she is gerry’s type. But she does not look to be interested since she just came off a relationship. Her vibe tends to be more respectful to herself.

  • Lina

    @Webwatcher: Thanks for the link. Looks like he’s having a good time tonight again.

  • cbinparadise

    I don’t get it. I follow the “Gerry thing” and all that it entails because I think he’s hot and a pretty good actor. JA not so much.
    I don’t understand why so many devote so much time to their rage against JA (& Gerry). Why don’t you try to learn more about actors that you DO like? Don’t you know what all that negativity is doing to you???!!!! And believe me these actors don’t give a $hit what you think about them.
    A lot of you remind me of my mother…her thoughts/feelings/ideas are the only CORRECT ones! It’s really tiresome.

  • hmmm

    @Old Mia:

    Alan seems to be a positive influence for Butler. Kind give some props to him to sticking with Alan. Butler seems to behave better with him than those other two stooges in Venice Beach.

  • CJ

    Will someone please post a profile of Jennifer Aniston on EHarmony and when she gets a date, follow her, take lost of photos(call TMZ) so she can get her own thread on JJ and we can get back to talking about this thread which is not about her..remember Gerard Butler, wo man, scottish, lousy actor of late..remember him now..I’ll even post a picture of Jen so you can up load it to her EHarmony profile………….

    Rate a Jennifer Aniston photo on BuddyTV

  • spanky

    @CJ: THANK YOU x 2 for the videos…sat through hours at the long track only to watch Canada miss out…so those cheered me up….the man loves to talk…..that’s ok I am a good listener.

  • spanky

    @Webwatcher: Okay who’s the guy with him and why does he have GB”s camo shorts on and borrowed his jewellery too????

  • Never

    The girl Gerry will be interested will never be seen with him in public. Speculate away. And he will place others around him to deflect the one he is really with.

  • CJ

    Your welcome…I haven’t really watched any of the games yet..too busy..but I love the winter sports better than the summer ones..sorry Canada lost…I always like to remember that the best of the best are there so in my book they are all winners..although I know the gold would be the cherry on top..

  • spanky

    @ManLESSton, I likely: I admire your courage…I would’ve resorted to banging my head against the wall by now….commandment 11 “thou shall not speak against Jen in anyway”….my biggest blood vessel burst over the poor Jen, fighting sexism…and ageism. Guess THAT explains everything. God saves us from BH ……sshhh what’s that?.. sounds like a gun cocked in my direction…..and here we go.

  • hmmm


    The difference in the first group of women you mentioned and the second one is.. the first group were not married and the second group were in failed marriage. As a woman I am telling you. A marriage do not define you. I don’t consider JA, JS and KH as failures. All these women are strong. You don’t need a man to be a strong woman. They are doing what they want to do. If they find love good if not oh well. You don’t need a man to define who you are. That is what I am trying to say.

  • spanky

    @CJ: Loved your #221 post, if you build it they may go!

  • hmmm


    Basicly that is everyone, except his friends.

  • oy

    Hello Ladybugs. If you aren’t in a chocolate stupor or icing a sore behind from yesterday, shame on you. You’ve been derelict in your Valentine’s duties.

    I’m catching up on the Rio photos.

    Day 1 – Gerry arrives in Rio after falling in a vat of cheddar cheese. He stands on a balcony hoping his tractor beam peen will direct him toward the freshest Brazilian pusee and the nude section of the beach then quickly disappears.

    Day 2 – Gerry’s white t-shirt with the strap hanging down on bottom looks like a short-sleeved straight jacket designed by the Brazilians to prevent his shirt from being removed. After Barbados, this public service is appreciated. Thank you Brazil.

    Later, he fellates a peacock then shows up at a party with its feathers still stuck to his face. Shortly afterward, his spittle bounces off a Brazilian Playboy model’s headdress and lands on his shoulder. Next he switches to a gold sequin mask that made 300′s Xerxes look like Mad Max. Some men wear sparklly feathered masks and call it Carnival. Liberace called it Sunday.

    He makes the required appearance with Madonna for the beer company to give him free accommodations. Madonna has the sense to show up in her natural skin tone, even if it’s all plastic by now. Gerry wonders if Guy Ritchie will cast him again if he licks his ex-wife like a vanilla ice cream cone then decides to find an ice cream cone.

    Day 3 – Gerry’s “tan” begins coming off and he takes on a corn snake-like appearance. Longtime fans fill their nylons with orange Jelly Bellies to recreate the effect for their own pleasure at home. Good Housekeeping announces that “nylons are making a comeback.”

