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Adam Lambert Kissed A Girl -- And Ke$ha Liked It!

Adam Lambert Kissed A Girl -- And Ke$ha Liked It!

Adam Lambert has never been into labels but has used the term “bi-curious” to describe himself in past interviews.

Here are some exclusive details about the 28-year-old singer’s kissing — yes, a girl. Adam made out with pop phenom Ke$ha during the Club 57 Saturday soiree on February 13 at a gay nightclub in New York City called Providence. Multiple times!!!

“He tasted like blueberries and champagne,” K$ admitted of her make-out sessions with Adam.

“She tasted like Goldschläger and maple syrup,” Adam told Goldschläger is Italian cinnamon schnapps with gold flakes floating in it — fitting for someone who loves all things glitter!

Why did they kiss? “It’s an energy thing,” Adam recently told the radio show BLI In The Morning. “She’s really pretty, we were laughing and we just started kissing. She’s a great [kisser].”

Earlier in the evening, Ke$ha performed to sold-out audiences at Marquee nightclub and Club 57. “There were girls crying and throwing themselves at the bouncers trying to get in,” one partygoer witnessed. “It was like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

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  • lol

    I think Ke$ha needs a wash

  • Helena


  • w


  • chelsea

    in this picture they both look so dirty, eww.

  • roronutz

    lmao these two deserve eachother
    both glitter fools

  • Jory

    Ughhh she is one lucky bench :/

  • lol

    Not a big deal to me. AT all.

    Kesha tweeted this a while back “I really know how to molest a room and apparently I look like a dude @ adamlabert used to make out with.”

    She later admitted “I don’t want to start anything but I DO have a crush! I think he is absolutely amazing. Straight boys suck, anyway.”

    She asked him to be her Valentine and he said ok. It was sweet.

    I mean, I don’t get her appeal at all but they’re cute. I think it’s sad that she’s the only girl picked on from all the female celebrities, and she doesn’t even flaunt her sexuality, doesn’t use it in a provocative way like everyone else.

  • Cindyg

    I love Adam, but WTF? you should of done better there bud!.

  • yo sista

    both are attention hoes

  • NEWS

    OLD news :)

    Adam Lambert hand-delivered the charity gifts raised from the Donors Choose donations yesterday. Then him and his guitarist Monte sang with the school kids, it was freaking adorable. They have amazing teachers and programs.

    Here’s a pic and video lol
    twit pic . com /14062k

    And here’s the Live Video Chat. He is such an amazing person, his outlook on life is so awesome and inspiring.
    each url . com/ oD

  • Imogen, 23

    He is so much cuter without makeup

    I don’t care for her

  • Jen

    “girls crying and throwing themselves at the bouncers trying to get in”, how could people stoop so low, this girl is beyond trashy and her music is awful.

    on another note, i agree with her that straight boys do suck but it’s really random that Adam kissed her, i thought he had better taste then that but oh well, its their business.. actually looking at that photo they kinda match, with all the glitter on the eyes and everything

  • Roni

    More like she was pissed and hanging all over him, he probably fel sorry for her! Maybe check with peeps who went to her show before reporting! Majority said it was the worst show ever and would never waste another dime on her!

  • JD

    @yo sista:Um, do you even know Adam? He is a total showman onstage without being a showoff and so chill and friendly offstage. He lives his life, always has done so, he doesn’t need to whore out attention for anything. He gets plenty and more. He has charisma and talent and BRAINS. You don’t need anything else.

  • Jermaine

    @Cindyg: TRUE. i’d still f–k her but he could do better

  • jane

    nothing is even remotely attractive about either of these two.

  • Symone

    She’s a fa–g hag I have no respect for her. b!tch has ZERO talent you know that’s the truth. i like lambert tho he grew on me, i saw the chat. he’s nice and smart. she’s drunk in every interview. does he feel sorry for her???

  • sillyme

    Adam looks absolutely horrible. He’s turned himself into such a joke. Too bad. He looks like a middle aged pervert.

    He had such great potential after Idol – but now he seems to be following in Blake’s footsteps.

  • vvv

    @jane:Urm, i disagree. Adam’s personality is A m a a a a z i n g. As is his talent. Yeah I don’t like her.

