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Ke$ha is a Sexy Zebra

Ke$ha is a Sexy Zebra

Ke$ha dons a zebra-print catsuit while leaving her “secret” Myspace concert in East London on Monday night (February 22).

Hundreds of fans waited in line for hours in the freezing cold, only to be turned away at the door. But as always during the concert, K$ showered her fans with glitter.

Last night, Ke$ha hit up the Vivienne Westwood fashion show after-party at Bungalow 8. “I was going for that Sergeant Pepper vibe,” she shared of her red jacket.

Also pictured below: K$‘s awesome keytar player Lauren!

30+ pictures inside of sexy zebra Ke$ha

Just Jared on Facebook
kesha zebra 01
kesha zebra 02
kesha zebra 03
kesha zebra 04
kesha zebra 05
kesha zebra 06
kesha zebra 07
kesha zebra 08
kesha zebra 09
kesha zebra 10
kesha zebra 11
kesha zebra 12
kesha zebra 13
kesha zebra 14
kesha zebra 15
kesha zebra 16
kesha zebra 17
kesha zebra 18
kesha zebra 19
kesha zebra 20
kesha zebra 21
kesha zebra 22
kesha zebra 23
kesha zebra 24
kesha zebra 25
kesha zebra 26
kesha zebra 27
kesha zebra 28
kesha zebra 29
kesha zebra 30

Credit: Smart Pictures; Photos: Will Alexander/WENN, Pacificocastnewsonline
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  • Yo

    trying so hard to be gaga!

  • MeowMix

    Her pictures made me really constipated.

  • sal


  • asdf

    lady gaga 2.0

  • heathen

    Please do not try to be like lady gaga. Bonus: you don’t have to prove you’re all woman!

  • katkat

    I agree with everyone…this chick is totally trying to be like Lady Gaga!

  • rachel

    i really don’t like her. she can’t sing, even on auto tune. and do we really need another GaGa wannabe?

    she always looks like she needs a hot shower and a bar of soap.

  • rpatzfan

    you’re not Gaga honey

  • uch

    LOL at the Gaga fans comparing her to Gaga. Have any of you BEEN to Art Colleges? They are filled with quirky kooky people that dress all sorts of ways. It’s called freedom of expression.

  • LOL!?

    GAGA fans are DELUDED. The worst kind.
    Comparing EVERYONE to her like she’s some god PLEASE!


  • Karabelle

    she’s gorgeous.
    and i don’t get the gaga comparisons. i’m more a gaga fan than a kesha fan but if she was trying to be gaga, she would be wearing no pants, stripper heels and covering half her face.

  • jack

    damn she looks so hot in that outfit


    She is way cuter and hotter than Gag-Ga!!!!

  • hab

    i swear some of you live under rocks. what part of this set of photographs even resembles gaga?? you see someone who’s a little different to you and instantly compare her to probably the only other person you’ve ever seen in your life who’s different? wtf. since when has gaga ever worn a millitary jacket and a zebra leotard ?!

  • $$$

    I love her.
    I saw her on Something For The Weekend. She’s totally kooky lol.
    I love the way she speaks, it’s nice to listen to, I couldn’t stop staring at her lol. I love her swaggery, glittery, gorgeous trashy way.
    I love that she slept in a rainforest (??????). You have to be downright thick skinned and crazy to survive that.
    I love her music, it’s pure filthy yummy fun.
    Love Gaga more but I love this chick.
    She looks gooood. But should smile more, her smile is cutie.

  • Selene, 22

    she always has nice shoes. always. and she’s one of the few people lips look pretty on. her friend is fierce. don’t H8.

  • http://justjared deke

    She always manages to look dirty.

  • http://N/A victor farrell

    you bunch of idiot ke$ha is not trying to be like lady gaga i’m sure this kind of fashion has been around way before gaga became famous look at grace jones, bjork, cher, kylie minogue and the fashion world, lady gaga is not original she was inspired by grace jones

  • MajorIndulgence

    She lives up to her album’s title.

  • POV

    @deke: Lol and?
    She grew up on rock records, her mom is badas$. Courtney Love loves her and offered her guitar lessons. She’s not a squeaky clean fake pop princess. People don’t yet even yet know her. How can you bash someone you barely know? Bitc..h is hilarious, everything she says is tongue in cheek and she really is genuinely fcuking wild, a total kookhead and I love her for it. . Kesha’s right eye makeup was inspired by A Clockwork Orange. Gaga didn’t invent the leotard lmao. Every artist was inpsired by someone or something. Leave it out.

  • slushy

    she has really great legs and teeth
    i love her music, it’s kinda irresistable garbage
    i actually love the way she talks
    i would not go to watch her live lol but i would def go partying with her
    can you see yourself partying with gaga? exactly, she’s a bit too rigid
    love gaga btw she’s my girl

  • brightside

    No excuse, whatever, still a fashion fail.

  • mousse

    Copying Rihanna?
    They’re all trying too hard.
    She, Rihanna and lady gaga.

  • QY

    @mousse: Gaga is out there. She wears completely ridiculous outfits no one else would be seen dead in because that’s her freeway. She is a Fashion Graduate.
    Ri-Ri is so cute in interviews but her ‘sexually explicit’ vids make me cringe, they’re kinda corny. She pulls off her style most of the time tho.

    At the end of the day these girls are just having fun, I don’t understand why people set them against each other like they’re even comparable.
    Fashion is fashion. If you like something, and can afford it, wear it.
    Life’s too short! Kesha’s not a designer brand type of girl, she wears what catches her eye. Let them all be.



  • Wesie

    GAGA? Are you kidding me ? This chick sing rap-electronic how is that close to gaga?
    Her clothes are sooo hipster, everyone is dressing like this @ clubs for about 5 years now.

  • liz

    Can these so-called musicians come up with anything original instead of copying others who have proven them selves as stars. These, should I say young slutty looking ladies need to make it on their own with their ideas.

  • Harley Quinn


    gaga too is a freak

  • Lasse

    Great outfit! Show me your Zebra-Claw baby!

  • ke$haluv

    OMG that bald guy is so lucky to be so close to such royalty

  • Ju

    definitely GAGA WANNABE!
    i don’t like her

  • Connie

    she is beautiful , and her outfit too. But it really looks like GaGa, but i think that both of them are different and is really good try to make a difference in this world. that’s all (: go Ke$ha! go GaGa!
    i’m sorry if my English is bad, i am from Argentina $:

  • kk

    @sal: people gaga is nothing , gaga is madonna wannabe. gaga is absolutely nthin. thre nothin originalabout her. even her shows are copy of madonna shows. kesha has her thing going on., gaga is pathetic

  • meetsingledoctors

    I love her body

  • Danii

    she’s a talentless manipulated widget that’s attempting to appear opposite of that.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she really is trying way 2 hard
    i hate that she wants so hard 2 be the next caca
    but truth be told i dont think she’s going anywhere
    caca is at least better when it comes 2 singing altho i hate her as well

  • Lai

    sorry to see that.
    Ke$ha,you CANNOT be Lady Gaga.
    Neither music nor style

  • Denise

    stupid Ke$ha copy a GaGa , Lady GaGa Rulees

  • delian

    here is Keshas VMA 2010 makeup tutorial

  • Julie

    Kesha is definitely not a Gaga wannabe. Unlike Gaga Kesha actually has a number one record. Kesha dresses wacky for fun, not to cover up her ugly face like Gaga.

  • DavidTaylorMassacre

    haha Gaga wannabe? thats stupid. Shes way hotter. Adn tra$hier. which is good. Everything someone compares is compared to Gaga. Its stupid. They both have their own style. so stfu.