    Moving on, he deftly combines p/ussy and dolls, the two things with which he is most commonly associated, by accompanying Nicole Scherzinger to two appearances including a walk on the beach that leaves no doubt about the airbrushing in 300.

    Day 4 – Alan has finally succeeded in sucking the color out of Gerry. Gerry’s moobs reappear at the breakfast table where a young woman passes him a note and asks if he will donate breast milk for the children of Haiti. Gerry explains that he will be going to Haiti soon to personally breastfeed the children then reminds Alan to inform the fansites and call Access Hollywood.

    Did I miss anything else or am I all caught up?

    ok guys I’m going to translate the thing but It’s 4am here and I’m really tired but it basically says this: Gerard Butler is practically brazilian. He enjoyed the carnival on the streets of Ipanema earlier today and walked along the beach with Nicole S later. He is now at the parade. He was again in the company of Rodrigo Santoro and film maker Raul Gutierrez, and was having a ball at the concert of Marcelo D2 inside the box. He had 2 security people with him.
    Besides the concert, other things caught his attention, the beauty of brazilian women. Actress Thaissa Carvalho was chatted up. She says she’s friends with Raul and was introduced to him, and that he just asked if she was an actress and told her she was very pretty. Another unknown brunette caught his eye and they were seen talking and she was even teaching him how to samba. Every time the press would come he would ask his security to ask them to stop photographing.

  • partytime

    oh and i forgot to add the article says he took several photos with fans.
    sorry, seriously tired. Off to bed, carnival is hardcore.

  • oy

    @cbinparadise: Why are you devoting so much time and love to an actor you don’t know? Your mother was right. Mothers are always right. I hope you get grounded for dissing yours. shame, shame

    CJ! My little passion fruit. Have you been a good girl while I was gone? I share your confusion about why Aniston’s coven comments on threads that don’t involve her.

    @spanky: He grabbed whatever was on the floor?

  • spanky

    @oy: nailed it….I am glad to see you back….lots of passengers on the crazy train lately because Gerry will marry Jen…you know…Rio is his giant bachelor party.

  • CJ

    My Queen.♥ My Queen this board has been over taken by viruses, crazies, ill informed, stupid and downright rude posters…I was christened by fire..someone insulted me..I feel so special now..
    and by the way…where the FU*K have you was scary around here without you…♥♥

  • oy

    @partytime: When he was with a woman his security stopped the press from photographing? This is the same story we’ve heard about his evenings at NYC clubs.

    He was shopping for fuzzy peaches. That’s the only time cameras upset him.

    Doesn’t Alan have a fuzzy peach by now?

  • partytime
  • oy

    @spanky: Then I haven’t missed much. Everywhere is Gerry’s giant bachelor party. The man lives in the lap of labi/a.

    @CJ: My tiara was being polished. What fire breathing dragons blew their wad on you, dear? Do tell. I will have off with their heads.

  • yo

    thanks for all the links partytime

  • CJ
  • CJ

    Who*es come in pairs now…one to the left and one in the middle..

  • spanky

    @CJ: MY god did Gerry just say “Oy”!!!!!… that’s where you’ve been. Bet Rodrigo said, “who do you love Gerry?”

  • oy

    @partytime: It is funny. Gerry and long feathers on a woman. The jokes that are racing through my mind. For shame!

    Madonna looks younger than Gerry. Poor Gerry.

  • CJ

    Oy, someone named McBeth wanted me to die along with some super models, movies, grade school teachers etc…I just sent McBeth his/her final scence from the play to remind them how they ended up ..and someone else hated me but I don’t know who they were..I don’t respond to death threats..I never fight with unarmed people.

  • CJ

    Yes, he did..LOL

  • spanky

    @oy: Be careful Oy, the phannies will be after you!….a shout out be Gerry, they will be soooooo jealous.

  • oy

    @CJ: Avoid “Mc” anything. It’s more nourishing.

    Death threats? Oh how fun! Here are some suggestions for how they can die -all chronicled in one handy little reference book. It’s a classic. Let them know which pages you prefer for them.

  • Lina
  • oy

    @spanky: They’re always after me. I feel so loved.

    Gerry said “Oy?” Please tell me he wasn’t sporting a chubby when he said it. I’ve done a great job controlling my gag reflex over the years, but that could cause a comeback.

  • CJ
  • oy

    @Lina: He looks confused with the women but happy with the men. It’s a chubby clique!

  • spanky

    @oy: I don’t know, I can’t stare at those white pants and Orgina top too long without gagging myself…..

  • oy

    @spanky: Before Gerry, I didn’t know Tang could be used as a moisturizer.