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Jennifer Aniston Would 'Absolutely' Work with Gerard Butler Again

Jennifer Aniston Would 'Absolutely' Work with Gerard Butler Again

The Bounty Hunter is finally here!

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler each sat down with Moviefone and talked about what it was like to work on their latest project.

“What you see is what you get,” Jen said of Gerry. “He’s just a good, fun, jovial, excited to be there.”

“He’s so loving and so good to everybody, the whole crew!” Jen added.

As for whether Jen and Gerry would work together on another film, both said yes! “In a heartbeat,” Gerry said simply.

The Bounty Hunter is in theaters TODAY (March 19)!

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  • idani

    I think the Bounty production was more like $50 million not counting the promotional/marketing costs.

  • gossiphound

    I don’t normally follow the critics if I really respect an actor’s work but I also will not blindly cheer on everything an artist does if I personally think it sucks, whether that is an album or a movie or a book.

    I’ll see the Bounty Hunter when it comes on cable for free. I will pay to go see How to Train Your Dragon however, in part because of the 3D, and I have never been inclined to see an animated film at the theatre since well since I saw the Jungle Book when I was like 8 or 9.

  • Alea


    So basically be herself without make up and done hair?I mean she is allready fugly…..she doesnt need to do anything

  • T.O.

    The best way to get back at an EX is to have a great life and act like you don’t give two-sh*ts about him.
    Most ladies are strong and capable and getting back at an ex is the last thing on our minds.

  • Manny, formerly ManLESSton

    Variety posted in an article which I referenced on the last thread the Booty Hunter had a production budget of $50 million which Andy Tenant said was a really tight budget for this movie.
    If you go by the standard formula for break even of doubling the production budget for marketing and distribution costs, Booty Hunter will have to bring in close to $100 million to break even.


    Career Suicide!!!

  • Miami Girl

    “No Fear”, it will go well above the $100 million mark just like “The Hangover” & “Marley & Me” did…She can’t lose…She never does…To all of you haters or not haters; Have a great weekend…:) I plan on a wonderful one…The start will be to see this great movie…

  • Lina

    Well at least Gerry must be getting distracted with other things today, they’re all doing press for HHTYD in LA
    ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Press day today! Who wants to ask Gerard Butler something? Drop me a line.
    Craig Ferguson has been tweeting from the hotel where the press junket is happening in LA too.

  • Manny, formerly ManLESSton

    @Miami Girl:
    I have three words that show your reasoning is exceptionally flawed…
    Between the two of those smash hits of Aniston’s the studio brought in a whole $27 million that did little to offset the $32 million combined production budgets of both films and no money whatsoever to cover the marketing and distribution costs. The DVD/rentals sales couldn’t even lift these two stinky piles of sh!t to the point where productions budgets were covered.
    If that is what you consider a hit, God help you and your future. Geeeesh

  • rossy40

    I just can’t see her in roles as anyone other than Rachel Green moving from TV to the Big Screen. Perhaps she’ll get a role that allows her to “stretch” as an actor – A tough, meaty role is what she needs to try. As cliched a plot as: ” a vain, woman loses her sight & must learn to adjust to her new limitations, becoming more outgoing, vulnerable… regains sight a few months/years later through surgery & must choose between the life she led before, or her new one…”
    I’d really like to see her surprise everybody, especially me, with more range as an actor… Go to blogs & read the posts FANS leave behind. They gush about her hair, her clothes, her body & her movies too, but only a handful ever want to see her really stretch herself as an actor capable of more than playing off other actor in rom/coms, or a dog in a family-type movie.
    Her fans should want more from her instead of petty bickering with other posters who don’t like her… AND not always “because of” B&A.

  • Chin needs to quit

    This film will be another FLOP just like the last couple of movies Chinifer
    ManLesston acted in. I thought possibly Gerard Butler might help lead the way and pull Chin thru as we have seen in past movies but she is just a shittty actress . There is no making excuses It’s no secret that the only time a movie she is in is successful it is for the same reason and that is that the lead actor carries her thru. So the lead knows in advance he is doing the work for two . Lately even good lead actors
    can’t even pull Chin thru to make a decent movie. This will be 3 yes three FLOPS in a row. Time to quit.
    I would advise her to go into that bathing suit business she suggested would be something she would take on if she couldn’t act anymore. Chin actually said this after the last movie she was promoting ‘ Love Happens’ when on a talk show adding that possibly we have noticed that she has a problem with finding the right bathing suits to fit her. hahaha Obviously she reads the posts .
    Oh brother this dipstick talks so much bull when trying to promote her crap shows b/c once again “Love Happens was a huge total Flop just like MisManagement was before that. Mark my words so will this POS ‘ The Bounty Hunter’ so she should stop bullshhitting while promoting and take on that bathing suit biz or just do the right thing and retire from acting completely. Chin is one shittty actress..actually that is a title she doesn’t deserve. She was okay on television but is lousy on the big screen. Time to pack it in like a long time ago.

