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Reese Witherspoon: Jim Toth-less Day Out

Reese Witherspoon: Jim Toth-less Day Out

Reese Witherspoon does some shopping on Thursday (February 25) after visiting a friend’s house in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 33-year-old actress stopped at the Brentwood Country Mart and the Malia Mills swimwear boutique on her day out.

Reese had dinner at Pace restaurant last night with Hollywood agent Jim Toth, and it sounds like the two are really hitting it off after dating for over a month!

Read details of Reese and Jim‘s date here!

FYI: Reese is carrying a SIGG lululemon “I Love Running” water bottle.

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reese witherspoon malia mills swimwear 01
reese witherspoon malia mills swimwear 02
reese witherspoon malia mills swimwear 03
reese witherspoon malia mills swimwear 04
reese witherspoon malia mills swimwear 05
reese witherspoon malia mills swimwear 06
reese witherspoon malia mills swimwear 07
reese witherspoon malia mills swimwear 08
reese witherspoon malia mills swimwear 09

Credit: Jeff Steinberg/Bret Thompsett; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Halli

    The contract was up that’s why Reese isn’t licking her wounds with her “breakup” with Toothy Tile.

  • LuckyL

    She lost a lot of weight.

  • tom

    She is looking good in those photos.

  • russ

    She looks old.

  • kim

    she looks great shes adorable

  • Pattycake

    There’s a comment on IMDb that she was at some school this week to talk about fitness. The writer says that she is very tiny in person (well, she is only 5’2″) and stick thin. I can believe it from these pix.

  • priscillapresley

    I thought Jim Toth used to judge bikini contests a short while ago! LOLOL! I have no respect for Reese. She is crazy for publicity and needs to make sure people always know she has a man. She has no respect for Jake.Think about it: how can people who are together for three years, she let’s him get close to her kids, they go all over the place together, with the kids, like to Mexico, and London, and France, and then you break up in December, and you are dating some guy a month later and sleeping over at his house. Their kids are learning a lot from Ryan & Reese. I don’t like her and I won’
    t be seeing any more of her movies. She is a lightweight as an actor. Shes a very successful businesswoman who has sold herself. The biggest phoney around.

  • Beth

    Another staged photo op. Reese is a serial photo op opportunist. This poor Jim Toth guy must have drawn the short straw. Guess CAA couldn’t find another victim for her to beard with so she could keep scheduling the paps and try to keep tabloid interest in her, so they had to force someone from the agency to prented to date her.

  • ewwwww

    Give us a break with that phony and boring hag.

  • Ah Reese!

    The photo ops will keep coming. Reese has to keep herself relevant otherwise she’ll not even get the third rate romcoms she does now…..

    haha agree that CAA probably had to force the poor guy to “date” Reese. Afterall a Southern Belle MUST have a man to hang on to, right?

  • emmy jay

    She looks like a biaaaatch

  • lexy

    Isn’t it interesting that other ACTORS and casting directors and those who vote for the Golden Globes and Academy Awards can’t see Reese’s “awful” acting but some of you can? What makes you more qualified than voters Academy Voters who are actually in the business??
    @ Beth – Reese is an A-lister. She doesn’t need to STAGE photo opps (like JJ fave Rachel Bilson) the paps wait outside Reese’s home and follow her. They go to her kids school and nag them and Reese or Ryan if they pick them up. Just like they do Garner and Affleck. They even nag the nannies with the kids when parents aren’t around. No need for Reese to stage a photo opp when she’s got a gaggle of photogs outside her home and following her all over town!

  • ke$haluv

    another staged photo op, she got all the photographers on speed dial, attention whore ALERT!

  • F

    Her face is a whip in the balls but I would KILL for her hair : D

  • Abbie

    Reese went from Tooth to Toth.

  • elvis

    Priscilla, your´re smart woman because of this I still love you.

  • Pattycake

    @lexy: I hear ya. And I know that she gets followed big time. But you have to admit that since her breakup with JG she’s had very few days without a pic on this site and others. There are ways to avoid the paps and ways to take advantage of them. I’d say she’s working it.

  • Lexi

    Third rate rom/com is stretching it. Maybe 5th or 6th rate. At one point she was a good actress, now she is pathetic. At least Bradley Cooper bailed on her next rom/com. Now he isn’t the best actor in the world but he has more sense than to be associated with that project.

  • lol

    Hate this conceited, controlling bi.tch.

  • ke$haluv


    me too!

  • nursedatingsite

    I love her body

  • Dang!

    Hey, jared! Somebody isn’t doing their homework! Every week, or at least three times a month or so, Reese is seen leaving this same “friend’s” house. Check out the thousands of Reese pictures you have been posting for the past three months alone, and you will see I am right. LOL! My guess is she is seeing a shrink, which she really needs to do, and no one has caught on.

    She needs to have her head examined because she has a messed up attitude. I agree with people who say she is a self-promoting, mediocre actor. The fact she got an Oscar for a made for TV movie doesn’t prove anything. It wouldn’t be the first or the last time Hollywood gave Academy Awards to people who didn’t deserve them. If she got one it was more because of her stupid movies earning so much money. Hollywood always honors money.

