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Gerard Butler is Bare In Brazil

Gerard Butler is Bare In Brazil

A shirtless Gerard Butler steps out on the balcony of his suite at Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Sunday (February 14).

Yesterday, the 40-year-old Scottish actor was spotted hanging out with 300 costar Rodrigo Santoro.

In March, you’ll be able to hear Gerard‘s voice as an old viking mentor in How to Train Your Dragon. He’ll be playing Stoick the Vast in the animated film about a young viking who becomes friends with a young dragon.

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    hellotheregb Says:

    CJ-Remember to watch the “SHattered” directors comments. I think those are very interesting about how he works. There is apart where he and PBron. crash on a parking lot wall. They were not suppose to hit the wall. PB works through the scene and walks out a pro. GB has to go to the hospital… they talk about how set GB is with his clothes, how he will work scences, etc. I like it also because I am just amazed at how little they work now on site. all done with CG.

    Also, I just crack up with the clock tower scene because is supposily where the girl meet G and he whispered sweet p*rn in her ears and then she went to his room and sleep with him. I just keep imaging him doing this heart felt scene were he has to stand on the ledge on the clock tower to save his wife. They call “cut” and he is lighting up and speaking P*rn to chic on set.

    Gotta love it!

  3. 103
    Lisa Says:

    @FRANKEN-HEIDI: hahahahaha you’re sooo idiot!

  4. 104
    Maybe Says:

    I’m sure Gerry is flirting away, yet . . . Many of the women in countries that do not speak english as a first language are at a disadvantage of understanding his sense of humor (maybe luckily) . He always looks a little humbled in those places. The man needs it. He looks like he in a little overwhelmed, lonely and curious ( not that he isn’t enjoying himself). That’s what I see in the photos. Maybe it’s just too many easy women, too little time.

  5. 105
    cubedweller Says:

    Since we are into all things Brazilian right now, I’m sharing one of my favorite musicians, Paulinho Garcia.
    Hi to the regulars – waves

  6. 106
    Witch Says:

    I see he said in an interview in Rio that he and Jennifer are ‘just friends’ and that they have a movie coming out together next month. How many times does he have to say it? (Or was the interviewer hot and he wanted to be perfectly clear about his status?)

  7. 107
    Stinkylouise Says:

    He’ll probably have to keep denying it until the film’s release.

  8. 108
    spanky Says:

    @hellotheregb: dang…i will have to rent it again now…

  9. 109
    Mariele Says:

    Copacabana Palace Hotel, or Copacabana Beach for that matter, is NOT near Rio de Janeiro, it is IN Rio de Janeiro!

  10. 110
    hmmm Says:

    I just can phantom that a “friend’ organizes your birthday bash. Is at your birthday party with your closest friends in another country stays in the casitas closest to your villa. Sounds like a BF Just a bit too convenient. maybe whatever is going on is kept in the DL and I think Violin Girl is just a diversion. So why is he staying in LA? Soon enough they will have to go to their separate ways to work. Maybe they want to keep it quite because of the haters out here. Time will tell….whatever it is.

  11. 111
    hellotheregb Says:

    Really the directors comments are more fun then the actual movies. If you did not want to watch “Gamer” watch it with the directors comments. Some interesting notes on G and his work. He does a few of his boyish antics and of course the butt thing. Amber V- not so nice to him.(I decided I did not like her performance before I saw the comments then decided she as not so nice our G so she is voted out!) The Ugly truth comments are not much fun. the directors comments are pretty short and they mostly talk about how Katie looks like an Angel. But still a little about how G was on set etc. The soccer movie does not have notes or comments etc. so don’t rent that for this purpose.

  12. 112
    julia brasil Says:

    gerard having breakfast today…,,MUL1491844-9798,00-SEM+CAMISA+GERARD+BUTLER+TOMA+CAFE+DA+MANHA+EM+HOTEL.html

  13. 113
    Stinkylouise Says:

    Is he getting another phone number?LOL!

  14. 114
    Old Mia Says:

    I love to watch films with the director’s comments as well. I agree that it got a little deep on the TUT video about how angelic Katie looks and how they lit her etc. But they said some nice things about GB, and the dance scene and other extras were fun.

    I can’t wait until tomorrow to get my hands on the LAC DVD. First thing I want to do is watch the extras and the director’s cut! I think Alan is included in the director’s chat. I never heard more than a few words out of his mouth so that should be interesting.

  15. 115
    Breakfast Says:

    Thank gawd the orange glow seems to be gone. He looks good.

  16. 116
    hellotheregb Says:

    I agree Old mia I would like to hear Alan speak. I have never seen him at an interview talk etc. Do you know if G talks. I would love it if he was part of that as well.

    Partytime and Ana-do men usually eat breakfast in cafes in Rio without a shirt? ok not that I am complaining! but we now get it that he has trimmed down.
    Why would I even question his motives they are always unusual and unpredictable.

  17. 117
    Old Mia Says:

    Maybe the restaurant is poolside or right off the pool? I had the same thought that he’s flaunting his bod after all the Barbados flak.

    I don’t know if GB is on the LAC extras or not. But I’d guess there has to be an interview.

  18. 118
    Amuzed Says:

    It was a hot morning in Rio and he ordered his usual: coffee. Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not a phone number.

  19. 119
    hmmmm Says:

    Sponsored by Brahma Beer. I though G didn’t drink alcohol bev.

  20. 120
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    The Brazilian press in several of these updates has reported that he has been drinking water and soda only.
    Trip was paid for by Brahma Beer. He is a frugal Scot after all.
    As for rumors with Aniston….. BWAHAHAHAHA. Thanks for the good laugh. He can do so much better and younger. HAHAHAHA Let me guess some stupid rag like OK magazine posted he is Nippy’s “the one?” OMG and you honestly believe the rags…especially OK? HAHAHAHA At least you have a sense of humor….

  21. 121
    postwatcher Says:

    @He is a lawyer !!:

    Each time I hear that GB is a lawyer, it reminds me of the
    closing to TMZ with Harvey Levin say “I’M A LAYWER!”

    Gerry is not a lawywer, nor can he go back and practice law.

  22. 122
    @93 Says:

    “a verry common guy with no bodyguards and no any fake faces.”
    I think they are at the pool again at this time.

    p.s. My friend is a straight guy. :)”

    He sports fake tans…..and your friend might not be straight for long if Gerry has anything to say.

  23. 123
    midnight Says:

    wow,, many haters…dont you guys have anything better to do than come here and say nasty things about a guy whose only crime is to be famous and rich?

  24. 124
    Old Mia Says:

    No, he’s not a lawyer. He got canned doing his internship right before qualifying. However, he studied law for seven years and has a degree. Thus, he must remember a few things about the law, at least as it applies in Scotland. As I recall reading, he specialized in tax/business law. No wonder he grew bored with it.

  25. 125
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    This is for you Jenardiston and all your socks…. Hmmmmmm too.

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