  • daffodil

    Why is it always the actors fault never the director it is his Job to get the best out of the actors i do not listen to film critics i make my own mind up.actors just go on to next project.

  • gossiphound

    The Hangover was a funny movie and Aniston had nothing to do with it.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    I agree with you. I have been screaming from the top of this thread and many others that Andy Tenant was a poor choice for a director along with the script. Actors get their direction and words from the director and scriptwriter. They should share equally in this debacle too.
    As for the critics, if I hadn’t listened to them I would never have seen The Hurt Locker. So I personally believe your point on critics to be mute.

  • gossiphound


    It should have been apparent to an astute actor that the script sucked and to pass on the project in the first place OR insist on a rewrite with an option to walk if you are not satisfied with the rewrite. The actor would know the track record of the director.

    Does anyone know how much Gerry got for this role?

  • gossiphound

    I guess there is one hope that they are banking on – maybe the dubbed versions will sell well overseas. Maybe the dub writers can punch up the dialogue, LOL. I knew a woman who did the dub scripts in Italy for Hollywood films – it is not an easy job peeps.

  • fan review

    early fan reviews on YouTube have been positive for liking the movie.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    I believe Gerry had 10 million dollars, oops I mean, reason for doing this crap movie. :-0

  • cbinparadise

    Just saw TBH and while it wasn’t the best movie I’ve seen, it certainly wasn’t anywhere near the worst. I was “entertained” which is what it’s all about. Right? Gerry looked good. The bad hair and plaid shirt are typical of a cop. JA is not my favorite but what the heck. I never listen to the critics…go see for myself. BTW there were lots of other people in the theater @ 1 in the afternoon on a Friday…which is a good sign.

  • tate

    Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler star in The Bounty Hunter and in the film Butler uses a variety of interesting techniques as a bounty hunter to bring in Aniston, his fugitive ex-wife.

    So how real are the things he does in the movie?

    PopEater turned to an expert on the matter – Dwayne “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman for a movie reality check. And surprisingly, Dog says there’s a lot of reality to the Hollywood movie.

    First Hulk, now Dog. Go, Jenny, go Jenny!

  • Sawit

    Saw this movie at a matinee showing here in California. It was not a good film, but it was not as bad as I had anticipated or as bad as being guessed at by the comments on this thread. I would not recommend it to anyone – that is saying a lot. But I know many GB fans will want to see it and they will probably like it pretty well because the dude is on the screen for almost the entire time. The script and plot are both non-existent. I fault both the Actors for the lack of chemistry. I fault Gerry more than poor hapless JA because HE is capable of acting out the chemistry if he wanted to. He mailed this one in and so did she – but I would not call it DREADFUL…it’s mediocre and artless and plays to a very unsophisticated viewer.
    Not a career ender necessarily…but GB has laid his first egg.

  • Sounds good!

    This woman is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than Jolie.
    Jolie is a hypocrite, cunning and two faced woman.
    Jolie’s fans will S.H.I.T in their pants one day and will find the nearest trees to hang themselves one day.
    Time will tell :)

    How come Brad Pitt and Jolie have not been around town. Is Jolie coming to Haiti again? Or they are going to a football game?

  • Happy


    Looks like she does not care much about her ex. She has lived her life and does her own things.
    It is just a stupid thing that other women in Hollywood who are single at her age don’t get so much criticism about their private life like she does.
    Brad Pitt has been a curse. She can’t break the curse.
    She can find a good guy and start her family and enjoy her happiness.