  • BM

    the reports said she was terrible and ppl wanted their money back lol.

    she can’t sing LIVE for sh$t. i think lambert DOES feel sorry for her because she doesn’t fit in with the other girls and he sees that.

    he’s said before he hates segregation like that and obv he’s been through worse even and it must be hard seeing others go through it

  • Mari

    I love them both. Let them have fun!!!

  • olnc

    @sillyme: He’s a chameleon. Do you know what that means? He’s had 1000s of looks over the years. This pic is from monthssss ago when he looked a hot mess. He looked adorable in his Chat, at the school, he always changes it up. Take it or leave it.

  • david beckham

    this is all publicity … great for media and tabloids.

    they look similar in style so they should/are a couple?!?

  • WOW!

    @sillyme: Adam’s a cutie, he’s a total sweetheart offstage. The pervert in your comment was SO unnecessary.

  • honesty

    @david beckham: I don’t know about her sexuality but I know he’s kissed girls before because there are photos of it. So I know when he said it’s harmless enjoyable fun, he meant it. I don’t know about her past.

  • why

    Adam, you could make out with any chick in Hollywood and you picked her?

  • WTVL

    HUH I think they’re both cute!!! They’re both nice people – she should stop sticking her tongue out and smile more and adam should promote his interviews more instead of letting the media shape him. They’re both FUN people who don’t care about what people think, they’re too busy having partying and making music and money and having a blast. Oh and she should learn to SING…!

  • MollyMakeout

    she’s gorgeous
    she looks like and olsen twin here

  • IKR



    Both gorgeous naturally but for some reason like to trash up their image why? Whatever lol. I like hippies-at-heart so go them.

  • ew

    She needs to stop acting like she’s got talent. I agree about her feeling like P. Diddy though since he can’t sing either.

  • Marcus

    I finally figured it out. Kesha looks just like Adam’s ex, the one who makes the awful electronica. He should call that guy for a hook-up next time, probably less likely to catch god-knows-what that way.

  • Sean

    I think she’s hot, seen her LEGS!! She’d be an animal in bed lol.

  • Milan

    @Marcus: Brad! [ Go Cheeks Go ] Awwwhhh my gosh, Brad is hilarious! His music is terrible but he’s a comedic genius.

    His video on Miss California cracked me UP.

    GET BACK TOGETHER WITH HIM LAMBERT not this s-k-a-n-k. At least Brad was clever and fierce!

  • lucas

    @lol: Haha wow she wasn’t offended that he basically said she reminded him of his ex who was a dude? Hahahahahaha gurl you’re in love

  • lea

    @Marcus: Say what?? Adam’s ex is pretty. Not sure about this one.

  • coal

    @Marcus: Brad was stunning. Kesha’s…well.

  • lea

    @lucas: Have you seen his ex? He’s helluva lot prettier than a lot of girls.

  • Canned

    Even I can see Lambert can do better. Here you have a gay dude who’s not afraid of boobs, and has hot girls all over him. If I were him I would have chosen a super hot, clean looking girl. But he chooses one who looks like trash?

  • Jonte

    @lucas: Oh she should be FLATTERED. Brad is prettier than her X 1000.

  • mehh

    Shoulda made out with Gaga.

  • Susan

    They’re both gross!

  • Jenna Morrison

    @Canned: “Chooses” I don’t think they’re a couple, lol.

    This was a few seconds kiss and Just Jared was there at the gig. As always the media made it way, way bigger than it is.

    I’ve made out with my girl friends and my gay friends. The difference is no one puts us under microscopes.

  • hmmm

    @Susan: Why? Care to elaborate?

  • magnumopus

    @mehh: I vaguely remember him calling Gaga one of the sexiest women, and I think she called herself a gay man in a woman’s body. They need to make a video for Fever and makeout, swap gender roles, mess with dress-up and people’s perceptions. It is the sexiest song ever. I have so many ridiculous ideas for that MV, it will melt their brains.

  • just me

    Adam and Ke$ha ROCK!

  • James

    Now that the media attention of the raunchy performance has worn off, he needed to do something else to get attention. Some people really will sell their soul for fame.

  • KRB

    “They need to make a video for Fever and makeout, swap gender roles, mess with dress-up and people’s perceptions.”

  • Little me

    I HEART Adam & Ke$ha

  • slambang

    Oh Adam, why did you have to kiss this pathetic Lady GaGa wannabe???