  • Reese is gross

    Can’t stand her smug, fugly face and cheap publicity stunts.

  • lexy

    I think there are more pics of her b/c she’s keeping herself busy. If she stayed home the tabloids would say she’s home crying over Jake. She’s out and about and keeping herself busy – just like EVERY woman does when she’s upset. She’s moving on with her life.
    Thankfully the powers that be in HW know that the handful of haters don’t matter to Reese’s career and that’s why they keep hiring her and she let’s not forget those lucrative endorsement deals!! Go Reese!!

  • Celebwatcher

    Yea I think she’s an opportunist also. I hope one day she’ll be able to find a genuine relationship but for now we must deal…. Celebpsychic Sanje predicted this anyway

  • T Shirts

    Oh dear what can I do? Babies in black and I’m wearing blue.

  • Jimmy

    Prolly needs all the publicity she can get. From what I have seen her fee per picture has dropped about 50%. Has she had any real hits, recently? Not that I know of. And she is a woman in Hollywood, so every passing year makes things all that more difficult. Botox and lifts in the future, I have no doubt. With that chin she should specialize in doing witches.

  • Jimmy

    I doubt paps lurk “outside her home” since she lives on a closed off street. No access to the general public. Check it out on Google Earth.

  • therazzlekid

    What the hell are you talking about ‘lightwieight actor’.Have you even seen any of Reese Witherspoon’s movies.She’s awesome, and in case you’ve forgotten she does have an oscar for best actress.You just need to shut up and stop judging someone you don’t really know anything about and if you believe everything you read in the tabloids then you’re a bit of a retard. I mean who the hell do any of you think you are saying bad things about people you don’t know.These people may be famous but they’re still humans and makes mistakes.You have no right to judge or criticise them.I may be an Atheist and think it’s apile of crap but as the bible says ‘he without sin may cast the first stone’

  • Publicity Wh*re Witherspoon

    Reese Witherspoon is very overrated actress, she was bad in Rendition, 4C, Penelope, Vanity Fair…
    I think Reese’s lack of personality and intelligence is showing, and her silly publicity stories and lies kind of prove that.

  • What a BICHT!

    OOOOOOOOps she did it again! After her split with Jake, RW American Fakest one, needs desperatly a new man for that people
    (mags tabloids) talk about her!

    You really thought that the first pictures with that guy was a PURE coincidence RIGHT?
    Well NOT AT ALL!!!! for almost 3 years with her ex she was doing this show, circus, love parade almost every days to show us how she get over RP, how she could be sexy, desirable, revelant and a cougar too like her friends’s sister aka Jennifer Anniston.

    She was showing to us and the whole world to see and know how she was IN LOVE WITH JAKE, how he was desperatly IN LOVE WITH REESE and wanted desperatly to married her. The press almost married them with all that Jake down on his knee and ask Reese to go to Las Vegas and get married ( NOT say that way but almost); but Reese said NO because she’s just getting divorced and her KIDS are her PRIORITY and come FIRST.
    ( Question when the last time we saw RW with her KIDS? HUM! MONTH and RW alone or with FRIENDS almost EVERYDAYS!)

    So Jake asked her so many time to get married, with many differentes rings and she dares to LEAVE him broken-hearted for the LOVE OF THE KIDS SAKE! GOOD MUMMY : )

    I’m surprised that the split did’nt kill him or he did’nt commited suicide because he was sooooo broken-hearted and sreaming heartbreaking ( according to US weekly)

    This woman is exactly like JP, say whatever you want to defending her (REESE LOVA & STANS) but she has no CLASS whatsoever!

    Every time she splits with a man, she needs a new one in her LIFE QUICKLY, because without a man, she’s not feeling herself revelant, sexy, desirable and confident.

    Now she’s doing the same things with this man( Poor man if he only Knew!) that she did with Jake.
    But I strongly doubt that with this man she’ll parade him so long like Jake.

    Look at the 5th, 8th and 10th pictures, Reese is all smiling and laughing on the street BUT the guy is behind her and looks concerned! and for the 10th she’s acting like a child shy by the paps and photo oops! ( even Suri, Shiloh and Zahara do not act that way!)

    THe FAKE BIG SMILES AND LAUGHTERS were 1000X better with Jake at least he faked it better (after having all that FAKING ATTITUDE that he adopted since he was with RW, he splits with her).

    Glad to see that Jake finally recovers his SENSE and DUMP the hollywood most PHONIEST,FAKEST and WORST ACTRESS!

    I forget how GOOD MOTHER she’s NOT! THIS KIDS’ll problably to deal with NEW mom’s BOYFRIEND,gettting close to him and see him disappear in their LIFE ( This kids need to go to DR Phil!).

  • y

    gawd she’s boring!

  • lakers fan in boston

    im starting 2 notice that all the pictures she’s in, she’s always doing nothing
    she’s either shopping or going 2 pick up something….
    please dont turn out like rachel bilson plz!!
    not her best look, but she looks ok i guess

  • Catherine

    I agree with people who say she is a self-promoting, mediocre actor. The fact she got an Oscar for a made for TV movie doesn’t prove anything.