  • Jolly Folly

    Went to the show with some friends who wanted to see this dreck. I absolutely refused to pay for a ticket for The bounty Hunter, so I bought one for another show so they could have the revenue and then slipped into the theater with my friends to see this.
    I like Butler and am not a fan of Aniston. BUT I have to say this has to be just about the worst movie I’ve seen in years. It was painful to watch–both Jer and Jen were awkward, fake and totally terrible. I found myself absolutely cringing in my seat from the sheer awfulness of this horrible horrible excuse of a film. How the two of them can stand there and do promotion with a straight face is beyond my mental capacity. Surely they could tell from the rough cuts how truly awful this is. Both of them should be on track to win the Razzie for worst actor/actress and film of the year. Please SAVE YOUR MONEY because by doing so you will save yourself the embarassment of sitting through this truly painful excuse of a movie.

  • abc

    Three strikes (Management, Love Happens and The Bounty Hunter) and you’re out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • abc

    Three strikes (Management, Love Happens and The Bounty Hunter) and you’re out!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jill


    Stupid post. The director can’t do anything if the script is idiotic to begin with.

  • Jill


    A film has to make twice its production costs to make a profit because half the box office goes to the studio and the other half goes to the theater owners. If this movie cost $50 million to make it has to make $100 million to show a profit. This movie might make $20 million this weekend and then it will probably sink like a stone. The reviews are absolutely lousy. Rottentomatoes has 7% for all critics and 5% for top critics. After a dog like this, Butler should stay as far away from Aniston as he can get before his career and his reputation are irreparably ruined.

  • abc

    Sorry for the double post.

  • Just saw the BH

    Saw it this afternoon at 4pm. Our small town theater is about one third full, audience range from early teens to 70s. One old guy in front of me seemed to have really enjoyed it, laughing and coughing all the way through.

    Personally I have seen the trailer and various clips tons of times and I have to say some of the scenes and dialogs not given out in the trailer and clips are pretty witty and funny, not hilariously, but funny, especially the supporting cast like the bondsman Sid’s wife and Nicole’s mother.

    Milo is a obnoxious character and Gerry plays him just right, menacing at times and sarcastic at others, overall, not a likable character to me. Yup that hair cut and color are awful, but what a body with that towel! He must have worked hard for that shot. Gerry must be a good runner cos in the movie he can run very fast. I thought JA is ok, maybe because my expectation is low. God I want to pull her hair back from hanging over her face all the time. To have hair like that while doing an action movie is just odd.

    If I haven’t been exposed to the trailer this much and haven’t known so much about this movie, I might have enjoyed it more. For a regular viewer (non JJers, non JA or GB fans) that just may be the experience.

    3 out of 5 stars

  • cbinparadise

    Wow…so many of you are “experts” in the movie business…LOL

  • saw it

    This is the worst Butler film, hands down. And he looks awful in it. Like bloated, wrinkled, bad-hair awful. I thought he looked bad in The Ugly Truth, but at lest in that film there were scenes where he looked good – like the old Gerry. In this movie, there wasn’t one scene where he looked good. The towel scene was good – his body was awesome, but the rest was horrible. I don’t know how he will recover from this film. I hate to say it, but Jennifer was better with her acting then he was. He was just HORRIBLE. The script was horrible, but he was even worse. I never thought there would come a day when I would see a film and think that Gerry shouldn’t be an actor. Horrible acting, horrible looking, just all around horrible job.
    Sorry Gerry. Better luck with Coriolanus.

  • Jill

    LOL so Jenny-poo says she’d love to work with Gerry again. Irrelevant and immaterial. The question is, after this steaming pile of horse plop, would Gerry ever want to work with her again? If he’s smart, he’ll run as far away from her as he can get and X this dog off his resumé. Just write the whole thing off as a dreadful mistake and move on.

  • cbinparadise

    I see that this has turned into the “trash GB & JA” site…..
    Why don’t you people go comment on actors that you DO like???!!! This is just sad.
    Get a life!

  • conni

    Jill, FUNNY you should use the word “poo” in your vocabulary, because you’ve been “pooing” all over this thread. NO more like having diarreha all over it. WHAT is your obsession with Jennifer? You REALLY have a psycological issue. I just saw the movie and found it very entertaining, as did the rest of the audience. Yes, Gerard looked disheveled, but it was part of his character, DUMBSHITS. Jennifer was very good in the movie, she has great comedic talent, as does Gerard. I’d love to see them paired again. AND, for those who are listening to the bad reviews…..DON’T….go see the movie.

  • @conni

    I don’t know who you are calling DUMBSHITS – the poster who said Gerry looked terrible in the film? I saw it, and I have to agree. He did look bad, and it wasn’t just because he was playing a character. His face looked bad – nothing like he did at the premiere or in recent interviews. His appearance was shocking to me in the film, especially considering the fact that he looks the best he has in years in his recent interviews and talk show appearances. In the movie he played a slob, but that didn’t excuse his FACE or his wierd word-chewing mouth. And I have a feeling that his smacking cow-chewing-its-cud eating inthe movie was not acting. Sure, he was playing a character, but he ate the same way in the video with his parents and the chick at lunch.
    I don’t know why he looks so good in interviews, but lately on film he looks like sh/it. The movie isn’t even worth a rental. The audience was quiet during most of the movie, and I found myself rolling my eyes at the dialogue. Wait for it to come on cable.

  • conni

    @@conni: UMMMM Okay Jolie, don’t know which movie theatre you went to, but here in CA where I live, the theatre was full and people were laughing!!! AGAIN, DUMSH.T, his look was part of his character…depressed and down and out. The shower scene definetely made up for it. Go take some sleeping pills and go night night….you know not what you speak of Twit.

  • Meh


    Wow, I think people are entitled to their opinon. Or is it only allowed if it mirrors Conni in California????
    I saw it too. Meh. Gerry looked avereage. The towel scene was good. The audience wasn’t roaring. A few chuckles in my theater.
    I like mindless rom-coms in general. This one was sub par in my opinion. Guess that makes me a dumbshit too. Or perhaps, I’m not dumb enough to enjoy it.
    Different strokes. Perhaps Conni should take a sleeping pill herself and lighten up.

  • conni

    @Meh: OH I completely believe in one’s opinion….obviously most people on this thread do not, since most of the “pro” JA comments are hidden. Not sure I believe that you saw this movie. Or, if you did, maybe having taken out he stick in your A$$ would have made the movie more enjoyable for you.

  • Meh

    You just proved my point. No one can have an opinion other than yours. I saw the movie, I don’t have a stick up my ass. I ususaly like stupid rom-coms. I didn’t enjoy this one. Period.

  • conni

    @Meh: YAWN! you’re an idiot.

  • anne

    Just got back from seeing The Bounty Hunter. I wanted to like it….
    I didn’t.
    Gamer was better than this crapfest. That tells you something.

  • nasra

    One of the dullest movie ever. All coments by the two craps and fake appearances for promotint the worst movie ever!!! Jen fell with Vince on the set of Break-up. Next thing he engaged another woman and got married!!! Yeyoo!

  • ykw

    Does she know any other word besides…Absolutely?

  • liz

    I loved the movie….it was esciting, funny, and just seeing Gerard with only a twoel…serves my shallow side. The critics be damned. Theose two dweebs on “Reelz” channel loved “where the WIld Things Are”..and every foreign movie that is shown. This is a pleasant Gerard-laden comedy with plenty of action. Roger Ebert’s sourness comes from other critics saying he was pandering to much…giving out goo dreviews. I’ve seen the movie twice…and there were crowds at both showings: it was at 2:00 and 5:00…not date night or anything…and men and women came to see it. They left smiling…I bet that a lot of you out here in negative land WILL see it, and will secretly like it. David Letterman compared it to “It Happened One NIght”…I think that Gerard eclipses Gables’ memory…Some of lyou pooh=-poohed “LAC”…but it made a bundle of money; the dvd was number one on all the charts for three weeks…

  • surprised

    liz is obsessed and lonely, for no man would go to this movie twice. bwhahahA!

  • box office mojo

    Per BoxOM, the Friday numbers are as follows:

    Alice, 9.9 m
    TBH, 7.6 m
    Wimpy. 7.4 m
    Repo, 2.2 m

    FYI, TUT had 10.8 m for the first Friday.

  • no impress with aj

    @LeviKlein: then why are you bothering to even comment or come on Jennifer’s thread. lol……loonies

  • Mary

    Saw Bounty Hunter! LOVED IT! I am going back again! YES

  • Jordan

    @loyal: actually if you go back the critics said the same thing about the ugly truth….so they don’t like comedies or fun movies……no bigger…I go to a movie to set back and enjoy and the BOUNTY HUNTER …ROCKS! LOVED IT!